It was a beautiful October evening, I was just boarding a train back to Philadelphia, I had always had a problem with flying and felt uneasy on Planes. So I opted to take a train home. I knew it was going to be a longer ride, but I would be able to rest and take in some scenery before the sun set and it got dark on me.

I went to the back of the train car and found a seat by the window and took it, put my carryon bag up on the overhead rack, I took my seat and waited for the train to finish loading here at the station.

I had set there about ten minutes and noticed this gorgeous, Handsome man In a dark sorta charcoal pin striped suit and white long sleeved shirt, and a really nice sorta flamingo salmon colored tie on, He came back to the seat I was setting in, and said, 'do you mind if I set here'? I said a very warm certainly not, please have a seat', He smiled and set down and I took a good look at his very handsome face, he looked like a model from a mans magazine, He put his briefcase up on the overhead rack and set down, and looked at me and smiled, and said HI! my name is Jerome, I said My name is Landon, I said glad to meet you Jerome, he said a very polite, Likewise, He said you going very far? I said to Philly, he said Me too, He said I had to go to a seminar in Detroit at the Main office of the company I work for and I don't like to fly, or I would have taken a plane,I said I have the same problem. He smiled and said I don't feel so alone in it then and just laughed.

We made small talk and discussed our jobs and the weather lately and Other various and nonsense things, and the more I looked at this gorgeous man, the more my juices were flowing, but I noticed his hands very masculine neat handsome hands, but he had a wedding ring on his left hand, I said Jerome you been married long, I noticed a wedding ring, He looked down and just said I guess not too long, at least not any more, I said I don't understand He looked rather sad and said He had come home from his last business trip a couple days early and caught his wife of seven years in bed with another man from her work office. I said Oh man, I'm so sorry, thats gotta hurt like hell, he said yea she's the only one I ever touched and I feel like my whole world fell to peices, I said I know the feeling I said It happened to me one time and I like to never got over it. I just didn't tell him it was another guy tho. He said man what a bummer.

I said I guess that most of my problem was the sex, damn I miss that, he started opening up about the sex thing and I finally got it out of him that he liked to get sucked off but his wife was not going to do that no matter what, she hated the thought of some man shooting his cum into her mouth, He said he has jerked off more than he had had sex with his wife, she was always not feeling good or had the proverbial 'headache', always some excuse, he said man I was almost a celebate monk or something, I said yea I know that feeling, I ask Jerome how long it had been since he had gotten off, he said about three weeks ago and that was old Rosie and here sisters. I said sounds like me, I was looking into his very dark blue eyes, and he had that somthing about his looks that just captivated me, I was star struck by his looks, Truthfully He looked like a cross between Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson in looks, but a lot younger. I was just staring at him and he said 'What'? I just said I was admiring your good looks, He sorta blushed and said Your flattering me.

Well We slowed down the chatter and It was about dusk the light was fading and I just looked down to his crotch and I noticed a very substantial looking bulge there, I wet my lips and fantasized about what I would like to do with it if given the chance.

Jerome layed his head back and said he was gonna rest for a while and I noticed his cock was bulging up hard looking and he closed his eyes and reached down and layed his hand against it as he stretched out with his legs kinda straight out from his body, I leaned back and just watched him with desire building up inside my body, I was getting a hardon watching his reather long thick bulge grow and he rearanged it to lay upward in his trousers and lay up against his lower body with the head almost touching his belt. As he layed there I saw his hand just press down against it and I watched as Jerome started rubbing his hand slowly and gently up and down, stroking his hardon in his pants, I noticed he was breathing harder and I sorta leaned over and then I noticed his hand moved away for a second I thought he had gone to sleep but boy was I in for a surprise, I moved his hand away from his cock and gently layed it down at his side, and he sorta snorted and hummed, I started moving my hand against his cock bulging out in his trousers and then I gently reached over and unzipped his zipper on his trousers and I reached in and found out he had boxers on and I found the opening, I looked up to see If anyone could see up in the back half of the bus and No one was close enough, I slipped his cock out of his trousers, and I reached in and felt his very large egg shaped balls and I felt a thick dark bush aroung his shaft at the base and I felt my heart racing and I was about to blow a nut from the excitement, Damn his nuts felt awesome this gorgeous man, Thank goodness it had gotten dark outside the train, but I then took his cock out and damn, man, this guy had a cock, about 8.5 inches long and thick as a small baseball bat. I was good sized but not like Jerome, I was feeling like, well there are not words to describe how I was feeling I just knew I wanted to do more with this gorgeous cock than jerk him off. I wan't to give him the blowjob he was needing to make him happy and I started stroking his cock and sliding his foreskin back and forth, and he was wimpering and I wasn't sure he was asleep but he didn't let on if he wasn't, I felt pre-cum coming out the end and I knew he was enjoying it if only in his sleep, I notice his legs were moving together as I stroked and rubbed his cock up and down and he was lightly moaning and breathing so heavy and raspy, and I knew it would be very long untill I had a handful of his cum and how was I gonna stop it from getting on his suit it would surely be a very noticeable spot, well Leave it to me to be resourseful, I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and sliding my mouth up and down taking him into my throat, and he really got to going then, I felt his hands on the back of my head, and he said in a whisper, Landon, can you take the cum man, I have wanted to do this forever and never got to, I stopped long enough to tell Him I'd love to. He just layed his head back down on the back of the seat and I started working his cock over and he was lightly wimpering and grunting and moving his legs back and forth and then he just stiffened up and grunted lightly and I felt his cock give that jerk and start spasming, and he was just goin UMm, Ughm, Ughnnnn, and He filled my mouth with so much cum I was not able to swallow it all, He just kept shooting it volley after volley and finally he stopped jerking and just collapsed on the seat and I finally stopped sucking and draining his last bit of cum from his cock.

Jerome took a deep breath and said wow man, Thanks, I never expected that, Your awesome, I have never had a guy do anything to me sexually before. I just smiled and said 'Theres a first time for everything' He said 'Well, I hope we stay in contact man, I don't want that to be the last time. He reached over and felt my cock thru my slacks and he said let me take care of this little problem can I? I said Jerome, be my guest.

He unzipped my pants and I slid them down a little to give him better access, I wear briefs, and he took my cock and said I have never touched another guy before tell me if it's alright Landon. I said, I will and he started 'Jacking me Off' and I was so slicked up from my pre-cum oozing out he just slid his hand back and forth and had me climbing the walls, I just said Fuck man, that feels awesome, I just layed back and enjoyed this gorgeous, dark haired, dark blue eyed man Jerking my cock and It was absolutely the most memorable hand job I ever had, I was about to scream from the pleasure, I said Here, and I handed him a hankerchief and he said thanks, and I started jerking and sending cum flying out the slit on the end of my cock, Hit me on the chin and Jerome had a huge handful and as he wiped off his hand as we were finished he said that was a wonderfull feeling, giving another man pleasure, I said I know it was for me. He and I smiled and just layed back on each others arms and when to sleep.

WE slept most of the night and finally got into Philly, about ten the next morning, My car was waiting and I ask Jerome if he wanted to go for breakfast, we went and I took him by my apartment and invited him in and he said nice very nice, I said thanks, he said Im not sure what I am going to do, have made any plans as to where to live, I said Why don't you crash here for a while untill you decide, He said sounds like an Idea, he said I will crash for a few days anyway, I said great, and I showed him around the pad, He said I noticed you only have one bed, I said for now, do you mind sleeping with me, He said Hell no man, after the awesome blowjob you gave me in the train. I would consider it an honor, I said great.

We got a showere and then went to the store to get some food and things I need for the house, He said can we take a nap, I need to sleep and we decided to hit the sack for a while, and we both stripped down to our underwear and crawled into bed I said Jerome can I hold you, He said sure I put my arms around him and he cuddled up to me and said this feels awesome, I said are you feeling like some sex now, he said always man, I said awesome he said Landon I have to tell you I never thougt guy sex was like it was in the train.

I said You ready for another lesson in 'sex 101' He just laughed and said your the teacher and I said schuck the shorts and we both stripped down to skin and I leaned over and starte playing with his nipples which he had never had done and his cock of course and balls but I was rubbing all over his body and he said Man, It not just about the sucking and jerking off is it, I said no, Jerome Its about loving the guy your with and making love to him, The Sex is the icing on the cake so to speak, Here I want you to lie back on your back and He did, I took some lube and smeared it on his cock and he loved it and then I straddled his body and set down on his cock directing it into my love channel and He slid in after about a minute of gently setting on it, and when he was in I felt like A new man, I was full of this gorgeous mans cock and he was loving it and I was deffinately loving it, He was saying Landon, awe man, this is fucking awesome the feeling like nothing I ever felt before, I love this and he pulled me down to his face and started kissing him, It just came naturally to him and I kissed him back, we fucked and kissed like that for about a half hour and I felt his cock getting like a peice of concrete and he was breathing rapidly and grunting and saying man Im gonna cum, cum with me Landon, I said I am right now and I started shooting a load of my mancream all over Jerome and he just laughed as he started jerking and shooting it up my ass and into my intestines and he fell back exhausted and then we both felt like a good afternoon nap, and we took one, Jerome has been with me now for about three months and h is really getting to like this man on man thing. I was glad I didn't like to fly and took that train home that night. I was very Glad. I Kinda think Jerome is glad we took the same train home too.



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