Truck Stop Encounter -  Part 2

I am sorry readers, I just realized that that in part 1 I forgot to introduce the first driver. Bill, meet the readers, readers - Bill.

I wasn't sure that Bill was telling the truth about what he had talked about with the other driver and didn't know if he would be coming back to the truck or not. Just to be on the safe side I asked Bill to put the curtains across the windshield and the side windows and make sure the windows were rolled all the way up. I was still a little embarrassed know that someone had heard us while we ere fucking. While he was doing that I popped another dvd in. This one had mostly straight sex but it also had a great orgy scene and showed some guys with some really nice cocks. Bill came back to the bunk after putting the curtains up, dropped his towel and stretched out beside me. He seemed to be a little more comfortable now because this time his hand went straight to my cock and he lay there lightly rubbing on while watching the movie. I did the same to him, rubbing his cock and balls. I was all ready getting a little excited from feeling his cock slip through my hand and was thinking about turning on my side, bending down and taking him in mouth. Just as I started moving there came a knock on the truck door. Bill swung his legs out of the bunk, pulled the curtains between the bunk and cab back and moved to the passenger seat. I heard him open the door and this time I listened to what he was saying. "Welcome back" he sais "I see you got the beer, come on up." He moved over to the drivers seat and I was able to see a thatch of dark hair as the driver moved to the door. I grabbed the sheet and jerked it up to my waist as he climbed in the cab. He handed bill a case of beer as he turned to close the door. He looked back toward the bunk and smiled at me. "my name is James" he said "thank ya'll for letting me join you guys." I said Hi and told him my name. Bill reached out to shake his hand and introduce himself. I had to wonder again just what Bill had said to him. Maybe I was reading to much into it but Bill had said the guy had said something about sharing and know he was happy that we were letting him join us. Not that I minded but I do like to have a say in those kind of things.

I took a better look at James while he was chatting with Bill. What was it with big guys to night? James was taller that Bill and I figured he out weighted him by at least 30 pounds. I figured that if we were both standing facing each other my head would come to about nipple level! He was a nice looking guy in a rugged lumberjack way. He was wearing a white tee and black jeans. I noticed that his arms looked to be a little larger than my thighs. I glanced up and realized that they were both quite and looking at me. Just for a second I felt like a mouse with two cats staring at it then James smiled and asked me what we were watching. My mind went blank for a minute and I all most blurted out that I was watching him when it dawned on me that he was asking what was on the TV. Before I can say a word Bill pops off with "We're watching some hot porn, it got guys and girls but he's just checking out the cocks!" Embarrassed the hell out of me and I was sure that it also embarrassed James also until he looked at me with a big grin on his face and says

"You like those cocks huh?"

Bill pops off again "God yes, he loves them, he fucks as good as any woman and better than some and he can suck cock like you wouldn't believe!" James is still looking at me but talking to Bill when he asks

"he sucked your cock?"

"He sure did." Bill says "I didn't cum in his mouth though, I wanted that ass to bad."

James finally asks me "did you like the feel of his cock in your ass?"

"I sure did" I answered

"You going to give him some more ass?" He asked

"Not sure, it depends on if he keeps talking about me like I'm not here." I was smiling when I said it but I was starting to feel that way.

"I'm sorry" Bill said "It's just that it felt so good I wanted to brag about it a little." The way he was smiling when he said that it was hard to be mad or even worry about it.

They quit talking as James dug some beers out of the case. He handed one to Bill then stood and stepped to the bunk to hand me one. As soon as I took it he dropped his hand to the sheet and lifted it off me. He held it up as he looked at my naked cock then looked back at me, smiled and asked

"Would you mind turning over and letting me see that ass?"

I turned on my side and he dropped the sheet around my knees reached down and started rubbing and squeezing my ass.

"Damn Bill that is a nice smooth ass."

"Its not only smooth you won't believe how good it feels wrapped around you cock!" Bill replied.

James said "Oh, I think I might, I've fucked a few asses before." With that he slide his middle finger to my hole and pushed it in me a little. "That is a nice tight one." He moved his hand and as I turned back I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled. I glanced down and saw that he was pulling his cock out of his jeans. It was only half hard but there was no doubt that it was quite a bit bigger than bills! The biggest one I had ever had in me at that time was 9" and it looked to me like James's was at least that and maybe a little more. He didn't say anything. He just kept looking at me so I started stroking his cock. I couldn't do anything but lay there and stare at it as it started to grow. "Damn that's a horse cock!" Bill said. I hate to admit it but I was so spell bound from watching James that I had forgotten that Bill was even there for a minute.

"No where near that size." Jams said laughing "But I've never had any complaints about the size." I never took my eyes off it.

"You've used that thing in an ass?" I asked.

"Sure have" he said "both women and guys."

"You want a little taste?" Bill asked. Yes I did but I just kept watching it until James took a step forward and held it in front of my face. He didn't say anything and to be truthful I probably could have said no thanks even at that point. I was a little pissed at Bill who seemed to be acting like I was his to give away. I glanced over at him and he was sitting in the drivers seat stroking his cock and staring at me. I wasn't sure I really wanted another guy that night but if I really felt that way why had I agreed to have James even come back to the truck. Now here I was with this fat mushroom headed cock a couple of inches away from my face waiting to be sucked. It wouldn't be fair to James for us to lead him on with following through. Even as all the conflicting thought were going through my mind I was sliding my hand to the base of his cock so I'd have room to take it in my mouth. I circled it with my hand and stroked it from the head to the base watching the way the head seemed to get bigger as I pulled back on the skin. I did that a couple of time then touched the tip of my tongue to the end of it. I slowly swirled my tongue around the opening then opened my mouth and took just the head. I closed my lips around the shaft and moved my tongue around the head. He must have just came from the shower because he had a fresh man taste to him. I looked up and saw him looking down at me with a smile on his lips. I sucked a little harder on the head while moving my tongue around it as I watched him. He just leaned his head back moaned. I was surprised at his control. Most guys would have grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth at that point. I slide my mouth down and took about half the length before I started sucking harder and moving my head back and forth all the time looking up at him. He didn't put his hand on my head but he did thrust forward a little I slid my lips farther even though I was sure I wouldn't be able to take all of him in my mouth. Once I had all I thought I could take he finally put his hands on the back of my head and started stroking it back and forth in my mouth. He surprised me again by never pushing any more in than the point where I had stopped. I started to reach around to his ass but before I could Bill was taking my left hand and wrapping it around his cock. I realized that he had stood up from the seat and was standing next to James. I started stroking Bill with the same rhythm I was sucking James. I looked up at Bill to see him staring down at James's cock fucking my mouth, his mouth was open and his breathing was getting a little ragged. I wasn't sure if it was from me stroking his cock, me sucking James or seeing James's cock. James felt like he was getting close. He had increased his stroking and I could here him moaning louder. I was thinking that all I needed to do was to suck James off then he would leave and maybe Bill would hang around and fuck me again. I grabbed the base of James's cock and started stroking it as I sucked him. Right when I thought he was getting ready to cum in my mouth he dropped his hands to my shoulders and pushed me back off his cock. "Whoa babe" he said "let's not end this to quick." I just sat there looking up at him and tried to calm down! I had been expecting a mouth full of cum and it felt like a bit of a let down not getting it! I had stopped stroking Bill's cock when James pushed me back and I felt him slip his cock out of my hand and flop back down on the seat "What do you say we have another beer and catch our breaths?" James asked. He stepped back, reached down and handed Bill and myself another bottle. He looked over at Bill and said "Damn, you're right, he can suck cock like a champ! I came so close to coming in his mouth!" Bill smiled and held his bottle up to James. They clinked beers and Bills said

"I told you so!"

I lay back on the bunk, sipped my beer and waited to see what was going to happen next.

After James had taken a few drinks he stepped back beside the bunk where there was room for him to stand up and started taking his cloths off. I just lay there enjoying the show. He got his shirt off and I was admiring his chest as he sat back down to remove his jeans and underwear. From where I lay I could see as he moved back to the seat that his cock hadn't gone down in the least! Bill was watching the porn on the TV, James was leaning back in the seat with his cock sticking straight up watching me and I was laying back staring at his cock. No one said anything for a while until James asked me when I had first been fucked. I told him that the first one had been an older neighbor when I was pretty young. Of course he wanted to know all the details And as I told him the story Bill moved back to the bunk and took my hip and pulled me over so I was laying on my stomach. He started rubbing my ass as I finished my story. I was still looking at James who had started stroking his cock while I talked.

"You had one this size in your ass?" he asked

"I've had one at least that long but not as thick" I said. We all just got quite for awhile watching porn, Bill rubbing my ass, James stroking his cock and sipping our beer. When the movie was over James took a last drink on his beer and moved to the edge of the bunk. He joined with Bill rubbing my ass as the two of them talked about who and where they had fucked. I lay there with my eyes closed loving the feel of both their hands on my ass. I was at the point that I didn't care what they did or talked about as long as someone fucked me! I really wasn't paying attention to what they were talking about until Bill reached over my head and grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed some of it over my ass hole. "Watch what he does with this!" he said as he rolled over onto my back. He put his knees between my legs and pushed them apart. the next thing I felt was his cock rubbing between my ass cheeks and over my hole. I did nothing but lay there and enjoyed the feeling of his cock head rubbing between the cheeks of my ass until I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. I raised my ass up then and felt the head of his cock slip into my hole! I didn't need any help this time, I shoved my ass back and felt him slide all the way in. He just held onto my hips and I pumped my ass back and forth on his cock! I didn't know James had gotten off the bunk until I felt the head of his cock touch my lips. Without even thinking about it I opened my mouth and let him slip it in. I just got the head in my mouth when Bill jerked my hips up causing it to pop back out. I pulled my knees up so I had my ass in the air for Bill as James sat on the bunk and flipped his leg to the other side of my head. I raised my head as he slid down on the bunk, opened my mouth and took his cock in.

Being double ended like this felt so great! I hand one hand cupping James's balls and my other wrapped around the base of his cock. I was bobbing my head trying to take as much of him in my mouth as I could. Bill had a hand on each of my ass cheeks spreading me apart and he shoved his cock ball deep in my ass. Bill kept talking, asking me how James's cock tasted and was I going to suck him dry. He also kept asking if I liked his cock and how it felt in my ass. Since I had my mouth full of cock it was a one way conversation but that didn't slow him down any. My cock was hard as a rock and kept banging against my stomach every time Bill drove his in me. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. The timing was in my favor this time. Bill moved his hands from my cheeks back to my hips and yanked me back at the same time he rammed that cock as deep as he could get in my ass. I felt his cock swell and start jerking as he began to cum. That's all it took. I shoved my mouth down on James's cock so far I gagged myself at the same time I started coming! Bill was still grinding his hips against my ass and I could feel his cock moving around in my ass. He pulled it back till just the head was in my hole then slammed it back in once more and held it there as he finished coming. I had to back off James cock so I could breath but continued sucking. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad and I sucked harder and faster to try and get him to that point. Bill started sliding his cock out of my ass and inch at a time. That was driving me crazy! I squeezed my ass around it as hard as I could because I wanted to feel it me until I could make James cum. I was so frustrated when I felt the head slipped out of my hole but I was determined to make James cum anyway. I started stroking his cock with my hand as I sucked him thinking that would bring him off quicker but instead of making him cum he pushed me off his cock! "Hang on just a minute." he said. I looked up and asked if I had hurt him. "not at all." he said "I just didn't want to cum in your mouth right yet."

Bill moved from between my legs back to the seat and as soon as he moved I dropped to my stomach and James moved to the edge of the bunk and lay beside me. I felt a little guilty because he hadn't came but as soon as he was laying next to me he started rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. It felt so good that I pretty well forgot everything else. I was really enjoying the feel of him playing with my ass and was a little disappointed we he pulled me over and had me laying on my back. He ran his hand down my chest and over my dick which was still super hard from the ass play and cupped my balls. He was gently squeezing my balls while rubbing the bottom side of my dick with his thumb. I reached down and took his dick in my hand and started slowly stroking it. It was so soft and so hard at the same time, still a little damp from being in my mouth and felt so good. I lay there with my eyes closed moaning a little from how good it felt when He moved his hand between my legs and pulled one toward him. I assumed he wanted me to open my legs so I pushed the one into him and spread the other as far as I could. I guessed right because as soon as I was spread he moved his hand up and started rubbing my hole with his finger. I tilted my ass up to give him better access to my hole as I felt him probing the entrance with the tip of his finger. I was pleasantly surprised when he slipped his finger into me and even more surprised when his lips meet mine as he did it. Almost as soon as our lips met he pushed his tongue in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth with his tongue as he fucked my ass with his finger. I was immediately so hot I threw both arms around him and sucked his tongue while I started pumping my hips trying to drive his finger deeper in me. He broke the kiss and pulled back to look at me as he continued to finger fuck me.

"Like that?" he asked

"God yes." I said "please fuck me." I begged "I need your cock in me!" He slid his finger out of my ass and climbed on to of me. He kissed me again as he pulled my legs up and out. When I felt the tip of his cock brush my hole I came close to coming right then. He had his tongue buried in my mouth again as he took my hands and moved them behind my knees. I held my legs up as he broke the kiss and leaned back between my legs. He ran both his hands down my chest again and this time he took my cock in one hand and his in the other. He started stroking my cock as he rubbed the head of his over my hole. I again tilted my hips up and tried to push back on his cock to get him in me. "You want me to fuck your ass?" he asked, all I could do was moan in response. "I'm gonna tear this ass up boy!" He said. Before I could think about answering he leaned back down and kiss me. he gave me a second to get into the kiss and while I was sucking on his tongue he rammed his dick up my ass as far as it would go! I jerked my hands back and my legs shot out! His dick felt so much bigger in my ass than it had in my mouth. I started to scream from the sudden pain when he clamped his lips back on mine.

I was sure he had torn my ass but the longer he kissed me and held his cock in me the pain started to go away. After a few minutes he broke the kiss and put his hands on my ankles. he raised my legs up slowly not moving his cock the whole time. He pushed my legs up until they were against my chest then spread them as far as they would go. He still hadn't moved his dick but it had sunk in a little deeper as he moved my legs causing me to moan in pain a little. "I told you I was going to tear that ass up." he said as he started to pull his dick back out. God that hurt so good! he pulled back till just the head was still in my hole, held it there for just a second then rammed it back in till I felt his balls slap against my cheeks. I tried to get away from him this time but he had me held down and the only thing I could move was my hips which just seemed to excite him more. Now he started fucking me with deep strokes, drawing his cock almost all the way out then sliding it back in and rubbing his balls against my ass cheeks. He had only done a half dozen strokes when my hips stated moving to meet his thrusts. The pain was pretty well gone now and all I wanted was to feel that hard cock stroking my ass!

Since I still had my eyes closed I was very surprised when I felt a hand on my cock because both of his were still holding my ankles. I had forgotten about Bill until I heard his voice in my ear tell me how hot it was to see me getting fucked. He was stroking my cock and describing what James's cock looked like sliding in my ass.

"You like that, don't you?" Bill asked "How does it feel having his dick stretching that ass and knowing he's going to dump a load of cum in you?"

"Feels good." I answered. James was picking up speed starting to ram that cock in me like he was trying to shove his balls in my ass along with his cock. Bill quit talking but kept stroking my dick as I felt him moving around. All of a sudden I felt the head of his cock rubbing over my lips and I automatically opened my lips and took it in my mouth and started sucking it.

"Damn, we got us a real slut here." I heard James say as he pounded my ass. "Suck that cock boy! See if you can make us both cum." He said

"I told you that you would enjoy fucking him." I heard Bill say.

James had my legs pushed so far apart that my hips were beginning to hurt but I still didn't want him to stop! Bill had a leg on each side of my head and was fucking my mouth hard and deep enough that I was beginning to have trouble breathing but I didn't want him to stop either. Bill still hand his hand behind his back and was stroking my dick when he shoved his dick in my mouth again and I felt him coming in my throat! I was choking trying to get a breath but even with that I started coming as soon as I felt the first hot splash of his cum. He finished the hard cum and pulled back just enough for me to catch my breath when I felt James ram his cock in my ass and start grinding his balls against my cheeks as he started to cum! I sucked the last drops out of Bill and he pulled out of my mouth and sat on the edge of the bunk. James was still in my ass and I squeezed my hole on his cock to get the last of his cum before he slid out. He just sat back on his heels and I felt the cool air move over my hot ass as his cum started to leak out and run down my crack.

Bill moved back to the drivers seat and flopped down.

"Damn he can really suck a dick!" he said

"More like you can really fuck a mouth." I said with a smile.

"How was that ass James?" He asked

"Real good" James said "I don't think I've cum that much in years." He reached forward and squeezed my ass cheek then slipped just the tip of his finger in my still gaping hole. "I'm really sorry I have to hit the road because I'd really like to hang around and fuck this a few more times." As he stood up next to bunk I was finally able to lay my legs out flat. My hips were aching just from dropping them flat so I was still laying on the bunk spread out and enjoying the cool air on my ass.

"You'd be welcome to have it some more." I said smiling "just be a little more gentle next time."

"Yeah, sorry if I got a little rough but I really enjoy it that way." he said "But I really do need to get going." As he began to get dressed he asked if he could have my number and would I be willing to meet him again next time he was out that way. I assured him that I would be more than willing. He stepped back to the bunk, leaned down and kissed me one last time as he slipped his finger in my hole. "Until next time." he said then he climbed out of the truck.

I lay back with my eyes closed and tried to relax a little.

"Damn that was hot!" Bill said.

"Yes it was." I managed to reply.

" Would it be all right if I spent the rest of night here?" he asked "I really don't need to leave till tomorrow evening."

"Sure." I said.

The idea of having a warm body to snuggle to sound pretty good to me.

"You think maybe we could do it some more?" he asked. I raised my head to look over at him. He was leaning back in the seat and the horny little fucker was stroking his cock which looked to be at least half hard! For a guy that had never had sex with another guy he sure seemed to be getting into it! I laughed and said

"I'm sure we can after I rest awhile."

I still had two more days and nights before I could load out I thought, might as well enjoy myself.

"you think that if I find another guy you could take both of us again?" He asked in a rush " I just don't believe how hot it was watching you take a cock in your ass!"

"Damn Bill, I don't know, you and James really wore me out." I answered "Plus I wouldn't count on finding anyone else." He sat there lost in thought for a bit the said he was going to go take a shower and asked if I want to join him. I laughed and said "I don't think they're going to be to happy with a couple of guys sharing a shower."

He was actually blushing as he stood to get dressed. I didn't mean to share the shower ." He said "just do you want to walk over and get one to." I needed it anyway so I started to get dressed. "I could do a little checking around for another guy while we're out." He said.

I really didn't think he have any luck but what the hell, "Sure." I said "See what you can do."

"If I brought a black guy, would you fuck him? I'd love to see a black cock popping that ass."

"Sure." I said "just don't get your hopes up."

Bill was smiling all the way over to the showers and I could tell he was checking out every guy we passed. "What the hell have I let myself in for" I wondered.

If you are enjoying these be sure to watch for - Truck Stop Encounters - part 3 (Bill the pimp) coming soon.



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