Getting stationed on an island in the Pacific was what I had thought would be an awesome place to be stationed. I could picture in my mind's eye: Palm trees, Pristine white sandy beaches, and lounging back just living like a Polynesian King, watching those girls swaying on the sandy beaches man, thats the life, I was looking forward to getting there.

I was so friggen excited, the ocean was so beautiful: blue,absolutely gorgeous, the dolphins were following the ship as we sailed toward our Island destination.

We had been at sea about a week when I started feeling horny, I felt like I was gonna bust. My cock was like a steel pole, constantly hard, but fuck, where could I find a place to releave my pressure and tension. Not the bunk room, too many guys always there, writing letters home, reading something or just listening to the radio or maybe a tape player with music tapes ect. No privacy. The head (toilet), contained several commodes but no privacey dividers. I remember one night that one young sailor, about twent one years old, Jason was his name. About eleven o'clock we heard him pumping his cock while in his bunk,moaning and grunting, he was about to cum, It was totally dark, and just as he blew his wad, one of the guys in the bunk below him reached up and jerked off his cover sheet, and one of the other guys turned on the bunkroom lights and he shot cum all over himself, totally embarrassed, and feeling like a fool, all the while the other guys ridiculing him and making fun of him. I didn't want something like that happening to me.

Never the less, I was so fucking horny, I had to do something or my nuts were going to burst.

I went into the medical department, and the doctor asked me what was wrong I told him, the Doc just said, 'Alright sailor boy, strip and put this on,' I really didn't know what he was going to do for my problem that a good old fashioned jerkoff wouldn't, I was in for a really pleasant surprise. I got naked, put on the little gown,like thingy, and I got up on the table the doctor brought out a tube of K Y jelly, a rag and put on a pair of gloves. Hum! whats getting ready to happen I thought, as the Medic walked over to me, The Doc looked into my eyes, and smiled and said. 'Keith, I have performed this procedure on at least a thousand young men, don't worry, your in good hands.' He smiled a great big smile, layed me back on the table and raised my legs into the stirrups on the side of the table.

The good doctor was smiling all the time, when he spread my ass cheeks and smeared some K.Y. jellie on my asshole and some on his right hand fingers. I still didn't know what I was in for, I just knew that him swirling his fingers around my asshole was making my cock as hard as a brick and my nuts were tightening up against my body, I knew if he kept this up I wouldn't need his medical expertise. I felt his hand as he spread my ass cheeks and stuck a finger into my pucker hole, I sorta jumped, but it felt so fucking good I almost yelled, then he put two fingers into it, and he said,'Now Keith, I will releave you of your pressure there,' He slid his fingers into and out of my manhole and I felt his fingers when they found some sort of spot up inside my asshole, God It was awesome feeling and then he took his KY jelly slickened hand and reached up and took my very hard cock into his hand and started jerking me off, This was fucking wild, I couldn't find a place to jerkoff, and He was doing it for me in the medical department. It felt so fucking fantastic that I didn't give a shit whether it was a guy, a gal or a billy goat, I wanted the cum out. I finally layed back relaxed and this fucking Doc took me to the moon, I was almost seeing stars, finally he had jerked me off for about five minutes and he was rubbing my g-spot, or whatever its called. I felt the blast coming on. I opened my eyes and looked over at the Doc and he was staring at my cock like a hungry dog. I was hoping he would just lean down and take it into his mouth, and He did just that. It took about four minutes of his awesome sucking and I let out a loud grunt and filled his mouth with my cum, he just slurped it down. I layed there like a dead dog, totally wasted, god it was awesome.

The Doctor just took of his rubber gloves, put away his equiptment and rather politely told me I could get dressed like it was all a part of a days work in his office, so very professional like.

I walked out of his office, sorta bewildered, but oh so satisfied.

After I got back to the bunk room, one of the guys was laying on his upper bunk, just looked at me an smiled, and said,'Hey man, you look so peaceful and tranquil,' You've been to see the Doc ain't you?' I said, 'yeah, so what?' he just busted out laughingand said,'That Doc seems to have that effect on a guy.'

I found out the Doc liked to suck the sailors off as often as possible and he would use the medical thing as his excuse. Now here I was, a Missouri straight boy, had been had, Literally, by the good Doc, but the truth was I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

We finally got to the island and disembarked from the ship, got to our camp, and got settled in.

Now here is when I should have just screamed, because there were no palm trees, no white sandy beaches, not one singel beautiful polynesian girls waiting to take care of our every possible passionate desire. But it sure the Fuck was hot, steamy, jungle, and I was in misery, sweaty, Itchy, bugs like crazy and there were snakes too, lots of snakes.

Im no wimp when it comes to snakes, but I don't particularly Like them.

Well this one night the guys played a little trick on me, and this trick turned my sexual life around, I had already had a blowjob from the ships doctor. but now it seemed to be that I was doing a lot of thinking about it. This one afternoon we were talking with each other as we sailors do a lot when not working.

Doby, another sailor in our barracks, looked at me and said, 'hey man, did you enjoy that suck job the doc gave you?' I just said, 'well I ain't gonna lie, Yeah I did,' they just smiled a big smiled and looked at each other.

Two days later Doby came limping into the compound there on the island and layed back like he was really scared and said, 'Holy fuck man, I'm gonna die.' I said, 'what you talking about man?' he said, 'fuck man,' I got bit by a poison snake,' I said,'Oh fuck' he said, 'yeah man, and the doctors gone for the day.' I said 'Oh shit,'

He looked so scared and he was shaking. Finally He said, 'Hey man, I read once about sucking the poison out.' He said, 'man do something,' I said, 'where did he bite you?' he undid his shorts and said right here, and there were two pink marks right besides his balls on the legs in his pubic hair.' I just thought I needed to forget where it was and just do it.

I leaned down and put my mouth against his crotch and got my lips agains his pubic hair, and started sucking he just layed back, and said 'thats it,' 'Yeah man, thats it,' and I felt somthing hard against my head, I was busy sucking the so called poison out of his pubic area, when he took my head and turned it to the side and slid his big, hairy looking uncut cock into my mouth and held my head down on it, I started gagging and sorta fighting, but deep inside my mind I was enjoying the hell out of his cock, I found my self starting to suck away and slide my mouth over his cock and lick that awewsome head, I liked the feeling, the sensation it was giving me, and I loved the flavor of this cock. I was astounded at the fact that I was enjoying this as much as he was.

I finally came to my senses and found myself really working his cock over and rubbing his big balls and licking him like crazy. He was moaning and grunting and said,'You are an excellent cocksucker Kevin.' I just kept sucking, I then realized just how excited I was about doing this, I had a boner that was about to crack it was so fucking hard. Doby finally gave a loud grunt and filled my mouth with his seed as he held my head down on his cock to the hilt, all the way down my throat. He finally released me so I could breath, and grabbed a rag and wiped his cock and balls off, he smiled and said, 'fuck Kevin, you really know how to suck that snakes poison out, your fantastic at it and he laughed.

I just smiled at him and said, 'Really cute trick Doby, Really cute.'

I wasn't really upset, it had released something inside me that had held me back from being what I was, 'Gay,' now I knew for sure, the fact was I loved his cock in my mouth, I just fell in love with the taste of his cum too.

I guess I sucked the 'poison' out of Doby's cock every week we were there, but word spread, I had more 'poison to suck out than you could imagine.

I guess they were mostly straight men, just getting release when nothing else was available but I never had any complainst against my artwork. I even sucked one commanders cock and let him fuck me in the ass too, that was another awesome feeling too. All in all I guess I had sucked off at least 40 different guys that summer on that island, and believe me I would enjoy it again if given the chance.

Talk about a hot island adventure, It was truly 'Hot' in more ways than the weather.




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