John got a new truck rout driving from Detroit all the way down to Atlanta Georgia 3 day's a week. He alway's like to stop at his favourite stop just pass Morristown Tennessee  were the food and lodging is very well know to all of the drivers who do this rout. It was around 12 30 pm when he decided to pull into the stop for some lunch. He always like to sit up on the bar stool to where his favourite waitress Joanna was, He then place his order of burger and fries before another trucker sat on the stool beside him. They both look at each other with some form of passion in their eyes before they started to chat.

John was just a short fucker around 5'8 a good 160 short dark hair along with a trim beard that he likes wearing, As for the other trucker he was much larger a good 6'2 well over 240 along with slick black short hair with a Burt Reynolds type moustache back in the 70's. They both chatted over their lunch as John finally got the nerve up to ask him what is name was. He told John to call him Rex and he is from the city of Bay City Michigan that he travels up and down this interstate every 6 weeks taking a load of car parts into the Atlanta area.

They both started to laugh when the Rigs would not fire up for some reason, They began to get their cells out to call out a service man so they can get going on down the road. It took a good 30 minutes before their service guy's to show up to look at their Rigs. Hey guy's you not going hit the road until next morning they were both told. The service men had to go back into town to order a special part and that it would have to stay here for the night.

" Hey Rex I guess we stuck here my friend "

" Why don't we split the cost of a room at the hotel here "

" That is a great ideal John "

They are now heading back over to the Hotel to see if there was any room left for the night, The desk person told them both that he has only 1 room left with a queen size bed non smoking room.

" How much Rex ask the disk person "

" 70 bucks tax included, along with a free Wi and cable TV "

" Fuck that is real good deal Rex "

" We will take John told the kid at the disk "

They are both settle into the room before Rex went over to put the TV on so he can watch the Detroit Tigers baseball game, How about I go down to the store and get a 12 back of Bud for the night Rex. That sounds good here is 15 bucks and grab some snacks too. The two of them are really enjoying the beers and snacks before Rex made a pass at John. 

" Hey John was wondering if you ever fuck with a man before  "

" A long time ago in school "

" Wow "

" Who with dude "

" My Gym teacher the last year of high school '

" I had just turn 18 and had a sexual fantasy about him '

" Thats fucking hot John " 

" That man really know how to suck my 7 plus cock Tex '

" I bet you 100 bucks that I can do better "

" Show me Tex "

John then began to unbuckle the belt on his 501 Levis jeans that he like wearing.Rex started to get all excited as he was helping John with the buttons on jeans taking his time slowing unbutton each button. John then lay down on the bed to watch Rex strip down to his white Hanes Briefs that he likes wearing. John began to pull off his red bikini briefs with the help from Rex, He then began to moan as Rex moustache started to tingle his shaft and balls, Rex had a wide mouth that can deep throat any size dick. Rex was in full motion work on John's cock and sucking all of the pre cum out of his dick. It took about 10 minutes before John shot a load all over Rex moustache.

" Fuck that was the best dude "

" I told you would like it John "

" You suck much better then any women that I know of "

" Fuck Rex love hearing that my friend "

" How would you like to cum "

" I alway enjoy fucking a hole John "

" Need to tell you that I have not been fuck in well over 4 years ago Rex "

" He was a married Biker from Ohio "

" Was he good at it "

" Yes he was and  that man really knew how to fuck a hole "

" How old was he "

" He was in his late 50's with a build like a brick shit house "

" Are you all ready for my hard cock in your ass John "

" I am but you must put lots of lube on your cock and take it slowly Rex "

" I will and were do you keep your lube bottle "

" It is over in my travel bag and bring the poppers with you "

" Fuck I am not done poppers sense College John "

John was bend over the side of the bed with his briefs pull down to his ankles as Rex began to pour some lube on his massive cock and John tight hole. They both snort the poppers before Rex dick started to go inside his ass.

" You all ready "

" Fuck I am so fucking horny Rex "

" Take this John "

" Fuck go slow dude it hurts "

" Take some more poppers John "

" Fuck you real tight my friend "

Rex began to fuck John hole in full motion as the two of them began screaming of sexual pleasure and passion. As Rex large hairy balls were slapping John hole real hard and good now.

" Fuck me Rex " 

" Fuck me Rex "

" Fuck I love you cock dude "

" Fuck you are so fucking tight dude '

" Fuck me harder "

" Harder Rex "

" You are making me close dude "

" Fuck I am so close dude "

" Oh my God almost their "

" Holy Shittttttttttttttttttt "

As Rex body started to tremble back and forth while he was shooting off his load inside John ass, It was just over 5 minutes when Rex pull his dick out of John's ass before he headed off to grab a shower. Their was still a lot's of cum and ass juice left on Rex cock before John started to suck Rex semi hard cock once more. 

" Fuck Rex I love the taste of your sweet honey "

" I know you do John and lick the rest of it right off me now "

John was all finished slurping up the rest of Rex load before he grab another can of beer so he can wash it all down his throat. They both took a long shower together as they both slept  deeply that night. The time was around 7 30 am as Rex put on his white Hanes briefs and jeans as he went back into the bathroom to brush his teeth. John woke up about 15 minute later and notice a note from Rex to meet him in the truckers stop for some breakfast .

It was shortly after 10 am they were booth back in their Rigs driving down to Atlanta to dump of their loads of car parts. Rex and John kept in touch for a good year or so until Rex e-mail him a letter telling him he was getting married to some big CEO daughter and not to keep in touch with him anymore. John wrote a nasty e-mail back to him to wish him all the best.




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