Having fed on my cock and ass inside his truck cab, the trucker had let out a howl I was sure could be heard all over the rest stop.

'Man that was good. That's one tasty cock and ass you've got, Dude,' he exclaimed.

I pulled my leg from around his back, turned around, moved over and above him, and straddled his lap, between him and the steering wheel. This apparently caught him completely by surprised. My cock, now only half hard, lay on top of his, and I encircled them both in my hand, looked him in the eye, and said. 'And so, Mr. Mac Truck, what can I do for you now?'

'What?' he said in reply. 'Do for me? Do more than you've done, what you've let me do? Hey, guy, I know you're a rich, young BMW owner and an Apollo to boot and I'm just an old truck jockey. You've already surprised the hell out of me on what you've let me do. I don't expect more than that for a ride to the beach.'

'But, what would you really like to do to me?' I asked, squeezing our cocks together with one hand and tracing the design of his tattoo across his left breast with the other hand, lightly brushing across an erect nipple.

'Why, I'd like to fuck your brains out, of course,' he flipped out, as if it was a joke, something beyond comprehension or possibility.

'No problem,' I shot back.

'You serious?' he responded in disbelief.

'Absolutely. Right here, right now. No problem.'

'Hot damn,' he yelled. And then he took command again. 'Turn yourself around,' he said. And while I was doing that, he opened the glove compartment, took out some ointment and a condom, and began lathering up my asshole.

When I was turned around, I leaned into the steering wheel, which sounded the horn. We both laughed, as he reached over, pushed a button on the dash, and the horn stopped blaring. I crouched there, suspended above him, hugging the steering wheel, while he sheathed his long cock and brought its head into position, and then I slowly descended on him, taking him in slowly. I could feel the slight crock in his cock bring the head of his dick against the upper wall of my ass canal, and I gasped and felt some precum bubble up from my own cock as his dick head dragged along my prostate. He was muttering that we should take it slow, to permit me to open to him, but, truth be known, he was not nearly as big as Carl was, so I wasn't having all that much trouble accommodating him. Both he and I could feel my sphincter take the head of his cock and pull him into me, and we both moaned and sighed with pleasure in unison. He wasn't as big as Carl, but he was longer, and I felt him gliding up inside me for what seemed to be ages before I settled into his lap.

We both held it there for a moment, suspended in time and pleasure, but he then started to writhe under me. I came up and back down a couple of times to help him get into a rhythm, but then I held myself up, wrapped around the steering wheel and let him pump me from below. He worked himself into a frenzy, his hands wandering all over me, while his hips worked their way up and down in an ever-faster motion. And he moaned and cussed and told me how good I was and how much pleasure I was giving him in no uncertain words and in loud tones. When I felt him cum, I sat back into his lap, and he wrapped his arms around my chest, buried his face in the small of my back, thanked me again, and whispered something I didn't quite get.

'What was that?' I asked.

'I told you we had other ways of exercising on the road,' he said in a louder voice.

'No, I mean that noise outside.'

The door beside us was jerked open, and a voice boomed out, 'We sure do like to exercise on the road, Dudes. Make some noise, why don't ya? You had us over here with the horn honk.'

There stood three of the burliest men I'd ever seen, led by a bald, heavily muscled wrestler type with a mighty big grin.

'I want some of that myself,' the man mountain said, as he pulled me off Mac's dick and hauled me down from the truck. Before either Mac or I could do or say anything, this guy and a shorter, stockier guy were carrying me away from the truck, while the third man was arguing with Mac and pushing his way into the cab. While I was being hauled away, I saw Mac turned sideways and on his back, his feet looking for purchase on the frame of the cab door, and a big, top-heavy trucker, his pants down around his knees pushing himself into the cab opening and into Mac's ass as well.

'Just I minute,' the little guy said, arresting the movement of the bald guy who had me well under control. 'I want to see this.'

We stood there in an entangled bunch, while Mac rose up and appeared in the door of the cab briefly, until the bigger guy backhanded him across the mouth and back down across the seats. The trucker was standing up on the running board. He kicked his pants off and tore his T-shirt up and over his massive shoulders. He was standing there just in his construction worker's boots, and even I could see that he looked magnificent from behind. The big, bulky shoulders tapered down to a small waist, but his hips carried bulbous butt cheeks, and his thighs and calves were heavily muscled. His hands went into the cab and Mac's jeans came out and were thrown onto the ground. Mac must have tried to crawl back across the seat, because his legs disappeared and one of the big guy's knees went up onto the edge of the seat so that I could see big hairy balls and a pendulous, thick dong hanging down between his legs.

I heard a loud command and another heavy slap, and Mac's legs and lower butt appeared at the cab door again. He was still on his back. The big guy forced Mac's right leg through the truck door window and cranked the window up to hold his leg there and splayed his left leg up and between the truck cab side and a side bar on the other side of the door. He now had two free hands and Mac trapped in place. One hand got busy finger and fist-fucking Mac's asshole and taking time out occasionally to push Mac back down on the seat, and the other one was engaged in vigorously working up his own cock, and eventually, in guiding his cock to Mac's hole. And then, after he had plunged in, both hands went to squeezing and slapping Mac's butt cheeks in rhythm with his pumping action. He had one foot on the running board and the other one up on the edge of the cab floor and, with this leverage, was pumping away at Mac's butt like a piston on an oil rig. Mac was hollering through this for all he was worth.

My own big guy apparently couldn't hold off with his own action any longer. He had been holding me with one arm and squeezing something big under the fabric of his pants crotch. He suddenly gave out an animal sound and dragged me away from the truck, with stubby Zack following along behind, in reverse, watching the action in Mac's truck for as long as he could.

I was carried into the brush just beyond the nose of the truck and slapped down hard on my back on top of an old picnic table in what had once been a small clearing, now obviously abandoned.

'Look what we got here, Zack,' the bald one said, 'A real looker; pretty face and fine bod. This is going to be fun.'

I started to come up off the table and cursed him and he struck me across the mouth with the back of his hand, not real hard, but hard enough for me to get the point. He then pushed me back on the table with a big mitt on my chest, and I had the good sense to stay there.

'Git behind him, Zack. Keep his arms and mouth busy.'

Zack laughed hard at that. But he was behind me in a flash and was up on the table holding my arms down with his knees. He'd stripped his pants off before coming up on the table and his dick was dangling over my head. It wasn't a long one, but it was thick.

'Here, swallow this, Pretty Boy,' he yelled at me. 'And no funny business or I'll beat the shit out of you.' I took him in my mouth and tongued his dick head, which seemed to please him enough that he subsided into sighs and groans of pleasure. As his dick hardened, he fucked my face, but not too brutally, and kneaded my pecs and nipples with his hands.

Meanwhile, below me, the bald guy was holding one of my legs up and out with one hand behind my knee and was stuffing the fingers of his other hand up my ass.

'Gawd, that's nice,' he groaned. He extracted his fingers, and I could feel him slapping what felt like a large sausage on my thighs and against my butt cheeks, obviously hardening it up, which didn't take long. I felt what seemed to be the end of a baseball bat come up to and just into my asshole. And then he had my ankles in both hands and was wish-boning both of my legs out and pushing into me. My sphincter muscles grabbed him and pulled him in, and he plunged, make noisy sounds of pleasure and triumph.

There was pain, to be sure, but I had fantasized this as well as my encounter with the other trucker, so I wrote it up to experience and experimentation and enjoyed as well as endured it, not, of course, revealing any of this to my assaulters. Zach really got fully into the mood of the assault and hunched over me and swallowed my cock as well, so I was getting a little action myself.

I must have fainted under the bald one's attempt to send his cock up into my stomach, because the first thing I knew, Zach and his guerilla were gone and Mac was sitting on the picnic table beside me, sponging my body off with cool water.

'Hey, you all right, Buddy?' Mac asked me in a voice full of concern when he saw that I was coming around.

'Yes, I think I'll live,' I answered. 'But did you get the license number of that truck?'

'I'm glad you can joke about it,' Mac said. 'I rather enjoyed my encounter; I like it kind of rough and to be a surprise. But I was really worried about the gangbanging you were getting over here.'

'Well, it's an experience I certainly won't forget,' I answered. 'I guess I won't have to hesitate ever again if I'm asked if I've done it with a guy.'

'No, I suppose not,' he answered in a pensive voice, as he played gently with my cock. I could feel it on the rise again.

'Why the regret in the voice?' I asked.

'I'm just sorry I never got the chance to feel this in me,' he answered, a bit embarrassed at the confession.

'No problem,' I said, as I rolled over and pushed myself off of the table with a groan at the painful and stiff muscles. 'Gotta work those tensions out again anyway.'

Mac gave me a surprised look and seemed unable to think of anything to say. He'd gotten his jeans back on before coming to look for me, and I stood in front of and close to him and held his eyes with mine as I unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper, and pulled his jeans down and off his legs. I smiled as I saw that the ivy pattern continued on down his left thigh and calf and even wound around his foot.

'Here, kneel on the picnic bench with your elbows on the table. Yes, but spread your legs. Too bad we don't have the ointment here, but I'll see what I can do.'

I went down on my knees behind him and started licking and tonguing his asshole.

'Oh gawd, you don't have to do that. Oh gawd, oh gawd, yes, don't stop, oh, oh,' he was muttering as I moistened him up with my tongue. After a couple of minutes of this, I stood up and just walked up to and into him, holding my cock with one hand, the other hand on the small of his back. I went in just a couple of inches and then took my cock in my hand and rotated it around his ass canal. He moaned and sighed, and told me how much he was enjoying this. And then I slowly pushed my way in all the way to the hilt, and his moans turned to grunts, and he began to grind his hips. I took hold of them with my hands and held them still as I moved my buried cock up and down, back and forth, and in a corkscrew motion. And then I began pumping him. Slowly at first, staying deep, and then faster and faster, drawing almost out of him and plunging to the end. He was making a lot of noise, to the point that I began to be afraid that another batch of horny truckers would find us and do us again, but he subsided into whimpers, as I withdrew and squirted my load across his back.

He apparently appreciated the service, because before dusk, he had delivered me all the way to the end of the driveway at the beach house. And I was ready now to face Carl with a few new tricks of my own. I found them in Angela's bedroom. The view I got as I walked into the room was Angela's legs splayed out and Carl hunched between them at the edge of the bed, pumping her, causing her to give little yelps of pleasure. His tight butt cheeks looked so perky as they bobbed in and out between her legs that I just pulled my shorts back off and came up behind him.

They both jerked a little in surprise as I saddled up behind Carl. I rubbed his back with one hand, and reached underneath with my other hand and felt where Carl was buried up to the root in Angela's cunt. They both seemed to enjoy what I was doing down there.

'Can I play too?' I whispered in Carl's ear.

'Yeah, sure, I guess so, Carl,' answered somewhat uncertainly. We'd never done anything like this before.

I let my hand drift down along Angela's perineum until I found her asshole, which I stroked. She reacted by rolling her hips up, bringing Carl farther up on her and giving me more room to get at her asshole. I found the tube of lubricant on the bed beside them, pushed out a dab, and started working the ointment into her ass.

'You okay with this, Angela?' I asked over Carl's shoulder.

'Huh, I guess so,' she grunted. I would have thought so. It wasn't like this was the first time I'd fucked Angela in the ass. Just the first time I would have done it with Carl's Dick up her cunt as well. I fingered her for a few minutes and then started working my cock into her ass. She was grunting and moaning, and Carl seemed to enjoy me behind him too.

But then I moved on to my ultimate objective. I slowly pulled out of Angela and grabbed a gob of ointment and started lathering up Carl's asshole. He went into shock and started to object and rise up, but Angela, thinking he was trying to pull out of her as well before she had her orgasm, wrapped her arms around him and her legs around both of us to hold him to her.

I abandoned the niceties and just went ahead and pushed my dick into Carl's ass, worked my arms around his chest, and just pumped and pumped and pumped until I had cum and released all of my pent-up anger with the both of them. Carl surprised me, though. He enjoyed it and sighed and moaned under my attentions, and, when he came inside Angela, and she answered with an orgasm of her own, it was me he was kissing.



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