Toothless Mate Ch 2

 "You.... you can.... Dragon's don't talk." Hiccup said as he still tried to digest this most recent development.  'Calm down Hiccup. Everything is going to be well.'  "How are we  able to do this?" Hiccup asked as he curled his naked, Saliva and cum soaked body up against the Night Fury.  'It's because we mated. Whatever creature we mate with will understand us and whatever species we previously mated with. For instance if I mated a fish, that fish would understand me and every species I've bred. If Stormfly mated Astrid , she would be able to understand her. If I mate you...'   "I'll understand you. Okay, so can anyone else understand you? Astrid, my kids?  Gobber? Anyone?" If I mate them, or you mate them, than yes.'  "Sooooo..." 'So you can understand  night furies, Gronkles, Nadders,, Nightmares, and even thundrums.'   "When did you mate them?" 

Before I met you.'

"Have you always understood me?"

'At first I only understood a few words out of the many you said. Toothless, fish, fly. They were words that were similar in draconic.'

"Do you prefer me over a dragon?"


"Do you prefer Males or females?"

'You ask alot of questions don't you?'

"Well what do you want to do?" Toothless smiled as he retracted his teeth, bent down and took Hiccup's member into his mouth. Hiccup groaned and bucked his hips as Toothless rubbed his gums on his cock, sucking the whole time.The harder Toothless gummed and sucked, the harder Hiccup bucked. Within minutes Hiccup was on the verge of cumming. Toothless repeatedly changed his tactics from gumming, to licking, to sucking."Oh Toothless you're gonna... Gonna make me...." Hiccup bucked his hips eratically and cried out as he came, releasing his seed on Toothless' tongue.

Toothless savored the taste of his mates' seed. He loved the taste. It was more delicious than anything he'd  tasted before. "I love you, Toothless."' Hiccup said wrapping his arms around Toothless' head.  'I love you too, Hiccup.'    Toothless replied as he licked Hiccups' chest. As they broke their embrace Hiccup looked up to notice the sun  had gone down.   'Let's go home. But you'd better dress first. I doubt the people of Berk wish to see their cheif naked.'  Hiccup laughed as he pictured Astrid's reaction to him walking into the village naked. Smiling at the thoughts in his head he pulled on his pants, then strapped on his prosthetic leg,and finally his boot. He then  picked up his saliva and dirt covered shirt. "Well I guess this one is ruined." Hiccup laughed. Toothless chucked as well,  I suppose so. As You've said before, this never washes out.'   Hiccup laughed and threw the shirt over his shoulder before climbing on Toothless. "Let's go bud." Hiccup said as Toothless took off for Berk. During the flight back, Hiccup and Toothless laughed and joked about the other dragons missing out on Toothless.They landed a short time later outside their home. As soon as he reached the door Hiccup heard his children crying.  

"Oh boy." he said opening the door. Astrid was inside trying to comfort both children. "Hiccup thank Odin! I can't get them to stop!" Hiccup couldn't help but chuckle at his wife's desperate state. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and she had clearly been up for quite sometime. Still he walked to where his twin children lay, picked them up and sat down in a rocking chair with the two laying on his bare chest. Toothless lay next to them as Hiccup began to sing. "Rest now my children.Mom and Dad  are here. We will protect you, you've nothing to fear. Toothless still loves you he'll keep you safe from harm.. Stormfly will gaurd  you, nothing will go wrong. Rest now dear children. The time has come to sleep, drift off to dreamland, Play there until you wake."  'You have a beautiful voice my  mate.'   Toothless said as Hiccup finished his lullaby. Helda was now asleep and Stoik looked up at his father with big green eyes. Astrid took Helda and layed her in the crib, as Hiccup rocked back and forth with Stoik laying on his chest. Astrid returned and sat next to them. "Hiccup what is that smell? You smell like rotten fish and... Brine." Hiccup smiled as he thought of what he  and Toothless had done earlier. "Well I cheered Toothless up so well he decided to give me one of his signature tongue baths."

"And you thought it was a good idea to hold our children, one of whom was in only his underclothing against you?" 

Hiccup chuckled as he layed his now sleeping son in the crib before kissing both twins and covering them with a light blanket. "Astrid there's worse things to be covered in than dragon saliva."

"Like what?"  

'My seed.' Toothless laughed at his own joke. "Well dragon waste, for one." Astrid laughed "Just go bathe Hiccup." Hiccup smiled and went to kiss Astrid but she stopped him. "You'll get to kiss me when you're clean." Hiccup pouted his lips in a playful manner. "Aw my own wife won't even kiss me! Oh woe is me! Who will love me now?!" Toothless approached and licked his new mate from the back of his legs to his neck. "I love you to, Toothless." Hiccup said smiling at Toothless. "You're not disgusted by that?" Astrid asked. "By what? Toothless showing his love for me? Come on Astrid it's not that gross." 

"Go bathe Hiccup."Astrid replied pointing at the door. Hiccup shrugged and went out the door and to their bathing shed. He opened the door and checked to be sure fresh clothing was inside. Once he was sure there was, he filled the tub as Toothless lit a fire in a small indent in the floor about 2 feet away. It surrounded the tub  to warm the water without boiling it. Once the water was warmed to  Hiccup's liking he poured water over the fire and stripped his clothing off. He then removed his prosthetic and, with Toothless' help, climbed into the tub. He began washing the Night Fury sperm and saliva off his body. The warm water soothed his aching ass muscles and his severed leg which had been hurting him the last few days. He soaped up every part of his body and rinsed off before turning to his hair. He soaped that up as well but as he rinsed off he realized his hair was very sticky where Toothless' cum had landed in it. "You had to get it in my hair?"    

'Sorry Hiccup, I didn't know that much would come out.'  Hiccup again soaped his hair up and let it sit as he soaked in the warm water. After about 5 minutes of letting it sit he rinsed off his hair. Still it was sticky. After repeating the process 5 times, his hair was finally manageable. He soaked a little while longer as Toothless lit another fire around the tub. As he soaked in the rapidly warming water he reflected on the days events. "Toothless?"   Yes my beautiful Hiccup?'   Toothless responded as he put out the fire. "So I can understand you, but why can I only understand you after we mated?" 

It's our sexual fluids they hold certain...... Properties.'


'Well, like magic I guess.' 

"Magic? Not bacteria or super vitamins that make you smarter? Just Magic?"

'In  all honesty I have no idea what it is.  I've always thought of it as magic. But maybe it is bacteria that makes you smarter or super vitamins, or maybe it is a power all dragons have. All I do know is it only works when the creature is properly mated. So when I came inside of  you, it took immediate effect.'   Hiccup nodded in understanding. He didn't believe it was magic, but he did believe it was something all dragons could do. Still thinking about the way it had to happen had Hiccup hard.    Toothless asked eyeing his mates erect cock. "Not right now bud. I just got clean maybe tomorrow okay?"  Toothless approached and licked Hiccup from his pecs to his face. 'There now you're dirty again. So I'll ask again do you want to mate?' Hiccup laughed leave it  to Toothless to find a way to get what he wanted. He stood in the water and exited with Toothless' help. He knelt down and kissed Toothless on his head between his eyes. "All right but just something quick, okay?" Toothless smiled and licked Hiccup. Hiccup laughed and took hold of Toothless' partly sheathed cock. He began rubbing quickly as Toothless' member poked out more with each stroke.Toothless gasped and groaned as Hiccup gave him a handjob. Hiccup enjoyed the feel of every vein and bump on Toothless' erect cock. 

'Hiccup your hands are amazing! You're really good at this!'  "Well I've had alot of practice." Hiccup said as he teasingly rubbed the pointed tip of Toothless' cock with one hand, and rubbed the base  and underside with his other heavily. Harder! Rub harder Hiccup! If I'm going to cum you've got to rub harder!'  Hiccup rubbed the underside of Toothless' cock a  little harder but kept teasing the tip. Toothless growled and squirmed as Hiccup teased his now sensitive cock. He began thrusting against Hiccup's hands as he neared his orgasm, his pupils now a thin slit. Just as he was about to cum, Hiccup pulled away completely. Toothless growled his displeasure as his orgasm died away. "Don't worry you'll cum." Hiccup said as he went back to rubbing Toothless' cock. Again when he was near his climax Hiccup stopped. Toothless snarled in primal lust. He needed to cum badly. Again Hiccup began rubbing bringing Toothless even closer. "Are you sorry you got your cum in my hair?"     'YES!' Toothless screamed. "Do you promise not to do it again if I  let you cum?"

  YES!!!!!! HICCUP PLEASE!!!!' Hiccup rubbed harder and faster as Toothless bucked, growled, and snarled. Finally with a roar Hiccup was sure reached Outcast Island Toothless came dousing Hiccup's Torso in cum. Hiccup sighed, "Well back to the tub I guess." Hiccup stood and carefully climbed back into the tub as Toothless regained his senses.   'Thank you Hiccup, but DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!'  

"Don't worry I won't. But don't act like you didn't love it."

'I  did love it. But teasing a dragon is not wise. I could've  pounced and raped you just to climax! Please promise me you'll never do that again unless I ask you  to Hiccup.' 

 "I promise. But I am glad you liked it."  Hiccup finished washing and climbed out of the tub as Toothless handed him a towel.  'It's getting late Hiccup dry off and let's get you to bed.'  Hiccup smiled and dried off. Once he was he pulled on his prosthetic and some clean breeches, followed by a pair of pants and a fresh Tunic. He then pulled on his boot and on his way out pulled a lever which tipped the tub upside down emptying it into a channel that led to the sea. They made their way home  noticing all but one candle had been extinguished. Hiccup picked it up went up the stairs and found Astrid asleep in bed. He sat on the bed kissed her gently and began stripping to his underclothing. "Toothless are you still okay with me being married to Astrid?"

Of course I am. She came first after all. Just don't forget you have to satisfy both our needs now.'   Hiccup kissed Toothless, blew out the candle, and climbed into bed, laying an arm over  Astrid. "Good night Toothless."  

'Good night my mate.' 



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