by Mighty Mouth


    As I usually state at the beginning of each episode, everything I wrote is true and not exaggerated. For more years of my life than I like to admit, I spent countless hours searching for dick to satisfy my voracious appetite. Many times that meant just walking the streets, to see what I might come across. If I saw someone interesting, I would give him a hard stare, first at his face, then at his crotch. Since my passion is straight guys, many of them didn’t understand my gesture. Some thought that I was trying to tell them that their fly was open, and would glance down to check. But some got the clue right away, and would indicate their interest or stop in their tracks. I would then immediately start a conversation. Often their first question was, “how much will you pay me?”

    But there were circumstances when I could began a conversation.  That’s how I met Arnold.

I was passing  a movie house that showed third rate films. Standing under the marquee was a cute Rican teen checking out the photos. I knew instantly that I wanted him and that he might be available.

I pretended that I was interested in seeing the movie, and asked him if he thought it worth seeing. He replied that he wasn’t sure, but didn’t have the money to get in anyway. That’s the instant I knew I had a live one.

    I told him that I had far more interesting films to watch, namely porno, and I lived just two blocks away. He readily accepted. I conveniently showed movies in my bedroom, and the projector was always handy, loaded with a film. My “conquest” could either sit or lie on my bed to watch the screen action. The movie quickly did its magic and I saw the increasing bulge in his pants. I asked him flat out if he wanted  a blow job, and he answered no.

    But that answer didn’t stop me. I began to fondle his prick through his pants, but he tried to push my hand away. But his gesture was only half-hearted, either out of curiosity, or fear that if he really resisted, the consequences might not be good for him. He did appear tense. I began to unbutton his pants, with his continued feeble attempt to stop me. Once unbuttoned, I took out his dick and immediately swallowed it. He relaxed instantly and I could sense that he was loving it. Obviously another virgin.

    Thus Arnold became a regular at my house, at least twice a week. I nicknamed him Arnold Bread, after a famous bread sold in New York. He learned how to make it last, and would tell me when he was getting close. That way we could both prolong our pleasure. After a year or so, he told me that his father had decided to move the family back to Puerto Rico. But he promised that he would phone me collect often. After only a couple of months, he told me that he was very unhappy living in Puerto Rico. He asked me to pay his airfare back to New York and said that he would live with me. But I didn’t do so, and he stopped phoning. I never heard from him again, but I always will have my fond memories of our good times together.


    One morning on my way to work at my office, three blocks from my house in Brooklyn, I gave a guy the look described above. Without much ado, I took him with me. And a nice surprise awaited me. He pulled out a long cock. It wasn’t very big around, it made up for that in length. Because it was straight, I could swallow it all easily.

    He became a regular. My favorite position with him was in bed, with him lying on his side. I lay beside him, and would take his ass and pull his dick deep within my throat. And when he came, I would lie on my back pull him directly over my face while he shot his load. We both loved that moment!

    He told me that his friends called him Schlep. That was because he had gangly walk, sort of dragging himself along. After a period of time, he disappeared.  I learned through the grapevine that he had gone to prison. After a couple of years, he was out. I ran into him on the street, but pretended that I didn’t know him. One morning when I was going out to buy the newspaper, I opened my front door to find him sleeping on my stoop. He was actually blocking my way. Wanting nothing to do with him, I kicked him and woke him and told him to get the hell off my stoop. He did, and I never saw him again.

    If anyone wants to read a free copy of my book, “Memoirs of a Gay Rights Maverick,” I’ll send it to you as an email attachment.  Advise me via email: [email protected]

Mighty Mouth


Mighty Mouth


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