Jeff lay in the little room, wrapped up around a corner because there was no room to stretch out, as the minutes slowly stretched into hours. There was no way to tell time in here. He couldn't even jack off to relieve the pressure inside his head or swelling his cock, which bent at a painful angle inside its metal cage.

Idly he fingered his own asshole, trying to recapture some of that full feeling he'd had all day... somehow it had come to seem a comfort. He tasted his own fingers, and then spit out the saliva in his mouth. He was sick. Disgusting. A pervert. And he was afraid of the unexpected wave of desire that came over him at the thought.

Again he dozed off, for lack of anything better to do. When he awoke, his muscles were badly cramped. Painfully he sat up, trying to find a better position in the tiny cell. He wondered how many others had shared this space in the past, willingly, if he was to believe Master Nate.

He couldn't tell what time it was - he thought it might be some time monday night, but he'd lost all track of time. He felt his way around the space by touch - cinder blocks, all cemented tightly together. The floor was smooth concrete, sealed, with a circular hole in the middle about as big as his fist.

In one of the top corners, above the heavy metal door, he felt something round and smooth. A camera lens.

Startled, he dropped back down against the back wall.

They had a camera in here.

They could be watching him in infrared. He could be on a website somewhere, naked, cged, humiliated.

His cock swelled even bigger, if that was possible. Ashamed, he turned away, putting his back to the camera.

He didn't sleep again that night. Instead he tossed and turned, and when the door finally opened, it was a relief to see a little light again.

The door creaked open, and he was momentarily blinded.

Something splashed down on him, a hot stream of liquid. "Open up, boy," his Master called, and his jaw dropped open to take in the yellow stream. Already he felt broken down. The liquid was especially strong this morning, as it rolled past his tongue and down his throat.

His Master finished his morning piss, and followed it up with a cold splash of water. He slid something into the cell. "Eat quickly. Your training starts in ten minutes." The door slammed shut.

He was starving. He scrambled forward in the dark and sniffed the bowl. It smelled foul, but he wasn't ready to be picky. He took some in his hands and took a bite. It tasted like meat. Sort of. It slid down his throat and triggered a full-blown growl from his stomach. He gave up his reservations and wolfed it down.

Partway through, his cock, which had been flagging, popped up again. Another pill.

He licked the plate clean, too hungry to be disgusted with himself, and before long the door opened again. His Master eyed the empty plate. "You like Alpo, huh? Good boy." He patted toilet slave's bare head.

Jeff choked. Dog food? He'd been eating dog food?

"Don't worry. We fortify it with all the vitamins an minerals you need. Plus a little something extra." He grinned. "Now get your ass out here, and stay on all fours. It's time to begin your training."

Jeff hesitated, not sure he liked the sound of that. He still felt ravenous, too.

"Get your ass out here, slave boy." His tone was quiet but dangerous. Jeff hurried to comply, scampering on all fours down the stairs like a monkey after his Master. When had he started thinking of this man as his Master?

Master Nate was dressed as he had been in the hotel - assless leather chaps and harness, but this time he had a leather whip in his hand.

Jeff kelt before Master Nate, uncertain what was expected of him. For long minutes nothing happened, and he looked up...

...and felt a sharp pain accompanied by a snap across his back.

"First rule. Never look up without permission. Always stare at the floor in the presence of your Master."

Jeff whimpered. His back was on fire.

"Next rule. Never speak unless your Master specifically asks you to."

"Yes, Sir..."


"I didn't ask you to speak, toilet slave."

Jeff tried very hard to keep from sobbing. He never knew he could be so weak, especially in front of another man.

"Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes sir," he said, and flinched, but no new pain came.

"Very good. You might be salvageable yet. Stand up."

Jeff struggled to his feet, keeping his gaze down. Every muscle ached, and the two stripes across his back felt pulsed with pain.

A hand came around his neck, affixing a new collar there. A small click as a lock snapped shut.

Then fingers removed the cock cage, freeing his erection to stand out straight in front of him. Hi felt like he was in a testosterone fog.

A plastic and leather contraption was attached around his cock and balls, attached to a belt, and another dildo was inserted up his ass and held in place. He gasped a little but supressed it.

Master Nick came around in front of him, and pulled up his chin. "I want you to look at me for a moment."

He looked into his Master's brown eyes.

His Master fiddled with a remote control contraption. "OK, I want you to say your name - the one you had before I found you. You won't be punished for it this time."

Jeff paled. He remembered what had happened the last time he said it. "J... Jeff." He managed.

"Again," Master nick said, fiddling with a button on the remote.


"Again. For the last time."


"Ok, perfect. Now your new name."

"T... toilet slave."


"Toilet slave."

"Perfect. Kneel."

Jeff practically dropped to the floor. Nothing happened for a few minutes, and he memorized the stains and cracks in the concrete floor.

Finally, his Master spoke. "What is your old name, slave?"

"Jergghhhh!" he said, as a shock of electricity surged through his body from his ass to his neck. The pain stopped suddenly and he collapsed to the floor, panting heavily.

"That might be set a little high. Let's see." A minute passed, and he said "Let's try it again."

Jeff refused to open his mouth this time, but as soon as he heard the question, the pain surged in him again, though not as bad as the last time.

"Yes, that's better. This is an improvement on the one I used on you at the hotel. Rick worked this one up... he's a neuroscientist. He has so many great ideas... This one can connect the shape of a brain wave with a word or concept. It's now tuned to your old name. Every time you even think of the name Jeff..."

Pain coursed up and down his spine.

"Quite effective as a teaching tool. And I can also operate it manually." He dmeonstrated, and Jeff ground his teeth. "Now I won't let it be said that I'm not fair. I've also set it to reward you when yu think about your new name. What's your new name, boy?"

"Toillll...." waves of pleasure rushed through him.

"For the next few days, as you are learning to accept your new identity, you will feel that rush of pleasure from the dildo in your ass every time you think about your new name. But think about "Jeff"...


"Jeff no longer exists. Instead, toilet slave has come to serve Master Rick and Master Nate. Repeat that, boy."

"Toile..... toilet slave has come to serve Master Rick and Master Nate."

"If you behave, boy, you will get to know pleasure like you have never dreamed of, at times, when it pleases me. You'll also know great humiliation, great pride at being a good slave, and sometimes, great pain."

Jeff thought about its new name. Toilet slave... pleasure. No! His name was J... Pain.

His Master kneeled before him and pulled his face up again. "You are learning your new place in life. That's good. Remember, this collar will also go off if you go within 15 feet from the house without my permission, and it wil incapacitate you. Do you understand me, toilet slave?"

"Yes sir."

"Good boy. One more piece of gear for you to complete the look. I think we'll leave the cock cage off for now. Instead, we'll use these."

He pulled out two leather balls. "These are hand mitts. They will cover your hands and make them useless unless I need them for something. They will keep you from jacking off in your cell."

He took a roll of duct tape and clenched the slave's hand into a fist. He wrapped the tape around it tightly, and then fit the first mitt over toilet slave's right hand, securing and locking it. "And over time, with enough wearing, we should be able to fuse your fingers together into a decent approximation of a paw."

Jeff jumped involuntarily. Oh God, what have I gotten into? But his cock swelled even harder.

His Master noticed. "Thought your twisted little mind might like that. I've decided to make a dogslave out of you, boy. A toilet dog slave. Each day we'll work on a little something, a little tweak here and there. From some of the stories I read on your hard drive, I thought that would appeal to you. And I've always wanted a dog. A dog I could fuck and whip and piss on and into." He wrapped the other hand, and placed the mitt over it, locking it in place too.

"Maybe I'll add a little something to your food to promote body hair growth. Maybe Master Rick will try a little hypnosis. Maybe we'll eventually even neuter our little pup."

Jeff shivered, and felt the waves of pleasure wash through him at the thought of his new name. Oh God, Oh God... part of him wanted this so badly. Part of him wanted to be made over in his Master's desires. To some small part of him, all this felt... right.

But he shook his head mentally. I'm not like this. I don't want this. I will escape. My name is J....

Pain exploded through him, and he collapsed to the floor.

"That's right, boy, test your limits. I will wear you down. You already feel it, don't you? Every time I say toilet slave, you feel a rush of love and warmth spread through you. Every time I tell you that you will never leave here, you feel a rush to your cock. The one's from that ingenious device planted in your ass - it knows your name. But taht other rush you feel, when you know that I own you - that one's on you."

No, you're wrong, Jeff thought. But he said nothing.

"Good boy." Master Nate patted him on the head. "OK, now we're going to teach you a few things. This little device," and he held up the remote control, "has a few other nifty functions. First, I can tap out a code here..." and he demonstrated it, tapping once. "And you will feel it down here." Master Nate touched his asshole. Toilet slave felt the corresponding vibration up his ass.

"You feel that, toilet slave?"

"Yes, sir." Shivers dow his spine.

"OK, here's the code, for now. One buzz means it's time to do one of your primary duties - to suck down your Master's piss. I told you yesterday, from now on, every time I piss, you will be there. Every time I shit, you will be there. You are now my own personal toilet, on command. If you feel this buzz when you are awake, you will come to find me. If you feel it when you are asleep, you will come find me. You will kneel before me and open your mouth to accept my piss. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"I only wash myself once a week when I'm on the ranch, so it will smell very manly down there." He pressed the button, and the dildo in toilet slave's ass buzzed once.

Toilet slave looked up at his master blankly, and suddenly pain coursed through him.

"What does one time mean?"

"I c..c..come and find you, Sir, and present myself with my mouth open."

"Then do it."

Jeff raised himself to his knees and opened its mouth. His Master put his thick cock into the slave's mouth, and released a flood of piss down its throat. Toilet slave gagged and spit out some of the piss on the floor. The pungent odor of his Master's crotch repelled and attracted the slave at the same time.

"You'll learn how to swallow properly with practice. Every drop you spill on the floor will be licked up afterwards."

The stream seemed to go on forever, and Jeff learned quickly how to swallow it without choking.

"Good boy." His Master pulled his flaccid cock out of the slave's mouth, shaking the last few drops of piss off on its face. "Now clean this up." He pushed toilet slave's face down onto the floor, and put his boot on the slave's face, pressing it into the puddle of piss.

Jeff winced, thanking God that the shoes weren't spikes. Still, he was sure there'd be an imprint on his face.

"Lick." His Master lifted his boot. Toilet slave did as he was told, and soon the floor was clean. -er.

"You're learning quickly. I hoped that would be the case. I can also reward you for good behavior." That pleasure sensation washed over toilet slave again. "But don't come to expect it."

The pleasure drained away, and reality flooded back. Here he was who knew how many miles from civilization, naked, collared, his hands useless at his side, filled with his Master's piss. A slave. A toilet slave for a Master. The pleasure flooded back.

"Now listen up, boy. Your next lesson. Once a day on most days, twice on some others, you'll feel this."

His ass buzzed twice. If one buzz was piss... He could feel his face redden.

"You understand, I see, boy. This is the other major part of your duties, for now. Follow me." His feet turned, and toilet slave scampered after him across the floor. "Stand up, boy," his Master commanded, and he did. "You have permission to look."

Jeff did. It looked like a big wooden throne, raised two steps off the floor, but the seat was ivory, curved, and had a big hole in the middle.

"This is where you will learn to worship me in a manner that will forever bind your slave soul to me. Follow me."

He led his slave around the back of the throne. It was hollow, There was just enough room for him to crouch down inside. "When you feel this," and he pressed the button twice again, sending up vibrations deep inside his slave, you will come here, crouch inside, lift up your face, and wait for me. Do it now, boy." He kicked toilet slave, who hesitated.

Not this, Jeff thought. Anything but this. "Please sir.. don't make me... don't make me do this."

"Did I say you could speak?" his master said in a deadly-quiet voice.

"No sir." The toilet slave was shaking all over.

His master unexpectedly put a hand on his arm. "It will get easier, boy. You just have to unlearn some of the stupid things society has taught you about how a male is supposed to act. Now get in there." The last had an edge.

Jeff hastened to comply, still shaking, but noticeably less.

"Now sometimes it may take some time before I arrive to give you my gift. You will wait here for as long as it takes. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir," the slave called out from beneath the throne.

He heard heavy steps, then his Master's ass settled down right above him. He could feel the curly hairs of his Master's crack on his nose.

"Breathe in deeply, boy."

He did as he was told, smelling the mingled scents of sweat and shit and body odor. Oh God, I wish I could jack off. His hard cock mocked him.

"You will learn to take in my shit as you take in my cock. You will love it, carress it with your mouth, take it all the way down. You must learn to relish the shame that comes with this, to let it push you into s submissive place. Let it remind you that you are no longer a human being, that you have no rights, no say, that this disbasement is what you deserve."

As he spoke, his shit began to squeeze out of his ass directly above Jeff's mouth.

Jeff drew back, but there was nowhere to go. A sudden rush of pleasure flooded through him from inside his ass, and he was overwhelmed. He opened his mouth and accepted his master's shit, sucking on it as if it were his first cock. It sickened him but that just drove him harder, pushed him down to the depths of his soul.

"You're a sick, disgusting animal, boy. You know you like it, and you know how twisted it is that you are sucking down a man's shit, how fucking twisted and sick you must be because, in spite of yourself, you like it."

Oh God, what am I doing? he thought, and it only drove him harder. He sucked on his master's shit, feeling the bitter taste of it on his tongue, down his throat. If only Samantha could see me now... if anyone saw him, sucking and chewing with shit between his teeth. His cock pulsed beneath him, but he couldn't touch it.

"Not only do you like it, you need it. You need to eat my shit, to prove to yourself that you are worth less than nothing, that you deserve to be exactly where you are." His Master pushed his shit farther into toilet slave's mouth. "This is the ultimate bonding between man and slave. Once you learn to accept my gift, learn to love it, you are mine, because only I can give this to you. Only I can bring you to this place. Chew it, shit slave!"

Jeff did as he was told, chewing and swallowing the shit in large chunks.

"I have done this for many years, boy, and I have learned some things. This is about power. Remember, you used to be free. You used to have choices. And now you have none. Only this. Only debasement. Endless humiliation. Shame. A mouth that's fit only for shit."

The last of his long shit dropped into Jeff's mouth, and the pleasure fired up inside him from the dildo again. His cock pulsed, and he came, wildly, over and over, his whole body shuddering, with the taste of shit in his mouth. Then the shame hit him like a wall.

"You just came, boy. You were just turned on in a way you have never been before by eating a man's shit. What does that make you, boy?"

"Your toilet slave, Sir," Jeff mumbled, red-faced with abject shame.

"Louder, boy."

"Your toilet slave, sir!" He cried silently at what he was becoming.

"Now is the hard part. Without the pleasure, without the drive to cum. Open your mouth, boy."

"No, sir, please..." he couldn't stand the shame.

"This is where you learn that, no matter what you want, no matter how much you detest it, you must do what I say. Open your mouth, boy."

Jeff complied, tears rolling down his face.

"Is it open, boy?"

"Yes, sir."

"Now take this in and chew it slowly and swallow."

All the pleasure was gone. He wanted only to slink away into a corner and hide and die of shame He had let this man shit in his mouth. He had wanted it. And he had liked it. But that was all gone.

Another shit appeared above his face.

"Take it, boy."

He complied, taking it in his mouth. Every fiber of his being refused, but he forced himself to do it, though he gagged several times.

"The longer you chew, the longer this goes on," his Master said.

He took it all in, tasting the bitter shit taste without the pleasure, without the drug of shame and lust.

Finally, he swallowed, and the ass above him lifted.

A moment later, strong hands helped him out from under the throne. "Very good, boy. Very good. Now kneel down and lick up that cum - we always keep this room clean."

Jeff felt broken. He fell to the ground and lapped up his own cum obediently.

"Good boy." His Master attached a leash to his collar and led him back to his cell. "Sleep for a little while. There's much more for you to learn today, but I have chores to do."

He detatched the leash, and the door clanged shut, and Jeff was alone in the dark with his thoughts. He lay in the dark, the taste of shit filling his mouth, his throat, his mind. He replayed it in his head over and over again - the smell of it, the taste of it, the desire of it, and knew something had changed inside him.

He had always thought the gay thing was just that. Just a matter of men vs. women. That he just longed for cock, not snatch. Sure, men were stronger. Sure, it would be nice to be bossed around a bit. But this...

This was something fundamentally different. Foundational. Something deep and dark had been revealed down in the depths of his soul.

God, something he wanted. How could he want this? His Master had been right - the shame of it had been a powerful drug, pushing him farther into his own debasement. Farther into his desire. And God, his cock was bouncing again at the thought of it, What was happening to him?

Toilet slave, toilet slave, toilet slave... the pleasure flooded back, tinged with shame.

He just lay there, curled up in the small space, for a long time.

Eventually, he turned over and sat up. He had survived the worst. He was still here. Yes, he had done things that made him sick, but his sense of self started to re-assert itself. It wasn't his fault. he hadn't ase for any of this. And Master Nate controlled his pleasure center. Who wouldn't feel this way?

Slowly he resolved to get himself out of this. He would find a way. Jeff... he thought defiantly, pushing through the resulting pain - you will get out of this.




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