From Part 2.....

About  a year later, we got word that Judy and Jim had divorced.  We figured that Jim had had enough of her antics and called it quits.

About a month after we got the news, Jim showed up at the office.  Mike and I just happened to both be in town and greeted him fondly.  He shocked us when he said he was no longer in the Air Force, and asked if there was a driving job open.  Dad told him that there definitely was and asked when he could start.  He said immediately but that there was something that we all needed to know.


Part 3.........

Jim looked around at the three of us and began.

"I haven't been completely honest with your family about who I am.  My birth name is James Baxter.  I changed my last name to Baker when I turned eighteen."

Dad spoke up and said, "May I ask why?"

"Have you heard of Baxter Industries?" Jim asked.  We all nodded our heads. "Well, it was started by my grandfather and is now run my dad.  I wanted to make it on my own and not have things handed to me.  Dad said that he understood but that in the long run the company would come down to me. I joined the Air Force and began my new life. Then I met Judy. I was able to slip some papers in for her to sign one of which was a prenuptial agreement, saying that if we divorced she got nothing."

"Is that what you wanted to tell us?" dad asked.

"Just part of it," Jim replied, lowering his head.  Back in high school, I began experimenting in sex with other males and enjoyed it.  I decided that I could resist the temptation if I worked hard enough. I met Judy and thought we were made for each other.  After we married, I found out exactly what she was like.  Soon, the intimacy stopped and she soon moved into a separate bedroom."  He paused and took a deep breath, then continued.

"My needs grew stronger and I reverted to my old ways, finding men for sex.  I had decided to file for divorce but kept putting it off.  She had to go out of town for her work and while she was gone I had a male guest over.  She came home three days early and caught us in bed.  That was bad enough but she went to the base commander and told him everything.  She not only ruined my career but that of the other man.  He was a lieutenant and my assistant in the motor pool.  That same day she filed for divorce.  Needless to say he and I were both investigated and given undesirable discharges."

Dad Mike and I looked at each other shocked by Jim's revelation that he was gay.  I don't know about dad or Mike, but I had always considered Jim hot as hell and envied my sister.

Jim continued and said, "If what I have said changes the way you feel about me or affects my chance of driving for you, I'll understand, but I had to be honest with you."

As Jim looked at the three of us, dad spoke up very calmly, saying, "Jim, You did your best with Judy.  We know that.  And as far as your sexual preference for men, well, that is your business.  What you do in your off time and who you do it with is your business.  We couldn't care less."  He paused and looked at Jim who had a shocked look on his face then said, "When would you like to start work?"

A tear formed in Jim's eyes before he said, "Just as soon as I can get my civilian CDL license."

He gave us all a hug before he started pouring out the thanks.  When he finally left, we looked at each other and dad smiled and said, "Okay, guys, which one of you is going to be the first to make a pass at him?"  We all burst out laughing. 

Since Jim had held a military commercial license, he easily passed the state test and got his civilian license.  Dad had hired an older man that he knew intimately to work in the office, and when Jim came in waving his license, dad decided to ride with Jim for a while to make sure he did things our way.

A few days later, I called dad on his cell phone and asked how it was going.

"He's doing great," dad said.  "Next week, he goes out on his own."

"Has anything sexual been discussed?" I asked.

"I'll give you a call later," dad said.  I knew that Jim was close and that Dad couldn't say anything.

About an hour later, dad called.  "Well?", I asked.

"Day before yesterday we stopped for a break at Luke's and when he wasn't watching I headed for the restroom.  Once in the stall, I took off my shirt so he wouldn't recognize it if he came in.  I had been there a few minutes when another driver came in.  He was obvious that he wanted to drop a load so I started giving him a quickie.  He was just about to shoot when the door opened.  He never pulled back and he started shooting. I wasn't going to let it go to waste so I went back on his cock and finished him off.  He pulled back and pulled up his jeans and as he left I heard Jim say, "Sorry for the interruption."  The guy said, "No problem and if you're horny, he gives great head."

"So what happened," I said. "Don't keep me in suspense."

"He went into the stall and dropped his pants.  He was commando and immediately began fondling his half hard cock.  I made sure that he could see mine and within a minute he was motioning me to stick it through.  I did and he gave me an awesome blow job.  Afterward I motioned for him and sucked him dry.  He fed me a huge load.  He pulled up his jeans and as he was washing his hands I stepped out of the booth and looked at him in the mirror. He nearly shit.  Once back in the rig, we talked but I never mentioned anything about you and Mike.  You two can figure out how you want to handle it."

"Anything after that day?" I asked.

"Well, last night we fucked each other."

"Mother fuck!" I exclaimed. "I want my turn."

Dad started laughing and said quickly, "He's walking toward me. Gotta run."

I had stopped at a truck stop outside a small country town and as I headed from the truck to the café, a hot young stud rode up on a beautiful chestnut stud.  He was shirtless, but after climbing down from the saddle he slipped on a tank top. 

As I headed into the café, our eyes met and he smiled and nodded a hello.  I responded and felt that there was a connection.  Once inside, I sat at the counter and ordered dinner.  A moment later he entered and even though there were plenty of empty seats, he took the seat next to me at the counter.

He smiled and said, "I'm Clay. Where ya' headed?"

I gave him my name and told him my destination, which was just a few miles further down the road.  I was hauling a load of feed to the farm supply store.

"I know the place," he said.  "I buy all my feed there."

During the conversation, I found out that he was twenty nine, single, and a former Marine and owned the farm next to the truck stop.  It was the family farm that was left to him when his dad passed a few years earlier.

As we ate, on several occasions he rubbed his leg strongly against mine.  I made no attempt to move away. instead, I pressed mine against him just as hard.

After eating, we paid our checks and as we headed out, he asked what it was like living on the road.  I told him that my rig was fully equipped and asked if he would like to see it.  He immediately said yes.  We walked over and after unlocking the driver's door, told him to climb up and take a look around. 

I followed him up and  as we stepped back into the oversize sleeper, he asked about privacy.  I immediately said, "That's not a problem," and showed him how the zippered curtain worked.  Once I had it completely closed, he stepped up closer and as he gently rubbed my crotch and asked, "Would you like to show he how the bed works?"

As I moved even closer, as I placed one hand behind his head, I said, "It would be my pleasure."  With that, I pulled his face to mine and immediately our tongues began exploring each others mouth.  As we kissed, I began removing his tank top as he unbuttoned my shirt.  Moments later we were completely nude and in my queen size bunk.After making out we enjoyed a slow sensual sixty-nine, we fed each other our built up loads.  after some small talk and more making out we soon fucked each other.  I quickly found out that he liked getting fucked rough, hard, fast and deep. Near midnight, he left leaving me totally satisfied sexually.

The next morning, I arrived at the feed store shortly before eight.  As the dock crew began unloading my trailer, a cowboy in jeans and short sleeve western shirt walked out onto the dock.  I had to take a second glance.  there walking toward me was Clay with a big smile on his face.

"You work here?" I asked.

"Well, kind of.  You see, I own the feed store.  Come on in to my office while they unload you.  I've got a fresh pot of coffee ready for us."

We went in and he told me the whole story.  he had inherited the store and farm from his dad and had a close friend running the feed store.  "Just so you know, he has no idea at all that I'm into men."

"You have my word, he'll never find out from me."

We were very professional during my visit with him telling me that he preferred taking care of the farm but he spent a day or two a week going over things at the store.

"Mark, from now own when I place an order there will be strict instructions for it to be delivered by you and only you.  Here is my number and when your close to the truck stop, call me.  I'll meet you there and either repeat last night or you can come over to the farm with me."

"You got a deal," I said.

As we headed out of his office, he directed me away from the clear glass panels and into a private corner and passionately kissed me before saying, "See you next trip."

"You better know it." I said.

I returned home and Mike and I decided that we wanted a three way with Jim.  Dad was out of town for a few days and we invited him to the house for dinner.  After eating, we were all out by the pool when Mike suggested we all go for a swim.  Immediately, he got up and stripped nude and dove into the pool.  As planned I did the same and once I was in we urged Jim to join us.  After a moment he stripped and joined us.

Our plan was working and we began horsing around, making sure our hands brushed against his cock.  he quickly began getting boned when Mike slipped under the surface and began sucking his cock.  Jim yelled in shock but quickly relaxed as I began tongue kissing him.  Within moments we were out of the water and pool side having a hot three way orgy that lasted all night. 

Everything was now out in the open, sex was regular with whomever was in town. Judy was pissed that we ad given Jim a job, telling us that "the fag you hired is going to ruin your business."  Dad looked at her and said bluntly "Fuck off and mind your own business." She stormed out of the office shooting us all the bird.

On an average of once a month, I made a delivery to Clay. I would call him when I was about an hour away and he would meet me at the truck stop.  I'd be waiting with a change of clothes and he would take me to his place where I shared his bed with him and had a wild night of hot sex.

Time passed and  four years later, Jim's dad passed away. Jim inherited the company and took over control.  When Judy found out, she hired a lawyer and tried to claim her share, saying it should be community property.  Jim produced the nuptial agreement and the case was thrown out of court.

Jim contracted with our company to do all their hauling, enabling dad to buy numerous trucks and hire drivers.  O course, he hired as many gay or bi drivers as possible.  We love having sex with the married drivers and their wives had no idea what went on out on the road.

I contracted my rig to Clay for whatever he needed.  During one of the deliveries, he road with me and after making out delivery, he confessed his undying love for me and asked me to be his partner for life.  I agreed and took him home to meet the family.  Of course, while there we had a weekend orgy that included me, Clay, dad, Jim, Mike and a couple of the single drivers.

Clay and I visit the family often and every year Jim takes the five of us out for cruise on the company yacht.  Dad and Jim have become lovers and Mike fell in love with one of the single drivers we hired.  Clay finally came out of the closet and let his friends know he was gay and that we were partners.  His business even grew after he came out.

We are all as happy as anyone could be.

THE END................                       Coming soon......ARRESTED



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