I had become a regular at the gym on Tuesday nights, and this 40-something businessman named Clint, who was also a regular on that night, and I had gotten to where we spotted each other through our bar bell work. He was in great shape for his age, leaner than I was, but with well-defined, ropy muscles and chiseled square-cut features. I'd been trying to save the money for some time to get out to the beach for a couple of weeks to cruise chicks with my friends, but emergencies kept cropping up and I didn't seem to be able to set money aside. Finally, I had gotten down to a week before my friends were going, and I still didn't have any money for that trip. I must have been moping around about that during my Tuesday night workout, because Clint noticed that I was withdrawn.

'What's the matter, Ben?' he asked, as he was spotting me on the weights. 'You don't seem yourself this evening.'

'Naw, I'm okay,' I answered. 'I just have this problem where I'm supposed to go to the beach with my friends next week, and I don't have the money to go.'

Later, as I was dressing after my shower, Clint sought me out and said he thought he knew how I could get the money I needed for the trip. He invited me to stop by his house after I was finished at the gym and we'd discuss how maybe we could help each other out on a little business proposition. I said, sure why not. He gave me his address, which was in a swanky part of town, and I followed his car back to his place.

We entered the house and he suggested we go to the kitchen, where I leaned back into a counter, with my hands spread out on the surface, while he broke out a couple of beers and some chips. He brought the beers over, handed me one, took a swig from his while I did the same with mine, and put one his hands on the counter beside me.

'So, what's the possible business deal?' I asked, a little nervous, because he was standing pretty close to me. Clint put his beer down and then placed his other hand on the counter on the other side of me. Both of his hands were closer into my body than mine were, so I was pretty much stuck there, facing him pretty close.

'You are, Ben. You are the business deal.'

'I . . . I don't understand, Clint. What do you mean?'

'You want to go on this trip pretty bad, don't you, Ben?'

'Well, yeah. It's about all I've been thinking of for a couple of months.'

'And you'd pretty much do anything at this point to get the money to go short of robbing a bank, wouldn't you? You sounded pretty desperate when you were telling me about it back at the gym.'

'Well, yes, I'd work pretty hard.'

'Well, I wouldn't work you all that hard, Ben. And I'm sure you'd enjoy it even though you'd be leery at first. But I'm sure you'd enjoy earning the money.'

'So, what's the business deal, Clint?' He really had me wondering here.

Clint paused for a minute, picked up his beer, took a swig and put the beer can back, and repositioned his hand. Then he posed the killer question in a low, husky voice. 'Ever done it with a man before, Ben?'

I was shocked and getting a little shaky. But I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Those workouts in the gym; Clint had looked me over pretty good and sometimes I felt he had his hands on me when he was spotting a little longer and more personally than I thought was necessary. I had never said anything about it, because I guess I found him attractive and I had gotten a little electric charge out of the attention and touches.

'No.' I managed. 'No, and if this. . . '

'We can make this very easy for you, Ben. I have no idea how much money you need, but we can discuss this in terms of levels, and you can stop it at whatever comfort and need level you want. Doesn't that sound fair and attractive?'

'Levels?' I said.

'Yes, levels,' Clint repeated. 'Say, $20 for each kiss for openers. $50 if you take off your shirt and let me do any feeling I want above the waist. Another $50 if you let me feel you below the waist through your pants, but $100 if you let me feel you skin-to skin below the waist with your pants on; $150 if you let me strip you down to the floor and feel.'

'Uh, I don't know, Ben.' He came in closer to me, up against me in front, and I could feel a hardness against my crotch.

'An easy $90 bucks with your pants on, Ben, and at least $190 just for harmless feeling. Neither a hand job nor a blow job would be included in that. If you let me get you off by hand, that would be another $100, or if you let me blow you, that would be another $200. We're already up to over $400 with a few added kisses, Ben, and we haven't really done anything yet any straight man wouldn't do. I don't know how much money you need for this trip, Ben, but I do know you are thinking about this hard, because I can feel you getting harder. During any of this time, you can do what you like with me, no deduction for that.'

I was betraying myself. I couldn't help doing so, and Clint could tell I wasn't totally turned off by this proposal. Indeed, the money sounded good, and I'll have to admit that I was both curious and attracted to Clint.

'And, then, if you fuck . . .,' Clint started again. But I brought a finger up to his lips.

'Let's not go farther into the menu just now, Clint. Let's say I'll take it through to as long as I keep my pants on, and then we'll see where it can go from there.

Almost as if he was afraid I might change my mind, without arguing Clint brought his lips to mine in a short, sweet kiss. And it was sweet. I didn't realize that another man's lips could be so sweet. He pulled away and looked intensely in my eyes.

'The first $20,' I said, with a little grin.

'God, that's right,' Clint said. Each of those is costing me. I'd better think more about getting my money's worth, hadn't I?'

With that, he came back in for another kiss. He got his top lip between mine and pushed my lips apart so that my mouth was open to a deeper kiss. It felt surprisingly pleasant. He gave me a little buzz and I felt both my cock and Clint's react to the intimacy. He hands went to my waist, and he pulled my T-shirt up to under my armpit. I wondered why he didn't pull it over my head, but then I remembered the ticking of the cash registers and figured he didn't want to end that second kiss too soon. The thought made me grin, which Clint took as affirmation of the kiss, and he pushed my lips farther apart and got his tongue in my mouth. I gave a little lurch not only from that, but from feeling his hands encase my bare waist. He slowly pulled his hands up my sides, his fingers stretch out so that he covered a good deal of skin on his way up. He stopped when he got to my pecs and worked his fingers through my chest hair until his hands felt both of my nipples, which he rubbed, sending little shivers through my body. His crotch was pressing into mine now, and I could clearly feel his desire through the multiple layers of material. His hands came back out to the side and went up to my armpits and then up to my upper arms, pushing my arms up over my head. He stood there momentarily, lessening the strength of his kiss, making it tender once more, while he held my wrists back against the upper kitchen cabinets with his hands and pressed his crotch into mine. He ended the kiss and brought his mouth down to nuzzle the artery running up the side of my neck. That gave me a little twitch down in the crotch.

'$90 already, I said,' Although I don't think the mouth work on my neck was included in the deal.'

'The deal was that I could feel you as much as I wanted above the waist at this level; it didn't specify what I'd be feeling you with.'

'Point . . . uhh . . . taken,' I croaked. My stutter had been caused because his mouth had moved to a nipple and he was nibbling quite disconcertingly on that. He moved his hands back down my arms and around my biceps, and I started to pull my arms down, but he quickly lifted them back up and stripped my T-shirt off, and I got the message that he wanted me to keep my arms above my head. This served to stretch out my torso. His arms came back down, and he brought his thumbs to my nipples and spread his other fingers up toward and into the hair at my armpits. His mouth headed south. With kisses, nibbles, and lickings, he came down my chest and belly. He stopped briefly at my navel but then continued down my lower belly. To his advantage, I was wearing low-riding jeans, so he managed to get to just the top of my pubic hair. Even at that, he got his tongue under the waistband and tantalized me with what he did at the crease at the upper edge of my pelvis bone.

'Whoa,' I said. 'Not below the pant line, per agreement.' He had moved his hands down my body as he tongued his way down and now had them on my upper thighs.

'Ready to make some more money?' he asked.

'I don't know. I don't know if we should go any farther.'

'You've already agreed to the next two levels,' he said. 'It would be breaking the deal to back out now. Nothing has really been done before we get to the end of that part of the deal, where you no longer keep your jeans on. You've just got some money and you don't have to admit to anything life altering.' He had already brought his right hand up to where it was lightly covering my package. 'So, are you ready to add to the cash register.'

'Yes, I guess so,' I responded, teased mightily by that hand covering my cock.

But at that point, he stood up and backed off a bit. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his body. Then he pulled his undershirt over his head. He was in great shape for a man his age, as I knew we was because I'd seen him work out shirtless before. The thick veins running through his pumped-up muscles gave me a slight thrill. His pants were really low-riding and must have been kept up by that tented bulge I could see right below the beltline. He leaned into me, our torsos skin on skin, and I felt his hand return to my crotch. He brought his mouth to mine for another lingering kiss. His hand at my crotch became more active. He increased the pressure, moved about more rapidly, and, when he had traced my engorging cock and found my balls, he began to clutch and rub in a way that was driving me crazy. I began to moan, and my pelvis seemed to take on a life of its own, moving in a slight grinding motion. He pulled away from the kiss, and his tongue traveled down along my neck and into my right armpit.

'$270,' I squeaked.

'Doesn't get you too far, does it? You'll be wanting to know what big money is. And speaking of big . . .' he had the flat of his hand on my belly, and he was working the fingers of his right hand under my waistband and crawling through my pubic hair.'

'Shit, these jeans are just too tight,' he complained. And then he must have unbuttoned my jeans and quickly pulled the zipper down with his left hand, because suddenly I felt a release of the constriction at my crotch, and felt Clint's right hand slide down onto my dick. He wrapped his hand around my dick and then continued on down to the head, and then on down to weigh my balls. I could feel him catch and take his breath in, and I found that this gave me a little thrill of pleasure, just as it did when the ladies got to the point of realizing what was going to slide into them.

'Oh, God, Ben.' Clint whispered huskily. 'What a package you've got. What are you? Seven, eight inches?'

'Eight,' I said, with some pride.

'And these balls. Like cannonballs.'

'I'm glad you approve. But you know, you've just gone to $370 and beyond. You were supposed to stop with feeling what you could with the jeans on. You've gone beyond that. Uh, oh, God. Gawd!' His hand was flying all over my prick and balls, and his fingers played in my pubic hair. 'Stop that, I said weakly. We hadn't gotten to hand jobs, yet, either.'

'Technically wrong on both counts,' Clint said breathily. 'First, your jeans aren't off yet. I admit I miscalculated on being able to get between them and your cock, but between the tightness of the jeans and the gigantic proportions of your cock, I had little choice but to make some room. But technically, your pants are still on. And, second, this, Ben, isn't a hand job. You'll know when you get a hand job from me, and don't you think you want that now, especially because we're about to get into the big money offers?'

He had me panting. I still had my hands over my head, but it took effort to keep them there. I guess I thought as long as they were there, I wasn't really participating in any of that. But they were feeling like lead. I had the urge to reach out and touch him. And I knew I could if I wanted to. He had made clear that I was free to put my hands on him if I wanted.

He didn't misread my hesitation. He pulled back and unbuttoned his pants. 'Here, maybe this will help you decide. This is all harmless. This doesn't mean you can't do it with the ladies; it just means you are one sexy guy; one sexy guy with a cock that any woman or man would love to get their hands and other body parts onto.'

With that, he dropped his pants, and pulled off his briefs and his shoes and socks and stood there, naked, in front of me. He was magnificent. Wiry but perfectly ropy muscled and proportioned, fiery red hair at his crotch to match that on his head, and his dong wasn't his smallest of muscles. His might be as long as mine; it certainly was thicker and it had a slight curve to it when hard, as it most certainly was now. My quaking arms went out to him and our bodies crashed together. We went back into a lip lock, this time my lips spreading on their own volition and my tongue meeting his. His hands spread under my pants at the hips and he pushed the jeans down my thighs. His hands wrapped themselves around my butt cheeks. For the lack of originality, my hands went to his thin buttocks. His hands were roaming my more bulbous, but well-formed butt cheeks. When our crotches met, our dicks crashed into each other and were both forced up and between our bellies, side by side. Clint brought one of his hands between us and encased both of the cocks. We rocked back and forth momentarily and then leaned back into the counter.

Clint exited the kiss and buried his face in my neck. I heard him say in a low voice, 'Up to $520 for dropping trow, even though we haven't finished that yet, and I'll give you a bonus for the kiss, so let's say $550. Do you want to move on to the hand job? $100 for that, but $200 if you let me finish it in a blow job.'

'Yes, yes,' I whispered. 'That far. I can go that far.' My hands were traveling along his back and shoulder muscles and then moving to the front and feeling his pecs and abs, admiring the work we'd done in the gym.

'Yes to what?' He whispered.

'Yes to it all so far. Suck me. You can suck me.'

'There's a caveat,' he whispered into my neck.

'What?' I said.

'We won't get to the big money unless you feel me too. My dick is aching for your touch. It would mean nothing to you, but it would make the money worth it all to me.'

I tentatively moved my hand down to his waist, and he pulled his pelvis away from me slightly and moved his hand away from our cocks and down to cuddle my ball sack. I slid my hand across the top of his thigh and through his pubic hair to his cock. I'd never felt another man's cock before. It felt both hard and flexible at the same time. I slid my hand along it and to the knob, which I cupped in my hand. Clint sighed and, putting the heel of his hand under my balls, he spread his fingers to where they wrapped themselves between my legs, with the middle finger resting on the rim of my asshole. He was hunched over, licking and nibbling on my nipples. I pushed back his foreskin he was uncircumcised and ran my fingers around on his glans, rubbing and squeezing. He was producing precum, which I swirled around his dick head. He moaned and bit at my nipple, which caused me to moan in answer. I rubbed and stroked the length of his cock and then moved my hands to his balls and weighed and pulled at those. His middle finger had gone beyond the rim of my asshole; it has pushed its way in by a fraction of an inch.

'No, not that,' I said. 'We agreed to feeling on my body, not in my body.'

'So sorry,' he answered, as he pulled the finger away. 'I'm getting ahead of myself; maybe later.'

I was still contemplating this, as I felt both of his hands go to my cock. He firmly wrapped the fingers of one hand around the root of my cock, but his thumb applying pressure to the artery running into the cock, which made my dong harden right up. He wrapped the other hand around the cock, near the base and slid it up to the glans, which he played with much the same way I had played with his, and I also produced precum that helped slicken up the rubbing. Then he started stroking my cock. Slowly at first and then more rapidly, but always deeply and in a rhythm that felt both insistent and determined. I gave out little gasps and braced myself against the counter with my hands. This was a bigger high than I'd ever gotten from the ladies. Clint's tongue went to my right armpit, and then he slowly tongued his way down and across my pecs, giving my nipples a nip en route and then up to my left armpit and down my left side to under my pecs and over to my sternum.

He stopped here, and in a low voice said, 'It's coming. It's coming to swallow you.'

I shivered and he slowly worked his tongue down my sternum and across my abs. He stopped above the navel and whispered again. 'Suck, suck, suck, I'm going to suck you dry.' His tongue went into my navel and his teeth nipped at the rim. Both of my hand went to the back of his head and ground him face into my stomach. The tongue went down, circled the lower belly, running along the pubic hair line.

'God, look at that cock,' he whispered. 'A gigantic tool. I'd love to have that rammed up my ass. Well, maybe later. Workin' on the current deal now. Sucking you dry. Giving you no mercy. This is something no woman's going to do for you.'

I was already shuddering in anticipation when he let go of my dick with his hands, and his tongue slid down the length of my cock and he licked around the rim of my glans. But then I felt his hands at my hips and he was standing and rotating my body around until I was backed up to a butcher-block topped island of a good size. With a sweep of his hand, he pushed all of the little doo-dads that had been on the top of the island off onto the floor and away from us and he lifted me and laid my back onto the island top. I heard him open a drawer and fiddle around in it, but then he reached back for me and off came my pants, my shoes and my socks and he was pushing my knees up toward my body. He had one foot in his hand and was giving it massage and his mouth was giving suck to the toes of the other foot. There wasn't much I could say. This would have been allowed earlier in the deal. He tongued his way up my legs, first doing the calves alternately and then the thighs, keeping a grip on my feet with his hands. His tongue went briefly between my butt cheeks and across my asshole, which made me lurch and try, unsuccessfully to free my feet, but he moved right on to my balls, which he tongued, sucked, and munched until my groaning and moaning was beginning to alarm me. He released my feet and his hands went to behind my knees in a strong grip, where he held my legs, still folded into my body, but pushed a little outward. Then his mouth moved up to my dick, taking it initial in only to the rim of the glans and playing with that with his teeth and tongue, and then he started swallowing my cock slowly. I went up on my elbows and watched my dong disappear down his throat. In, in, in. The double reference, both seeing it and feeling it, was deeply pleasurable. When he had it in all the way to the root, he held it there for a moment and then he started deep-throating me. Swallow to the root and withdraw to the glans, tongue the piss slit and then slide back down all the way to the root. He kept this up until I was going wild, clutching at his head, burying my fingers in his hair. He lifted his head once to ask.

'Any of your ladies do this for you, Ben?'

'No, no, no,' I acknowledged in reply. 'But, God, Clint, I think I'm going to cum.'

'Isn't that the idea?' Clint said, and then he was back at my dick with a fury. And I did, indeed, cum, with a great spurt of relief, down Clint's throat. I flopped back on the island top, exhausted from the tension and the great relief. I threw my arm across my face and gloried in having had so much pleasure in earning $750 in a single evening. I need never tell anyone about this, but I wouldn't forget about it either.



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