Hiccup sighed as he watched the scene in  front of him. As far as the eye could see dragons were paring up and flying to dragon island to mate. All but one anyway. This time was always the toughest time of year for Toothless. Not only was it the anniversary of when a certain awkward teen had shot him down. But it was also mating season, and no female wanted a damaged dragon. Being the only Night Fury didn't help either. Toothless let out a sad warble as Meatlug denied him breeding rights in preference of a male Gronkle. "Thor I know how that feels."  Hiccup said thinking of all the times Astrid shot him down. "Sorry Hiccup." Fishlegs said. Only one female and two males remained now. Stormfly, Toothless and a wild male Nadder. Hiccup hoped finally Toothless would get his chance. In all  honesty Stormfly was Toothless' saving grace. The  two had been together daily since their Riders wed and all signs pointed to Toothless finally getting to Sire.

Hiccup watched with bated breath as the two males unleashed attack after attack on each other trying to prove who was stronger. Toothless unloaded with 3 consecutive plasma blasts in quick succession. The Nadder released a combination fire breath / spike attack hitting Toothless dangerously close to his tail. Again Toothless went on the offensive blasting a jet of fire in the Nadder's face. He closed in quickly and bit down on the Nadder's neck. The Nadder fired his Spikes at Toothless one last time and both fell. Stormfly stood from her position and eyed both dragons. It was up to her now. The battle ended when one dragon was knocked off its feet. She looked from the Nadder to Toothless. She kept a long gaze on Toothless as Hiccup inwardly cheered. "You did it!"  he thought. Finally she turned and nuzzled the Nadder's face . Hiccup watched in disbelief as the final female, Stormfly had made her choice. Toothless, once again would not mate. All the dragons now had a mate and all would leave for a week to mate and build their nests. All but one sad, diserted Night Fury.

"Toothless....."  Hiccup said as he approached the devestated Night Fury. Without even looking Toothless took to the skies and flew away tears in his eyes. "Oh bud, I'm sorry." Tears formed in his eyes as he walked back to his hut Astrid was waiting inside holding their 6 month old twins Stoic and Helda. "How'd it go?" she asked as she lay the children down for bed. "Toothless was shot down by everyone even Stormfly." Astrid turned in shock. Even she thought Stormfly would take Toothless as her mate. "Where is he?"

"he flew off I thought it better to let him be awhile."

"Hiccup he needs you! Now more than ever!"

"I know but if Drago, Dagur, or Alvin, or a wild dragon attack then..." 

Hiccup!Go after him NOW! We'll be fine."Astrid said a little more forcefully than she meant. Hiccup  nodded and picked up his sword kissed his kids and wife and headed out in the direction the Night  Fury had flown. He went through the trees behind his house. He knew Toothless had flown to one of two places Dragon Island or the more likely answer. Sure enough  there,as he entered the same clearing he entered 16 years earlier, (after a certain pathetic teen shot down the offspring of lightning and death itself) lay Toothless. He let out a sad warble as Hiccup approached.

"Toothless you okay bud?" Toothless didn't even look at him. Hiccup sighed he still couldn't believe Toothless had been denied by every female. He was the alpha! He should have had to fight them off. Not fight for them. "I would have fought for him." This got Toothless'  attention.  He would have fought for me? But he's a human, and a male. Maybe we could.. Hiccup looked at his dragon he knew what would cheer him up. "Hmm hey bud, what do you say we go flying huh? Just you and me." Toothless got  up clearly excited he loved flying with Hiccup, and Hiccup knew it.

"You like that idea huh? All right."  No I like mine. I hope you will too. Without warning Toothless pounced on the rider and began licking his face, neck,and chest. "AGHHH Toothless! Stop get off."  No.  Hmmm. If this is going to work, these have to come off.  He began licking harder catching Hiccup's shirt on his tongue. With every lick Hiccup's shirt raised up his body a little more. "Aghh Toothless get off me! Tooth-" Hiccup was cut off as his dragon licked his face. After a few minutes Toothless went back to his shirt which was just under Hiccup's chin.  Giving Hiccup a much needed breath.  With another few licks the shirt went over his head. Toothless grabbed it in his mouth and pulled it the rest of the way off. Now half naked Toothless began licking Hiccup's bare chest. Licking up his stomach to his chin, Toothless took in the feel and look of his rider's chiseled body. He had developed well since Toothless last saw him naked. When yet another enemy, Drago, had captured and stripped him before beating the young chief. As he licked the human, his tongue came in contact of Hiccup's sensitive nipples. Causing the human to moan in response.  Hiccup slowly found his cock growing in response. "ToothLESS  stAHHOP OH THOR!" You like that? Well you'll love what happens next. but first, these.  Thought Toothless as he turned his half sheathed cock now in Hiccup's face.  "Ohhhhhhh  um Toothless?" Hiccup finally realized his dragons plan. He felt Toothless grab his foot in his mouth and pull off his boot. Hiccup began to pull away until he felt Toothless' hindpaw  on his chest.

Not quite yet my freind.  He layed there as he felt Toothless begin licking down his legs catching his pants with each lick.  "NAHHH!!!" Hiccup groaned as his member was licked through the fabric which was now just barely covering it. As he felt his cock and ass become exposed he suddenly wished he'd worn underwear even in the unnaturally hot summer.With one more lick Hiccup lost his pants as well. Now completely Naked Toothless began licking every inch of Hiccup's naked body. Hiccup could only moan in pleasure as every inch of his arms,foot, head, neck, legs,chest, and Cock were licked until he was slick from head to toe in dragon Saliva.  Ahh  now for the fun part. Toothless thought as he lowered his cock onto Hiccup's now slick naked body. Slowly he began grinding his length on Hiccup's, moving all the way to Hiccup's chin. With thrust after thrust Toothless' member struck his chin. After a few minutes Hiccup felt his balls raise to his body and release their seed.The first shot went well over his head, the second and third landing on his chest, neck and chin, and the last three on to the draconic cock still grinding his naked body.

Toothless let out a roar as his best freind came underneath him. He gave another two thrusts before dowsing the human in his cum.  Bucket after bucket of draconic cum shot onto Hiccup's Chest, face, head, hair, and neck. After 2 minutes the endless ejaculation still hadn't ended. Hiccup again let loose another load. He had no idea why but this was extremely hot. He wanted more. After another minute Toothless' orgasm  subsided, and he began licking Hiccup's face clean of the massive amounts of cum. Hiccup kissed the dragon in return holding tightly to Toothless' Neck. "Oh Thor. Toothless that felt amazing. Thank-you bud." Toothless gave Hiccup his gummy smile as he began licking Hiccup's body clean. "Wait Toothless get off a minute." Toothless for the 1st time got off his rider. Hiccup sat up and began undoing the Straps on his leg. "Better not get it wet. We still don't know what your cum will do to steel and leather." Toothless again licked his freind as he placed the prosthetic against a log. This time it wasn't a hard lick like before, but very soft and gentle. Hiccup smiled  "I love you too Toothless." 

"Well I guess we should try something else huh?" Toothless smiled in anticipation. Hiccup pushed his dragon until his back was against the log. Once it was, Hiccup began sliding his hands up and down Toothless' cock. Slowly the meat began hardening. Toothless' breath hitched as Hiccup continued stroking and  now,began licking the tip of Toothless' member.  Hiccup loved the  taste of Toothless' cock. It had a musky smell to it and Tasted Salty with a hint of Sweetness. Soon Toothless was dripping pre and breathing quite heavily.Without a word Hiccup got to his foot  turned away and slowly lowered himself onto the 2 foot member. "Just go easy okay bud. I don't think I can take you completely yet." Hiccup said as the  cock slid into him. He screamed as the muscles around his anus gave way and gravity took over slowly lowering him until he could go no further. It felt like he was being torn apart. Toothless looked at Hiccup with concern. He wanted Hiccup to enjoy it not to feel scared or  hurt. Sure he had pleaded not to be stripped and licked but once he was, he enjoyed it.

"It's okay Toothless. I'm okay.  It just hurts going in. Give it a minute okay?" Toothless again licked Hiccup's cheek gently. He still didn't understand why Hiccup wanted this if it hurt. But he was willing to do whatever his freind wanted. Once the pain had subsided, Hiccup raised himself and dropped down Toothless' cock hitting his prostate. Again and again Hiccup raised and lowered himself. Each time the length went in further and each time it hit his prostate. He began groaning as Toothless began thrusting. He was already hard   from the initial penetration now he was even harder. His cock began dripping pre all over his length as Toothless began licking his shoulders,neck, and back. Every thrust brought more pleasure and put more cock into him. Toothless as well was getting close. He'd been in some tight holes, but this one was the tightest. He'd never been more happy to have strong stamina.  With another thrust Hiccup felt scales against his hips he looked down to see he was sitting on Toothless' legs. Immediately upon realizing this he came, hard. The thought he'd taken 2 feet of cock had him reeling. Toothless also began groaning as he came deep in the bowels of his rider as Hiccup's ass muscles milked him for all he was worth. Seed began gushing out of Hiccup's ass as Toothless' orgasm continued. Finally it subsided and both rider and dragon collapsed to the ground. 

Th-That was... Amazing!  Thank you Hiccup. "No problem bud." Hiccup suddenly sat up. "Toothless, did you just talk?" Toothless just gave a gummy smile. How else would my mate be able to here me?



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