Truck Stop Encounter - Part 1

I always loved driving a truck. I started over the road driving as soon as I was 21 and able to get a commercial license. I should point out that what I loved was the driving part, the going, not the getting there. The one part I hated about driving was the lay over's! Since I hauled only over size loads I tended to get a lot more lay over's than most drivers due to all the different curfews we had to put up with and the fact that lots of states won't let oversize loads run on the week ends.

I was only 24 when I made this trip and I guess I looked kind of funny driving a semi because very few other drivers believed that I was one until they saw me not only get in the truck but drive away. Part of that may have been because i was only 5'6" and very thin. Even at 24 I couldn't grow any facial hair although I wanted to so bad just tom make me look older. As a matter of fact I had very little hair anywhere other than my head. No hair on my chest, my leg's only had light peach fuzz, my crotch had very thin fine hair and not much of it.

I got unloaded in Ca. before noon on Friday and when I called in I found out I wouldn't be able to re-load till the following Tuesday! Talk about being pissed off! There was no way I was going to sit in an empty parking lot for three and a half days but the closest truck stop was almost 30 miles away. I figured the hell with it, the company paid for the fuel and my time so off to the truck stop I went!

The first night all I did was take a shower, get something to eat then lay in my bunk and watch TV till I fell asleep. The next day was super boring. I spent most of the day wondering back and forth between the truck and the cafe/store. Spent a lot of time in the bunk reading and watching the playboy channel. It was hot enough that I had to keep the truck running and even with the air conditioning every time I got in the bunk I'd undress and just cover with a sheet. Like I said, I hate being laid over! Plus, watching the pussy's on playboy was starting to make me horny so, of course, I put some porn in the dvd player which only made it worse. At least I had an assortment of porn including some guy on guy and a good one of a crossdresser taking some black cock. The guy in the film had a really nice cock and I jacked off while I was watching him shove it in the crossdressers ass. I am bi and all I could think of was how good that cock must feel!

I passed the rest of the day watching porn and stroking my cock. It felt good but all I was really doing was making myself super horny so I gave it up around dark and decided I'd go get something to eat. There was only one booth open when I went in the cafe and I hopped in quick because I really didn't feel like sitting on a stool at the counter. I was reading the paper and eating when another driver asked if I minded if he shared the booth. I told I didn't mind at all, it would give me someone to talk to. He was an older guy, maybe in his 50's with graying hair and a mustache. He looked to be a little over 6' tall and maybe around 230 or so. I'm only 5'9" and 155 so he was pretty huge compared to me. We chatted all through our meal about regular trucking stuff. Where we'd been, where we were going and how it sucked being laid over. It turned out that he was stuck till Mon. and ended up at the truck stop for the same reason I did, hot shower, food and a big parking lot. When we were finished I told him that I was headed off to the shower to cool off for the night. He thanked me for sharing the booth then ask where I was parked. When I told him where i was he said that he was only about 4 trucks over from there and asked if I'd like a cold beer and some more chat after my shower. I told him sure, to either watch for me heading to the truck or if he didn't see me in half an hour to walk down to the truck and if I was back I'd have the dome light on.

After my shower I gathered up my stuff and headed back to the truck. He must have been watching for me because he came walking up carrying a six pack right when I got to the truck. I through my stuff in the truck, took a beer and we walked back to sit on the trailer. We sat drank beer and talked for a couple of hours. I was really enjoying myself because I don't always say more than a few words to other people when I'm stuck somewhere. we finished off the beer and when he stood up I figured he was headed back to his truck to call it a night but instead he said that he was having a great time visiting and if it was all right he'd go get some more beer and we'd continue if I wasn't to tired. I told him I'd enjoy that but I was going to sit in the truck so when he got back he could come on in.

He must have been planning on visiting for quit awhile because when he came back he was carrying a whole case. He climbed in the cab, opened a couple and we went right back to visiting. He started telling me a story about some hitchhiker he's picked up. We'd had enough beer that I was starting to get a little buzz on and I kind of lost track of what he was saying until he mentioned that he'd shared his shower with the hiker. I must have looked at him funny because he immediately said he wasn't "that kind" of a guy and he had only shared his shower because the guy looked like he needed it. It must have been the beer because I'm not usually this open but I said "It didn't bother me even if he was "that" kind of a guy because I was that kind myself ever once in awhile".

I thought for sure he was going to leave right then. He didn't say anything for a couple of minutes then he ask if I meant that I had sex with men. Since I had all ready open my mouth it was to late to back out or lie now so I just said yes, I did. He just glanced at me then turned back to look out the window. I kept expecting him to open the door and leave.

While still looking out the window he asked in a quieter voice "You have sucked on a cock?"

Again I just said "yes"

. His next question to a minute to register in my mind. "Have you been fucked like a woman?"

"Depends on what you mean" I replied with a laugh "I don't have a pussy so it wouldn't be the same."

"You know what I mean" he said "have you had a cock inside you?"

"A few times" I said.

We both sat there for a few minutes sipping our beer when he asked "How did you do it?"

"You mean what position" I asked.

He just nodded his head. "Well, I haven't had it that often but the first time was on my knees with my ass in the air. I've also had it while on my back with my legs up and on my side with the guy behind me" He took another sip of his beer and I thought I saw him put his hand on the door handle. I was sure he'd heard enough and was getting ready to leave. I took a sip and thought that I hated to see him go because I'd been having fun visiting. I turned to him to tell him that I was sorry if I had offended him and we could talk about something else. Before I could say anything I noticed that the hand I thought had been reaching for the door was actually in his lap and I could see that he was slowly rubbing his cock.

"This seat is starting to get to my back" I said "If it's all right with you I'm going to sit on the bunk". He didn't look at me but he did say "sure, that's fine". got up to move back to the bunk. "You're welcome to join me if you want". Even though we had turned the dome light off there was still enough light coming in the truck that anyone walking by would be able to see me in the bunk so I pulled the curtains closed. I fully expected him to leave. I hated to see him go but there wasn't anything I could do about it so I decided I'd go ahead and get comfortable. I took my cloths off and stretched on the bunk and covered myself with the sheet. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I knew he was still sitting in the seat and I kept waiting to hear the door open. I had forgotten what I had been watching before I went to eat and when I looked at the TV it was in time to see a black cock sliding into a crossdressers ass. About the time my brain registered what I was seeing I felt the truck move as he got out of the seat but instead of hearing the door open he pushed through the curtains to the bunk.

He just stood there by the bunk with his beer in his hand and stared at the TV. I held the remote up to turn it off while saying sorry, I didn't remember what I was watching. "That's ok, leave it on if you don't mind". He moved up to the head of the bunk so he could see the TV better and after watching for a minute took a big drink from his beer. It must have been too big of drink cause he started sputtering, coughing and spraying beer. I couldn't help it, I started laughing. I don't know why it struck me as so funny but I was laughing so hard I sat up on the bunk holding my stomach laughing my head off. I guess it was catching cause he started laughing to. It took a few minutes to get myself under control and flop back down on the bunk. He kept laughing but got quite pretty quick. I was looking at the screen and thought he was also until I glanced up at him and realized he was looking at me instead. I hadn't noticed that when I sat up then slopped back down that my sheet had slide off and now I was laying the naked.

I started to grab the sheet and pull it up but I just lay there to see what he was going to do. I am pretty slim with no chest hair and I shaved down below between that and having a rather small cock I look a lot younger than I really am. I didn't say a word, just lay there waiting to see what was going to happen. His next move was a big surprise to both of us I think. He took another sip of his beer looked back at the TV screen and reached down and rubbed my chest ending by pinching my nipple. He set his beer down and started rubbing his crotch with one hand while playing with my nipples with the other. He kept his eyes on the TV all the time. My cock was starting to stir from feeling his hand on me and I noticed that I could see a nice bulge in his pants also. I lay there for a few more minutes enjoying the feeling then decided I needed to take the next step'

I pushed the sheet the rest of the way off me and sat up on the edge of the bunk. he turned to look at me as I moved but never stopped rubbing my chest. I took a big breath and reached out to grab his belt and pull him toward me. He turn toward me as he stepped forward which put his crotch directly in front of my face. I look up at him as I rubbed my hand over the front of his pants. he closed his eyes as i felt the outline of his hard cock through his pants. He didn't say anything or move away so I took his zipper and pulled it down. I waited a second to see if he was going to move and since he didn't I hooked my finger on the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down freeing his cock. As soon as it was free it sprang straight out from his pants. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it. He had a nice mushroom head and it was at least 7" and very thick. He was still standing there with his eyes closed so I reached out and ran just one finger down the top of t from the base to the end. That brought a moan from him. Next it took it in my hand and stroked it a couple of times. that not only got another moan but it seemed like his cock got harder, longer and fatter! I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked the very tip of it. This time he shoved forward a little and took my shoulders in his hands. I kept my hand wrapped around it, leaned forward took the head in my mouth. I was still looking up at him as I swirled my tongue around the head. he had his head back and his breathing was speeding up. I slide my mouth down on him till it reached my hand. I turned loose of it and continued to take him in my mouth trying to get all the way to the black bush at the bottom. I wasn't able to get it all in my mouth so I just started sucking on it as I moved my head back and forth. It only took a min of the before I felt his hands on the back of my head and his hips start moving. I reached up and un did his pants then pulled them and his shorts down to his knees while he was fucking my mouth. He was starting to pick up speed with his thrusting and starting to pull my head forward with each thrust. I reached around with both hands and grabbed his ass cheeks running my hands over both of them. That got him even move excited and he started fucking my mouth faster. He was shoving his cock in so far it was getting hard to breath and I still didn't have it all. I wasn't sure how far his was going to go but I found out real quick. He yanked my head forward and shoved his did at the same time. It went sown my throat that time and before I could get over the shock or catch my breath he was fill my mouth full of cum. Thankfully as soon as he started coming he backed off enough for me to breath and as soon as he did I started sucking on it again trying to milk every drop out of him. When he finally stopped coming and I kept sucking. He moved his hands from the back of my head to my shoulders, I thought for a minute he was going to fall down seems that the head gets very sensitive after he cums.

Now that he had gotten off I figured for sure he would want to leave, I see too many guys over the years that can't wait to get gone as soon as they nut, The next thing I know he is pulling me up and sliding his arms around me. He hugs me to his chest and starts apologizing for coming in my mouth. I finally understood that what he was trying to say was that when he had decided to come to the bunk he had planned on asking if he could fuck me. I thought it was kind of funny and sweet. I told him it was fine and not to worry about it. I wanted him to get over it but at the same time I didn't want him to let go of me. He was tall enough that as he hugged me I could feel his cock which was still about half hard, rubbing against my stomach. He pushed me back a little and asked if I was sure I wasn't mad. When I assured him that I wasn't hi pulled me back to him. Something about feeling the head of a cock rubbing against your belly button is a real turn on! I had my arms around him and was kind of rubbing my stomach back and forth across his cock when I felt his hands slip down from my waist to my ass. I kept moving my stomach on his cock as he started squeezing my cheeks. Damn, that felt so good I didn't want him to stop! It only took a minute or two before he started pulling my cheeks apart squeezing and rubbing them and that was when I felt one of his fingers slide across my ass hole. I seemed like at the exact same instant his finger touched my hole his cock went from being half hard to hard as a rock.

His hips started moving rubbing that hard cock against my stomach as he started squeezing my cheeks harder and pulling them apart farther, I could hear him moaning and could hear him talking under his breath. I stopped concentrating on how good his cock felt and strained to hear what he was saying. "God that ass feels good, it's so firm and that little hole feels so tight" I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or just to himself. The next thing I heard was "I wonder if my cock would fit in that little hole and what would it feel like?" The way he moving I was beginning to think he was going to end up coming on my stomach while he played with my ass. It's not that I would have minded that but I was super horny myself and really wanted something different. I slide my hand between us and wrapped it around his cock. I use the other hand to push him back a little and said

"Why don't you finish taking off your cloths and we can stretch out on the bunk".

He gave my ass one more squeeze then stepped back and started taking off his shirt. I lay back down on the bunk and scooted over to make room for him as I watched him finish getting naked. I loved watching the way his cock was swinging around in front of him while he was trying to get his pants the rest of the way off. I really wanted to reach out and take it in my hand but I decided to just wait till he was done and lay down.

He lay down on the bunk with his head propped up on the pillows and his hands laced on his stomach. The tape was still playing on the DVD and he really seemed to be into watching it. I had all ready seen it a few times so I turned onto my stomach and closed my eyes to relax a little. I wasn't sure what, if anything was going to happen now. I think I had almost fallen asleep when I felt his hand touch my ass. I opened my eyes and glanced down at his cock. It was hard and he was rubbing it with his other hand. I just lay there and enjoyed the feel of his hand rubbing and squeezing my ass. He hadn't said a word since he lay down until he asked if 'I had every been fucked that way.'

I wasn't sure what he meant so I asked him what way?

he said "Like that"

and when I looked at him he had taken his hand off his cock and was pointing at the TV. I looked where he was pointing and the guy on the screen was on his back with his legs on the shoulders of the guy above him. The scene zoomed in to a close up of the tops hard cock pounding into the other guys ass.

"Yes" I said "that is one of my favorite positions."

He just said "Hmmm" and went back to stroking his cock. His hand felt so good on my ass that I thought I should help him out a little so I reached over and began to fondle his balls. As soon as he felt my hand on him he moved his and I was able to wrap mine around his cock so I could stroke it. He kept rubbing my ass and now he was running one finger across my hole as he rubbed.

We continued that way until the movie had ended when he asked if I had any more. I told him I did and got up to replace it. The next one was also a crossdresser film and once it was started and I lay back down he asked if I had every dressed as a woman. I told him that I hadn't but had always thought about it.

he said "You should because I think you'd look really hot like that."

He was in a talkative mood now and wanted to know all about me getting fucked. he asked how many times, what was the biggest I've ever had, did I only fuck when I was on the road or did I do it when I was home. I tried my best to answer al his questions but the more he asked the harder it got to pay attention because his cock was also getting harder the more he talked and his finger had started trying to work it's way into my ass. When he stuck his finger in the first time I made some noise because it was so dry. he immediately pulled it out and asked if he had hurt me. I told him not to worry about it but if he really wanted to keep doing that I could make it a little easier. He laughed and said that if I didn't mind he'd love to keep doing it. I reached up to the shelf above the bunk and grabbed some lube. I rubbed some on my hole and even stuck my finger in a little to make it nice and slick. As soon as I lay back down his hand was back on my ass and this time the slide his finger in half way while I went back to stroking his cock. He held his finger half way in for a minute then started sliding the rest in me. As soon as he had it all in he started finger fucking me. He surprised me by leaning over me and licking my nipples. Next he started sucking on my nipple. The more he sucked and licked my nipple the faster the fucked me with his finger. I knew I had to do something or he was going to end up cumming. I let his cock go and reached down to grab his balls and squeeze the sack at the base of his cock. I had been able to cool guys down by doing that and it worked this time. He lay back and said "thank you, I was about to cum"

He lay there watching the film and fingering my ass for a bit but I think that between the film and my talking he much have been getting a lot more horny because he started pulling my legs farther apart, breathing harder and squeezing my cheeks more. Without warning he pulled my lags as far apart as they would go and rolled over on top of me! He was between my legs rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I could tell by the way he was breathing and rubbing that he was trying to get his cock in my hole but he seemed to be having a little trouble so i reached back and caught his cock and helped him guide it to the hole. I should have known better from the way he was acting because as soon as the head of his cock touched my hole he shove it over half way in! Thank God i had put lube on it when he started fingering it! He didn't have a huge cock but it was still big enough to take me by surprise and to hurt a little. I shoved both hands back against his stomach and got him to stop and give me a minute for my ass to get used to the feel. I only held him for a few minutes till I got used to the feel. I got used to the feel real quick which might have been caused by the fact the he was talking about how much he wanted to fuck me and how tight my ass was the whole time. As soon as I moved my hands he shoved the rest of it in!

I had been laying flat on my stomach when he first started fucking me but as soon as he got it all the way in he grabbed my hips, leaned back on his knees and pulled my ass up with him. He moved his hands to my ass cheeks, spread them open as far as they would go, pulled that cock out till just the head was in then slammed it all the way back in. He fucked me like he hadn't had any in years! It seemed like by the time I was just starting to get into the rhythm he grabbed my hips, rammed it all the way in and started moaning. At the same time I could feel his hot come shooting in my ass. He collapsed on my back driving me back down on the bunk. We both just lay there trying to catch our breath, him because he had just came in my ass and me because he was laying on top of me! He was whispering all the time telling me in on breath how great my ass pussy felt and how sorry he was that it had been so quick with the next. I will admit that it felt great with him laying on top of me with his cock still in my ass and even better when hen raised himself up onto his elbows and took a little weight off me. I lay there squeezing my ass around his cock hoping he would get hard again. It seemed to be working because he started whispering in my ear about how great it felt fucking me while he started moving his hips and stroking his cock in my ass. He asked me if I thought I could roll over on my back. I didn't have to answer. I started to roll over and felt his cock slipping out of me. I hated to feel it leave but I really wanted to be on my back! Once I got positioned on my back he crawled back between my legs and kissed me. I knew his eyes were closed and he was living some fantasy in his mind but I didn't care, I love the feel of his lips on mine and when he pushed his tongue in my mouth I opened wide and took it!

He put his arms under my legs and pulled them up while he was kissing me and I could feel his cock sliding between my ass cheeks. He broke the kiss and stated telling me about how he was going to shove his cock in my pussy and dump a hot load of cum in me! I knew that in his mind he was fucking a woman but I didn't care, I loved the feel of his cock rubbing up and down between the cheeks of my ass and even more as he stopped at the hole each time he went by. He pulled my legs up to the top of his shoulders, buried his tongue in my mouth and grabbed his cock to guide it to the opening of my hole. As I felt him starting to push against my hole I tilted my ass forward to help him find the right angle! Damn, it felt good when the head of his cock popped in my hole. I fully expected him to shove it all the way in and it surprised me when he stopped with just the head inside. He still had both arms behind my legs holding me up and spread as he bent his head down and stated licking and sucking on my nipples. As soon as his tongue touched my nipple I felt and electric jolt run through my body and I started rocking my ass trying to get his cock deeper in me. It felt good the first time he fucked me but, my God, this time it felt great! I wanted his cock in me as far as it would go. I leaned my head forward and whispered in his ear to please fuck me! "Shove that hard cock in me" I begged. "Hammer my ass and fill me full." He looked down at me and asked if his cock felt good. "God yes" I said "just give me all of it!" He pushed it in a little farther. "I'm going to tear your ass up" he said "I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk!" I grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and arched my ass up while I pulled him to me. I got almost all of his cock but I knew there was more and I wanted it. He grabbed my ankles and shoved my legs up and out so far I felt my hips pop. He had me pushed so far back he was driving his cock almost straight down into my ass and as soon as he had me where he wanted he pulled his cock back till just the head was in me then slammed every inch into my ass! God it felt so good! I could feel his balls pressed against my cheeks and his cock moving in my when he started rotating his hips. I was sure I was going to start coming just from that thrust but he stopped moving which gave me a minute to calm down.

He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders then put is hands on my shoulders pinning me to the bunk as he started stroking that hard cock in and out of my ass. I moved my hands down to his ass so I could feel them clench as he drove it in and relax as he withdrew. He thrust into me again and held it against me as he reached down and spread my cheeks. He started grinding his cock in my ass like he was trying to shove his balls in with it! He put his hands back on my shoulders and really started pounding. He started telling me how good that ass felt and how he was going to fuck me until I couldn't walk. He ask if I like the way his cock felt in me and I said that hell yes I did. "Fuck me hard!" I said "drive that cock in me baby, I want to feel you cum!" The more i talked the harder he drove it in me. This was turning into some rough sex and i was loving it! I was getting close to coming myself and caught myself just saying Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me over and over again. He slammed it all the way in and held it again and this one was more than I could stand. I came all over my stomach just from the feel of his cock. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, he was staring at my cock coming. He held is cock in me until I had finished then he started pounding me again. I could tell that seeing me cum had excited him because he started fucking me faster and his breathing and moaning picked up. After a couple of minutes he slammed it in again and I felt his cock throbbing as he shot a thick load in me.

He held it in me till his breathing slowed a little then let my legs slip of his shoulders and he sunk down on top of me. I could feel his heart hammering against my chest and he took huge gulps of air. He was kind of heavy laying on me but I wasn't going to complain because it felt so good but after a few minutes he raised himself up and put his weight on his elbows. His cock was still in me and i squeezed it with my ass as he smiled down at me. He kept in it me till it went all the way soft then he slipped it out a little at a time and rolled over on his back.

He put his hand on my stomach and was lightly rubbing me while he was catching his breath. I was just laying there basking. My ass was a little sore from the pounding it had taken and I could feel his come leaking out of my hole but I still couldn't stop smiling. I grabbed a couple of wet wipes and handed him one. I used my to wipe my cum off my stomach before it dried and a little of his cum off my ass. Damn, you really filled me full! He asked if he had hurt me and apologized for getting so rough. I told him not to worry that I had really enjoyed it and that I hadn't been fucked like that in years, which was no lie. He started to say something when we heard someone knocking on the truck door. Since he was on the outside of the bunk he stuck his head through the curtains to see who it was. I could hear him talking but I wasn't really paying attention to what was said until he pulled his head back through the curtains and said there's another driver that wants to ask me something. I had a towel in a rack above the bunk so he took it and just wrapped it around his waist and moved out to the seat. I could hear him talking real low to however it was but I just ignored it and lay there thinking about how good his cock had felt and wondering to myself if we would fuck again. After a bit he came back through the curtains chuckling to himself as he dropped the towel and sat on the bunk.

"What's up?" I asked.

He looked down at me and asked if I knew that we had left the window part way down. No I didn't. I thought I had rolled it up before I went to the bunk. "I guess we got a little noisy" he said "the driver in the truck next to us heard us". Damn! That embarrassed me a little but it just seemed to strike him as funny. I knew that if the driver had seen us in the truck he knew there were two guys in here.

"Does he think you're in here with a woman" I asked.

"No, he knows it's two guys because he saw us when he came back to his rig." I asked him what they had talked about.

"As soon as I got in the seat and rolled the window the down he asked if we were fucking" he said.

"damn, what did you tell him?" I asked.

"I didn't figure there was any reason lying to him" he said "so I told him yes we were."

He wanted to know who did the fucking and I told him I was the one that had my cock in your ass. He wanted to know how it was so I told him it was great and what a tight ass you had. Next he wanted to know if you were on your knees with your ass in the air while I fucked you. I bragged a little and told him the you were on your stomach the first time I fucked you but were on your back the second time. I could feel my face getting redder the more he talked but form the way he was stroking my cock while he talked I could tell he was getting excited talking about it.

"What else did you tell him" I asked.

He asked me if I was going to be spending the night with you and I told him that I was as long as you agreed, then he wanted to know if I was going to fuck you some more and I told him that was damn sure my plan!

"Well, I hope you satisfied his curiosity" I said.

"Not quite" he said

"What do you mean not quite" I asked.

He wants to know if he gets some beer could he sit in here with us and share a couple.

"And what did you tell him" I asked.

I told him I'd check with you and see what you thought.

"What do you think about it" I asked

"It would be fine with me " he said "and if it's OK with you I need to tell him because he's still waiting by the door." I figured what the hell and told him that it was all right with me. He moved back out to the door, this time without the towel and I heard him talking to the other driver. After a couple of minutes he came back to the bunk and lay down.

"What did he say" I asked.

"He's going over to get the beer" he said "I told him I was going to lay down and when he came back just go ahead and climb in the truck." He looked at me and said "I hope that's all right." It was a little late to be asking but it was done and I really didn't see any problem with it. I lay back wondering how this night was going to turn out.

Part 2 coming soon


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