As Buck smiled and parked the big truck,I knew for sure that this was the day when I would lose my cherry. The best part was that I was going to lose it to a man who was hot in all aspects and was kinda my dream man.

Buck asked me to go to the back of the big rig and told me he would come there soon. My heart was pounding faster than ever before. Although I was excited to make out with man of my dreams, yet there was a fear whether he'll be rough on me. This was my first time and I didn't want to have a bad experience like I had heard from many first timers. Anyways,pushing aside those thoughts, I went to the back of the rig.

It was a huge one and there was a king size bed,a television,and many more items. I was least interested in checking out the items placed in that area,rather I was waiting for Buck to come there. No sooner had I sat on the edge of the bed,there was Buck-the man of my dreams.He flashed a grin and sat besides me.He placed his big palm on my thigh and started rubbing it. He told me to relax and said"Hey buddy, I know its your first time but I will see to it that it becomes one of the memorable days of your life.I won't be rough on you and it won't be a quick suck-fuck session either. You will enjoy the ride of your life"

His very words "won't be rough" gave me a huge relief and I was excited to make love with such hunk of a man. He looked in my eyes and rubbed my chin.Our eyes locked and it was a brief gap until our lips met and we started kissing passionately.His hands were rubbing my back and I was rubbing his massive pecs. He parted my lips and slid his thick tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was the best candy I ever had. His stubble was rubbing my lips and chin and this was getting the kiss all hot and fiery.

He sucked my chin and then slowly slid his tongue from my chin to my neck.I moaned out loudly and this made him kiss my neck more passionately. I threw my head back in ecstasy. He was kissing,licking and nibbling my neck which was giving me immense pleasure. This man surely knew how to make love to a stud. I was moaning constantly and he was bathing my neck with his spit.He slid the tongue back into my mouth and we shared some more passionate kisses.

I knew what I had to do(experience I had gained from watching gay porn movies ). I licked his ears and sucked his ear lobes. He growled like a bear and I knew he was enjoying this. Then I slid my tongue to his neck and sucked on it. Sliding my tongue to his Adam's apple, I clamped my mouth to it and sucked it making him moan harder. He smiled and took off his T-shirt.

"Fuck!!" I gasped as I saw his ripped muscular body.Huge delts,bulging bicpes,big slabs of pecs covered with trimmed hair,washboard abs and a treasure trail which led to something real big.I couldn't help but rub my palms on his torso which was sweaty by now and it made his torso look even hotter. He smiled and raised his arms,exposing his hairy pits. Then putting his big palms around my neck, he drew me closer to his pit. Sweaty smell and his body odor got me hot and I started sucking his pits,pulling his hair with my lips. Biting harder, I mumbled on his pits, toggling between his hot pits.I slid my tongue to his impressive chest and kissed it.He moaned harder and I started licking his nips which were like erasers. Wrapping my lips around them, I started nursing on them and he groaned with pleasure. "Yeah boy! Suck those nips.Aww yes" I tongue circled his nips and slid my tongue to his abs,kissing each ab.It made his body squirm with pleasure which I was giving to this hunk. I tongued his navel button and soon his mansmell grew stronger as I got closer to his sex territory. He pulled me up and asked me to raise my hands. He pulled my T up exposing my smooth torso which was nicely defined and my nips that were as big as his.

"Fuck boy! Nice chest",he exclaimed as he leaned in and clamped his hot mouth over my left nip.I let out a huge roar as he flicked his tongue over my nips with his mouth still clamped around them. I was breathing heavily and he was making love to my chest and nips. He slid his hot tongue to my right nip and played with it. I was in pleasure zone. He dragged his tongue to my abs and outlined them with his magic tongue. I was feeling that I would cum soon if he continued to do it. I pulled him off and kissed him wet and deep. He stood up and dropped his pants down.

Man was he hung!His briefs were packing a big can and it was evident by his bulge. He smiled and asked me to unwrap my prize. Slowly I slid his briefs down and out came the biggest dick I had ever seen. It was about 9.5 inches long and 6 inches thick and it was uncut dong. I kept looking at it for some moments and grabbed it.Stroking it and sliding the skin back,a bulbous pink shiny cockhead was revealed. His dick was dripping huge globs of pre and without any further thought,I licked his piss slit and this made him moan harder. I was amazed by the size of his cockehad which was bulging hard. I had to stretch my mouth wide to engulf it. I sucked on it like a lollipop and it tasted damn good. It barely fitted my mouth and I sucked it to the best of my abilities. Buck grabbed my head and started thrusting his monster dick in my mouth. I sucked on it like my life depended on this veiny monster. As his big knob hit my throat,I choked and Buck released his hold. I came up for air and looked up at him. "Take it easy boy"he said and thrusted his dick again.My eyes were teary and I was sucking on this hunk's big sausage. This time I gagged but Buck thrusted deeper and I felt like I was going to vomit,but I kept on sucking this tasty big cock and then he started skullfucking me. I was enjoying the tasty treat even though my jaw was hurting. I coudln't believe I swallowed almost the whole dick in. He shot wads of precum in my throat and it tasted nice.

Then I sucked his big balls,which were 2 big lemons. He was hollering my name as I kept on sucking his big balls.His thighs were veiny and ripped and I was so glad that I found this hunk.

He pulled me up for another passionate kiss and asked me to turn around. I turned around and placed my hands on the edge of the bed for support as I bent over. I felt his big hands exploring my lower back and then he slid my briefs down,slapping my bubble butts lightly. "Wow now thats what I call a hot boy ass!" ,Buck exclaimed and spread my cheeks apart. I felt little pain when he parted my cheeks,but soon I felt hot breath on my pucker. I knew what was coming and soon Buck started lapping up my hole.I was in total ecstasy. Moaning and groaning, I pushed my ass lips out as they kissed his hot lips. He grabbed my butts and licked my hole,tapping it again and again. I was overcome with passion. He growled in my ass and I felt an electricity bolt hitting my body as he slid his thick tongue in my hole. I was howling and he was grunting in my hole,eating my ass like a pro. I kept on calling his name as he shoved his tongue deeper and I felt his tongue licking my velvety ass walls.

My own dick was dripping a lot of pre as Buck was driving me crazy with his lovemaking. He rubbed my pucker and rimmed my ass for some more time. Then he got up and brought a bottle of lube. He applied a lot of lube to my now sweaty and wet ass and another bolt jolted my body when I felt his thick finger slide in my tight hole. I hollered out loudly as he started sticking his finger in and out of my hole,stretching it. Then he added another finger and I pulled the sheets tighter as he finger fucked my ass. He spit in my ass two-three times and asked if I was ready for the ride. Although I was afraid of the pain that would be caused by that monster of a dick ,yet I was too horny to deny the hot hunk's offer. He sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to take deep breaths. I did as he said and started lowering my ass. His body heat was driving me wild and soon I felt the heat on my hole as I felt his big shiny cockhead tapping my hole. It was huge and Buck rubbed it on my butts and hole,teasing me. He chuckled as he rubbed his massive flaring knob up n down my crack. I was moaning and groaning in heat. That much awaited moment had come and Buck was in no mood to do it quickly.

Buck parted my cheeks and pressed his knob on my hole.I felt the pressure on my hole and then the worst pain I had felt as his bobbing knob popped my ring. My hole had just taken the big head and it was an excruciating pain.Buck kissed my neck and asked me to relax. He didn't move as he wanted me to adjust to the thickness of his head.Then he slowly started fucking my ass lips with just his big cockhead. I kept groaning and grunting,as Buck stabbed my hole with his thick tool. Then Buck slid his big rod up my ass inch by inch. I was gasping and my breathing got heavier. I put one arm around his neck and he put both palms on my butts.His dick was so big and my tight hole felt like it was on fire. I was experiencing pain but I wanted to feel the pleasure that followed. Tears came out of my eyes as Buck kissed my shoulders and neck. Soon his thick long rod was up my ass and my butts rested on his big balls. He didn't make any move and kissed me passionately. "You want this dick boy?" Buck asked to which I said "Yeah fuck me Buck". I grinded my butts on his balls and his veiny dick slid against my ass walls as both of us moaned with extreme pleasure. Then Buck held my waist and started pumping my ass with his massive tool.

The whole rig was echoing with out voices as I rode on Buck's big dick.His hairy chest was rubbing against my muscular back and his lips wer rubbing against my neck as he jackhammered my hole with full vigor. His big head was hitting something inside me that was making me feel like I was to cum soon. Then I came to understand it was my prostate. His smooth knob was scraping my lovenut and I was completely lost in pleasure of sex. Bed was rocking harder as I rode Buck's engorged cock. The Buck lifted me with his dick still in my ass, and got me on all fours on bed. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back on his dick. His thrusts got harder. Man what a stamina he had. He would give my hole 6-7 short stabs and then he would long dick my ass. I was having the ride of my life with this hot hunk. I was melting under him. He kissed my neck and whsipered in my ear "You enjoying the ride boy?" I moaned "Oh fuck yes Buck....fuck me harder".

Then he took his big dick out and as soon as his head slipped out,I felt a gap in between my cheeks. Then Buck flipped me over and lifted my stocky legs on his massive shoulders. He filled that gap and plugged my hole with his hot big dick again. He started pounding my hole harder and harder as I moaned louder n louder.My whole body was squirming with pleasure as his big body took control of my body. I pressed hard on his pecs as he continued to pump my ass with his thick rod. I was nearing climax and as he hit my prostate once more,I erupted sending volleys of cum flying all over his chest,my chest,abs and one shot hit his mouth. He leaned down and kissed my lips. I tasted my own cum and he picked up speed. I was groaning and he was pounding my ass with his monster dick. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as he growled. I clamped my ass on his big cock and squeezed his cockhead with my sphinchter. He let out a big groan and soon I felt hot jets of his cum in my ass. He flooded my ass with his sperms and it was a huge load. I counted around 10 to 12 shots and man it was the best ever sex. He smiled and kissed me more n more. Then he collapsed on me and hugging me,he said "Boy! You are the hottest boy I've ever met and want to do you again and again.I have never shot so much,but today it was awesome."

He took his dick out and my ass started dripping his manjuice which he sucked out of my ass. We shared his cum and it was sweet. I sucked his cock clean and we got dressed up. Then as he left me near to my Uncle's house,he asked me "So when and where do we meet next?". I gave him my contact number and said "You are the hottest hunk I've ever met.And yes thanks for a nice ride." He winked and grinned "Pleasure to give you a ride boy". I chuckled and left for my Uncle's house, with my ass still wet from his cum and taste of his cum lingering on my tongue.

Looking forward to more meetings with my dream man-Buck.



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