Mike have been driving large transport trucks for well over 20 years now. He had just move into his new home out the outskirts of Boston in a new community that was just build. He has just meant the Frost family who live on the right side of him and notice they had 2 late teens boys Rob and Bryce who were both into High School wrestling.

They both stood around 5'10 and were very in solid shape and both wrestle in the middle weight class. It was Saturday late afternoon when John invite Mike over for a B.Q and some beers. John and Pam are very close in celebrating  their 25 wedding anniversary  and the 2 boys just turn 18,19 and well be applying  to Boston College of  Education degrees as they both have plans on becoming Physical  Education Teachers.

Bryce always had a dream of travelling in a huge truck on a trip along the East Coast of the country. They meal and drinks went over very well before Mike invite Bryce for a week on the road with him were he got to deliver a load down to Miami Florida. John then look over at Pam as they both smile and gave the permission for Bryce to join Mike for the road trip.

The time was around 6 am Bryce walk over to Mike pick up truck as they both began to head over to the trucking company lot so he can pick up his load of car parts. The truck had a huge sleeper in the back along with a few cupboards, A very small fridge and a few electrical adapters for plugs and USB ports. It was well after 11: 30 am they made their first stop at a truckers stop. 

Mike find it kind of strange watching Bryce reaction when he sees all these different type of truckers who were working on the road, He can sure tell that Bryce was more interested in the middle age trucker who was a little bet on the rugged Bearish side. After they had lunch Mike walk into the store and bought a few DVD movies for them to watch during their travels down the coast.

They finally pull into a rest station shortly after 9 30 pm where they both shower and get got ready for a good night sleep before they head on out early in the morning. Mike was a bit comfortable as he felt Bryce eyes staring at him went he was just laying their in his Duluth Company Brown sport briefs that he just bought. Bryce was just a typical young man always wore the FOTL Boxer shorts.

It was 5 am Mike got the engine rolling before they head on out down the road. The trip to Miami  took 2 and half days when he finally drop the parts off and pick up another load to take back to the Boston area. Mike decided it would be nice to get a hotel over in Daytona beach for a couple of days before they head on back up the coast for home.

The hotel room was located on the 15 floor over looking the ocean and it had everything in it from a huge pool outside, fitness and spa room, various types of restaurant and Starbucks Cafe. " Holy Shit Mike this is great place my friend " He then came Bryce a nice smile from his greyish blue eyes. Mike was Bryce type of man by 100% he stood well over 6.1 weigh a solid 225 with a will kept trim beard and fit the roll of Grizzly Adams very well.

Bryce was well into his 3 rd beer when he finally got the nerve up and told Mike that he was still a Virgin and would like to have a man like him to be his first. Mike was real nervous by now and thank him for being honest with him and his feelings. The clock was now showing just pass 8 pm when they both head down to the indoor pool and steam room area.

Mike brought a few can of beers along with him as they were both sitting in the hot tub chatting about sports,politics and school. The tub got fairly hot by now as Mike climb out to sit on the side so he can cool off. Once again Bryce could not help himself keeping his eyes off Mike huge bulge that he was showing off in his navy blue speedo that he like wearing.

" How about we head off for a steam Mike '

" Sure that well be great Bryce "

" I need to go back to the room and get a few more cans of beers "

" Go for it Mike "

Bryce was sitting their all alone for a good 20 minutes before Mike show up with a few things under the extra towel that he brought. Mike brought out 2 more cans of beers along with a small bottle of poppers he likes to snort from time to time. What is in the bottle dude ? They are called popper and it make you relax and make you feel real good" I heard about them at a party  over 2 years ago  How about would you like to try some Bryce " They both took a small riff as Mike pull his towel off has his cock started to get real stiff and hard.

" Fuck Mike it feels good "

" Yea you like it "

" I sure do Mike"

" Take another riff Bryce "

" Fuck it makes me so hard Mike "

" Same here Bryce "

" How about you lick my balls "

" Yes Mike loved to lick your jewels "

Bryce lips were licking Mike balls as his cock pour out  a huge load of his pre cum as it starts sipping through the wet sweat speedo by now. Mike then got up to pull his swim suit down to his ankles as he felt Bryce mouth on his huge 7 plus cut dick. 

" Take it all the way down Bryce "

" Love your cock Mike "

" Give me another shot of poppers  Bryce "

" Make sure you take a good shot yourself "

The blow job was well into 10 minutes as Mike was very closing and giving Bryce his first load of Bear juice all inside his mouth.

" Fuck Bryce, I'm close "

" You want my juice "

" Give it to me Mike "

 "Give me that Bear spray "

" Oh Fuck dude "

" Holy shit Bryce "

" Here it cummmmssssss  "

Mike scream out fairly load as he hit a huge orgasm of his white cum that started pouring down the back of Bryce throat. They both began to shake from all of the climax as Mike began to stand up on the hot tile bench. " Time for you to lick the rest of my cum of my dick Bryce "

Once again Bryce lips and mouth were on his tool licking up the rest of the huge white load that was left on his cock . I think it is about time for a shower now. " You got that right Mike " They both took a shower before they head on back up to the room for the night. Bryce made sure he finished off the last can of beer so he can wash down the rest of Mike load of Mike cum.

" Holy shit that was nice Bryce "

" I love your spray dude "

" I know you did "

" Fuck I never knew that cum  can tasted like drinking a dark beer "

" I have tasted cum a few times myself Bryce '

" Have you ever fuck a man before Mike "

" Yes a few but I also like a good women once in a while "

" Would you break me open "

" Sure how about we wait for tomorrow morning "

" I don't have much juice left  "

" Cool can't wait for the morning now "

" Good night Mike "

The alarm went off just after 8 am as Mike got up to make a coffee for both of them. He then order up from room service a couple of bacon,eggs, fries and toast. They both enjoy their Breakfast out on the balcony over looking the ocean as they sat in their underwear as the wind started to pick up a bit.

"This well be the last day in Daytona "

" Yea I know "

" I got to be home by Saturday night to drop that load off "

" How about we head over to the TGIF for lunch later on "

" That sounds good "

" I still hoping for some more of your cock Mike "

" Still wore out from the sauna Bryce "

" Know problem maybe tonight you can make me a real man "

They both enjoy the day on the beach and rented some scooters to drive upend down on the beach area.  The time was close to 8 pm when they got back into the room for the night. Mike was sitting at the desk in his track pants as he finished off his paper work before he heads on home, As for Bryce he was laying in his bed watching WCW Wrestling.

" That look interesting  "

" Who is the guy in the colour singlet "

" His name is Rick Steiner "

" You like that Mike "

" Not bad "

" I prefer the other guy in those white trunks "

" He my favourite  that is AA Anderson "

" That does not surprise me "

" I had a gym teacher in High School with the same look and build "

" You lucky man Mike "

" I had nothing but ugly or skinny Teachers all through High School "

" What was your wrestling coach like "

" He was okay but he was way to straight for me "

Mike walk into the bath room and started to put some hot KY Jelly on his cock before he walks back over to wear Bryce was laying there. Bryce was all horny and ready as he watch Mike walk over to him with his hard cock sticking out of the hole in front of his briefs that he had on.They both took another shot of poppers as Mike began to place Bryce ankles and legs over his huge broad shoulders.

" You ready Bryce "

" Yes Mike "

" Hang on to the waist band real tight "

Mike took his hand and guide his cock slowly into Bryce as he started to moan of sexual pain, Please go real slow as the cock began to shove in much further. It took a good few minutes until they were both comfortable as Mike began to bang him good and hard. Mike sweat from his hairy chest pour out of him like buckets of water as for Bryce he was moaning and screaming of all the sexual excitement after each one of  Mike deep long hard strokes. Bryce can now feel Mike hairy balls slapping up against his hole as he hang onto his waist band much tighter.

" Fuck love you ass Bryce "

" Fuck Mike your cock feels great dude "

" Pull my waist band tighter "

" Tighter Bryce "

" Fuck me Mike 

" Fuck me Mike "

" Holy shit you making me close "

" Yes sir "

" Make me cum dude "

" Pull my balls and the waist band fuck'n  tighter "

" Fuck Bryce tighter dude "

" Oh Jesus here it comes Bryce "

" Holy shiiiiiiitttttttttttttt dude "

Mike cock shot off 2 huge load of his juice all inside Bryce hole has both of theirs body started to vibrated and shake back and forth.

Mike and Bryce both moan fairly load as he with drew from Bryce soar ass, That felt great Sir as his body was still shaking from the organism. It was now time for them to get a shower and climb back into the truck for the long journey back to Boston. Bryce got dress first so he can watch Mike get ready before they head out the door. Mike really enjoy turning Bryce on by slowly putting on a fresh pair of his Duluth Company sports briefs  before his white v neck t-shirt then pair of his 501 Levis Blue Jeans.

The trip home took just about 2 days before they got back into Mike driveway. The time was well after 10 pm when Bryce made it back into his front door to where his Father way sitting reading his book.

" Welcome back Bryce "

" How was the road trip "

" Great Dad  myself and Mike had a great time "

" Glad to here that "

" I don't think that I would like to drive and live on the road like that "

" That is good to here "

Bryce then went upstairs to take a shower before he went to sleep that night. Bryce and his family did not see Mike for well over 2 weeks since they heard he was travelling with his nephew Phil. Mike finally made it home and went over to check on Bryce to see if he got excepted at Boston College. Bryce was very happy that he was accepted and was jealous when he heard that Mike nephew Phil will be living with Mike for the next 6 months. Phil was very good looking for a 20 year old man. He stood 5'9 with short blonde Military hair style and was the light weight wrestling champion from South Dakota. 

The End




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