I became real close to my new friend name Sam who I meet the first year of college. Sam was in 3 of my classes and once a month he invites to stay over at his place to play dvd games and to watch Hockey Night in Canada with him and his Dad who name is Ron. Hey Steve can I get another beer before the third period starts. It took a few seconds before he answer for one more as the period was just starting. Ron was know to be very like in many ways thought the town of Hope as he became the new Director for the Transportation Department. He was very identical in his looks to actor Craig T Nelson in the movie Poltergiest back in the 80's.

It was around 2 am when Steve woke up hearing Ron coming down the steps into the Men Den just wearing his white Hanes Briefs. " Sorry to wake you up Steve and I hope you don't mind if I put on some porn for a few minutes  to watch " Steve thought this is very interesting before he gave the okay to put the TV on. The futon bed was just a bit around the corner from the Lazy Boy Chair that Ron was sitting in. 

Steve eyes open with total amazement when he started to watch Ron play with his cock while he was sitting there watching the porn movie. Ron had a very nice tool it was well over 7 inches cut with a perfect head of any penis that most men would love to envy.

Steve got up very slowly and walk over to Ron and got right down on his knees in front of him and began to suck his cock. Ron was a little shock by it all but as he just stood there enjoying having Steve lips planted on his cock. It took only a few minutes until Ron shot off a load of his hot juice all down Steve throat before he headed back upstairs for the rest of the night.

It was a two months later when Steve was on Vacation in Las Vegas that he ran into Ron down at one of the Black Jack tables losing his shirt off. "Holy shit Steve what the hell you doing here  in Las Vegas " Steve took some time before he told that he was all by himself visiting Vegas for a few days on his school break.

They both meet one another later that night at one of Wolfgang Puck famous Steak House on the strip. " How about you come back to my room for a drink Steven " That will be fucking great Sir. " Maybe we can put the late night hockey game on the TV " The time was after 1 am before the game was all over when Ron got the nerve up to ask Steve if he can Make Love to him.

They both agree with the Ideal as Ron was now in the washing getting some lube and condoms out for the Love Making session. Steve began to help Ron roll the Trojan condom up his 7 inch shaft all the way to his huge sagging balls. The room lights were all dim as Ron cock started to slide up Steve tight hole. " Fuck me harder Sir " Shouted Steve, as Ron became more sexually arouse sliding his cock and out of his ass. 

The Love making lasted a good 20 minutes until Ron shot a good load of his cum into the condom that he was wearing. " My Lord that was nice Steve  " As he started to pull out of his hole. Steve layback onto the bad totally exhausted as he watch Ron pull the cum filled condom off his juicy cock. The next 2 remaining days was nothing but fucking each other and going out together for dinner and taking in some of the popular Vegas shows.  

 It was the last week in September when Ron and Steve hook up and headed off to some high price fishing lodge in Northern, Ontario. The time was around 8 when they both head on down to the hot tub along with a few cans of Miller beer in their hands. When they got their they spotted another fellow sitting there drinking all by himself . " Hi there my name is Bryan please come on in and join me " Bryan had just retire from playing NHL hockey for well over 22 years. 

It was so funny that both Ron and Steve know who he was right away. The three of them chatted for a long time before Bryan got up and planted his ass down on the side of the Hot Tub. You can see both Ron and Steve eyes were starring at the out line of Bryan shaft that was showing off very well through the white speedo that he was wearing. 

It took a very short time after that Bryan made a pass at Steve as Ron just stood by to watch it all go down in front of him. The excitement coming from Steve moans became very loud as he was slurping up all that pre cum coming from Bryan 8 inch cock. Steve took a rest and let Ron work on Bryan cock for a while. It was about 15 minutes later that the 2 of them made Bryan shoot his load off all over both of their mouthes and lips.

The full moon was high above the night sky as the 3 of them were back in Bryan room having a great time. Each took turns fucking Ron tight hairy hole and blowing him. Steve was the second one to shoot his load off that went  all over Ron hairy chest. 

As for Bryan he was about to get fuck from Ron dick. Ron began to bend him right over the wooden board at the end of the bed. He slid his dick up Bryan ass fairly fast as he started to scream of pleasure. Ron took a good 10 minutes fucking Bryan ass before he shot another load of his juice. This time it ended up in Bryan ass.

They finally hit the road just after breakfast the next morning. Both Ron and Steve were so impress by how friendly  and open Bryan was about everything that went down. Ron had just left Steve off at his apartment and made it home just before supper time. He saw a letter on the table from his wife explaining that she left him for some that play hockey who name is Bryan.




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