Towards the end of summer break our girlfriends Tiffany and Stephanie came back from their family vacations. Kyle and I were happy to see the girls and start hanging out with them. It was just funny to think that they had no clue what both Kyle and I did over the summer together.

After the girls got back we got back into the grove doing stuff together as a couple or a four some. We went back to having sex and fooling around with the girlfriends. As a matter of fact Kyle and I didn't really fool around for about a month. We hung out, worked out, played baseball and talked shit, but never really did anything in the way of a blowjob or sex. The only thing we did naked together was taking a shower in school and at the gym.

Kyle and I played baseball in high school. Kyle played short stop and I played catcher and first base. Our uniforms are white with red lettering on the chest, number on the back and a red strip from the hip down both sides of the pants to the bottom. During a hard warm up practice and into the game I played first base and he was in short stop. I had a good view of him from where I was at and he had the same. The both of us caught each other checking one another out. It got to the point where Kyle missed a few plays and I did the same. I was standing waiting for each batter to switch out and realized that he looks good in his uniform. The baseball uniform wasn't baggy or super tight, it just fit perfectly. I could see that his shirt would form to his pecks showing his well chiseled upper body. Starting from the waist and moving down, the 34 in waist with a black belt and his bulge in the front of the pants. I knew the size of his cock and all I could think about was it. He had a nice bubble butt and great tan.

After the game we took showers with the rest of the team and Kyle gave me a ride back to my house because my truck was in the shop. It was dark out on the ride back home and we got to talking about the game. He eventually admitted to checking me out during the game after I admitted it. He was saying that between the both of us we look good in our uniforms and that it was turning him on. I just glanced at him with acknowledgment. As he pulled up to my house I squeezed and slapped his thigh as I was getting out and grabbing my stuff.

"Catch you later dude, can you pick me up tomorrow?"

"Yea, sure see you at 6."

As I walked up to my house I started to think about him. I had to agree he did look good in his uniform. Come to think about it anybody wearing a uniform kind of turned me on, whether it was a man or a woman. When to my room I stripped down and jumped into bed. Laying there I started thinking about Kyle and other people that I have seen in uniform. Other players on the team about the same age, the cop at the high school, the FedEx and UPS guys and girl and the gardeners that work on the neighbor's house.

After lying there I eventually passed out. In the morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and morning wood. I laid there rubbing it and after a while got up and hopped in the shower. Standing in the shower I still had my morning wood. Good thing my bathroom is attached to my bedroom because I didn't want my parents to see.

Standing there and having the hot water run down my tan ripped body I started rubbing my cock thinking of a couple of different things. I was thinking of Kyle and him in his baseball uniform. I already knew what was under the uniform because the both of use see each other almost every day naked. Standing there I was thinking about him in the shower at school, in the pool naked and remembering what had happened last summer with the both of us in my pool. I started to move my hand faster and faster while playing with my balls. Then all of a sudden a thought popped into my head, the cop at our school. He was in his mid-twenties and also looked good in his uniform as well. You could tell that he kept in good shape. His butt was well defined and he had a good size bulge in the front of his pants. Being in the shower all I could think about was him and Kyle at the same time. My hand started moving faster and faster where I have been doing it for a while and edging myself. Then all of a sudden I shot my load so hard that the glass door on the shower shook like I hit it with my arm. My legs gave way and I was on my knees. After looking at one of my biggest loads ever I washed it off and realized that Kyle was going to be there in 10 minutes. I finished in the shower and got out.

As soon as I dried off I went back into my room and got dressed in a pair of short running shorts, no underwear and sleeve less shirt, to expose my toned arms. Before leaving the house I made sure that I had energy food, water and a change of clothes for later. As I closed the front door Kyle pulled up, the sun was just now coming up on this warm Saturday morning. I threw my stuff in the back of his truck and got in his truck. After I got in his truck my mouth dropped, he was wearing his shirt but didn't have his shorts on, he was naked from the waist down.


"What," Kyle said.

"I need some help with this my girl and I had a fight,"

"I'm all over it, what do I get in return?"

"Don't know yet, just get going"

Kyle pulled away from the curb and headed off to the gym.

"Tim, we got five minutes,"

I locked lips with his cock and started sucking. Moving up and down and playing with his head is what he liked. He squirmed a little in his seat, it was a miracle we didn't crash. I was making a lot of noise and got faster and faster. I couldn't get to his asshole but managed to play with his balls. Using both of my hands I was able to move up and down on his shaft and play with the balls at the same time.

"Ah, shit man,"

"What dude, what's going on,"

"It's a cop, stop moving,"

I stopped and held my breath sitting there with his cock in my mouth I was praying that the cop didn't do anything.

"Alright, get going again he passed us and kept going, good thing this truck is up high."

As I got back to the blowjob we were getting closer to the gym. As we pulled into the parking lot Kyle's body tensed up and he started screaming.

"Ah shit, shit, shit, shit, fuuuuuck'"

Then all of a sudden he shoved his cock into my throat and blew his load deep down my throat swallowing every drop. By that time he was parked and breathing heavily. I stayed on his cock till he was finished and then cleaned it off.

"Is it ok for me to come up?"

"Yea, I don't see anyone, this place is empty for a Saturday."

As I sat up I passed him his shorts where he slipped them on and thanked me for the blow job and joked about how we almost got caught. We got out of the truck grabbed our stuff and headed in. Walking in the front door the men's locker room was on the left and we headed over there.

"Thanks man I feel better working out is going to be easier now," said Kyle,

"You're welcome now what do I get,"

"You have to wait till later."

Damn, I thought as we walked into the locker room. As we got into the locker room I immediately noticed someone changing. It was the cop from the high school.

"Hey," I said.

He looked up and said, "Hey guys what's up, you guys work out here to."

"Yea, both Kyle and I have been coming here for a while."

"That's cool, my name is Kevin."

We shook hands and talked for a few minutes.

"It's funny to see you outside of school and not wearing your uniform. Knowing what you do for a living and seeing you standing here in just your underwear is just weird," Kyle said.

"Well I'm sorry that it bothers you..."

", no not at all this is a locker room and that is what you do. How long do you spend at the gym," Kyle asked.

"About 3 hours but I will be lucky to get two today. I'll meet you guys out there if you want to work out together."

"That would be cool, see you out there," I said.

Kyle and I started talking while we were putting our stuff away. We were taking about how hot he was and that he had a great body and decent size bulge. His body was not tan but was toned. His build was lean but muscular his muscles made us drool. He looked great standing there in his Under Armour compression underwear. He didn't have one once of fat on his body. The both of use started to get hard standing there talking about him. But what seemed weird was knowing that he was cop and that he was in a position of control that turned us on.

After waiting to get our boners back down we left the locker room and met up with Kevin at the free weights. During the workout we worked the whole body. From top to bottom the three of us lifted weights and finished with a little running. Kyle and I took a tredmill that was located behind Kevin. Kevin was wearing a Under Armour shirt and short running shorts. As the both of us were running we couldn't take our eyes off of his ass. It was small but firm you could see it moving in his shorts. Kyle jumped off the tredmill quickly and I saw him go into the locker room. I stopped a little after three miles and stopped and went into the locker room as well, Kevin was still on the tredmill.

As I got into the locker room I saw that Kyle was in the communal showers so I stripped down and got in to.

"What's wrong dude?"

"Sorry I left in a hurry but watching his Kevin's ass was getting me a little bit of a hard on."

"Oh, ok, I don't see it anymore."

"Yea I know it dropped when I got into the locker room."

The both of us finished up and got out of the shower. As we got back to the lockers Kevin walked in and grabbed a towel to hop into the shower. As we rounded the corner we saw that he was standing there with his back to us naked. Like I said earlier Kevin had a chiseled body. Kyle and I stopped dead in our tracks and just looked. With just a short few seconds we saw his naked ass. What a sight, it was white just like the rest of his body and had some peach fuzz. Kevin heard us and turned to see us and at the same time covered himself up.

"Damn," I thought.

"Hey Kevin sorry but we got to take off, will you be here tomorrow?"

"Yea I think so, I might head over here after school."

"Ok we will see you at school tomorrow at school."

"See you guys tomorrow...why don't you guys get my cell, call me when you get here."

"Alright thanks man."

After getting dressed we walked out to the truck and went to my house. Kyle stopped the truck we got out and headed in.

"Oh I forgot my parents went to the lake for the week, want to stay the night."

"Yea dude, that would be cool. Let's order some pizza."

"I'm going to change, do you need to?"

"No, I'm good."

As I went upstairs I gave Kyle the money in case the pizza guy showed up. I got dressed and started back to the living room when I heard some voices. All I could think about was wow that pizza got here quick. I was wrong. Kevin, the cop from school was at my house. Surprised I said hey and asked him what he was doing here.

"Hey Tim what's up. My wife and I live down the street and Kyle called me to see if I wanted to hang out. "

"Cool, we are still waiting on the pizza so, yea you can stay. Where's the wife."

"Sisters house in Oregon."

"So hanging out with us was a last resort."

"No you guys seem cool so I decided to come down to hang out some more."

The three of us sat on the couch and started talking about different stuff while waiting for the pizza. Kyle and I were talking about different stuff and we found some stuff about him. He was married and the both of them were trying for their first kid. He is 28 and been a cop for 4 years. He likes his job and wouldn't trade it for the world. By this time the pizza showed up and we got to eating. Kyle and I decided to skip the beer and have some soda instead.

"So are you guys pregnant yet," Kyle asked.

"Yes, after a couple of times."

"I noticed in the gym that you work out a lot, nice and toned," I asked.

"Yea I used to play baseball in high school and just stayed on top of eating right and staying in physical shape. Not just for personal goals but for the job to."

"We play baseball to!"

"What is the hardest part for you to work on Kevin," Kyle asked.

"I would have to say my thighs."

"I could understand that's one of mine to, including squats, but that's more of a pain in the ass. Pun intended," I said.

"Ha, ha, I would have to agree to."

Kevin stood and pulled his pants down to show that he had a scar on both of his legs. He told us that he was in a car accident in school and it slows him down with working out but he doesn't let it hold him back. As he was standing facing away from us Kyle and I looked and each other in amazement.

Kyle said that we didn't see this today, but we weren't looking for it.

"How far does the scar go up?"

"Just above my ass."

He pulled his underwear down to. I got a quick

boner and so did Kyle.

"Wow you are sure comfortable around use to expose yourself," I said.

"We pretty much saw each other naked already so what's the big deal?"

The scar was more on his hips versus his ass. Good thing because his ass was amazing.

"You got a nice ass man," Kyle said loudly.

"Thanks it's important to me and my wife."

We were both sitting there with a boner and he turned around facing us dick hanging low. Shit, as I thought as it hung between his legs. He bent over and pulled his pants up and left telling us that he had to get to work early before going to school. Out the door his tight ass went. With our mouths wide open we looked at each other in amazement. Seeing what had to be a wide and 8 inch dick hanging before us turned each of us on. All of a sudden we went for each other and started making out. We got up quickly and stripped each other's cloths off quickly and ran to my room locking the front door.

"Tim this is yours," as Kyle fingered himself on my bed. I got between his legs and started sucking his shaft. I took his dick in my mouth and he started to moan quietly as he was running his fingers through my short hair. I started up and down slowly and got fast making a whole bunch of noises.

"Ah fuck man." Kyle moaned.

I started to play with his head and then slid down his shaft to his balls. I lifted his legs above my head and above his shoulders to start eating his hole. His moaning started getting louder and louder to the point where he pushed me off and put me on my back. He then went to town on my nipples, chest, abs, and down to my dick. I was in heaven his was moving so fast on my dick getting it harder my head was spinning. I started to fuck his face hard when he gagged and stopped. He then got up and looked at me. I stared at him in the moon light and saw his muscled body. I then grabbed him and threw him back on the bed and grabbed the lube, no condom. With my hand on one ass cheek and one on my dick I got closer and started to slide in. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he started moaning again. As I went balls deep Kyle looked at me and just said, "FUCK ME."

I did.

Holding his legs up in the air and ramming him fast and hard.

"Ahh man, faster, faster."

"Oh fuck, oh fuck." I said.

He was there taking it and rubbing his cock with two hands. The fuck session took about five minutes but felt like hours. All of a sudden Kyle cock exploded white cum everywhere; he sure did know how to squirt. His cum went all over the place. My pillow, his face, the wall, his chest, the floor, and everywhere else. He screamed during the whole thing.

"Oh fuck man that was awesome," I said.

"Thanks I needed that," Kyle said.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm going to cum!"

"Do it man, deep inside me, breed me, fuck me!"


I blew my load deep inside of him and collapsed on him. He kissed the top of my head and I passed out with him holding on to me and my dick still hard and in his ass. We woke the following morning with the both of us sleeping and holding each other. We kissed and started talking a little. He admitted that he was thinking about Kevin in his uniform and that is why he blew so much.

"That was amazing last night, let's take a shower and head to school."

We hopped in the shower together and washed up. We then got out and ate something and headed to school late. We jumped in Kyle's truck and we were off. We got to school and knew that we were definitely late.

"Oh shit man I hope we don't get into too much trouble."

We were running up to the building when we heard some giggling. We stopped and looked it was one of the female teachers and Kevin. He was in uniform and she was one of the new teachers that was around his age. He was feeling her up.

"What the fuck man!" the both of us said, as they stopped.

"Oh shit, you guys are supposed to be in class."

"Yep, isn't she," Kyle said as he pointed at the teacher.

"Don't worry we won't say anything," I said.

After that the teacher ran off and Kevin, Kyle and I walked into the school to Kevin's office. It was located in the back of the school and it was a good size. We sat down and he called the teacher that we saw him with, telling her not to say anything and that he was talking to us.

"So guys what you saw was nothing and that you shouldn't say anything because I could get into some serious trouble."

Kyle said, "I didn't look like nothing, you and married and have a kid on the way. It's hard to keep this quiet."

"What do you mean? Just keep your mouth shut."

"There might be something else?"

I looked at Kyle in astonishment.

"What?" Kevin said.

"Stand up," Kyle said.

He did and said, "Now what."

"Turn the radio off and take you dick out."

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

"You heard me"

"You have already seen it."

"I know."

Kevin stood there in uniform. It was navy blue shirt and pant with a gold stripe down the sides of the pants. He had the full belt on with the gun, radio, handcuffs and everything else. As he was standing in front of us he did what he was told and whipped his dick out. Standing in front of us with it hanging there, hands at his sides and a pissed off look on his face.

"Good, stay there," Kyle said pulling his phone out and snapping a couple of shots.

"Blackmail now, what the fuck!" Kevin said.

"Now you won't do it again." Kyle said.

His dick was soft and hanging about half way down his leg. I was getting excited and it showed in my pants. I looked over at Kyle and he was standing up both on his feet and in his pants.

"Alright, Kevin take the uniform off now."


"Ok I will send the pictures to..."

"Wait! Ok."

Kevin started taking everything off and by no time he was standing in front of us butt naked, at school! While he was standing there Kyle was taking more pictures. The both of us were drooling and I just stared in amazement.

"Now what?" Kevin said.

"Stay there don't move." said Kyle, as he reached into his backpack to get something out of it.

It was a small dildo with some lube.

"Bend over, NOW!"

"No I can't I will do something else but this."

"Sorry, not an option." Kyle said.

I was still not saying anything, staying in one spot with my dropped. Kevin bent over his desk and was begging Kyle not to do it.

"Don't worry it won't hurt...a lot"

Quietly Kevin started moaning and trying to get away and within no time the whole dildo stuck up his ass.

"Stand up." as Kyle slapped him on the ass.

"Now get dressed, keep this to yourself and you are due to be back at Tim's house for the night after work. Don't take the dildo out and come in your uniform...oh and refer to us as sir."

"Yes sir," Kevin said as he got dressed.





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