I piled off the plane with the rest of the passengers at LAX. I'd heard a couple of them talking about how they were going to be great actors and land all of these roles. I grinned to myself. I already had a role. Okay so it was just a walkon with no lines because I'd won a contest, but it was just so exciting.

Just like all of those movie scenes, there was a man holding a placard with my name on it. I could see everyone from my plane staring at me. I could almost read their minds. ' Who is he? Is he famous?' It was a heady experience. The man, who was to be my driver during my stay suggested we go to baggage for my luggage. He looked a bit non-plussed when I held up my carryon and indicated that was it. I guess people in LaLa Land never heard of traveling light.

He escorted me to a big silver stretch limo. Too cool for words. As I settled into the roomy interior he showed me how to work the various amenities and where the mini fridge was located. Once again I think I shocked him when I just pulled out a bottle of water. Geez, it was barely afternoon, I wasn't up to guzzling champagne or any other liquor yet. I was happy just to settle back and watch the scenery slide past.

I was very impressed by the hotel we pulled up to. I guess the publicity department for the series was going all out. For a walkon role like this, I expected something a lot less fancy. I felt kind of under dressed in my jeans and polo shirt. Lucky for me everyone in the lobby was dressed pretty casual so I didn't look too country bumpkin. I trid to tip the driver, but he refused saying the Studio was covering is gratuity. Just as well, I wasn't all that flush anyway.

The next morning, very early, after a bit of a restless night, he was bck to take me to the Studio. I was so excited. I'd only entered the contest because it was a chance to meet one of the big dick throbs of my life. Sean Riley was all man, ruggedly handsome, 6 foot 3 and built like a brick house. Chiseled features, green eyes, buzzcut brown hair and muscles on muscles. Wow!

He delivered me to Casey, the woman who was in charge of this little PR stunt. She showed me around the set and introduced me to the director and a bunch of other people with confusing titles.

Then it was off to makeup and wardrobe. I thought it was all a bit much for a role where I just walked across a room. Okay it was supposed to be a police precinct and I did get to wear a cool police uniform. But I guess all extras get the full getup.

After makeup I was ushered to a director's chair with my name on it. That was cool, but even better, the chair next to it had Sean Riley blazoned across the back. I was going to get a chance to sit next to my idol.

Then there he was walking towards me, a lopsided smile on his face and a big paw held out to shake my hand. He looked even sexier in real life, all decked out in a tailored police uniform.

Now, I'm a shy guy, and I'm afraid I was pretty speechless, standing there with the man of many fantasies holding my hand. Thing was, he didn't go all big shot star on me and dismiss me. He sat next to me and asked all kinds of questions about me! Like he cared about the life of a small city mailman.

Then like a specter, trouble arose. One of the actors integral to the plot and the scene I was going to be in tripped and smashed in his nose. Casey was so apologetic but it looked like my scene was going to be postponed. I was disappointed, but I'd had a chance to get my picture taken and autographs with several main characters and to meet Sean Riley. My glass was more than half full.

I heard the director bitching because he was going to lose a day of shooting, and that was going to cost big. Then he broke off his tirade as I walked pat with Casey. He got a calculating look on his face and reached out to stop Casey. ' You ever do any acting Doug?' I was a bit taken aback, wondering where this was going. ' A little,but not by choice, in amateur theaters.' What do you mean by not by choice ?' ' Oh, I always signed on to do sets and props, but there always seemed to be a part that I fit perfectly, or I'd stand in for someone who couldn't be there.' ' So, if you stood in for someone, you can learn lines pretty fast?' I laughed,' If you mean a couple hours before a performance, yeah I can learn lines real fast. Why?' ' Do you think you could play a gay cop for a few lines?'

I know I must have looked at him like he'd grown a tail and horns. ' You can't be serious!'

' Oh yes I am! I am going to lose a whole day's shoot and you are going to lose your walkon! It isn't going to cost me anymore to run the scene with you. If you work out maybe I can salvage the day, if you don't, well at least I don't have to pay you! You've already signed up for the shoot through the contest. I can use you anyway I see fit!'

At this point Sean Riley walked up and put his hand on my shoulder. ' Whatcha got to lose Doug? Might be kind of fun, besides it'll give us all extra practice with our lines if it flops.' I sure wasn't going to say no to Sean Riley. ' Well I don't know about playing a cop, but at least the gay part would be typecasting!' I blurted out. ' Great' the director turned to Casey. ' Get him a script and let's give this a go!'

So I found myself trying to cram lines into my head and doing a scene off the cuff. I was pretty proud of the fact that I didn't seem to need all that many more takes than anyone else. It was actually a lot of fun. It felt even better when the director told me he thought with a bit of editing he could make it work and could maybe use the shoot.

Sean walked up to me and gave me a big hug! I went rigid with shock. Then feeling that hard body, and big arms around me made something else go rigid! I flushed red, knowing he had to feel my hardon. Then he stepped back, with a sly look on his face. ' Can I have your autograph Doug?'

I just gaped at him. ' Seriously you should celebrate! Hey Casey!' he waved her over. ' How about a change of plans for Doug tonight?' I knew Casey had some kind of tour of the city in mind for me, as part of the PR. ' You know I'm having a party tonight, why don't you send Doug over? I'll take good care of him!'

Casey bit her lip, pondering Sean's invitation,

and giving him a searching look. I swear Sean blushed a little but it was hard to tell under the make up. Then she smirked at him and said,' Okay, if it's good with Doug, it's good with me.'

Good with me? I get to go to a party at Sean Riley's house! His actual house! No way I was going to say no to that!

So at around eight o'clock that evening, my driver dropped me off at Sean Riely's gate. It was a modest spanish style house, no big Hollywood Mansion, but came with the prerequisite security fence and pool. I joined a steady stream of people heading through the gate. Sean,looking hot, in a pink long sleeve shirt and white slacks, met his guests at the door and directed us to food and drink. I did my usual fading into the background and just listened.

I was not impressed! Most of the people were so impressed with themselves, they certainly didn't need me to be! They all acted like the Fate of Hollywood rested on their various shoulders. I knew I would never fit in with these people and it didn't take long for reality to take a swipe at my happy Hollywood Fantasy weekend. A group of nose in the air nobody's sitting near me started asking questions.

When they found out I was a a mailman from the Midwest they got condesending. I must have put their noses out of joint when I said I never watched the credits so I had no idea who they were or what they did.

Tired, unhappy at having my happy little bubble burst I went out front to call my driver and head out. I didn't think Sean would miss me, but he caught me as I was going out the door to call.

He put his big hand on my arm.' You can't leave yet! The party's just getting in gear!' I explained the situation to him and how I wanted to go before reality ruined a dream experience. To my surprise, Sean put a hand on either side of my head and leaned in close. He brushed his lips across mine! ' Stay with me, Doug, and I promise to keep your fantasy alive for the night! I'll do whatever it takes for you to have a wonderful experience!'

I went through a variety of feelings then! Shock! Sean Riley just kissed me! I had no inkling the man liked other men! Anger, because I thought maybe he was yanking my chain! Hope, because he was looking very deeply into my eyes waiting for an answer! I murmured I'd stay and then he put his arm around me and kept me at his side through the rest of the party.

When the last guest had left, Sean turned to me and took me by the hand. He pulled me in for a long hard kiss, that was nothing like the gentle brush earlier. He held me tight and I swear I could feel every muscle through his thin pink shirt. I could feel an entirely diffrent muscle pressed into my belly. Sean led me into a bedroom and pulled me in for another kiss, his big hands running across my back. I timidly kissed back, Sean opening his mouth inviting my tongue inside.

We kissed hot and heavy then Sean stepped back. He started to unbutton his shirt, but i reached out to stop him. A bit embarrassed, I asked him to take off his pants first. Red in the face I explained that one of my favoritew scenes was where he played a stripper in an undercover operation and did the Tom Cruise routine in a shirt and his underwear. He laughed and dropped his pants with out a protest. His shirt hung down just right, showing off long smooth tan legs and a glimpse of his cock straing tighty whities. He did a little turn, lifting his arms a little to show off his high round musular ass. I thought my dick would rip through my jeans. Then he closed with me and began to unbutton my shirt. He smiled at the mass of curly hair on my chest and combed his fingers through it. He pressed himself up against me, taking my hands and placing them on his firm butt.

He ground his hard dick against my hairy belly. ' Tell me what will make your night, Doug.' he whispered in my ear. ' I'm open to just about anything!' I hesitated, then blurted' Show me your most private spot Sean! Please?'

He laughed and backed away from me. He unbuttoned his shirt revealing his smooth muscled torso, then arms as he dropped it to the floor. He hitched his thumbs into his underwear then turned slowly to show his round ass. Slowly he inched down the flimsy white cotton, revealing a smooth white pair of mounds, in stark contrast to his golden tan. He pushed them down to his thighs, then bent forward, grasping his cheeks, and spreading them enough to show his pink hole.

I was on fire and couldn't stand it anymore. I went to my knees behind him and tugged his underwear all the way down. Then I took his cheeks in my own hands and put my face up close to that pink treasure. I inhaled, he smelled of musk and soap. This man was almost hairless except for the bush surrounding his fat six inch cock.. I ran a finger over his hole and he shuddered. I swirled around the pucker, delighting in it's twitching and the soft moans Sean was making. I leaned in to run my tongue up his valley from his taint to his tailbone. He gasped and pushed his ass into my face. I kept lapping, taking a little more time at the slit with each lick. He was grinding his butt into my face, gasping and groaning. I tongued his slit, trying to get tip inside him.

He moaned harder, pushed back harder. I sucked on my finger and placed it at his opening. A push and it was inside him. I could feel his tight ring pulsing around my finger. He was so hot and slick! He gasped, went rigid, then pushed back until my finger was in as far as it could go. He started to fuck himself on my finger. I moved in close to spit on his hole and my fingers and slipped another one in. I fumbled with my zipper and pulled out my fat seven inch dick and began stroking it. Sean looked down at my busy hand, and I swear his eyes lit up. ' I hope you plan to shove that up my ass Buddy!' ' Oh yeah, Sean, I'd love to make that happen!' He reached into his pants and pulled out a condom. I pulled my fingers out of him to put it on and he laid down on the carpet. Grabbing his knees he pulled them high and back, giving me access to his pink jewel. Condom on I knelt between his legs and pressed my cock against his hole. He grunted as I forced the fat head through his ring. I gave him a moment to adjust. He gave a little hitch and I slid in some more. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. A moan escaped his lips as I sank the rest of the way inside him. I held there reveling in the feeling of his wet slick insides clasped around my dick. I couldn't believe I had my dick buried in Sean Riley's ass. Only in my dreams had I been there, and they had nothing on the reality. Sean opened his eyes and looked deep into mine. ' God, you are stretching me out! It feels so good! I need you to fuck me, now, please!' I started to take long slow strokes. Watching my dick slide in and out of my idols body! Watching his head turn side to side, hearing him gasp and groan! Thrilling to see his eyes pop open as I pumped harder and faster. He started rocking to meet each thrust as I pounded my self into him, sweat sheening on his muscles, his breath coming in pants. I claimed my idol with each thrust into him, until he let out a strangled gasp and come spasmed out of his fat six inch dick, splattering against my belly and chest and down unto his. His wildly clenching ass muscles put me over the edge and I drove into him as hard as I could and shuddered a load into the condom lodged in his gut.

He clenched me against him so hard, I thought he'd crack my ribs with those big arms. I finished shooting, then collapsed on top of him.

I lay in his arms, listening to our hearts pound, my dick still inside him. I thought I could stay like that forever.

Finally, I rolled off him and lay beside him on the floor. He raised up on one arm and kissed me softly. ' Did we keep Reality at bay?' ' Since I don't believe it just happened, I'd say so!'

He pulled me up and unto the bed, draped an arm and a leg over me and laid his head on my chest. I nuzzled the top of his head, kissing the spiky hair, enjoying the feel of his warm body on mine.

He snuggled a bit closer and whispered,' Let's keep Reality away the rest of night, Okay?

I sighed, then felt my dick start to harden again. ' OH I don't think that will be a problem!'




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