I have never fancied the idea of “last minute” holidays. You know the sort of thing where you pay the travel agent about 4-5 days before you are due to go and they tell you where you are flying to but the tour operator allocates your accommodation on arrival. I kept hearing stories of these people who had paid tiny amounts and ended up in five star hotels for two weeks but I felt sure that the vast majority would be staying in the hotels no one else wanted!

It was Louise's idea. We had already had our main holiday early that year in June and it was almost September. She saw holidays to the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean for little more than the cost of a few days in a London hotel braving the Autumn winds. We had been staying together for 3 years and had a flat, no children and two quite good jobs. At 27 and 28 we were old enough to know that we had better enjoy these last few years of freedom before we had to think seriously about family and commitment.

In a moment of madness I agreed!

I suppose, as in all erotic stories, you want to know a bit more about us? We had met through another girl I had been dating but not seriously. I liked Louise a lot and we went out together for about 12 months prior to moving in together. Louise looks almost businesslike. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, slim figure with a bum to die for. Nice hips and long legs complete the body. Her hair is actually medium/dark brown but she spends quite a lot on it and she has little blonde bits which really make her look sexy. She looks like the sort of girl who would hold doors open for men rather than the other way round. She looks like the sort of girl who, if you were to touch her bum, would turn round and smack you in the face. In fact, after a slow start and a few missionary position fucks, I have slowly stretched her imagination. I have a very fertile imagination and sadly, have not managed to persuade Louise to experiment sexually as much as I would like, however, she is pretty raunchy in bed.

Well I fucked her tied to the bedpost, blindfolded, fucked her in the arse after ripping off her pantyhose and she had dildoed me. She said while she was doing it that if she didn't know better, I looked as though I was wishing it was real. Actually, I think at the moment, I did! We have done a couple of home movies and I have taken a number of pictures of her. She doesn't know it but I have shared them with a couple of equally frustrated men with partners, on the internet. We often chat about what we would like to do to our wives and girlfriends and what we would like others to do to them. She is just so prissy in real life that I suppose I would have liked to see some guy throw her on the bed, rip off her briefs and shag her brains out. Unfortunately, her English prissiness wouldn't let that happen. When her briefs are off, she, trims her pubic hair into a neat “V” and her slit is quite a generous gash in her front with a very pronounced clitoris sticking out like a little cock. She's a noisy bugger when she cums though!

I suppose you want to know about me too? Tom here! I am six feet tall, quite well built, not too much tummy spread, and sandy blonde/red hair. A few freckles too mainly on my back and shoulders and down my arms. I am blessed or otherwise, with quite a generous red bush which I like to trim so my balls are hairless but the bush stays intact. Never had a complaint about the cock though, it's a healthy eight inches, bit of foreskin on the end and quite pale. It's a bit thicker than most I've seen and almost as thick as that dildo she stuck up me for pleasure.

So it's the following Monday morning and we are at Manchester Airport waiting for our charter flight to be called. It's 7.00 a.m. and already there are all these people on this chilly morning dressed for Spain in shorts. They are standing at the bar drinking pints of beer while my mind can't think beyond a pot of tea! At least the flight is only about 3 hours or so. Legroom in these aircraft is never great for a six feet tall guy and I always get the guy in front who wants to recline fully taking away what is left of the 29 inch legroom.

At Palma airport, we see the holiday representative and go over.

“Ah yes Mr Walker, you are going to Villa Sol in Magaluf,” she cheerfully announced, “It's a lively little hotel right in the middle of town so you'll save a fortune in taxis.”

We climbed on board the courtesy coach which seemed to be full of kids rather than grown ups. I felt quite old! The coach headed on the short trip to the Palma Nova then Magaluf resort and then trundled around dropping people off in ones and twos at their choices of accommodation. None of it particularly inspired me and when I reached our hotel, I was even less inspired. We were met with a wall of sound even though it was just after midday. A sign at reception proudly proclaimed “We are proud to serve Club 18-30 holidays!” Now I know we are under 30, but I had hoped for a little more sophistication. Louise just laughed!

“Well you wanted to relive your lost youth, most of these girls look young enough to be your daughters,” she said!

I was about to mention that we should complain when I saw three or four different young girls sit up on their elbows at the side of the pool, slide down their sunglasses, look and smile.”

“Well we'll just have to make the best of it,” I said.

“You already HAVE a fan club,” said Louise, flashing a smile at the girls by the pool, who waved back.

As we headed for our room, there were tits everywhere. Louise was looking at the young guys running around and splashing in the pool before climbing out again to repeat the procedure. I couldn't help but notice the prominent bulges in their shorts as the water drained from the front of them leaving the outline of their sexual organs clearly visible.

“Eye candy for us both then,” I said, nodding towards the guys!

Louise smiled.

We did what we said we would and decided to make the most of the holiday. After a rested afternoon we had a few drinks at a very quiet bar in the hotel, showered, changed and went out for dinner. We went on to a club and then headed home at around 1.00 am. The hotel was quiet and we went to bed. Around 2.30 a.m. we were wakened by a cacophony of noise. A quick look out of the window verified that most of our fellow guests had returned home and were having a party in their rooms, on their balconies and around the pool. We stood and looked at topless young girls and a few bottomless ones. Guys in and out of their swimming costumes were running around and in a corner, just below us, a young couple were shagging on a sunbed. We were horrified. Problem is that my erection was preventing me from tearing my eyes away from the couple beneath us. The angle was such that I could actually see his cock entering her.

Louise looked at them and me and said, “Pervert.”!

We went to bed and shagged!

Next day we were up and out moderately early. We had hired a car and wanted to explore the island. We drove over to view the monastery at Valdemosa and had a great lunch there. We returned in the late afternoon and had went down to the view to grab the last of the sun's rays. A group of young guys and couple of girls were drinking and chatting around the pool and we entered into conversation. By 6.30 pm, we had consumed a couple of bottles of wine and I had left Louise talking to three guys and a girl with me talking to two guys and two girls. It seemed that none of the guys/girls were together. The girls were here together and the guys were here together but they seemed to be happy to explore each other as the guys were definitely taking liberties with the girls and vice versa. We, though only a few years older, seemed like the parents rather than contemporaries. A glance across, however, proved that Louise was proving a hit with the guys as two of them flanked her and were chatting away in an animated way as only drunk guys can. As my slightly drunk mind floated in and out of the conversation around me, I heard one of the girls comment “……..bet you fuck like a rabbit!”

The comment brought me back to reality with a,”What?”

The young thing who must have been all of 18, repeated the comment.

I brushed it off with, “ Better ask Louise!”

Somehow, we extracted ourselves, showered and staggered out for dinner. Another bottle of wine, a few beers, a liqueur or two and we were back at the hotel at 2.30 am. As we headed for bed, we heard the beginning of the party. Louise looked at me and said, “Why not?”

We stumbled down to the poolside to find a group of about twenty partying in full swing. There were about 15 guys and only 5 girls but already there was some singing, fumbling and general nonsense going on. We recognised some of our earlier friends and were soon in the middle of the throng. Someone suggested a swimming party and everyone headed to rooms to change into swimming gear, including us. It was a balmy night and after the U.K. if was great to be outside drinking at this time of the morning. As I spoke to one of the guys, I felt a hand on my crotch and found the young 18 year old from earlier stroking my cock through my swimming trunks.

“Just checking out the equipment,” she said!

Louise had a compete entourage of young randy 18/10 year olds around her. One was jokingly rubbing his front against her rear and Louise was laughing and pushing back into him. I felt my cock rise. The young girl brushed again and looked suddenly shocked as she felt my semi-hard cock.

“Lucky girl,” she said nodding in the direction of Louise and then at my cock.

I looked across and the guys were certainly doing nothing wrong or threatening but the hope of getting into Louise's pants was noticeable in all their eyes. One gently tickled her and she tickled him back. I faded into the background and found a slightly shadowed area to quietly drink and watch. I found the heavy feeling of impeding sex a heady drug even if we were not going to be involved. By this time there were just three girls plus Louise, and seven guys plus me. Two of the girls were kissing a guy each and the third was passed out on a sunbed with a guy sitting alongside rubbing his hand under her swimming costume and into her sex. Louise had an entourage of four, two either side and seemed oblivious to the fact that I wasn't around.

I watched the guy with the sleeping girl. The bed was out of view from the hotel and his fingers were working their way up and down on her clitoris. Her costume was pulled aside, her legs were open and her sex was fully exposed to me. The young lad had his hand up his shorts and had pulled his cock down one leg to stroke his very erect cock as he fingered her. It didn't take him long as he shot long spurts of cum in a quantity that only 18 year olds can. Some landed on her leg before he aimed the rest on to the ground. My cock was painfully hard. Just then I heard my name being called as I saw Louise walking across the poolside. I walked towards her, trying hard to hide my erection.

“Tired.” She said?

“Yeah, a bit,” I replied.

“Let's head for bed then.” She shouted our farewells and got a rowdy response with a few comments about “enjoying ourselves,” as we headed upstairs.

“Nice crowd, aren't they,” she said once we were in our room and preparing for bed?

“They certainly liked you,” I replied.

“You weren't upset,” she asked.

“Quite the opposite,” I said, “It really turned me on seeing these horny guys, all wanting into your pants.”

“I have to say I am quite excited by all the attention,” she said as she took my hand and placed it on her front. My finger slipped into her and I found her sopping wet. “One of the guys took my hand and placed it on the front of his shorts,” she continued, “ And I know you are big but his cock was enormous.” “They others call him Hoss, which is short for Horse, due to his cock size.”

I started to push her on to the bed and pulled my swimming trunks off to release my hard dick. I entered her easily and started to fuck as I spoke. “Would you have liked Hoss's big cock in you the Louise?”

She mumbled as I fucked.

“I didn't hear you Louise.” “Would you like that horny stiff eighteen year old hard long cock inside you fucking like mad and shooting his warm load over your face?”

She came as she screamed, “Yessss,” and I shot a load in her which felt as though it was emptying my balls.

I slumped off her as I said quietly, “Well we'll need to see what we can do about it won't we?”

She looked at me with a puzzled expression and then gently fell asleep.

Next day we spent some time by the pool in the morning. We only saw a couple of the partygoers from the previous night and presumed the others were still sleeping it off. We went out for lunch and then did some shopping returning for an afternoon drink at the pool. By this time the place was alive with late teens and early twenties splashing and shouting and making the usual cacophony of noise we had been getting used to.

“Ho folks,” said a very merry Hoss as he bounded over and smacked Louise gently on the arse, “And how's my sexy love toy?”

Louise was slightly embarrassed as this was said at the top of his voice and answered with a lot of wolf whistles from the rest of them. We ended up by the bar at the pool drinking afternoon cocktails with most of the same crowd from the previous night. I had never seen Louise so relaxed. The guys really liked her. I presume that slightly upmarket air she gave was a turn on to guys more used to young slappers and her “hard to get style” was turning them on (and me).

I had a young 18 year old named Lisa on the bar stool beside me stroking my bare leg and running her fingers gently up the leg of my shorts. Louise was three stools down with three guys, including Hoss, around her. Every now and then there would be a roar of laughter and every now and then another Brandy Alexander would arrive. We ordered some burgers from the café to replace dinner and continued into the evening with the occasional dip in the pool. By nine o'clock, no one was going anywhere and we were a group of two girls plus Louise and four guys plus me.

One of the guys, Rick, said to me, “She's one hot sexy lady, your wife.” “Is she a good fuck?”

I was feeling pretty important so spent some time telling him in detail what she did. He was adjusting his stiff cock in his shorts.

“Now look what's happened,” he said, taking my hand before I could move and placing it directly on his erection.

I got quite a fright at this unexpected move but was finding the whole sexual overtone such a turn on that I squeezed his member and he softly said, “That's nice, I bet you know how to fuck well too!”

I was slightly confused how discussion about screwing my wife could so quickly change to me sitting in semi-public squeezing a guy's cock. He quickly placed his hand on my semi hard dick and gasped at its size. “I would love to see you fuck her while I rim your arse,” he said.

Now I WAS getting turned on at the prospect of fucking Louise in front of an audience. “Think she would go for it,” he continued?

“The way she's drinking, she may just change the habit of a lifetime,” I replied.

One of the guys had taken to kissing Louise's breast above her bra line and she looked over at me with a helpless shrug to which I smiled back reassuringly as if to say, “Go with it.” I noticed Hoss standing behind her obviously pressing his horse cock into her back while his friend was fondling her breast top.

The little girl, Lisa, was back at the other side of me fondling my erection as she pointed to Rick and said, “You've met my boyfriend?” “He swings both ways you know.” I must have looked blank as she said, “Likes guys and girls, preferably together, and so do I.”

“Oh,” I said in a nonchalant way as both hands started to stroke my cock and his hand slipped up my leg to rub against my briefs.

“I've got a few bottles of chilled wine and some beer,” shouted one of the three guys round Louise, let's go back to my place and party. With that, there were seven of us in his self catering unit, Louise and I, four guys and Lisa. The guys all stripped down to just shorts and nothing else and Lisa did exactly the same. Her breasts were small but extremely firm with a little swing up at the end and sweet little suckable nipples. I knew this because one of the guys went over and sucked them. I was helped out of my top and my shorts were pulled off leaving me in a pair of white briefs, my erection now diminishing slightly. Louise applauded with the rest of them and promptly pulled off her bra to stand there in her shorts.

“Now we are all equal,” she announced.

“And horny,” said Hoss as he looked at her breasts. Louise had quite large breasts which were firm and stayed up extremely well without support. Compared to Lisa she was about twice the size. Hoss lifted her right breast and kissed the nipple as he looked at me, winked and shouted, “Ok mate?”

“Help yourself,” I said, feeling my cock fill very rapidly with blood. Within two minutes, it had broken free of my briefs and was sticking out of the leg. Lisa dropped to her knees and popped it out fully to lick the head in full view of all.

Louise walked over and said, “Here, let me show you.”

She yanked my briefs down and off leaving me naked, dropped to her knees, gripped my balls and started to suck me, gently pulling back the foreskin and sucking the head, then licking the side and round under my balls. Rick stood behind me and I felt his erection in my back. It was now or never. I lifted Louise gently up and pulled off her shorts and little briefs. I lay her back on the bed, opened her legs and started to lick her out. Everything else stopped as they all watched. I climbed on top and entered her, pushing my eight inches in to the hilt. She needed no preparation as she was sopping wet. Everyone watched as I fucked her to an orgasm. I pulled out and left her gripping the bed and before she had a chance to change her mind I said quickly, “Who's next?”

Hoss dropped his pants and revealed a cock which had to be ten inches long and very thick. “Me,” he said and climbed on to her. She gave me one quick nervous look as though to say “Should I,” and then he pulled a condom out of a drawer and stretched it over his massive cock before entering her.

Lisa was sucking me again and Rick was holding my cock base and balls as she did it. All the guys were standing around naked and wanking. Their cocks varied from 5 inches, to six inches to seven inches. I heard Louise orgasm again with a scream. Hoss withdrew and then next guy did the same. I grabbed Lisa and lay her on the bed. I pulled on a condom and fucked her. This was my first fuck other than Louise for years. I was lying beside Louise as she got fucked, and looked at her as I fucked a complete stranger. Rick had done what he said and was rimming me. I am very sensitive there and it was wonderful. Then I felt him try to enter me. There was no way that was going to happen.

I stopped my fucking and Hoss took my place. Rick rubbed dome hand lotion on his arse and bent over the bed, grabbing my cock as he did so. I pushed him down, doggy fashion and entered his arse. This was a first for me – fucking a guy. Louise watched as she was being entered by the second guy. I was well into Rick and the feeling of this tight arse gripping my cock was amazing. I fucked and fucked with no one paying any heed to me. I assumed they knew Rick's interests. I was close to cumming so stopped and as I pulled out, I was amazed to see Hoss take my place. “I love a tight arse,” he said as he very forcibly rammed his cock into Rick. It was amazing to see over ten inches of male flesh disappear into another man. I had a feeling that Rick had had this cock in him before.

The final guy was fucking Louise. She was on her back with her legs up in the air and this young lad was between them his firm young buttocks bouncing up and down. I looked down from behind and I could see his cock actually slide in and out with Louise's moisture glistening on the full length. I had to touch it and placed my hand between his legs, cupped his balls as they bounced then gripped his shaft as it slid in and out. He looked at me, stopped for a second then just started again .I was being rimmed again by Rick as he stood behind my exposed arse and he in turn was still being pummelled by Hoss.

I decided to take the bull by the horn and turned, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Hoss's fucking was pushing it in and out of my mouth and I quite liked the sensation. There was a slight salty taste of sweat and pre-cum which was quite enjoyable until my mouth suddenly found itself awash with more fluid than I could handle. I tried to pull my mouth off as a jet of warm cum splattered on my face, followed by another and another. Rick certainly had a copious storage of cum and I had just tasted it. The cum was running down my face and to a great applause from the rest. I bowed and took my finger to collect the drops and one of the younger guys, obviously thinking this was a joke, sprayed a thin and forceful jet of watery cum straight at my face too. This jet hit with such force that it actually hurt.

There was now a competition and Lisa, lying on her back being fucked by one of the guys who had just pulled out of Louise, got the burst from him and he pulled out, ripped off his condom and aimed at her face and neck. “Yes,” she screamed.

I saw Louise lying with her cunt open and empty for the first time and took the opportunity to dive on to her and fuck her until I came and she came at the same time, an unusual occurrence for us. I fired my load into her and as I pulled out, Rick said, “May I,” as he bent between her legs and started to lick her out. His tongue was glistening as my copious quantity started to find the easiest way back out of Louise's gaping cunt. She shuddered a final orgasm as he lapped her.

Hoss climbed up and started to wank over Louise's face, his big cock slapping her from time to time as he wanked. His thick load came out in three massive thick dollops and landed on her chin and breasts and he was quickly followed by the last young fair haired 18 year old who received an applause for his watery but generous fountain of cum over Louise.

There was a round of applause and we found four other guys standing by the open sliding doors, cocks in hand, watching. We clamoured for clothes in that embarrassing aftermath of unusual sex, making small jokes as we pulled on our clothes. Louise and I bade farewell and headed back to our room for a post mortem.

Far from being guilty, Louise was still horny and I had to finger her to another orgasm as we talked about what had just happened. She had loved it and once reassured that I loved her more rather than less, we decided that we were going to make the most of our remaining ten days in the sun.

The following morning, we sneaked out for the day, as Louise was feeling a little guilty about being a slut the night before. We had a great day travelling around the island in a little hired Fiat visiting Porto Soller for lunch and back round the mountainous top of the island. We went to our room and had a snooze before showering to prepare for a night on the town. We were sitting on our small patio area finishing our first bottle of wine when I heard a couple of whispering voices off to the left from a footpath through the grounds.

“Yes it IS her.” “I'd know these tits anywhere,” said the voice in the darkness.

Louise went to say “What the……..,” When I put my finger to my mouth to keep her quiet.

“Fancy some fun Louise,” I said loudly? “Come on!” I stood and took her hand, leading her into the room through the patio doors making sure they were left wide open.

The room was semi dark but the light from outside cast a glow around it. I had recognised the voice as one of the young lads who had been standing by the door the previous night. I stripped Louise's top off and started to kiss her tits. I dropped my shorts and stood with my cock straight out. She went down and started to suck my cock. I could make out the shapes by the door and figured there were three guys standing just to one side of the patio doors to avoid casting shadows. I could make out hands on crotches as they rubbed and watched. I pulled Louise's shorts down and then her briefs leaving her naked as I fingered her wet cunt. She lay on the sofa, legs open and facing the door. Two days ago, Louise and I had a monogamous, heterosexual relationship and already here I was getting really excited showing my hard cock to heterosexual young lads and eagerly wanting them to fuck my wife. Worse than that, she was eagerly waiting for it. I could just make out the shapes by one half of the semi-opened patio doors.

I said, “We're going to close the doors now guys, either come in and watch or you won't see anything else.”

Slowly the shapes emerged and three young lads fumbled into the room, their cocks stiffly pushing the front of their shorts out at the front.

I walked behind them and closed the door and curtains, putting on a small light as I did so. They were indeed the audience from the previous night. I presume they had to be eighteen to be here but none of them looked it. They had that ungainly look of teenage schoolboy virgins. All were attractive in a young way with hair unkempt or perhaps fashioned to look unkempt. One thin guy who stood at the front looked like a young David Beckham with his spiky, blonde streaked hair and wearing his Manchester United football top and shorts with an obscene lump at the front. His first friend, was of Asian/Indian descent about an inch shorter than his 5 feet 9 inch friend and wearing slightly more fashionable shorts and jet blue/black hair. The third was the tallest at about 5 feet 11 inches and slim. He was a little rougher looking with tattoos on his arm and also wearing longish self coloured natural shorts and a t-shirt. All stood looking at Louise and I couldn't help but be excited as I stood naked in front of these young lads.

I stood Louise up and kissed her. As she stood there I positioned my stiffly upright cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed upwards into her. I started to shag. The David Beckham lookalike was first to take his cock out. It was about 6 inches long, uncut with a dark fuzz of hair above it and around his ample balls. I beckoned him over and handed him a condom out of my toilet bag. “Fuck her,” I commanded.

The sight of him rolling the condom on to his cock and knowing he was going to fuck Louise was so exciting I felt I was going to shoot without even touching my cock. He turned her round and bent her over. I stood beside him as he struggled to gain access and took the bold step of gripping his rigid cock and guiding it into her. He didn't complain at all, which I found very erotic. I just hoped I could hold on until it was all over.

He stood with his shorts at his ankles and his top still on as his friends dropped their shorts too. The Asian guy seemed to have about 7 inches and though it looked uncut, the skin was peeled back to expose a lighter purple-coloured head, His taller friend was quite long, probably about 7.5 inches to 8 inches but amazingly thin. It was like a wide pencil with the red head peeking out of slightly tight foreskin at the end. He was eagerly wanking.

I said, “Guys, I must be honest and tell you that as straight as I am, the sight of you all standing with stiff cocks about to fuck my wife is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced so please indulge me if I stare at your cocks, they are really turning me on.”

The tall one, obviously took this as his opportunity to be leader of the pack, which I had been until that moment. He walked forward, looked ay me and said, “Ok cunt, suck it!”

I spluttered incredulously, “ Me?”

He just repeated the words, “Suck it!”

I looked at Louise who was bent double facing me and just reaching her first orgasm with David Beckham up her twat and she winked and nodded towards the guy's stiff organ.

I walked slowly over and dropped to my knees in front of him. The cock lunged straight at me and into my mouth before I could change my mind. The flavour was unusual, slightly aromatic and salty with a moistness that I assumed was precum. I gripped the cock with my right hand and started to suck gently on the head. “Fuck, that's great,” he said.

His Asian friend came alongside and started to push his cock at me. I moved off the one and on to the other. It was slightly drier and was quickly moistened with my saliva. The head was easier to suck and I quickly had a rhythm. I held the other cock and stroked as I sucked the dark meat then swopped back and forth. Their eyes were fixed on Louise though and my tall friend soon made his way across to put his cock in her mouth. The fact that a cock I had just sucked was in Louise's mouth and was soon going inside her brought me to an almost drugged high! I sucked the Asian frantically, almost greedily while cupping his balls. I licked his hairy balls and the full length of his stiff cock as little trickles of clear liquid bubbled out of the head and strung from my lips each time I pulled back. My jaws started to ache so I stood up. I was amazed as the Asian lad dropped to his knees and took my full cock in his mouth. I was no expert but this was not his first time. People used to say jokingly in the pub that guys give the best head. Let me tell you, this WAS the best head I had ever had. I had to stop him or he would have had a mouth full of cum.

Louise lay on her back on the floor and tattoo guy, pulled a condom over his thin cock and lay on top of her. He slid his pencil cock into her and started to fuck frantically, The Beckham lookalike, came round and sat just behind her head, letting his balls rest on her face and his cock dangle down the full length of her mouth. She kept trying to suck it but it popped in and out of her mouth. I went over to her and knelt down so that my mouth reached her mouth and kissed her with this lovely stiff cock bouncing in and out of both of our mouths. At that moment, I loved her more than I ever had! Asian boy, was now at my bottom and had donned a condom, rubbed some of Louise's vaginal lubricant on his dick and was trying to fuck me. The head hurt like hell.

I mumbled something like, “I don't think so,” to which he apologised for hurting me.

“I've always wanted to try,” he said.

“Well I haven't really thought about it,” I replied, “but if you take it really easy – really easy, we'll see how far we get!”

Meanwhile his two pals couldn't give a shit what he was doing. Tall guy was fucking Louise like a madman and Beckham was getting his cock sucked by two people and was gasping, whimpering and uttering the odd “Jeez!”

He came without any warning and splattered a bucket of cum on Louise mainly. It hit my lips and cheek and ran down on to her face and into her mouth. Louise doesn't mind cum but it was all new to me and I gagged slightly. She had his cock in her mouth and was obviously slurping each jet and he groaned each time he jerked and went “Ahh.” I had to assume the quantity was copious. “Fucking ace,” was the compliment at the end of it.

At this moment I realised I had a stiff feeling inside me. I reached my hand round to check Asian boy's progress and found about 4 inches of thick cock inside my hole. He was slowly pushing and withdrawing, then waiting and doing it again. The pain was muted and not as I expected.

We were all suddenly brought back to life with a loud, “Oh yes,” from tall guy who was hammering into Louise's cunt like a piston engine. Each push was met with a “Fuck, fuck,” and he was obviously reaching his grand finale too. He pulled out and the wilting cock showed a condom with the sort of spunk quantity that only an 18 year old can produce. “Bloody magic,” was his compliment.

We were in this slightly embarrassing situation that I was kneeling on the floor with a young Indian teenager half way up my virgin hole, while my wife lay in front of me, her legs apart, face covered in cum and two other teenagers were anxiously trying to dress. I hadn't cum, Asian boy hadn't cum and my wife had cum twice but needed more! I wanted to take this moment further so decided to take control again as the first two started to dress with no thought for the horny threesome in front of them. Talk about “wham bam thank you mam!”

“I think your friend want his turn at my wife,” I said, “So we'll all meet you at the bar in 20 minutes – drinks on us.”

“Fine mate,” was the reply as they slipped out of the door adjusting slowly diminishing erections through their shorts as they went.

“You can fuck my husband,” said Louise when they left,” As long as you fuck me too.” “I would love to see some black meat going into my cunt,” she continued. I was still kneeling, doggy-fashion as the Asian guy fucked me quite steadily. I was really enjoying this full feeling in my guts and he held my hips and fucked me. Louise had positioned her dripping cunt over my upstretched face and was allowing me to lick her juices as I was being pummelled. I felt so…….passive! It was a strange but exciting experience for someone who was always expected to be in control.

“I have to stop,” he said, “Or I will cum.”

He pulled out (and I was secretly pleased to see that my quirky need to keep myself anally clean had paid off). He changed condoms and asked Louise to also go doggy fashion alongside me. He was in her a lot more quickly than his entry to me. I decided to scuttle under Louise into a “69” position so that she could suck me and I could watch this black meat fucking her at close range and lick his balls as he fucked her. Louise came very quickly – her loudest of the afternoon! I was licking her clitoris at the time and the combined effort of pumping cock and tongue seemed to do the trick. The guy pulled back and slipped off the condom letting a great dollop of cum splatter down on my face and mouth. “Good God,” I thought, “Cum is like buses, never tasted any and I get two lots in one afternoon.” This time I swallowed some. I'm not sure if I could become addicted to the liquid but it seemed the right thing to do at the time.

We all collapsed. “Daman,” he said, holding out his hand, “It means the controller.”

“Tom and Louise,” I said, shaking him back and laughing at the fact that we introduced after fucking.

“Well that was really something,” he said. “I have always wanted to have a threesome, never mind a fivesome and I have always wanted to fuck a guy for some reason – but both in one afternoon!”

“Well we aren't exactly experts in this area either,” I said. “What you saw last night was our first attempt at anything other than monogamous sex.”

“Sure had me fooled,” he laughed.

It turned out that Daman lived just 55 miles from us at home so we were looking forward to more fun with him on our return.

We showered and joined the others.

We had a couple of shorter sessions during the rest of our break but somehow the exhausting wild sex had made us hornier for each other and we had some great sex on our own during the holiday. Louise said she would like to share me with another woman some time and I realised that the more she was attractive to other guys the more valuable I realised she was to me.

So next time you are offered a last minute deal be sure it might be more value for money than you at first thought!



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