The door creaked as Shaun opened it. He had a pillow and a sleeping bag under one arm, and wore blue jeans with a red shirt. His socks slid on the floor as he glanced at us sitting on Tim's bed. We turned to him as he closed the door behind him. My shirt was off and my sleeping bag already on the floor spread out. Shaun dropped his luggage on the floor where he stood and made his way towards us.

"Hey guys, what's up?" he said, as he sat beside Tim.

"Not much Shaun, just thinking of stuff we can do tonight," Tim said, "So far we have ghost stories, and watching t.v."

"Why not Truth or Dare?" I glanced at Shaun as I said this, and he smiled back at me. Shaun and I weren't unusual to playing Truth or Dare, but it usually lead to us having fun with each other. Last week I slept over at his house and we slept in his tent outside. We had a wild time, from him gagging me to then creampie-ing me.

"Truth or dare sounds fun, let's play that when my parents leave for their party," Tim said, ignoring us. We all were Bi-curious, but I had only fooled around with Shaun before. Tim has mentioned a few times to me about him thinking my body was sexy. I caught him eying me bending over a few times. Tim was quite studly looking himself.

"Well, set up your sleeping bag and then we can wait downstairs for my parents to go." Tim stood up and headed towards the door as we followed. I walked in front of Shaun, and felt a gentle squeeze on my buttcheek as Tim walked out of sight through the door. I turned to see Shaun with a grin on his face, and glanced down to see his hand on my bottom. He took a step closer with his hand still in place.

"I hope you can handle two dicks tonight," he whispered, as he used both hands to grab my bottom now.

He squeezed my bottom. "It might be tight, with both dicks in my ass," I purred as he played with my butt. I began to follow Tim out towards the living room as Shaun followed behind me. He watched my butt until I stopped to pickup something on the floor. Bending at the waist I let my jeans grow tight, my juicy ass being displayed for Shaun. He licked his lips as I turned around to glance at him, still bent over. I made a kissing gesture with my lips, and stood back up. We walked into the living room to see Tim on the couch already.

The car turned right down the street and headed into the distance. My hand let the blinds snap back into place as I turned back around. The T.V. was on, and Tim and Shaun were focused on it. I sat in between them, I was the only one without a shirt on while Tim and Shaun both were still fully clothed. I peered at the clock and noticed it was only 11:30.

"Let's start up that game of Truth or Dare." Tim had the remote in his hand and played with it as the T.V. responded to every button he pressed. Shaun glanced at me and gave me a smile.

"Truth or dare?" he said to me. I paused for a moment and watched him peering at me.


"Have you ever seen your dad's junk?" Tim laughed at this, as did we all. It was a rather obscure question to ask, but Shaun was thinking of cocks. Something that I too was thinking about.

"Yah, once." I said to the T.V., "He was sleeping and I peeked into his room."

Shaun stopped laughing, and still had a smile towards me.

"Truth or dare, Tim," I said.

Tim said almost instantly, "Dare."

"I dare you to wear nothing but your boxers for the rest of the night." Tim glanced at Shaun and I, but was reluctant to take off his pants and shirt, right in front of us. He had wonderful abs, and legs that were toned and muscular. I stared at him until he caught me looking. He sat down next to me in a pair of bright blue boxers. My body shook as I tried to identify his cock through them. He caught me again before I could get a good glimpse, but if I was correct, he was huge.

"Truth or Dare, Chris," Tim said after catching me.

I peered over to Tim, then back to Shaun. "Dare."

"I dare you to put your hand on Shaun's thigh until my next turn."

I blushed at Shaun for a moment, before gently resting my hand halfway up his left thigh. I laid it there gently, but squeezed after I felt how warm it was. I glanced up and swore I saw him wink at me. I moved my hand slightly upward, my pinky only a few inches from Shaun's cock.

"Truth or Dare, Tim," Shaun said in a stern voice.

"Hrmm, Truth," Tim spoke, as he muted the T.V. for us.

"If you were offered a thousand dollars to sleep with a man, would you do it?"

Tim sat looking at the T.V. for a moment, and replied, "Yah." He smiled towards me.

"Truth or Dare, Shaun?" I said.

"Dare me."

"I dare you to also strip down to your boxers." I raised my eyebrows and gave Shaun the puppy dog eyes. His smile grew wider as he rose up to take off his shirt. My hand was still on his thigh, and I helped him pull down his pants. His body was very tan, with not a lot of muscle tone. He was smooth, and my hand returned to his now naked thigh. I trembled as the warmth of his inner thigh caught me by surprise. He sat back down next to me.

"Truth or dare?" Tim said. I turned around and looked at him to notice he was talking to me.

"Umm, dare." I said in a curious voice.

"I dare you and Shaun to go into the closet for 2 minutes." His eyes were lit up with glee as he thought of one of the bigger dares of the night. I turned to Shaun and smiled back to him.

"Come on, I'll show you were the closet is." Tim led us down a hallway to a small door, which he opened to reveal a neatly kept, dark closet. Shaun led the way and I followed in after him. The door quickly shut behind us as Tim closed it.

"I'll be timing you guys," he said through the door.

Darkness took over the closet quickly however Shaun's hands had found their way to my bottom. He pushed me close to him as he squeezed my butt, our moist lips touched. His tongue went into my mouth as he breathed deeply. My hands worked his abs and entered his boxers to his genital. My fingers teased him as they slowly jerked him off. He squeezed harder, and gently spanked me. Our bodies touched as much as they could as he held the kiss. His hands removed themselves only to slip under my boxers to get more flesh. He played with my butt cheeks until he had to gasp for air. This didn't last long, because he had begun to kiss my neck. I moaned softly as I pulled his boxers down to let himself hang out. I pumped hard as he nibbled my tender neck. A loud beeping noise rang out, Tim had set a timer. Hastily we covered ourselves and tucked things back inside. A moment later Tim opened the door, the beeping stopped shortly before.

We walked past the living room and instead to Tim's bedroom. We took a few snacks with us and a few drinks. We sat on the bed with Tim and Shaun on either side of me. Their shirtless bodies made me go crazy, I couldn't stop staring at Tim's abs.

"Truth or Dare?" Shaun asked me.

"Umm, Truth."

"Would you, if you had to, sleep in my sleeping bag for a night?" We smiled at each other and I nodded to him.

"I can tell you guys have had a sleepover before," Tim chirped in.

"Once, we slept outside in a tent. It was fun, we played Truth or Dare there too," Shaun replied.

"Truth or Dare, Shaun?" I said.

Shaun sat there for a moment, but replied, "Dare."

"I dare you to take my pants off for me." He gave me a weird look, but I stood up and waited. Both Tim and Shaun grabbed a side and slid them downward. They both admired my milky white skin, and soft smooth legs. Shaun used one hand for the pants, and let his other hand feel all the way down the back of my legs. Tim stared at my bottom, and couldn't stop until he had let go on my pants.

"Truth or dare, Chris?" Tim spoke.

"Dare," I said, still standing up but facing them.

"I dare you to let me take off your boxers." I shot him a very seductive look. I bit my lower lip and nodded, slowly turning around. His hand started at my back, and worked it's way down until he hit the top of my boxers. Slowly they made their way down to my ankles, revealing my juicy white butt. I stood there for a moment as Tim and Shaun both glared at my backside. I bent down to pick up my boxers, and showed them my pink little hole. Bulges began to rise in their boxers as I stood back up. I tossed my boxers onto the floor, and sat down in between them again. They had smiles over their faces, and I glanced at each of them. I rested a hand on Tim's thigh, and turned to face Shaun with a look of lust. Our eyes met as Tim rested a hand on top of mine.

"Truth or Dare, Tim?" Shaun said, still admiring my body.

"Dare." Tim spoke.

Shaun thought for a moment, but then stared at me for a second. He smiled, and said "I dare you to spank Chris."

I lowered my head and looked shyly up at Shaun, then to Tim. Tim was smiling, and gently patting his knee. I walked over and rested my stomach on his warm thighs. He readjusted himself, and began by rubbing my cheeks. Shaun was admiring the view, as Tim spread each cheek to peer at my tight hole. A loud slap caused me to bit my lip in pleasure. I jerked forward and let out a slight squeak. Tim rubbed the spot he just slapped and spanked me again on the opposite cheek. I moaned softly as he rubbed the spot again. He used both hands to rub now, and with a swift motion I was caught off-guard as he spanked both cheek at the same time. A loud moan escaped, and cause Shaun to get a raging hard-on. He held it for as long as he could, but couldn't resist when I got into Tim's punishment.

"Mmm, I've been a bad boy, haven't I, Tim? Do you like to spank my juicy butt?" My voice was exotic. Tim answered with another spank. Shaun had begun to jerk himself off at the wonderful entertainment he was now presented with. I stood up after Tim had turned my bottom red. I stood in front of them and glanced backwards at it. I smiled at both of them and stared at Shaun's exposed self even after I sat down.

"Truth or Dare, Shaun?" I said, still glaring at him.

"Dare," Shaun spoke very excited.

"I dare you to close your eyes for 2 minutes and let me do whatever I want to you." My voice was seductive and sexy now, and both Tim and Shaun were becoming more muscular in appearance with each minute. He still had a smile, and leaned back with his hands at his sides. His eyes closed shortly after.

"I'll keep count," Tim said, as Shaun laid back on the bed and I leaned towards him. I was on my hands and knees letting Tim get a nice view of my butt. Shaun had a very thick cock, and it was quite long as well. I turned my head towards Tim, and gently began to pump Shaun. My tongue danced circles around his penis head. Tim reached out and squeezed a butt cheek of mine. His index finger ran around the rim of my hole. I looked at him, and our eyes met. Shaun's cock went into my warm mouth, my soft lips creating a strong suction. He moaned as I blew him. My lips lost suction and made a loud noise as they reached the head. My mouth stood open above his cock. A strand of drool dripped down onto the head and raced towards my hand on the base. My mouth quickly devoured the cock as I made myself gag on it. Tim watched as I enjoyed sucking Shaun off continuing to play with my bottom. Tim spanked me and caused me to shoot forward. His cock was engorged now under his tight boxers. I stood up quickly after a few minutes had gone by. Shaun opened his eyes to see Tim playing with my bottom. I smiled at him and he did the same towards me. I sat back down as Tim's hands found their way to his chest. My first reaction was to glance at his bulge. It was huge, and he didn't even have tight boxers.

"Truth or Dare, Chris?" Tim said to me.

"Mmm, dare," I purred towards him. He met my eyes as they made his penis flare.

"I dare you to jerk me off for two minutes."

I smiled, and crawled up towards him. My bottom was now open for Shaun to admire, and he quickly did. My hands worked to open Tim's boxers and expose himself to me for the first time. My eyes grew big as I realized just how big he was. A huge smile broke across my face as my hand began to jerk him off. Shaun spanked a cheek of mine and caused my body to quake with pleasure. He pulled a cheek aside to get a better view of my hole. His free hand had begun to jerk himself off, as he continued to play with me.

"He looks so tight, doesn't he?" Tim said, watching me playing with him.

"I know, it takes a lot of thrust to penetrate him," Shaun said, still glaring at my butt.

"Well, Tim's so big I don't think he can get in!" I cried, as I tried to size him up using my hands.

Tim snickered a bit, "I'll just have to warm you up more." I glanced up at him.

"It'll be worth it, I bet." I said in a very sexy voice. He smiled at me, as I sat back up after a few more pumps. By now I had two cocks hanging out on either side of me. I sat looking at them, and reached a hand out for each one. I jerked them off together and glanced into both Tim's and Shaun's eyes.

"Truth or Dare, Tim?" Shaun said, still watching me.


"I dare you to get his mouth, while I get his butt."

Within moments I was now on my hands and knees on Tim's floor. Tim was in front of me and he quickly made me blow his huge cock. I had to open all the way up just to get the head in. His hands rested on the back of my head as Shaun dripped saliva onto my hole. His penis was also covered in saliva as he pushed against me with his body weight. After a moment of resistance he had popped his head in. I moaned onto Tim's cock as he drove it deep. I gagged and saliva covered half of his cock as he pulled it out. I glanced at him and he slapped me across the face with it. I was shocked, but before I could react he had stuck it back down. A second later I screamed as Shaun had thrust hard and caused my body to shake with pleasure. He pumped hard as he took advantage of this surprise orgasm.

Tim's cock was once again at the tip of my lips. My mouth hummed as I tried to say 'Ahh'. He thrust it back in and went into my throat. I tried to push my head back but his hands prevented it. He fucked my throat for a few seconds and then pulled it back out like a ripcord. Strands of saliva ran from his cock to my throat. I stuck my tongue out as he thrust back in. Shaun had caused my body to quiver, he had found a sweet spot. He was very good at it now. I moaned and groaned as he pumped pleasure after pleasure wave through me. Tim pulled out and I moaned loudly. Shaun's eyes flared as he thrust deep and held it. His hand spanked my cheek as he slowly pulled out. Tim and Shaun had now switched sides.

Shaun allowed me to catch my breath as Tim prepared to enter my bottom. He rested the head against my hole, and gently began to push. I felt myself following him until he had caught up with me. He pushed slowly and caused my hole to be stretched wide. I took a deep breath as he continued to open me up. The head was in and he rested for a moment. My body was relaxed, but as soon as he thrust I felt an immense pleasure. I moaned loudly towards Shaun, who began to put his penis down my throat. I gagged as he thrust deep at first. He held it there, as Tim pushed half of his cock into my warm hole. He moaned slightly as I clenched, causing a tighter hole for him. Shaun had taken over controlling my head as his hands made me blow him. He started very fast and saliva drooled all over his genitals. I blew as hard as I could until he returned his cock back down my throat. I held it there as long as I could, but stopped short as Tim had thrust deep into me. I moaned and pulled my head back. Shaun walked to my back side and slipped in under me. His head was near mine, as he laid down between my legs. He reached his hand and lined his penis up to my butthole under Tim's cock. He gently pushed and before long his head was in my warm hole as well. I moaned with ecstasy as he pushed deep, both cocks stretching my butthole. While he thrust as fast as Tim did, their cocks were on different rhythms. When Tim's cock left Shaun's cock went deep. An orgasm brewed within me as they pumped hard. The pleasure took over as they thrust faster into me. Tim's hand spanked me as I shook with pleasure. Shaun thrust harder and began to cream into me. His body made him continue to thrust even after he had filled me with cum. Tim began to cream shortly after. My body calmed down until Tim had slowly began to pull out. He spanked my cheek with his cock as he stood up. Shaun pulled out as well, as a stream of cum was on the rim of my now gaping hole.

Both Tim and Shaun stood up next to me as I stood in place, with a look of extreme pleasure. They both helped me up, and sat me down in between them again. I smiled at them both, still in pleasure. They both kissed me on the lips, as we went to bed for that night. I couldn't stop dreaming of them, how they had worked together to cause such an orgasm in me. I woke up early in the morning, and noticed they were both still asleep next to me. I reached a hand into their sleeping bags and jerked them both off. They turned to me and smiled. Shaun and Tim both converged onto me. I was on my stomach while saliva drooled onto my red butt hole.




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