I remember that day like it was yesterday, It was my twenty-ninth birthday and my family had surprised me with a party, The doorbell rang and I, not knowing what was about to happen opened the door and My oldest Sister, Mother, two younger twin Brothers, and Dad, all yelled, 'Happy Birthday Jesse', I almost fell over. I guess I had been feeling sorry for myself, you know the scenerio, no cards in the mail, no phone calls wishing me Happy birthday, nothing to make this day any different than any other, no nothing.

I Just smiled really big, and said, 'come on in, God what an awesome surprise' Timmy and Jimmy, the twins, came up and both punched me on my arms, one on each arm, and said, 'Happy birthday Bro,' and damn it rather hurt, they were both really muscular jocks, playing football in High School and the whole sports thing, which really buffed them both up pretty good.

Timmy and Jimmy, were both eighteen, almost eleven years younger that I am, and I have always been proud of them, I don't think they know I'm gay, or does my sister, but my father knows and excepts me just as if I were straight, and he shows his love for me and all my choices.

Well here they are, in my apartment for a birthday party, arms full of goodies, a cake, ice cream, streamers, Pizza, Burgers, chips, Pepsi, coke, god and even presents, wow, its been a long time since I had a party.

The evening went on really well, I had to take a leak and said 'excuse me,' and I went up to the john and pissed, and while I was washing my hands Timmy came into the toilet with me and said,Hey Jess, hope you don't mine but I need to drain the ole lizard too,' and I sorta glanced over and, fuck me, My little brother had a honker on him like one and a half of mine, shit, where did that come from, I looked at his cock and said, Damn Timmy, what kind of suppliments did dad get for you, god your cock got big, he just pulled on it a little and showed it off and said, 'Damn Bro, you think mine's big, you oughta see Jimmy's' I just kinda studdered and said, 'really, no shit?' Timmy said, 'hell yes, we measured it one afternoon, after school, he has nine fucking inches, Hard, and its as thick as a pepsi can,' I said,'good god Tim, I got cheated, I only got seven' He said, 'Yea, I just got eight and a half,' I smiled and said, 'Well don't take it too hard,' Timmy put his cock back in his Levi's and said, 'I won't give it a second thought, cause you see, Mary Ellen almost can't take it all, she says it's almost to big for her, she say's it feels like it's ripping her apart.'

We went back down stairs and My Sister was setting at the kitchen table and said, 'Jesse, can I talk to you?' I said, 'sure.'

I just set down and said, 'O.K. shoot!' She said, 'you remember Robert, my new boyfriend?' I said, 'yes, Ain't he the dude with the big stetson hat, I met at Aunt Jennies, last summer?' She said, 'Yea, hes the one,' She said, 'Well, it seems that he had a son, and the son won't have anything to do with him, He hates Robert, because of all the things his mother had told him about Robert, most of which were lies, she didn't want him to want him, or love him or whatever.' I said, 'yea, so what's that have to do with me?'

She said, 'I need you to take him and keep him with you here, Roberts first wife died last month with breast cancer, and Roberts son has no where to live, and don't want to live with him.' 'Robert will give him support, or money to get by on, untill he can find work.' and 'maybe he can get to know Robert and find out the truth for himself about Robert' I said, 'Wow, Sarah, I don't know, man thats a lot to ask.' She said, 'Please Jess, I know it's a lot, but we are up against the wall on this one.'

I said, 'alright, Sarah, but the boy has to live by my rules, and I won't have drinking or drugs in my house, a beer once in a while, thats fine, I drink a beer every once in a while myself, but no wild parties and rotten crap from him or he's out on his ass,' and, 'I will expect him to help around the house too, I ain't gonna be his slave.'

She said, 'Jesse, you can tell him that stuff tomorrow, He'll be here then, you lay down your house rules, he'll listen.'

They all left after cleaning up the mess, the party was nice, and I enjoyed everyone getting together. Then I got ready for bed, I layed awake for a long time thinking about what I was getting myself in for.

I guess about eleven o'clock, the doorbell rang, and Sarah stood on the porch, with this very nice looking young man, nicely built, handsome as fuck, a little on the wild side looking, but really nice looking, I opened up and said, 'Hey come on in', he saunterned in and flopped on my couch, I said, 'HI!, my name is Jesse and your,' He just looked up at me hatefull, and said 'Kevin'

I said, I am glad to meet you Kevin, I hope we can be good friends, He said really snotty like, 'Yea, sure, but I don't think thats likely' I just almost fell in the floor, and the more I talked to him the more of a little 'shithead' he proved to be. After about an hour of trying to be his buddy, seeing that that's not going to work, I just just thought 'Well you little dickhead, two can play at this game, and I started being a jerk to his little happy ass.

I waited untill Sarah left and Me and Kevin were alone and I ask him if he was hungrey, still trying to be nice to him, and he said, 'Yea, what kind of crap are you going to throw on me?' I was at the boiling point, I grabbed his collar and slammed him against the door frame, and I said, 'look you little bastard, I have opened up my home, to a no good little dickhead like you, trying to give you some symbolance of a life, I would really like it if we can be friends but I didn't know you before, and I really don't give a shit whether you live or die, It don't matter to me,that choice is yours,' 'BUT!, while your in 'MY HOME', you will treat me with respect, act like you appreciate having a home to go to, and treat ME with kindness, and respect, and show some appreciation, You got it Boy?' He was shaking and just looked at me and said, 'Ye-Ye-Yes Sir,' I said, 'Kevin, now I would like to be your friend, I don't know what you have had to go thru in your life time of what, 16 -17 years' He said I'm 19 sir, I said, O.K. I want to be your friend, but you are making enemies right of the start, wow, what a pathetic way to live, and so full of emptiness and loneliness.

Well by the time I got thru with him he was crying, great big tears and grabbed me and Hugged me, and as he sobbed said, 'Jess, I'm sorry, its just that no body ever cared enough about me to straighten me out. all they did was judged me, and treated me like crap, even my moms boyfriens.'

I hugged him, wiped his tears from his eyes and He opened up and said, I have a lot of things to tell you, cause I know you care.'

We finally went to the kitchen and had some Ham and cheese sandwiches and chips and a coke. As we ate I told him what I was going to expect of him, he just said o.k.

That was about two months ago, Kevin has changed from that little hateful, bitter young man that I met that night. But the change wasn't finished.

I had noticed that during the last weeks the weather had been getting cooler, Kevin had his bedroom and I had mine, one night Kevin had been acting unusually funny the last couple weeks toward me, almost as if he couldn't be nice enough, his manners were so unbelieveable polite, he was always doing things around the house.

I had showered and was crawling into my bed, I had just turned the lights off, and I heard someone at my bedroom door, It was Kevin, He said, 'Jess, can I come in and lay with you tonight?, It's kind of cool in my bedroom,' I just said 'sure'

I threw back the covers and Kevin crawled into the bed and covered up and said, 'I always wondered what it was like to sleep with my dad,' I said, 'Kevin, I'm your good friend, but I'm not your dad,' he said 'I know that,' and he leaned over and put his arms across my chest and just gently rubbed my chest gently caressing my nipples, I don't know if he knew what he was doing to me by rubbing my nipples or not, but it had it's given affect on me, my cock was getting harder than a plank in my briefs and I was wimpering a little as he continued, I said, 'Kevin, why are you doing that?' He said, 'Jess, I'm nineteen years old, I lived in an all boys school, now you tell me what happens at an all boys school? I said, 'you mean, Sexually?' he said 'yea' I said, 'Kevin, are you wanting to have sex, is that why you came in here?' He said, 'Jesse, ever since that night I came here and you slammed me against that door jam, and showed me that you really care about me, I have had the hots for you,' I said, 'Damn, Kevin, I didn't know that', He reached down and grabbed my hard cock in his hand and said, 'wow Jess, that feels awesome, can I play with it a little?' I said 'man, you can play with it a lot.'

Well Kevin slid my briefs off, and started playing with my nuts and saying things like,' god yours nuts are so big, and your cock is very thick.' Then Kevin leaned over and slid my foreskin back and said 'man I love a foreskin' I said 'Kevin< Where have you learned all this stuff? he said,'Man living at that school, I was getting the older boys cocks stuffed up my ass, and stuck down my throat by the time I was twelve, and I was sucking guys off regularly and swallowing their cum by the glass fulls.' 'Shit man, I even had to suck one of the counselors off a couple of times, it was a fucking rough school.'

I looked over at Kevin and said 'stop Kevin.' He said,'but why?' I said,'cause I don't want you to do this out of duty, sex should be because two people want to have sex with each other, not because its payback or something like that.'

Kevin looked a little taken back and said, 'Jess, aren't you enjoying this?' I said, 'Kevin it feels awesome, but I don't want you to do it with me because you feel you have to,' He said, 'Jess, I want to feel your excitement, I want to feel your cock in me, I want to give you pleasure, and let you know that for the first time in my life I know someone loves me for being me.' 'This is the way I can do it,' I just grabbed Kevin and said, 'God Man, I love you, I really do,' he said 'then let me Love you in return,' He leaned over and took my cock to the hilt into his mouth and I started to feel real passion in the sex, He was taking me to the top of a high place, and letting me hang there, He had taken my cock into his throat and was wimpering and sucking like nobodys business, I could really tell He had really had some experience, I stopped him long enough to reach over and feel his hard cock, damn, I hadn't noticed how large it was, it felt like it was a foot long, and I said 'man, Kev, your a horse down there, He smiled, and said, 'Hey Jess it's all yours to do with what you want, I said,'I have a desire for it to be put in my ass,' He smiled, and said, 'Jess, your wish is my command.'

I layed over on my back pulled my legs back and layed like a virgin on her wedding night, and Kevin smiled, and said 'Jess I love you,' I got the lube from the drawer and Kevin slathered some on my ass and then on his cock, put the head on my anal opening and gently made me feel like nothing else can, he slowly slid his long, thick cock, to his balls into my intestines, god it felt awesome My cock was throbbing as he started that awesome ride to heaven and back, I felt it as his penis head each time rubbed my prostate, the feeling grew more intense, aw shit, I knew that this wasnt' gonna be as long as I had hoped for, Kevin was shoving his cock in and out of my ass and I was wanting him to go harder, faster, He was pouring sweat, and I knew, I could feel, He wasn't gonna last much longer, I was like a starved dog, at a banquet, I couldn't get enough, God man, I started grunting my excitment as the climax built up to a huge explosion, and my cock started jerking on its own and shooting cum out like a fire hose trying to put out a large fire.. As I was grunting and said, 'Oh fuck Kevin, Oh fuck,' I felt his cock start pumping into my intestines, a huge load of hot, sticky, thick, mancream, I could feel it as it filled my ass and leaked out around his cock and down my asscheeks. I felt like a lover on his first great fuck ever, and then Kevin, fell forward on top of me, still sticky with my cum and just layed there groaning, breathing heavy, exhausted, untill he finally got down from his sexual high.

I let him lay there, damn, I was in love for the first time in my life with a nineteen year old dude, Strange but true, Kevin started kissing me wildly on the face and mouth, saying 'Jesse I love you man, I really love you.

I can't put my feeling into words for Kevin from that night forward, I fell in love for the first time in my life, and I know Kevin feels the same way, He shows it in every thing he does.

We have slept together since that night, we have had every kind of sex two guys could possibly have, and I will never be able to express my gratitude to my Sister, for bringing Kevin to me.

I truly found out that sometimes Tough Love can be an awesome thing, and I wonder what would have happened if I had not use it on Kevin. 'Would things still have turned out like they did?'



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