Stay with me this is a first for me and it happened a few years back. I don't know if I am going to continue with it.

My name is Tim and my buddy is Kyle. It started when we were 18 and on the high school baseball team together. But let me back up and describe the both of us. We met when we were younger and we always did stuff together. Both of our families were close and would do everything together. We would go camping, hiking, fishing and anything else just to stay in shape and looking our best. The both of us are about 6' tall and toned muscular bodies. Playing sports like baseball and staying fit was and still is a priority for the both of us. Being in the same grade in high school we saw a lot of each other. The girls that we were seeing were in the same school so we pretty much hung out together the most in and outside of school. As we got older we got our drivers licenses and became more independent. Kyle and I were like brothers we would do everything together. Staying at each other houses over the weekend, wrestling around in the pool to make the girls laugh, going to baseball games, and going as far as to standing next to each other in the shower in high school, to where it never really bothered the both of us. We were pranksters and jokers. To have a good time we would play pranks on our family, friends, girlfriends and each other all the time. I would slap him with a towel in the shower and he would go as far as taking my clothes from the locker room and through them outside next to the bus pick up area where I would have and go get them wearing just a towel.

During the hot summer months the four of us would go tent camping in the middle of nowhere just to get away from everyone. The four of us were so comfortable with each other that we would go to a secluded but popular spot for the four us and go skinny dipping. When we went tent camping then tent would be big enough for the four of us. It was common that either couple would have sex while the others were sleeping or awake during the night. Kyle and his girlfriend were loud when it came to having sex and sometimes would wake the both of us up.

One time last summer right before our senior year during a four day weekend, Kyle was staying at my house while my parents were away. The girls were on family trips throughout the summer, so we were bored. He came over on that Friday afternoon.

Over the weekend we lifted weights, ran and talk shit about different things. Kyle seemed to be over at my house the most because I had a pool and a big backyard, where he didn't. After lifting weights and running we decided to take a dip in the pool after lunch. The weather was perfect, no clouds and 90 plus degrees outside. Since we were by ourselves we decided to go naked, because any other time my parents our family friends were over. We stripped of our board shorts a got right in. Like I said earlier the both of us were in great physical shape and we really didn't have any tan lines. The both of us worked out so much that we had more of 8 pack than a 6 pack of abs. Seeing him naked really didn't bother me to much because we changed clothes and took showers together in high school. His cock size was about 7 inches soft and I was the same. We stayed trimmed up nicely because the girls liked it. We had minimal pubic hair and small trial going from the belly button to our pubes.

In the pool we wrestled around like usual and did laps, sometimes if Kyle got out I took advantage of him and tackled him throwing the both of us back in the pool making the both of us crack up. After being in the pool for a while we decided to get out stretch out on lounge chairs and let the sun dry us off. After about ten minutes of us not saying anything Kyle was laying naked flat on his back and asleep. I noticed this and for some weird reason started to check out his body. He was laying there with a beautiful tan from head to toe. His pecks were toned perfectly and his abs were ripped. His body was dry but wet in some areas with sweat. As he laid there his cock was laying on his abs and for some reason I could not take my eyes off of it.

'What the hell' I thought,

'I have seen it before and it has never sparked my curiosity.'

'I have never looked at him like this before, I wonder if he has looked at me like this.'

When Kyle was laying there all I could do was just stare. The backyard was big and the neighbors on one side were gone for the next week and no one lived on the other side. All I was thinking about was getting a blowjob, because I haven't had one for a while. Out of curiosity I placed my hand on his naked hip to compare the size of his cock it seemed to make my hand look small. He had the length and the width to his advantage. For me it was just length.

He was still asleep and for some reason I decided to touch it just to feel what it was like. I grabbed onto it and lifted it up, 'oh shit,' thought to myself I hope he doesn't wake up.

As I lay there holding it I thought to myself,

'What if he wakes up,'

'How can I explain myself if he catches me.'

It seemed to be heavy, big mushroom head like mine because the girlfriend liked it like a popsicle.

He was a heavy sleepier, I remember this because that is what his girlfriend and parents have talked about.

My brother is gay and it has never bothered me, but I have always tried to not think what him and his partner do in their free time.

I have never done anything like this before and then I thought to myself,

'Fuck it, I am going to try it'

So there I was next to my best friend naked and his cock was in my mouth. At first I didn't know what to do but to do what the girlfriend has done to me. After a while I guess I was doing everything correctly because he was still asleep and getting hard. His cock went 7 inches to about 8 to 8 1/2 inches. He started breathing harder and so did I. Moving up and down his shaft making a lot of noise. I would stop and lick the head for a little while playing with his big balls and go back to sucking. His cock was huge with a bulging vein on one side. After about ten minutes of sucking his body tensed up and I stopped and grabbed onto his big cock with both hands and started stroking, rubbing, squeezing, and with his moaning and heavy breathing he eventually blew his load all over his upper torso and face.

'Shit that was a lot of cum, I haven't seen that much before," I thought to myself.

My hands were caked with his cum and his breathing slowed and to my surprise he was still asleep. I wiped his cum off my hands on his abs and decided to help cover my tracks I decided to wake him up by picking the lounge chair up on one side and throwing his naked as in the pool, washing the cum from his body.

"What the fuck man" he yelled,

"Rise and shine lets go wash up and get some dinner ready for tonight"

As he got out of the pool I wasn't watching my back and he come up behind me and threw my naked ass in the pool.

"Sorry I didn't see you standing there."

I went down to my room and got into the shower and he used the guest bathroom. I locked the door and stood under the warm water thinking about what just happened. I made sure that if there was any cum left over that I washed it off. As I was standing there thinking about what I did I started to get hard. Within no time my cock was standing a full attention and I didn't even touch it. I grabbed hold of it and started jerking off, I was still thinking about what just happened. This is what was going through my mind.

'Shit, that was a big cock,'

'That was a shit load of cum.'

'He also must not have gotten off in a while to'

'I want to do it again, it turned me one,'

'That was a big shaft, nice size balls, good looking head,'

With all of these thoughts going through my mind my cock exploded in my hand after stroking it for a few minutes. The hot globs of cum squirted all over the glass door for what seemed to stretch for minutes. The bucket load of cum started to slide down the window where I proceeded to lick it off the glass. I have never tasted it before but the girlfriend always teased me and said it tasted really good, I would have to agree with her.

After the shower I got dressed in just a t-shirt and my boxer briefs. Kyle did the same thing, it was just more comfortable. The both of us had a good size steak dinner, and then kicked back and started to watch the ballgame that just started. After a while we turned the game down and started to talk about school, high school baseball and the girls. Up until this point Kyle didn't say anything about the blow job that he got this afternoon, I didn't know if he knew or if he was keeping it to himself.

After sitting there are talking for a little bit Kyle came out and said,

"Dude I haven't had a blow job in a while, to tell you the truth I miss it."

All I could think about was him passed in the backyard butt naked and me, helping him blow his big ass load all over his stomach, chest and face.

Kyle said, "Do you want to make a bet?"

"Like what," I said.

"You have to give me a blow job if the Giants win."

I said, "The same goes for you I want a blow job if the Sox win you give me one."


The game got to the bottom of the ninth and it was an intense game. Bottom of the ninth, tie game and the Giants were up with a full count and then swing, strike three, they lost. All I could say was, "fuck yea, suck it boy." I took my boxer briefs off and shirt. "Aw shit man," Kyle got between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. All I could think about was me six hours ago with his dick in my mouth and he didn't know.

All of a sudden he put my dick in his mouth it got hard fast. He looked at me and all he could say was "Dude I have never done this before."

I said, "Just think on what your girl does and go for it."

He did just that he started licking the tip of my mushroom head before taking it in his mouth. He went down about 3 to 4 inches and stop and gaged a little, he came off of it and then went back down to where he went down further. I could feel the head of my dick touch the back of his throat as he went back down. He then started to go up and down faster and faster to where he got tired. He stopped for a second and started again. Going back down on it he slid his tongue down my shaft and started playing and licking my balls, really getting into it. After a few minutes more both of our eyes connected and at the same time and no warning I blew my load in his mouth, face, chin and his shirt.

"Shit man that was great, sorry about no warning."

After I blew my load and we cleaned up and said, "Dude that was different and that was awesome. Now do you mind if you blow me as a favor."

At that time I was going 'oh shit,' so I just came out and told him about that afternoon.

He looked at me and said he didn't know and wanted to find out if the load was big. I told him that the load was huge and that was why I threw him in the pool, to clean off.

After that night we went to sleep, in separate beds.

The following morning the both of us woke up and had some breakfast. We talked a little about what happened last night and that was it. After having breakfast both of us took showers and got dressed in our baseball gear and head to the park to hit a couple of balls. Getting to the park we parked my truck in the lot grabbed our stuff and headed to ball field. Getting there we found out that we were the only ones there and hitting and catching some balls. After a while we took a break and sat down in the dugout made of concrete bricks and only one entrance on one side. We sat for a little bit and started drinking some Gatorade. I asked Kyle if he would like a another blow job and be a awake this time to feel it.

"I have been thinking about it Tim, but I didn't know how or when."

"Kyle we can do it here and now if you want to."

"Dude, here?"

"Yea, it kind of turns me on to do something like this in public."

With that Kyle stood up looked around undid his belt from his white baseball pants and slid them down his ankles, exposing is jockstrap. I quickly got on my knees and went to town on his dick. The whole thing just took seconds but it felt like a lifetime. As I was down there I kept looking up at him and his eyes rolled were rolled in the back of his head. The sucking was loud and fast. I licked the side of his shaft then I concentrated on his head. He started to moan loudly and then he tensed up. "AHHH, FUUUUCK, I am going to CUUUM," and then all of a sudden his cum filled the inside of my mouth and then I swallowed it. This was the first time that I swallowed something like this, let alone had cum close or in my mouth.

After he looked down at me he said that was the best he has ever had, better than his girlfriend.

"Come on Tim lets go back to your place and have some fun."

He stood up and pulled up his pants took another look around turned to me and gave me a big long kiss. It lasted a few a minutes, and then he pulled back. We picked everything up and ran back to my truck. We hoped back in and took off. Kyle put his hand on the inside of my thigh and left it there till we got back to the house. It was Sunday so whatever we were going to do we had to do it before my parents got home on Monday. After I parked my truck we ran into the house all over each other. The both of us were locked in a kiss and stripping off each other's cloths. He was grapping my cock and squeezing my balls and I was doing the same. We ran outside and jumped in the pool together. We swam back to each other and held each other tight and started kissing again.

Under the water grinding each other he went under and wrapped his lips around my already hard cock. Standing there above water it felt great. He came up for some air and went back down. I put my hands around the back of his head and started face fuck him under water. It went slow but fast enough to feel good. He let go again and came up for air.

"Tim, go over to the steps and sit on the edge of the pool."

I did and he got on his knees between my legs and started sucking my dick again. While he was in that position I leaned forward and started to play with his asshole.

"Ahh, yea." Kyle moaned

I started rubbing his hole and started to slightly push my finger in it.

"Oh yea dude, play with it, it feels good"

"You like that buddy,'

"Fuck yea"

At that time I slid my index finger into his hole and he gave out a little scream.

"Dude, that's it"

He got up and dove backwards into the pool. He then came up above the water in the shallow end and told me to get in and come to him. I did as I was told.

"Fuck me," he said.

"You ready for this,"

"Yea, I want to try it."

Standing in the shallow end we walked over to the side of the pool and I put his back against the concrete and started kissing him. My hands and arms went under the water line and I grabbed his muscular legs and picked him up in the water where he was straddling me. Sitting on my lap facing me his ass hole was just a few inches away from my cock. Both of us were hard and still kissing.

"You sure about this,"

"Stop teasing me and slide it in."

With help of the water I managed to slide the head of my dick in and he slammed his head back against the concrete screaming.

"AHHHHHH, YEEEAAA, keep going."

"Are you sure"


My cock was long and his ass was tighter than my girlfriends pussy, I loved it. At first it was the head and then 2, 4, 6 inches with him screaming and saying it felt good. After a while of guiding my cock in he said that the pain was going away and it felt more comfortable now. Then all 8 inches were in.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard,"

Slamming my cock in slowly and then faster is what he liked. The water was slapping against the wall of the pool as we were locked passionate kiss. He was bouncing up and down on my cock.

"Oh, oh, oh,"

"You like that,"

"Give it to me buddy, I am really starting to like it."

After about ten minutes of fucking his hands were around my neck and hands were on his hips and butt. Then he started screaming again,


All of a sudden he started cumming and the water around me started getting warmer.

"Holy shit dude, your cumming with no hands."


At the same time I started cumming to with my dick shoved in his ass.

"Oh, FUCK,'

I felt my juices filling his deep cavity as he started screaming with pleasure. After everything stop spinning for the both of us. I stood there for a while looking in his eyes holding him in my lap and my dick went limp falling out of his ass. We said nothing for a minute and he then got up and stood on his feet. We walked hand in hand out of the pool and were talking about how it felt and how we should do it again and again.

"I never experienced anything like this before and it was great," I said.

"I would have to agree with you on that," Kyle said

"What did it feel like Kyle?"

"At first it hurt and then it started to feel real good. I think I might want to do it again in the future. It was great feeling your cum in my ass it just made me feel both filled and loved."

"Really?" I said.

By this time we were inside the house and walking to the shower. The both of us hoped in and started washing each other off. While standing there we played with each other and started to hug and kiss. After washing off we got hungry and decided to order some pizza rather than cook. Kyle ordered the pizza and while waiting for it we cuddled naked on the couch watching tv waiting for the food to arrive. When it showed up I got up and threw on some underwear and a shirt on and answered the door. I paid the girl that was checking me out and closed the door. After we ate and talked some more it turned 19 o'clock and decided to go to bed. Kyle picked me up and carried me to my large bed in my room.

When we got to the bed we started kissing and feeling each other up. Kyle eventually came out and said that he wanted to have sex again and I told him I agreed with him. We went all night. I had sex with him twice that night and then cuddled up with him and fell asleep.

The following morning we had breakfast and he got ready to go home from the long weekend. We passionate kissed and then he left for home. Over the next few weeks stuff happened between us. The girls came back from their vacations and school was in full swing. We went back to fooling around with our girlfriends but we found time to be with each other when we had the chance. I even told Kyle that I wanted him to fuck me.

After a while I realized that he looked good in his baseball uniform and it was a turn on for me. The rest of the school year was fun, but that is a different story.




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