'Matt?' John said. 'Is this your room?'

'Yea. When I told the clerk that you had recommended the lodge he told me that you were due in tonight. I bribed him into putting you in with me. I hope you don't mind.'

'Fuck no, just get your sweet ass over here and give me a kiss.'

I walked up to John and we kissed passionately as we both stripped off his clothes. He ordered room service for dinner and as he ate I asked him about his son.

'Oh, he's still asking me to let him suck me off.'

'Are you going to let him?'

'I told him that when he turned eighteen that I'd consider it. I just hope I can wait that long. He loves jerking off in front of me or sucking his buddies while I'm in the room.'

'When will he turn eighteen?'

'In five months. Whenever it happens, he'll get the shock of his life when I start sucking him while he's sucking me.'

'So that's how you're going to let him know that you are into guys also?'

'Yep. Can't wait to see his reaction.'

When John had finished we immediately headed for the bedroom and were soon in a hot sixty-nine, eagerly sucking the hot fluids from the other's cock. Before cuddling and going to sleep we each fucked the other.

The next morning we had another sixty-nine before breakfast and then relaxed by the pool for a short while. John asked if I had visited the 'Dungeon' and I said no. He led the way and I followed.

As we approached the 'Dungeon' John said, 'There is only one rule for what goes on in there. All parties involved in any activity must all be agreeable to what is being done. Nothing can br forced on another.'

'Good rule,' I said as we entered.

The 'Dungeon was one large square room. One area had slings for fucking. Another had any and all types of bondage gear, including whips. Another had several tables for guys to get on to be fist fucked. Then one corner was tiled and was called the 'Wet corner'. It was for any and all water sports.

we looked around and saw a couple of guys in slings getting fucked by a large number of other guys. As we walked up, John asked, 'May we join?'

'Sure, no problem,' one of the guys in a sling said. 'Hey guys, let the fresh meat in.'

The others stepped aside and made room for John and I to fuck the two guys in the slings. And fuck we did, hard fast and deep.

After we had climaxed, we wandered over to watch a guy get fist fucked by a couple of guys. Just as we walked up one guy slid his hand up the victims ass and it was soon followed by one of the other guys hands. The guy on the table had two fist up his ass at the same time.

As we neared the Wet corner, John asked if I had ever done any piss play.

'No, but it looks hot.' I watched as four guys were pissing on this one stud that looked like a body builder. As the guys pissed on his head, face, and body, he suddenly opened his mouth and when it was full, he swallowed. 'Yea, give me you piss,' he said before drinking more.

To aid the pissers, there was both water and beer readily available to drink. Guys were drinking both rapidly before draining their bladders.

'You want to join in?'

'Do you?'

'Yea, but I want to be receiving for a while.'

'You get pissed on?'

'Yep, I love it,' he said and stepped onto the tile and knelt down. Immediately, guys started pissing on him, starting with his head andface and letting it run down his body. I stood and watched and after a minute or so John opened his mouth and one of the guys that was pissing on him stuck his cock into John's mouth. John closed his lips and I could see him swallow. My cock was again rock hard and when the guy pulled out I started pissing on John. He smiled at me and wiggled his tongue. I put my cock into his mouth and as I let the flow continue, he eagerly swallowed.

When I was through, I knelt beside him and began getting hosed down. It was fucking hot and erotic. Piss flowed from my head down and I licked my lips to get a taste. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. I opened my mouth and took some in and swallowed. John saw this and got up and began pissing on me, aiming for my lips. I opened again and he stuck his cock in, quickly filling my mouth. I swallowed until he was finished and pulled out. I stood up and walked off the tile to where John was waiting.

'That your first time?'

'Yep, for all of it.'

'What did you think?'

'Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. It is a turn on.'

'Just don't try drinking a guys morning piss for a while. It's extremely strong and not many guys can drink it. I can't.'

We walked under the shower heads furnished to rinse the piss off of your body before going back outside.

John and I spent the afternoon in our room having sex with two guys we met at the pool. After they left, we ordered dinner sent to the room then John and I had sex until after midnight.

The next morning we both headed out with me on my way to San Diego. I drove steadily, stopping for food and gas and an occasional blow job when I found a participant.

When I arrived in San Diego, I called Bear and he told me where to meet him. It was about noon so we had a quick bite to eat then I followed him to his brothers place and of course we immediately had sex. We were both sitting naked on the sofa drinking a beer when his brother got home. Bear introduced me and shortly after the brother's lover arrived.

Together we all prepared dinner and afterward, I told Bear that I wanted to watch two brother go at it. They readily agreed and soon they were both in a sixty-nine. They didn't climax but held off and came up each others ass when they fucked each other. The remainder of the night was one big orgy. I sucked and was fucked by all of them and loved it.

I spent three days with them before heading back to base. I stopped a couple of days to see Dad and Don and of course there was sex there. I get a boner everytime I think of sucking my dad's beautiful cock.

I arrived back in town with a week left on my leave. It was about noon so I stopped and picked up a few groceries and headed for Buck's place.

I hid my car in the brush behind his house so he wouldn't see it when he arrived home. I prepared dinner and was waiting in the living room when he came in. He opened the door to find me in his recliner, my cock sticking straight up like a flag pole.

'Matt, damn am I glad to see you,' he said before literally picking me up and kissing me. 'I've missed you.'

'I've missed you also. Now go get showered. Dinner is ready.'

By the time I had the table set, he returned from his shower nude also. We sat and ate as he asked question after question about my trip. I filled him in on every detail. He was more turned on by the fact that I found out that my dad was gay also and that I had engaged in sex with him.

After dinner, we sat cuddled together on the sofa when he suddenly said, 'Matt, I can see us together like this forever. I know that we only had sex that one night but I've know you for years. I realized after you left on your leave that I love you.'

'Buck, let's not rush it. I care deeply for you but we have to make sure. I'll be here with you this week then I'll be staying on base and we can date.'

'What ever you want. But what are you going to do after you get out?'

'FInd a job somewhere.'

'Let's just hope it's here,' he said.

Three days later he came in all excited. He said he had a guy come into his shop for a minor repair and he was with Intel Computer Industries and said that they were building a research and development center here in town. Buck said he told him about me and that I'd be getting out of the Marines in three weeks and was trained in computers and needed a civilian job.

'Matt, he's staying at the Regency Hotel and wants to talk to you at ten tomorrow morning.'

'Buck, you're shitting me?'

'No baby, I'm dead serious.'

I met with the man the next morning and stopped by the garage to tell Buck the results.

'Well?' he asked as I walked into the garage.

I smiled and said, 'I'll start out basically as personnel manager after I get out then once they open, I'll be Supervisor of Research and Development.'

'Damn, that's great. You'll be right here at home.'

'Yes, after a while.'

'What do you mean after a while?' he asked.

'When I get out he said to take two weeks and get settled, then to report to him in the Denver headquarters for eight weeks of training. I'll be gone two months.'

'Yes, I'll miss you but knowing that you will be back will get me through it. Let's go out to dinner to celebrate.'

'Okay, but where?'

'Leave that to me. Just be ready when I get home.'

I was ready and once he had showered and changed, we headed out.

'One of the few guys that I do have sex with around here owns a restaurant. It has some small private rooms for couples. You'll go in and ask for Joe and give him your name. He'll show you to the room. I'll come in the back door. No one will know that we're together.'

'You sly devil,' I said.

It all worked perfectly. Joe had the door to the restaurant locked so we could not be disturbed and gave strict orders to the waiters that only he himself would wait on us.

After my week with Buck, I returned to base and checked back in. The next day, I was called to the base Commandant's office.

I reported, saluted and was told to stand at ease. I did and the commandant told me to relax and have a seat.

'No formalities, okay?' he said.

'What ever you say, Sir.'

'Matt, you've been invaluable to our organization. Is there any way I can talk you into re-enlisting?'

'No sir, I'm sorry. I've managed to survive barely survive two tours in Iraq. I'm not going to press my luck. I'd rather fight it out in the business world. In fact, I have a job waiting for me when I get out.'

'Congratulations. May I ask what it is?'

I filled him in and he said that he knew that I'd do well.

I was dismissed and returned to my duties. Several evenings a week I would visit Buck and grew more fond of him each time.

The day arrived and normally you are processed out with nothing more than receiving your discharge and a goodbye.

Today however, I was told that the Commandant would see me and give me my papers.

I reported and when I saluted, he smiled and said, 'There is no need for that. You're a civilian now.'

'You don't know how strange that sounds,' I said.

'Matt, I wanted to give you your discharge personally. All your superiors have rated you tops in their units for dedication and hard work. In this envelope with your discharge is a personal letter of recommendation from me. It was a pleasure for me to write it.'

He handed me the envelope with my discharge papers and continued, The Marines need many more men exactly like you.'

'Sir, if you really knew me you wouldn't say that.'

'Why is that?' he asked.

'Sir, three months into that last tour in Iraq I realized that I was gay and had been for quite a while although I had never acted on it. I think that I'm proof that gays can serve honorably in the military.'

'Were you a practicing gay in Iraq?'

'Yes sir, but not with any other military personnel. I met an Iraqi young man my age and he brought me out. I'm glad he did.'

I wasn't about to mention my former Captain, and I knew that since I had my discharge in my hands, there was nothing he could do to change my status from honorable.

'Matt, I'm totally shocked. If anyone else had told me about you I'd have called them a liar.'

'Sir, not all gays are what people normally think of when they hear that a person is gay. Most of us in act are very masculine and straight acting. Will that be all sir?'

'Yes, it will, Matt. And use that letter whenever you need to. This conversation never took place.'

'Thank you sir.' We shook hands and I saluted him one last time before leaving.

I returned to Buck's and when he came home I smiled and said. 'Free at last!'

I spent the two weeks with Buck then flew to Denver. I completed my training just as they were ready to hire for the new office. I returned and went straight to work. After the first week as Buck and I had dinner, I looked at Buck and said, 'Buck, I think this will work if you still want to give it a try. I love you>'

Matt, I love you more than you'll ever know. I want us to be together forever. I'll like calling you my other half and life partner.'

'What about others in town? Will it affect your business if they find out that you're gay?'

'It might some, but I don't give a shit. There are enough open minded people for me to survive.'

'What about you?' he asked.

'They know. When I started my training they asked if there was anything that they should know about me regarding health or any thing else and i was honest and told them that I was gay and living with another man that I hoped would be my life partner.'

'What was their reaction?'

'They said that they didn't have a problem with it as long as it didn't affect my work. I assured them that it wouldn't.'

I called dad and told him the news about Buck and I and he and Don both congratulated us and asked if they could visit soon. We said yes. I then called Bear and invited him to dinner. When he had arrived we told him and he was glad for us. We assured him that he would not be left out of some of the fun.

That was ten years ago. Buck and I are still together and Bear has also moved in with us, not as a partner, but as a friend. He is now out of the military and working as head of security at my office. Dad and Don visit regularly and all of us are happy and content. Buck and I are even considering adopting a child.

The End



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