The clear blue water rippled as my index finger ran across it's still surface. The waves ran for a distance until hitting the wall, and bouncing back to the center of the pool. The sun was high above us shining brightly down upon the cool water. The water was up to my chest as I walked around inside the pool. His feet kicked the water, causing their own set of waves to venture throughout the pool. I walked towards him slowly and lifted myself on the deck next to him with my feet still in the water. The water glistened on my smooth milky skin. I wore a blue pair of swim trunks that were awfully tight on me. He glanced over at me while I wasn't looking. He asked me to hang out at his house while his parents were gone for the day. The last time I had slept over at his house we had a wild time. It started with a game of truth or dare, which quickly led to sexual questions and curious thoughts. At one point he had dared me to suck his cock. I had never said no to a dare, and this was one dare I had enjoyed. Before we had gone to bed I had his cock deep in my tight butt. That was a night I wanted to relive and had hoped today would be like.

"Want to play some truth or dare?" His eyes met mine as he asked me the question. I glanced around trying to avoid answering. The fence around the backyard was very tall. It easily blocked any neighbors from seeing in from any angle. It was a secluded setting with his parents gone and the fence barrier. I smiled at him and fluttered my feet into the water's surface.

"Sure. I'll start." I said.

He smiled back and me, "K."

I paused for a moment, trying to think of something to do. Should I start off with a sexual question? What could I make him do?

"Truth or dare." I said after stalling for a moment as these thoughts raced in my mind.


I glanced at him. "I dare you to swim naked around the pool twice."

He paused for a moment, but then slid himself into the pool. His swim trunks floated to the surface and stayed there as he began his first lap. I tried my hardest not to pretend to be looking at his exposed self through the hazy waters surface, but my curiosity caused him to catch me glancing at him more than once. He walked quickly in front of me which marked his first lap, the ripples causing my feet to wander effortlessly. I smiled at him as he circled around to stand next to me. The swim trunks were quickly submerged as he put them back on. I had caught a few good glimpses of his penis as he was circling however. Boy, it even looked big in the pool. He hoisted himself on the deck next to me and anxiously waited to ask the question.

"Truth or dare." he said, staring at me with his hands folded into his lap.

"Truth." I said in a very stern voice.

"Have you ever gone commando?"

It was a rather odd question, but began to make me think that he was picturing me naked.

"Yes." I said, my feet still kicking into the water.

He nodded, and continued to play with his feet like I was.

'Hrm, where to take this.' I thought to myself.

"Truth or dare?" I asked looking at him. He looked me in the eyes.


"Have you ever looked at another boy's butt?"

He laughed and nodded rather swiftly. I smiled at his response, filling in his answer with my butt. It was an awkward silence as we waited for the next question.

"Truth or dare?" He asked.

I paused for a moment. "Dare."

"I dare you to take off your trunks and lean over the side of the pool for a minute with your butt in the air."

I pretended to act shocked at his request. He smiled at me in response. I slowly slid myself into the pool, and allowed my trunks to float to the surface feeling like you did a few moments ago. I walked over to the side of the pool and rested my abdomen on the wall. My hands reached forward as my body tipped over the edge, which led my ass to be hoisted up into the air for all to see.

"One whole minute," he said to me. I smiled but he couldn't see. I was enjoying teasing him with my butt. I reached a hand up and spread a cheek, allowing full view of my tight little butt hole. His mind ran wild as he remembered the night he pounded me. It was so warm and tight. Every time he had to re-enter he had to push hard against my butthole. The combination of his huge penis and my tight butt caused uncontrollable moans by both of us. His trunks began to grow tighter, and taller. His penis rose up as the endless stare at my tight butt caused his body to crave it. His hand gently stroked his penis as the wonderful sight of my butt was the only thing of interest to him. He bit his lip as he rubbed harder through his trunks. He stopped almost instantly as I leaned back into the pool's water. It had been well over a minute, maybe even two, but who was counting? I peered over and was instantly drawn to glare at his bulge. I reached out and gathered my swim trunks and put them back on. I walked over to the deck and stood in the water in front of where I was sitting.

"Truth or dare?" I asked him.

He continued to smile, his bulge still there. "Truth."

"Did you like what we did at our last sleep over?"

He nodded as an even wider smile broke across his face. I smiled back at him and waited.

"Truth or dare?" He asked me in a sort of whisper.


"I dare you to take off your swim trunks and bend over my lap so I can spank you." I acted shocked again, letting my mouth open and eyes widen. A smile was across his face again, and he gently patted his lap.

"You've never said no to a dare, right?" he said, teasing me.

With this sentence I gently laid my stomach on his knees and bent over his legs. My hands moved my trunks down into the water, exposing my juicy butt for him. His hand squeezed and rubbed a cheek. He looked at my white butt for a second, and then quickly spanked the same cheek he was inspecting. My body lunged forward slightly. Pleasure took over my body as he squeezed the cheek he just spanked.

"You've been a bad boy, and I'm going to teach you," he said as he spanked the other cheek. He dipped his hand in the water and again spanked me. The slap was much louder, and caused me to moan slightly.

"I'm going to turn your butt red." He again slapped my cheek with the water on his hand, and repeated this for several more times. His hand was removed as he peered at my red butt. I slid off of his knees and into the water. It felt good on my tender bottom, but so did his spanks. As I looked at him I began to smile as the pleasure and thrill took over my body. He smiled back. I pulled my swim trunks up and stood next to him again.

"Truth or Dare?" I asked him after a minute of silence.


"If I walked in on you jerking yourself off, what would you do?"

"Simple," he said, "I'd ask you to come help me."

He smiled at me and chuckled.

"I think that would be quite fun." I said to him in a seductive voice.

His voice began almost immediately after I finished my sentence, "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." I said it in a sort of sexy, but firm voice to him.

A long pause was shortened by his soft voice, "I dare you to jerk me off." I met his eyes as he stared into mine. I moved over in front of him still in the water. I grinned at him as my hand reached into his trunks and exposed his penis to me. I glared at it as my hand went up and down his hard, thick shaft. It was still hard from when he dared me to bend over the side of the pool. I began to jerk him off faster, biting my lip and staring into his eyes. My hands covered as much area as they could in one pump, moving swiftly and using every finger to stimulate him. Moans escaped his mouth as my hands worked his penis. He leaned back and laid on the deck allowing me to pump even faster. With both hands I began to pump him very strongly, causing a sudden rush of pleasure as he didn't foresee coming. He moaned loudly as my hands traveled up and down him. Precum began to escape from his penis. The cum acted as a lubricant as it traveled down to his shaft. My hands were able to pump much smoother and quicker as it covered them. He spread his legs and allowed me to lean inward and lick his penis softly. My tongue wrapped around the head and slowly traveled all around it. He moaned as my hands continued to jerk him off. Salty cum touched my tongue as more precum escaped. It was delightful in my mouth, and I remembered how good tasting it was.

I stopped and waited for him to sit back up. His cock was still hanging out and my eyes were glued to it. I began to stroke it slowly as I asked, "Truth or dare?"

He glanced at my hand working his penis, and looked back at my eyes.

"Dare." His voice was deep and sexy.

I continued to pump his penis as I thought of a good dare.

"I dare you to let me dry you off, and then you can dry me off." My arm continued to jerk him off as he pondered this dare. He got up and helped me out of the water after a few more pumps. I dropped my swim trunks in front of him, making sure my back was turned. As I bent over he stared into my exposed butt hole once again. His hand gently spanked my butt check as I stood back up. The sound was loud and my body quaked with pleasure. I felt my butt hole open slightly then close back up. A grin was across his face as I glanced at him. His feet kicked his swim trunks away and he reached for one of the beach towels nearby. He began by drying off my torso, and making his way to my arms. He quickly dried my penis and the front of my legs. I couldn't help to stare at his still engorged penis as he worked the towel. He stood up and I turned around allowing him to get my back side. As he began to towel off my back, one of his hands spanked my butt again. I bit my lip and a soft moan escaped my mouth. He toweled one check off, then spanked it. My body quickly overcame with pleasure. He did the same to the other check, but spanked it a bit harder. I turned around and glanced at him as he finished drying off my bottom.

He finished toweling off the back of my legs. I faced him and reached for the other towel. I dried off his body rather quickly, ignoring the genital for last. When it was there time I got on my knees and gently toweled off his balls. My mouth blew hot air on his penis as it jumped with pleasure. I glanced up at him with big innocent eyes.

"I was trying to air dry it," I replied.

He grinned back at me. I continued to breath warm air onto his cock as my hands played with his balls. After a minute or so, I stood up and tossed the towel on top of the other one.

"Truth or dare?" he asked me. I had almost forgot we were playing that. My mind was focused on teasing him and staring at his wonderful body as it was fully exposed for me.

"Dare." I said to him.

"Watch a porno with me," he said.

I nodded to him, and walked towards the sliding door as he followed behind me. I stopped to reach for the handle and felt a gentle nudge against my butt hole. I turned around and realized it was his cock. His hand spanked my butt again.

"I can't wait till tonight," he replied.

"I hope you can handle it," I said to him in a very sexy voice. He thrust his penis gently against my butt hole, and I walked into the kitchen.

We walked into the living room and closed the blinds, we were still naked after all. The lights were shut off and a blanket was placed over both of us as we sat next to each other rather closely on the couch. My hands were in my lap as the porno began. It was a very straight forward movie, the beginning scene was of a gorgeous blond with a penis in her mouth. Her tongue worked wonders on it as it was pushed deep down her throat. It progressed more to a gagging portion of the movie. I loved to be gagged.

"Truth or Dare?" I asked him.

He stared at the movie and replied, "Truth."

"Have you ever cream-pied anyone?"

"No," he said, "But I'd like to."

I smiled at him, and said, "Perhaps tonight you can."

"Truth or dare?" He asked me with his eyes on the movie. I glanced over to him and talked softly.


"Can you deep throat?"

"Yes," I said, as I pretended to be interested in the porno. By now the guy had begun to fuck the girl, who was overacting too much. It wasn't as interesting as I thought It would be. I instead looked at the man's cock as it stretched the tight pussy. My mind began to replace me with the girl. The stud can stay thought, his penis was quite the show piece.

"Truth or Dare," I asked him after the man had begun to pound the girl doggy style in the porno.

"Truth," he replied to me, as a bulge began to appear on his side of the blanket.

"Did you ever dream about the sleepover after it happened?"

He smiled at me and nodded. "It was too much fun to forget."

I smiled back and rested my hand on his penis under the blanket.

"Truth or dare?" he asked me.


A moment of silence until finally the loud moaning of the girl as the man rammed his penis into her broke it.

"I dare you to do an exotic dance for me."

I stayed my attention onto the porno until after a moment. I turned my head to face his. A smile was across his face. A smile broke across my face as I rose up, allowing his hand to replace mine on his enormous erection. I stood in front of him and he muted the T.V. I bent my knees and struck a sexy pose for him, allowing him to peer at my backside. My smooth skin was a pale white, with nothing but smooth textures. He slowly began to stroke himself as I glanced back at him. I bent down slowly at the knees. I then continued to bend down at the waist. I rested my hands on the floor as I stood bent. My tight little pink asshole was visible for him, hairless and ever-so tight. He reached his hand upward and gently squeezed my cheek. I spread my legs slowly and rested my hands on my cheeks, gently spreading them as I raised my upper half. I turned back biting my lower lip, peering over my shoulder as he jerked himself off to my body. His finger began to gently run circles around my asshole. I backed up slowly and rested on his knees leaning forward. His hands rested on either of my butt cheeks as I spread my legs. My hand reached over and gently made his penis slap against my butt hole. Precum covered both my butt hole and his penis now. After a second of teasing, he spanked one of my butt cheeks. I moaned and peered over my shoulder at him. My hand gently began to jerk him off again. I rose up and allowed his hands to return to his sides. I sat down next to him again, and smiled at him. He returned the smile.

"Truth or dare?" I asked him after he had a moment to settle down.


"Ok, if you had a good friend of yours in a room with me and you, would you, if asked to, have a threesome with me?"

He thought for a moment, then said, "Sure, but only if we can both cum in your mouth."

"Of course, and I'd love it." I thought of this scenario for a moment. "You could slap your cocks against my face, then I could blow you while getting pounded in my butt. It sounds like a lot of fun actually."

"Maybe we can try to get it going one day," he said, very eager.

I smiled at him.

"Ok my turn, Truth or dare?" he said to me, watching the T.V.

"I'm not sure what to do." I said. I also turned to see the T.V., taking my mind and eyes off of his penis for a moment. The porno was near the end, and the girl was now waiting with her mouth open for the cum shot.

"Ok, ok. Dare," I said, as the man began to shoot silvery streams of cum all over the girl's face. He had a lot of cum.

"I dare you to sleep in my tent outside with me tonight."

The next few hours were the longest hours of my life. All I could think about was how much fun we were going to have tonight. By the time I realized, we were outside the tent with one sleeping bag, wearing nothing but boxers.

The sleeping bag was comfortable for both of us, and a flashlight was our only source of light for the night. The midnight sky was full of stars. We were camping near the fence. Privacy was again not an issue, which allowed us to be a bit frisky for the beginning of the night.

"Let's start to play again," he said to me, "Who's turn was it?"

"Well, you dared me to sleep out here with you tonight, so it's my turn to ask. So, truth or dare?"

"Dare." He stared at me as he said this. He used a soft, sexy voice as he said it.

"I dare you to shut off the flashlight for five minutes and let me do whatever I want to you."

He smiled at me and turned on his back with the sleeping bag not covering his body anymore. Only boxers remained on him as I reached for the flashlight. Darkness overtook the whole tent, so bad that we could barely see each other. It took me a moment to find out where he was. My hands began to travel down to his boxers, and then to his feet taking them with them. My gentle tongue began to lick his head very softly, and took him by surprise. I continued to lick the head, and after a second began to suck on it. He moaned softly with pleasure. I sucked hard for a few times and caused his body to quake. I began to suck more of him with every blow. It became at one point where I was deep-throating him. He loved this, I could tell because his toes began to curl. When the five minute marker was near, I had just guessed, I held his penis in my throat for as long as I could. It was a good 30 seconds before I went gasping for air. I gently jerked him off as my other hand turned on the light. He looked up at me and a look of passionate love was over his face.

"Truth or dare?" he asked me in the sexy voice.


"I dare you to let me turn the flashlight off for the night, and let me do whatever I want to you."

My heart raced as I nodded. He turned his head to watch his hand return the darkness to the tent once more. My hand still continued to jerk him off. He rose and gently kissed my lips. His arms wrapped around me as he laid me on my stomach. He kissed the back of my neck as he rose up again. My boxers melted off my body and a warm liquid dropped onto my butt hole. I rested my hands on my cheeks again, and gently spread them apart. I buried my face into the pillow. He gently kissed my neck as I felt his bodies weight on me. After a second his penis gently poked my butt hole. I relaxed as he nibbled on my neck still. He thrusted gently and without much trouble penetrated me. I began to yell into the pillow as he stretched my asshole. I quickly stopped as a wave of pleasure took over my body. He pushed gently in but the tightness prevented much movement. He pushed harder and I felt him traveling deep inside of me. He stopped short, and began to fuck me slowly. I moaned into the pillow as he stretched my butthole out. His penis was very big, and curved slightly upward. This helped him travel deep inside me as I found out later on in the night. I turned my head to moan so he could hear it. It rapidly increased in speed as he thrust much faster. He would frequently push as much as he could in and hold it a few times. I moaned loudly as he did this.

"I can't believe how tight you are," he said to me as he continued to fuck me.

"I can't believe you are that big," I moaned after as he pulled it out. After a minute of shuffling he had put the head into my mouth. He thrust in and out of my mouth.

"I dare you to deep-throat me," I said as he allowed me a breath of air.

"I'd much rather make you gag."

He smiled very wide, as he rose up. I kneeled next to him with my lips moistened by my tongue. His hand rested on the back of my head as he stood in front of me.

"Say 'Ahh' for me."

My mouth hummed as he thrust his cock into my throat. I was taken by surprise as he pushed it deep down causing my body to gag. He held it for a second as saliva dripped down my bottom lip. My tongue stuck out underneath his penis and touched his balls. He pulled out as my mouth continued the humming. He rested his penis' head on the tip of my tongue and followed it until he was past my lips. He continued down my throat until my lips had touched the base of his penis. I gagged violently and as a reaction tried to back up. His hand prevented me from doing this, and as my body gagged saliva escaped from my mouth. He pulled only an inch out and quickly thrust it in and out. Gurgling and gagging sounds left my throat as he moaned. A few seconds passed and he allowed me to catch my breath again.

"Truth or dare?" he said.

Before I could speak he had placed his penis back into my mouth.

He laughed, "Don't talk with your mouth full." My tongue played with his shaft as my lips traveled up and down it. I lunged forward and felt his penis return back to my throat as my lips touched his abdomen. He moaned as I deep-throat him for as long as I could. My body jerked backwards as I gasped for air.

A moment later and I said to the darkness, "Dare."

"Let me cream-pie you."

My body was turned around and I rested on my knees and elbows in front of him. Warm liquid again covered my butt hole, but there was enough on his penis I could tell. He pushed against me again and I felt him slip into me. It was so smooth that I only felt him push the head as deep as it would go. I moaned loudly and threw my head into the pillow. He spanked my cheek and thrust.

"Teach me a lesson, I've been a bad boy," I said to the pillow loud enough for him to hear. His body increased speed as I said this, he was turned on at the role play.

"You've been a bad boy, now you're going to get my extra credit assignment," I continued to moan as he found my sweet spot and wouldn't stop giving me an unbelievable orgasm.

"Pound my tight little butt." My voice was high and loud as he also began to moan from the pleasure. His body shook as he thrust deep and held it. Moaning from both of us quickly slowed as his cum filled the deep origins of my butt hole. Sweat covered both our bodies as he pulled out slowly. He laid on his back next to me as I relaxed my body and laid on my stomach. I turned to see him looking at me.

"Truth or dare?" I said to him in a tired voice.

"Dare." He said, panting.

"I dare you to let me sleep over again."

He smiled, "I dare you to let me blindfold you next time."

I smiled at back at him.

The sun illuminated the inside of the tent. My butt was sore as I turned back onto my side. I felt a gentle poke at my butt hole again, and peered over my shoulder.

"Truth or dare." He whispered into my ear.


"I dare you to let me cream-pie you twice in one day."

"Why not three times?" My sexy voice caused him to release a bit of pre-cum. His hand spanked my cheek as we warmed up for a second round.




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