From Part 1........l

I savored the delicious load for a moment before swallowing then quickly stood to see if I could see what this stud looked like.  I pressed my eye to the crack between the door and the frame to get a glimpse.  The man quickly went to the sink and washed his hands before leaving.  As he did, I got a good look at him.  I had just sucked off my own dad        


Part 2....

I stood in utter disbelief at what had just happened. I couldn't wait to tell Mike, knowing that he would be totally shocked also.

I waited for Dad to hopefully return to the truck stop interior so that I could escape the restroom without notice.  I peered out the door and saw him with his back to me, talking to another driver.   I slipped out of my confines and hurried back to the store to tell Mike what had happened.

When I hurried in, he looked at me and said, "Man, you look troubled.  What the fuck happened?"

"Mike, you're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you but I swear it is the truth."

"Tell me what happened," Mike said.

"Well, I was in the stall waiting for a cock to suck.  a man came in and went into the next booth and dropped his jeans.  I showed my hard cock and he started fondling his and got it hard.  I motioned for him to put it through and when he did, I sucked him off.  His cock was at least eight inches and kinda thick.  I was curious about who had suck a nice cock and peeked through the crack between the door and the frame.  When he went to the sink to wash his hands, it was dad."

"You're fuckin' with me.  Our dad?"

"Yes, Mike, our dad.  He gets his cock sucked by guys."

"That is so fucking hot.  I wish I had got him.  Did he feed you a nice load?"

"Oh, yea, huge," I replied. "And delicious."

We realized that it was time to return to the rig and continue our trip.  Dad preferred to sleep during the day and drive at night when traffic is lighter.  Mike and I usually slept in the queen size bed in the oversized sleeper.  We always had the curtain zipped closed and we both knew that tonight we would have a hot sixty-nine thinking about dad.

It was several days later when we returned home via the same route.  This time, I let Mike cruise the restroom in hopes of him getting to suck dad.  I was in a position to see the restroom and saw a couple of guys go in and stay long enough to get blown.  Then it happened.  I saw dad heading for the restroom.  I waited and about twenty minutes later, dad came out and a slight bulge was still visible in his jeans.  I couldn't wait to talk top Mike.

Dad returned to the truck stop interior and I darted into the restroom to let Mike know the coast was clear.  When we came out he looked at me and smiled and said, "Mark, he sucked me off."

"What?" I exclaimed loudly.

"I heard the door and peeked through the crack.  I saw it was him and he went straight to the other booth.  I was standing with my cock near the hole, giving him a good look.  I don't know why I did it but I put my cock through the hole just to see what he would do.  The next thing I knew, he was stroking it then I felt his mouth on it as he started sucking.  It felt awesome especially knowing it was my own dad.  I soon fed him my load and felt him swallow.  As soon as I pulled back he stuck his through to me and I sucked him off.  It was delicious."

"Mother Fuck!" I said. "He sucked you off."

"Oh, yea, and it was obvious that it wasn't his first time."

"Damn, I wonder if Mom knows anything," I said.

"Probably not," Mike replied.

Dad had told us that on that trip he had got a new account and that he would be making that run every couple of weeks.  Mike told me that on the next run, I could stake out the restroom and offer dad my cock.  On the next trip, after we stopped, I took my place in one of the stalls and waited.  Before long dad came in and just as he dropped his jeans and sat down , I slipped the head of my cock through the hole.  Almost immediately, I felt dad fondling it so I pushed my entire cock toward him.  Moments later, he was devouring my cock and massaging it with his tongue.  I soon fed him my load and in turn sucked him dry.

Mike and I decided to make a some type of plan so that we could have a three way with dad.  We knew it would take time. We didn't want to rush things.

Grandpa had stopped driving and stayed in the office answering phones.  Mom was the bookkeeper and took care of the billing and most of the scheduling.  Without warning, Grandpa had a heart attack and passed away. In his will he had left the company and his entire estate to dad.  After a lot of discussion, mom convinced dad that she could handle the office and he should keep driving since it was what he loved.  She promised to hire help if it was needed.

All this time, our sister, Judy, openly showed disgust for the business and that her dad was a trucker and that her brothers were training to become truckers.  To her, truckers were  one of the lowest forms of life consisting of perverted old men, ex-cons, and drug addicts.

Dad continued taking Mike and I with him and when we had a lay over, he would let us drive the tractor only around the lot.  Mike and I had devised our plan and finally got the nerve to put it into action.

It was one morning about six when dad stopped to get some sleep.  Mike and I were in the sleeper in bed supposedly asleep.  We were totally naked and knew that once dad parked, he would go in to take a piss then return to the rig and wake us up for breakfast before he went to sleep.  We were ready.

He parked and we heard him get out of the rig.  We threw the covers back and got into a sixty-nine and began to slowly suck each other.  We wanted dad to see us in action when he opened the curtain. Soon, we heard the door open and the zipper on the curtain being opened.  Then suddenly we heard a loud "WHAT THE FUCK!"

"Care to join us?" Mike asked.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Look dad, we know you suck cock also.  you have already sucked us both off at Luke's Truck Stop in Dalton.  It was in the restroom  and of course we have also sucked you off, so let's quit playing the innocent game.  Why don't you join us," Mike said.

We could both see the nice bulge in dad's jeans and after a moment he stepped in and zipped up the curtain and began to strip.  Moments later, dad was laying between us with Mike and I taking turns tongue kissing dad and each other.  Dad insisted that he get to suck us so we both could watch.  We didn't object.  It really was hot watching our own dad swallow our cocks and eat our loads.  Then we alternated sucking him and when he climaxed I took it and dad watched as I shared it with Mike.

After we had all busted our nuts, we dressed and went in for another breakfast.  Upon returning to the rig, we all stripped again and talked.  It seems that dad had started having sex with men when he was seventeen.  He said that he needed some cash in a hurry and when he mentioned it to a bud of his, the bud told him that when he needed extra cash, he went downtown and sold his cock to older guys.  Dad said he started getting sucked for pay and soon they guys started offering more cash if he would suck them in return.  he admitted that before long he was totally loving sex with other men, including getting fucked. 

When he admitted that he also enjoyed getting fucked, Mike and I looked at each other.  Dad noticed and asked, "Would you both like to fuck me?"

"Hell yes," we answered at the same time.

"Dad smiled and asked if we wanted him on his hands and knees, doggie-style or on his back with his legs pulled up.  Mike and I both said on his back.

Dad retrieved some lube from his jeans, which we later fond out that he used when he got fucked through a glory hole, and lubed us both up then his hole.  Mike went first and pounded dads ass with dad saying "harder!"  Soon it was my turn, and I loved feeling my cock up my own father.  As we each fucked dad, we also tongue kissed him.  And we made dad promise to fuck us. 

After fucking dad, we all spooned together and went to sleep.  Later, Mike and I slipped out of the rig and went cruising the restroom.  We both scored by finding a set of team drivers.  That is two guys both driving the same rig, one driving while the other sleeps.  It seems that they loved watching each other get their cocks sucked.

Eventually, Mike and I were both certified drivers and began driving our own trucks.  Judy had been off to college and ended up marrying a lieutenant in the Air Force.  He was second in charge of the motor pool.  Jim was a hell of a nice guy and saw nothing wrong with our occupation.

 Not long after the wedding, Mom passed away and dad had to give up driving to run the office.  He wanted to get his estate settled in case something happened to him unexpectedly. 

Judy and Jim showed up, with Judy being her usual bitchy self.  During the meeting, Dad explained that the company would be divided in three equal shares.  When Judy hear this, she blew up demanding that she get fifty-one percent controlling interest since she was the oldest. When dad emphatically refused, she screamed out that if she didn't get what she wanted, that she didn't want any part of the company.  Dad just looked at her and said "Then so be it.  The company will be split fifty-fifty between Mike and Mark.  Judy stormed out calling for Jim to follow her.

Whenever Mike and I were in town we had sex with dad and if we were both in town at the same time we had hot three ways and Mike and I continued having the same hot sex we had started earlier in life.  We had told dad when and how we had started and he loved watching Mike and I have sex, be it oral or anal.

Jim kept in touch with us and we soon found out that he had been promoted to Captain and was in charge of the motor pool.  We congratulated him and wished him well and said that if there was anything he ever needed to give us a call.

About  a year later, we got word that Judy and Jim had divorced.  We figured that Jim had had enough of her antics and called it quits.

About a month after we got the news, Jim showed up at the office.  Mike and I just happened to both be in town and greeted him fondly.  He shocked us when he said he was no longer in the Air Force, and asked if there was a driving job open.  Dad told him that there definitely was and asked when he could start.  He said immediately but that there was something tht we all needed to know.




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