Kevin was sitting next to Wade trying hard not to look at his body, the way the water trickled down its form, along his spine, down his arms and along his legs. Wade's nakedness with him being fully dressed was all the more agitating, his arousal painfully confined in his jeans for Wade was so close, right next to him. His eyes scanned down Wade's chest, the smooth skin glistening wetly. He looked down further, quickly, eyes glancing back and forth, afraid Wade would catch him, see him looking at his cock, the way it lay over the sac, loose, in full repose, with its wrinkled skin along the shaft. For a long time he had fought these thoughts, these desires, but it was getting more difficult and it was his best friend Wade they revolved around. The image of Wade naked whirled through his mind when he masturbated or when the guys joked around about girls, telling of their sexual escapades in truth or in exaggeration, he had thought of sex with Wade, of doing things he couldn't admit to desiring. Now the temptation was so great, Wade's nakedness right here next to him, he found himself reaching over, slowly, his hand quivering with fear and longing till he was almost touching the bare thigh.


Wade had called him up last night wanting to know if he wanted to go try fishing in Jessie Brown's pond the next morning. Jessie Brown had been in a nursing home for years and his place was falling in ruin not having any family to keep it up. His fields were rented out but the house sat as it was the day he was taken away and in the back of the property in a section of woods was a small pond he had built forty years ago. No one ever went back to it and Wade's family had the land adjacent so Wade and Kevin planned to walk down to the small pond and see if they could catch anything.

Kevin showed up right after sun up wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts for he knew once the sun came up it would heat up quickly, the temperatures having been in the nineties during the day. He had his favorite rod and reel for fishing in tight areas, the rod short enough to work among trees and shrubs that may be along the bank of the pond and his smallest tackle box, one easily carried. Wade came out on the rear porch wearing a loose tank top and cargo shorts. Wade's dark skin allowed him to withstand more sun than Kevin could ever take, his own skin so fair, and Wade wore tank tops, t-shirts with the sides cut out of them, shirts with the sleeves ripped off, or more often than not, no shirt at all. He knew his body looked good, with his playing sports in high school, the weight training in practice and his labors on his family's farm and his dark hair only highlighted his skin tone even more. Kevin found himself once again looking at his friend with desire, averting his eyes quickly whenever Wade looked at him, trying hard not to be seen as staring at his body.

Kevin played sports too, did the same weight training and helped his father in his grading business, but he didn't fill out like Wade or some of the other guys, his body didn't bulk up. Instead he was tall and lean, his torso long with little definition, but he did have stamina, able to go all day in his labors with his father or stay in a game nearly the whole time running till his clothes were soaked with sweat. But he felt some self-consciousness about not appearing as muscular as Wade, didn't feel like he looked as mature, and when the guys flexed their muscles demonstrating their strength, he would stay to the side, quiet, feeling less manly, and it was exasperated more so by his secret desires, the ones that the other guys called queer, or worse.

Gear in hand they headed out as the dim early morning light pushed away the darkness cutting across a pasture heading toward the fence line and Jessie Brown's place. They didn't talk much at first, neither fully awake, as they made their way over the undulating ground to the fence. They climbed over at the back of the field where it wasn't grown up and made their way along the edge of the woods till they came to the narrow lane that cut through the trees down to the pond.

The pond was small, not more than fifty feet wide and a hundred feet long. Grass was growing up thickly along the bank and down into the swallow areas. Mist hovered over its surface and as the light of day fell over the pond dragonflies could be seen darting around the edge.

"Which way do you want to go? We can each work around to the far side and see if we catch anything" Wade said as the two of them prepared their rods putting on a lure they thought appropriate.

"It's about the same either way, with those grassy areas at each end. I'll go to the right I guess" Kevin replied. "You think there is anything in it?"

"Should be, but the question is will they bite."

They moved down the bank to the edge of the pond and cast out their lures, working them slowly back. Wade went left and Kevin went right as they made their way slowly around the pond casting their lures out in front of them was they went. Kevin got one hit on his lure, but it was a short quick pull, nothing of any size and he moved onward. Across the pond he saw Wade cast time and time again with no luck. Kevin moved to the back side, the bank steeper and the edge of the pond deeper and he cast closer to the edge working his lure back slowly. He was looking down into the clear water, searching for some movement, some evidence of fish being in the pond when he heard the splash and he knew instantly it was Wade.

Wade was in a sitting position about two feet out with water up to his chest. He was holding his rod and reel up over his head and for a moment it was quiet as the ripples of his slipping in moved over the surface of the pond.

"You okay?" Kevin asked trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, just slipped in when I tried to get down to the edge. Shit, I'm soaked."

Wade tossed his rod and reel on the bank and eased around on his hands and knees climbing slowly out of the pond. Kevin reeled in his lure and moved down to where Wade was standing, his arms held out from his sides as water dripped off of him.

"Shit, shit, shit" Wade uttered in disgust and Kevin began to laugh. "It's not funny." Wade looked up at Kevin and tried to remain serious but he began to laugh too.

"Thankfully I left my wallet in my room so it isn't wet too" Wade said as he slipped the tank top over his head. He laid it over some tall grass and reached down to the button of his cargo shorts.

"What are you doing?" Kevin asked with a little nervousness in his voice.

"Getting out of these wet clothes. I'll lay them out to dry. In this heat it shouldn't take long."

Kevin watched Wade slip the shorts down and work each leg free. He laid them down next to his tank top and then took his boxers by the waist and slipped them down his legs tossing them down next to his other things. Water glistened on his skin and Kevin found himself looking at his friend, the muscular torso and downward to the cock lying over its sac. When Wade stomped down some grass and sat down Kevin did the same next to him easing down beside him.

For a few minutes Wade talked and Kevin just listened, how the fish weren't biting, how there had to be fish in the pond and he rambled on about Jessie Brown and his failing health and how this place would be sold once he died and Wade wound around to the idea of buying the place for himself, expanding the pond. Kevin listened, knowing Wade was going to farm, was set up for college in the fall in agriculture and it meant their separation for he was joining the Peace Corps, and would be leaving in the fall as well, first for some training and then overseas. He tried not to think about it, this parting to come, and neither discussed it much when they talked of their plans and the arrangements set in place.

Wade eventually fell silent and the two of them just sat on the bank of the pond, grass around them as high as their shoulders, looking out over the pond and the surrounding woods. This was when it was the worst for Kevin, when his thoughts of Wade became more than a mere friendship, instead becoming sexual. He looked over at Wade time and time again, the smooth dark skin, the way the water made it glisten in the sunlight and how a few trickles of water cascaded down his body, following its contours, the masculine form bulging with muscle. He felt the racing of his heart, the way he felt anxious sitting here next to Wade with his nakedness. He felt the uncontrollable urge to touch him, to feel the warmth of his skin. He reached out, hand quivering as he moved it slowly across the short distance between them. Wade was sitting with his arms draped over his knees resting his head on them. Kevin assumed he was sitting with his eyes closed resting and he moved his hand over to within a fraction of an inch of Wade's thigh, so close he thought he could feel the warmth of Wade's body and his hand shook worse with his fear and longing. He closed the distance, just a slight forward movement then let his fear overtake him and he pulled back.

Wade moved so fast he didn't realize what was happening till Wade had him by the wrist holding his arm pulled out refusing to let him pull it back. Wade didn't say anything as he looked up at Kevin, his expression serious, unreadable to Kevin who was too scared to say anything or try to pull free. Kevin watched Wade's eyes look down at their hands with Wade's holding his in place down between them.

"Wade...please..." Kevin stammered, his voice squeaking with his fear.

Wade looked up at him and his expression relaxed and he suddenly looked at ease. Wade pulled Kevin's hand to himself, brought it to his chest and held it against the warm skin and Kevin could feel the beating of his heart.

"It's okay Kevin...I know" Wade whispered as he pushed Kevin's hand downward, slowly, letting it glide over his stomach and down to his cock. Kevin let his fingers open to it, feel the soft wrinkled skin and slide over the soft spongy head. Wade let go of his hand and leaned back on his elbows, his body stretched out fully exposed to the bright morning sun breaking over the trees, and to Kevin's gaze. Kevin wrapped his fingers around Wade's cock, felt it stir, flex slightly as it began to thicken and stretch out. Kevin manipulated it, ran his fingers along its growing length.

Wade grew erect quickly, his cock standing up rigid with Kevin's hand stroking up and down its length. He reached up and took Kevin by the neck and pulled him over. Kevin looked at him surprised, wondering what he was doing but Wade said nothing, instead he leaned toward Kevin as he pulled him over till he was able to kiss him, gently pressing his lips to Kevin's. When he let go of Kevin's neck he pulled back looking Kevin in the eye.

"Take off your clothes" Wade uttered and Kevin let go of his cock and sat motionless for a brief moment. Wade nodded to him and he pulled his t-shirt over his head revealing his long lean torso with skin so fair it shined in the bright sunlight. Kevin leaned back and undid his cargo shorts and pulled down the zipper. He lifted his ass and worked them down his legs. As he worked each leg free Wade reached out and ran his hand over Kevin's back, firmly caressing the skin letting his hand move along the spine and over each shoulder blade feeling their movement as Kevin removed his shorts.

Kevin looked at Wade, a moment of hesitation, but he nodded his head slightly and raised his ass once again to remove his brief. His hard cock bulged at the front, its outline clear beneath the soft white fabric and when he worked his briefs down his cock flopped out and smacked against his stomach, so hard it flexed as it hovered over his stomach.

A barrier was gone, something that kept him in check, prevented him from acting out on his desires, and Kevin turned to Wade, more aggressive with his nakedness, his own cock showing his desire, this longing for Wade, and he moved up next to Wade and leaned down kissing him as he took Wade's cock and stroked it. He felt the thick shaft slip easily through his fingers and when he rubbed them over the head he felt it flex in his hand. Wade lay back and Kevin moved up against him, one leg lying over one of Wade's so he could feel the warmth of Wade's body along his own, feel the life of it, the undulating of Wade's breathing, the slight pump of his hips every time he rubbed over his cock head.

Kevin moved down Wade's body, kissing his way along, lips over the flesh of Wade's chest, over each nipple, downward over the undulating stomach till he came to Wade's hard cock and he held it up, milked the shaft with his fist till a clear bead of pre-cum rose up at the slit and he lapped it up with his tongue making Wade moan beneath him. Then he put his lips to the head and pushed down letting Wade slide into his mouth, inch by inch till he had most of him. Moving his head up and down, Kevin worked Wade's cock, letting his tongue drag over its length and swirl over the head. He felt Wade's fingers comb through his hair and push his head downward making him speed up, work his mouth faster till he was mouth fucking himself noisily on Wade's cock.

"Oh fuck...I'm close" Wade uttered and Kevin pulled up letting Wade's cock slip from his mouth and he watched it flexed up and down with Wade's need. Kevin moved up over him, straddled his hips and reaching back to hold up his cock, and he rose up over it. He moved down till he felt Wade press against his hole and he rocked his hips back and forth stroking his desires, building up his need to feel Wade inside him, to feel the penetration and when he felt Wade push upward he sank down letting Wade's cock breach his hole and he cried out with the pain of the penetration. His cry echoed over the water as he held still waiting on his hole to loosen and the pain to disappear.

Wade's hands rested on Kevin's thighs and he gave them a soft squeeze as he watched Kevin relax, watched him ease down till his cock disappeared. Kevin moved downward till he was resting on Wade's hips with his cock completely buried inside his own hole. He stroked his own cock, felt the way it stimulated him, made his whole body feel ever touch, each sensation of Wade's cock inside his hole and he moved upward till only its head was in his hole and he moved back down, over and over, riding it, working his rhythm up to a rough fuck. He began to slam down on Wade's cock, to drive his body up and down harder and harder as he stroked his own cock. He began to rock his hips as he felt his cock swell up in his fist harder. Sweat trickled down his torso, ran in rivulets from his hair but he didn't slow, instead kept up his pace, worked his body on Wade's cock till he felt Wade squeezing his thighs, tightly, pushing upward into his hole and he slammed down hard, pumped his fist down his cock and came, ropes of cum flying out of his cock. He threw his head back, cried out as he unloaded, felt each hard flex of his cock as it ejaculated out his load and through it all he kept fucking his hole on Wade's cock, riding it in a rough rhythm until he heard Wade cry out and felt him buck upward beneath him and he knew Wade was filling his hole. Wade was pumping his hips upward in hard short thrusts grunting with each one until he held Kevin down on his cock pumping out the last of his load.

Kevin looked down and saw his cum had roped over Wade's face into his hair, over his chest and neck and pooled over his stomach. He leaned over and kissed Wade roughly, tasting his own load as he open mouthed kissed Wade, tongues dueling between them. Wade's hands rubbed upward along his back and sides then wrapped around his lean torso and pulled him down smearing cum between their bodies.

Spent and exhausted, Kevin rolled over next to Wade, both still breathing hard. Neither said anything for a long time, just lying there with Kevin running his fingers over Wade's chest smearing his cum.

"My clothes are still wet so we need to kill some more time" Wade said as he rolled up and over Kevin. His cock still hard and he moved over Kevin, kicked his legs apart and moved down between them. "I want to fuck you again" Wade whispered and Kevin smiled up at him as he wrapped his legs around Wade's waist turning his ass upward, spread open, ready for Wade to penetrate him again, to drive cock into his hole and fuck him.



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