It was summer time and I was soon going to be 19yo. Since my early teen years I was curious about gay sex. I did fool around with some of my buddies but still I had a virgin ass which always caught the attention of onlookers.

I m 5'10" tall, atheletic build, black eyes/black hair,hit gym regularly and been told that I look handsome with scruff n broad jawline. Other comments I get are usually about my bubble butts.

Soon that day came and a great bash marked my 19th birthday. I set out on a trip to countryside in my car. My Uncle lived there. Everything was going fine until my car screeched abruptly and came to a halt. I checked and found two tires were busted and kicked my car in frustration. I was alone on a deserted road with no mechanic shop nearby. To make the matters worse, my cellphone got switched off due to low battery.

I had no idea about what should I do,when I saw a big trailer coming my way. I was extremely happy as I thought I could get some help. I got in the middle of the road and waved. The truck slowed down and stopped besides my car. I got to the side of the driver window and before I could say anything, the trucker gave me a great smile and said "Hey boy, what are you doing on this deserted road? "

I was awestruck by his masculine looks, heavy stubble, blue eyes, shaved head, hot lips, and he appeared to be in his early 40s. I was woken out of my dream by this masculine hunk's husky voice. "Hey! where are u lost?" he asked.

Coming back to reality, I said hi to him and told him about my problem. " Buck here. I can offer u a ride till next town", he said.

I was glad for two reasons. First, my Uncle lived close to that town and second, I would be travelling with this hunky trucker. He made a call to the mechanic he knew and opened the door on the other side. I hopped in the truck and shut the door. "Name's Drew. Thanks for your kindness." He smiled at me and his killer eyes penetrated through my chest and made my heart to pound faster. I looked at him from head to toe and man!! He was a built male specimen. Muscular heavy arms, tattoo on his neck, broad shoulders, big pecs that almost ripped his tight T-shirt but the thing that caught my attention was a huge bulge in his pants. I got a hardon as soon as I saw his huge bulge, which made my shorts to tent up and my face turned red due to embarrassment. He looked at me and said "you look great Drew. Nice body and good tent there." He chuckled that made me to blush more.

"Don't get embarrassed Drew.It happens when one is horny." I faintly smiled and told him that he looked handsome as well. He asked me if I worked out and I nodded in approval. "Those pecs look nice". His comments were making my heart race faster and made me hornierthan before.

I don't know how I got courage to ask him what he used to do when he was horny. He told that he jacked off and sometimes, if lucky....then he paused and scanned my body. There was a moment of silence and the deserted road made it one of those silence zones. He parked the truck and asked me if I had any experience with men. I knew I had put myself in a no-escape situation. Anyways, I told him that I had done many things but my cherry was yet to be taken.

He flashed an evil grin at me and said "Seems like we both are horny and no one's here besides us. Want to have experience with a Real Man?" I was nervous as I had not been fucked before and this hunk of a man surely packed a big dick as I had seen an enormous bulge in his pants earlier. Yet, I was excited as he was the kind of man I wanted to lose my cherry to. Masculine, muscular,hairy and hung. His hypnotic eyes were looking for an answer when I said "Yes. I want to lose my virginity to you Buck. Want to get my first experience with a real man. " He smiled and put his heavy paw behind my head and drew me closer. I closed my eyes when I felt his hot moist lips rub against mine His stubble scraped my lower lip and that got me so hot.

He parted my lips with his thick long tongue and slided it inside my mouth and I sucked his tongue for what seemed like ages. He broke the kiss and said "Boy! U are in for a big treat today" ....

To be continued....check out part 2 where sex just gets steamy.



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