I am a small business man in the town I live in, and I run a rather large successful business warehousing furniture and home decor Items. I have a fairly nice three bedroom home, which its nicely decorated and I live alone, Im single, I work out, jog on a regular basis and live a pretty good life, I have worked hard to be where I am at 29 years old, but I lack that one thing that really brings happiness in life, and that is that certain someone in my life that is just for me.

Now don't get me wrong I do have my sexual outlet and I find enough of it to keep me sorta satisfied but theres that 'HOLE' inside that emptiness. I know that when I was younger I couldn't seem to get enough holes or mouths or places to stick my rather ample cock into and Believe me I still love a good blowjob, or hot throbbing hole to stuff my love muscle into. It seem that there just aren't the young men out there that there uses to be, Oh yea, I'm gay and rather good looking and well built and I have always found it easy to get other men interested in haveing a night of love making and sex.

But as I get older the meetings are seemingly getting harder, Since I don't live in a large city there are not GAY bars and clubs here abouts to visit, no baths, I do occasionally catch a throwdown at the local YMCA strutting around the pool and showing his stuff, sort of trolling for cock, and we get it on for a one night stand but I lack that companionship and I feel I'm gonna need that soon, and someone to share the rest of my life with. I love to cuddle with a special someone, wake up with someong laying next to me loving me and just feeling needed and desired for who I am, not just the sex.

One afternoon I had gone down town for a business meeting with my tax people and I had finished doing what I had gone there to do.

I was driving my car under and underpass and noticed a man In a pair of sort of grungy Levi's and a black polo shirt, sorta dirty looking and His hair looked like It hadn't been comed in a year and needing a shave, and he had a brown paper bag rolled up with something in it under his arm, and for some strange reason my heart went out to him, he was wearing a pair of looked like Nike sneakers, and they looked like they were someones rejects, I really felt for this dude, I pulled my car over and said Hey Man, can I give you a lift, He looked kinda puzzeled and said are you speaking to me, now as grungy as he was His voice sounded like the voice of an angel, rather deep very masculine, almost like a baritone singers voice, It was amazing and I said yes sir you. I said get in and I'll just take you where you need to go. He came and got in and I said Hi, my name is Johnathan Wentworth, He smiled at me and said in his deep voice, glad to meet you Johnathan, I'm Bently McDaniels, I said glad to meet you Bently, He smiled no just Ben please, Mom hung that one on me at birth, and I don't use it only when necessary and he smiled, I said then Ben it is, I said Well Ben where you headed, He answered a little hesitantly, really nowhere I guess, I had come to this rather grungy town to get a job and I found out when I got here that It had already been given to someone else. I said no shit man, he said right some shit huh? I said that sucks. I said how did you get here He said, I left Bozzier City, Louisiana in my somewhat of a car and about 150 miles from here It blew a motor and I had to leave it to try to get a job here. I had an appointment for an interview and of course hitchhikihng with a brown bag and a few clothes you don't get anywhere fast. I said thats terrible. I said, then your homeless and rather a transient, He said yea sorta looks that way, then he said man could I bum the price of a cup of coffee from you. I haven't had anything to eat or drink in a few days, I looked at him with compassion in my heart, and I said man I'll do better than that, I pulled into a litte diner down the street and we went in and set down at a little table and a waitress came over and said morning Gents what can I get for you, I said coffee and a glass of water for me and I said Ben Get whatever you want, get some breakfast or lunch either one, Ben just looked up at me sorta shocked like and said really, I said sure man I've been there, I know, He said how much should I spend I said whatever filles you up, He got, three fried eggs a stack of pancakes, sausage and bacon, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. I looked at him and said man if your still hungry get some more. He said I better not, man thank you anyway, I said sure thing, don't mention it.

We got back into the car and I said Ben where you living? he said down on Pier street under the Viaduct, I said what, He said under the bridge, It get sorta cold there and I'm sorta stuck, I said man, that won't do. I said Ben don't be offended at this but your comming home with me, alright, He looked sorta shocked and said Man I don't know what to say, I just smiled. We drove out of the city into the suburbs and drove into my driveway and I said man were home, I said Ben Man this is where you are gonna stay untill we find you a job, He said Wha? I said yep, your gonna live here with me, He said I can't do that man, I said yes you can just open the door get out and walk into my house with me. He looked like he was tearing up his eyes filled with water and said, man I don't know what to say, I thought, what a really nice fella, who has fallen on hard times.

The Thought of sex with Ben had not entered my mind, YET.

We went into the house and I showed Ben around, He looked stunned like he was in a dream or something, my house is nice and I have nice things but I like to live in it, Not live in a museum, I said make yourself at home, Its where you'll be staying for a while, He said I can't set down on anything with these dirty clothes on, I said what size you wear man, It so happened we wear the same sized clothes, I layed out some clothes for him and said Man you can Take a shower in there, and showed him the shower, and He got undressed and got into the shower and I went down to the living room and after about a ten minute shower, I Heard him call my name and I went up to the bath room and he opened the door and stood there naked, and I thought I would swallow my tongue He had a gorgeously ripped, sort of swimmers body, I got a shot of his cock and nutsack and i just stood there with my mouth standing open his cock was thick, heavy, at least six and a half inches soft, lovely foreskin, and beautifully veined, Man I thot I was gonna faint from this guys looks, Damn man I wanted him now, I felt my cock stirring and swelling up in my trousers and I said yea Ben, Whats wrong? He said got a Towel for me to dry off with? I reached into the linen closet and grabbed Ben a Towel, and I know he saw me staring at his package, He looked up at my eyes and looked at me and smiled and I smiled back, I said I'm making a pot of iced tea, do you like tea, and he smiled kinda seductively and Said Johathan, I love Iced Tea!

I went on into the kitchen and got some Tea for both of us and I Noticed that Ben had put on some of my clothes and looked very sharp dressed up in clean clothes, I said want to take a trip with me I have to go to store, so I took him first to a barber shop and we got him a nice looking haircut, and then we took him to the target store nearby and I said as I looked at him, Boxers or Briefs? He smiled and said what? I said Boxers or briefs which do you wear? He said Usually boxers but when you don't have any, any thing will do. I smiled I know but what do you like, we got into Target and I took him to the mens dept, and got him some new socks, boxers and several new shirts, an some levi's and dress slacks, and He just looked at me and said man why are you doing all this for me, I said you can't go to work in those old crappy things you got at home can you. He said man I don't have a job, I said that will change. and I got him several tee shirts and some new shoes, He said I don't know what to say, I said, thanks would be nice, and I smiled, By the time I had finished I had him looking like a shiny new penny, He was kinda startled that I had spent so much money on him and wondered how he would repay it, I said just be my friend, I have been blessed and I am paying it forward, he just smiled and said thank you.

We spent the day driving around and talking he said he left his home after he found out his Boy friend had been messing around on him and was broken hearted and He said I guess I need to tell you I'm Gay and I'll leave if you want me to? I leaned over to Ben and put my hand on the back of his head and just kissed him on the lips He leaned his head back and looked startled at me and then got the biggest smile on his face and said your gay too, arn't you? I said couldn't you tell? the way I was staring at your cock in the shower, he just smiled and ask me if I like what I saw, I said Ben I love what I saw, he smile and acted like a little school boy, and then he kissed me back, I said lets go home, he said yea lets.

When we got home We went into the door and started shedding our clothes and by the time we were in my bedroom, man we were both sporting raging hardons. and rubbing all over each other and God man he felt wonderful. I couldn't wait to taste that cock of his and I leaned over on the bed and reached over and grabbed his hard throbbing pre-cum leaking cock and milked the foreskin back and fort a few times and he moaned his approval and said John, man I haven't had anyone touch my cock for almost a year, I said thats gonna change, I leaned over and slid his cock into my mouth and started sucking and rubbing his nuts and he just layed back and started his wimpering an twisting his nipples and just saying things like damn man thats awesome, your mouth is so hot and moist, Johnathan, Oh Johnathan, oh shit man I aint gonna last long, and he started his kinda humping upwards and I slid my hand and my mouth over and up and down on his cock swirling my hand and sliding my mouth over that awesome cock, thick an pulsating in my mouth, He tasted fantastic, Man I was in Limbo, his manly odor was just mesmerizing, and I was loving every awesome moment of it, Ben started kinda jerking in the lower stomach and saying I'm gonna shoot man, Here it comes and I started deep throating his cock and when he shot he let out a hugh deep voiced awe fuck man, and his cock shot out a pent up stored years worth of cum into my throat and on my tongue his body was almost convulsing and jerking and blasting, His cum tasted awesome, just delicious, and he just layed over onto his side and groaned, after a few minutes he looked up at me and said man, John that was just awesome, I needed someone to do that to me, I said yea I know, He smiled and started kissing me, He said can you fuck me, I said oh hell yes Ben, I'd Love to, he said got some lube, which I have always kept around and I squirted some on my cock and on his pink, little hair covered ass, It was beautiful and I started the pushing the head into the opening and he moaned and said Oh God man, it feels just awesome, but easy man It's been at least a year and your cock is really thick man, I said I will Ben, and I slid the head into the opening, he grunted and said O.K. I slid about five inches more into it and he said awesome ferling man, then I hilted it all eight inches and He started humping up his ass. Oh fuck man what a feeling He was raising up his ass as I pumped my cock into his love tunnel, He was grabbing at me and squeezing me and saying god man I love this and said give it all to me baby, Fuck me hard, fuck me baby let me have your load, I started feeling that feeling in my cock and started to jerk and moan and saying Oh Fuck man, Oh shit man, Im gonna blow it, Ben said yea man, give me your load, man give it to me, and I started shooting a load like a fire hose, fuck It was awesome, I could feel his hot intestines and he started grunting and just said AWe fuck man, AWe fuck, and his cock started erupting a load on his stomach I reached down and started rubbing it on his chest and then licking my hands off. He smiled and said Thanks Johnathan, I really needed this, I said I did too Ben, I layed down next to him and we cuddled and just loved each other and fell asleep in each others arms.

We awoke with a fresh feeling and showered together and then he said I need to find a job, I said You've got one, he said what? I said you've got one, He said how? I said I have a warehouse furniture outlet that I own and I need someone to help me run the place, he said No way man really? I said believe it man, but you don't need a place to live, cause your gonna live here with me. He said really man How awesome.

Well Ben went to work for me and has done a wonderful job at it too. He is now my lover and companion and we live together in my three bedroom home, And as good as things are I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't stopped that day to pick up that Homeless Transient that day.





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