The big Hollywood adventure was over. I got a chance to do more than just do a walkon role in my favorite television series. I also got a chance to meet my hot fantasy male star. Actually I got to do more than that, but this is a new part of the story.

Life returned pretty much to normal, once I returned home. I went back to working two jobs, and my usual routines. There was only one upcoming event that was not part of my normal life. That Fall, the episode, featuring my short acting career, was going to air.

Sean Riley had kept in touch with occasional e-mails, to let me know how the episode was panning out. It turns out that they refilmed the episode with the original actor. Turns out the test audience actually liked me better than that actor. Guess I was more believeable as a gay rookie cop. Go figure. Sean said they probably wouldn't have bothered to refilm, if there wasn't some S.A.G. red tape that said they had to. So they refilmed, paid the actor, and then cut his part out. There was nothing in his contract that said they had to use his part and not mine. They got around the Actor's Guild because of the promotion that I had won in the first place. Basically, because of the promotion, they had to at least guarantee I was in the episode. Lucky Me!

Sometimes I wish Sean would have been a little more personal, but I realized that even e-mails aren't always safe for someone like Sean. Besides, it was realy nice of him to keep in any kind of contact, I mean, he was a star and I was just a regular guy a thousand miles away.

As the date of my Television acting debut, drew near and I knew for sure it was gong to air, David, my boss at the bar where I deejay on weekends, got in on the act. Never one to allow a potential draw for the bar to slip away, he began planning a big bash for the night the episode was to air. Since the episode was the fourth one, he made Tuesday nights,Guardian night.

He offered free food, cut price drinks and plastered my poor mug on posters all over the bar and in the local gay paper.

Basically being a shy guy, I didn't much care for all the attention, but I also had to support a part of my livlihood, so I just gritted my teeth and bore with it all as best I could. Then, David decided to sell tickets to the big night. I was so mortified. Suppose no one bought tickets or came. I'd never live it down.

Finally, the big night arrived. David had me sitting tight up in his apartment, over the bar. I was on pins and needles, imagining coming down to a nearly empty bar. Finally David called me down. To my shock, the bar was packed like sardines in a can. The whole place roared when David announced me. I was speechless,and I am sure beet red. I stamered out something along the line of Thanks for Coming. Mercifully the show was scheduled to start. I was just as excited as anyone else, because although the Studio had promised me a tape of the episode, it had never materialized. I was seeing the whole thing for the first time.

Through the miracle of editing, I was great. Only I knew that what everyone was seeing was due more to superb editing skills, than my acting ability. I was as mesmerized as anyone in the bar. I could hardly believe it was me. And damn if there didn't seem to be some kind of chemistry between me and Sean Riley. Maybe I was imagining it, but it sure seemed to be there.

All too soon, the hour was up. The crowd exploded with applause when it was over, and then again when my name rolled throught the credits. I think it was more because a hometown boy made it up on the screen, more than anything else, but damn, it was heady stuff.

Soon, David had seated and signing autographs. The dude should have been a manager, he sure knows how to promote. I was almost bewildered. Guys, who'd never given me a second look before were trying to hookup with me. Okay, I get it, they were just looking for a little glitz to rub off on them. I just didn't feel like I had enough glitz to share.

Suddenly there was a swirl of activity by the door. Excited whispering, and the bodies parted like the Red Sea. Curious, I looked up to see non other than Sean Riley, standing there bigger than life, smiling at me with that crooked grin, his fans loved so much. For just that breif instant I swear time just stopped. The pandemonium broke out. The crowd went crazy, trying to get Sean's autograph, or just to touch the man. David and I took one look and decided we'd better fish him out. David signaled Mark, our bouncer and we began to plow our way through to Sean. Sean solved our problem neatly though, by climbing over the bar. Ben and Eddie, the bartenders, kept the customers from following him.

Once order was restored, and David had drug me to Sean's side, Sean was able to deal with his fans. Me, I was worried. Somehow, I didn't think showing up in a gay bar was the smartest thing Sean could have done. I imagined, from the cell phone flashes, that news of his presence was all over the city if not the internet. When I tried to tell him my fears, he just laughed and said, " That's what I pay my manager for. We already worked out a spin, that I came here to support a friend, who just happens to be gay. Makes me look like a p.c. kind of guy. Don't worry so much, we got it covered. Won't hurt the show's ratings either, to have people think we're gay friendly." After a while, the crowd started dying out. After all it was Tuesday night, and most of the patrons had jobs in the morning. Sean told everyone goodbye and left. As he left, he smuggled something into my hand. When I was sure no one was looking I checked it out. It was a room card for one of the nicer hotels in town, wrapped in a note. " Dying to see you in private, don't make me wait too long" I wanted to go right then, but was stuck, til David let me go. I started yawning conspicuously, and feigned looking droopy. Finally David took pity on me and smuggled me out the back to my car.

I made it to the hotel in near ecord time. I strolled into the lobby, trying to look like a guest, trying to make sure noone had followed. I think I was a bit miffed that my new found celebrity, didn't even rate one stalker.

I didn't knock, when I reached Sean's door. I had a key, it might look weird if I knocked. I just went in. It was a nice room, no fancy suite, but nice. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom. I debated knocking or waiting, when I heard the shower stop. Soon, Sean came strolling out in one of the hotel robes, rubbing his flat top style hair, with a towel. He paused a moment, then flinging the towel away, crossed, and crushed me against him with a hard hug.

Oh, My, God! I'd forgotten just how hard this man's body was. I was enveloped in muscles. My face was pressed into the strong column of his neck, the clean smell of soap, filling my nose. He just held me tight, like he was afraid, I'd suddenly disappear.

I don't know how long we stood like that. A moment, a week, a year. Okay exaggeration, but it was another of those time stand's still moments, that engraves itself on your memory. Fianlly he pulled back, took my hand in his monster paw and led me to sit on the loveseat by the window. " I've been thinking about you alot, Doug. About that night after the party. There just seemed like there was something special that night." Then he smiled. " You haven't said much, aren't you happy to see me?" " Of course I am, guess I can't really believe you are here!" Then, there was that wicked lopside grin again. " So you gonna kiss me or what T.V. star?"

I laughed, deciding to play a little coy. " How do I know you don't just want me because I'm a star?" " AARGH!" he groaned then pushed me over on the bed and threw himself on me , trying to kiss me while I tried to squirm away. Futile action, I mean this man packed well over two hundred pounds of muscle into his six two frame, while my wiry self topped out at one seventy. Things got interesting fast, when my sqirming, loosened up the belt of the robe, and opened up to reveal his toned, hairless body. And his rapidly hardening cock. Soon, his naked front was pressed tight up against my clothed one. I gave in and craned my head up to gently kiss his lips. He stared into my eyes a moment, and smiles his lopsided smirk. " About time, buddy! Never had to work so hard to get a kiss from a guy before!" Then he lowered his head to kiss me back. This was no gentle kiss. This was a hard long, almost needy kiss. Like he wanted to imprint his lips on mine forever. I slid my hands under his robe, delighting in the feel of smooth satin skin over hard muscle. He actually shivered under my hands, burying his face in my neck. Boldy I snaked my hands down his back and cupped his round ass. He sighed against my neck and ground his hardon into my jeans. I kissed his ear and slid my hands back up his strong back, to hold him as tight as i could. After a moment, he chuckled into my shoulder, his baritone, husky, vibrating deep in that massive chest. " I think I'd like this a whole lot more if you weren't wearing all these clothes!" He then sat up straddling my hips, and began working my shirt over my head. When my arms were trapped in my t-shirt, he held them over my head in one big paw, and began running his hand over the fur on my chest. " God, I love all this red hair! It's like a spool of copper wire all unraveled on your body!" He leaned down to lick at one of my nipples, making me sqirm. His hot wet tongue felt electric, making it stand up in a pink point.

He yanked the shirt the rest of the way off and grabbed for the buttons on my 501's. Pretty soon my jeans and boxer breifs were on the floor along with my boots and socks. Then he had my foot in his hands and was licking my instep and ankle. His other hand was stroking my thigh, close to my balls and thick, uncut, seven inch rod. Fasinated, I watched him inch his way up my hairy leg. That square rugged face, gently licking, wetting a line up my inner thigh. Those bright green eyes, watching my face to gauge my reactions. I wanted to reach out and touch him so bad, but I sensed that this was what he wanted tonight. And Oh God, I wanted him happy. I tend to like to be in control, but I just had to let Sean, take over. I somehow knew this is what he needed tonight. Soon, he was rolling my hairy nutsack with his tongue, splitting my nuts with each long lick, starting at my taint and lifting and seperating. Then his tongue was traveling up the underside of my cock. Then he just held still, his tongue supporting my dick, just where the head flared under the uncircumsized skin. Then looking back into my eyes, his mouth was up and over, swallowing me all the way to the base. I think I cried out a little. His mouth and throat felt like fire around me. I stared through slitted eyes at his lips stretched out around me. He growled deep , the vibrations, tingling through my whole body. He came up for breath, pulled my foreskin back, exposing the purple head, then swallowed me down again, this time with the sensitive head, feeling every inch of his hot throat and mouth. I bucked up against him that time, not able to control my body. He began long slow impalements of my dick in and out of his mouth. He grabbed my thighs to hold me in place, to keep me from thrashing around. He kept it up for a while, until he sensed me getting close to coating his throat. Then he pulled off me, and pulled his sweaty body up mine, his smooth satin skin, sliding against the rough wiry hair. He kissed me deep, and then flipped us over so I was on top. He ran his hands down my back and stopped just over my tailbone. He just circled the area with his finger, looking into my eyes, with an almost pleading look. I smiled and hitched my butt,so his finger slid into the hairy valley between my cheeks. He sighed and then pushed deeper with his finger until he found my pucker. He stroked that sensitive spot with his finger, sending shivers through me. He hitched me up enough to free the cock trapped under me, so it rested against the crack of my ass. He reached under his pillow to pull out a condom and lube. Man was prepared! He reached around me to slick up his uncut prong and slide the condom on. I was amazed he could do it with out shifting me. Then his lubed finger was back teasing my puckered opening. He'd slip, just the tip into my butt slit, and wriggle it around just a bit. It was driving me crazy. By now I wanted him inside me so bad, I was about ready to yank back control and just ram him up my ass. But i didn't. He wanted to keep control, I could tell, that it was important to him. " Sit up," He whispered. I did, his dick nestling between my cheeks. Then he grabbed me with those paws, and lifted me up and back, until his flared cock was poking against my hole. He lowered me, arms, chest and neck straining, his dick pushing at me. I wanted to reach back and guide him in, but resisted. I wanted him to do it his way. Suddenly he dropped me a little more and his cock head went pushing into me. It hurt like hell, yet sent waves of pleasure through me. He held me there, arms bulging, letting me get used to the invader. I moved a little, getting a better position. I looked him in the eyes, and nodded. He just let go! It felt so incredible, as all six fat inches slid into me, until I was totally impaled on him. I sat still for a moment, just enjoying the feel of being filled with this man.

He began to move his hips, causing his cock to stir up my gut. I swear every grind seemed to move against my prostate. I started to pant and groan. He began to hunch up into me, his hands holding me in place. He would lift me almost off him and then slam me back down. It felt wonderful, but i wanted more. He seemed to sense my feelings, because he pulled me all the way off, rolled me unto my back and forced his legs between mine. Soon my knees were bent back and his cock was back in my welcoming body. He somehow knew I was beyond him being gentle, and began to pole my ass in earnest. I held on to the bed as best I could as he rammed into me, hard, fast almost brutal. I could feel my balls bounce and my dick rub against my hairy stomach. His breath started coming harsh and raspy. I knew he was ready to come, I only hoped somehow I could come with him. As if the thought triggered it I felt the cum boiling up my cock. I went rigid, trapping Sean's dick in place as I shot off on his square cleft jaw, his smooth muscled chest, and his straining abs. After the fist couple of shots, I relaxed enough for Sean to slam into me a couple more times, when with a cry, he loosed his come inside me.

We both jerked against each other til our cum was drained. He lowered his smooth sweaty body onto mine. As his dick slipped out of me, I felt a pang of regret, that it couldn't stay there. I wrapped my arms around his big back,he neslted his face back in the crook of my shoulder. We lay like that for a bit, until his weight got to be more than I could handle, then we spooned together. Him snug against my back and went to sleep, content and happy with the world.




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