As I looked into the den I immediately saw my dad, Roy, along with Don, my dad's business partner and Dan, Don's twin brother as well as my dad's lawyer. With them was Jim, a friend and contractor that did renovations and repairs for my dad's real estate company and Gary, one of Jim's employees. All five were naked and dad was on his hands and knees with Gary's cock in his mouth and Dan's cock pumping in and out of his ass. Don and Jim were in a sixty-nine next to them.

I eased the door open and stepped inside without them seeing me. I stood inside the door and asked. 'What's going on here?'

Everyone jumped like they had been shot and as Gary pulled his cock from dad's mouth it began climaxing, sending his load all over dad's face.

'Uh, Matt, son what are you doing here?' You were supposed to call me.'

'Well, I decided to surprise you and it certainly looks like I did just that.'

'Guys, I need to talk to my son. I think you all better leave.'

'No, don't leave, please. Just sit and relax and give dad and I a few mintues to talk.'

I headed for dad's bedroom as he followed. When we entered he said, Son, I've wanted to tell you for several years now that I was gay but just never could get up the nerve.'

'Why not?' I asked.

'I was afraid you hate me and not want anything else to do with me. I couldn't stand loosing you and now I'm afraid that I might do just that.'

'Dad, regardless of whether you are gay or straight, I'll always love you. You have always been there for me and I'll always be there for you. Besides, how can I condem you for doing the same things I do?'


'Yes dad, I'm gay also.' I told him about the captain in Iraq and about he brought me out.

'Damn! I can't believe that you're gay also.'

I stepped up to him and licked off some of Gary's cum that was still on his face. 'Does that prove it?'

He smiled then I leaned down and kissed him passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouth.

'Do you think the others might let me join the party?'

'I know they would. Get out of those clothes and let's go see their reaction.'

I quickly stripped and as we entered the den dad said, 'Fellows, we have a new member for our party, but he is off limits until I experience him first.'

They all came up to me and greeted me with hugs and kisses. Soon, Dad and I were on the floor in a hot sixty-nine, and hungrily swallowed the rewards that each produced. Then after some kissing and making out, we fucked each other. It was so damn hot feeling dad empty his seed up my ass while we kissed.

By almost dawn I had sucked and fucked each of the other guys and they had all sucked and fucked me. Dad and I went to his bedroom as the others crashed out on the den floor.

Before going to sleep, dad told me that Don was not only his business partner but his lover as well. 'He moved in right after you left for the Marines. When you would come home, he'd go stay at Dan's place.'

'Well, no more of that.' I offered to let Don join us in the bed but he declined saying that dad and I needed some time alone.

I stayed with dad and Don for three days and the sex was unbelieveable. When I was ready to leave, Dad asked if I was going to re-enlist. I told him no and he asked if I would be returning home.

'I don't know at this point. There is someone that I'm interested in but he doesn't know it yet. It all depends on how that all works out.'

'I understand. I hope it works out for the best.'

'Thanks.' I kissed him and Dan goodbye and promised to stop back by on my return to base.

It was Wednesday and after heading out I stopped and calculated my milage to the Rainbow Lodge. I decided that I could be there by Friday afternoon late so I called and made a reservation.

As the morning wore on the skies got darker and darker. At about three that afternoon, I decided to stop and put the top up on the convertable. Just as I finished latching it, I heard the roar of a motorcycle and looked up. The driver pulled in right behind me and I gasp when I saw him.

He looked to be in his mid to late twenties, his wore no helmet and his head was shaved and he had a neatly trimmed black moustache and goatee.

what really caught my eye was the muscular chest and abs that were revealed since he only wore a black leather vest; no shirt. His chest and arms were covered in thick black hair and his jeans were tight, showing a nice bulge in front and a round firm ass in back. Over the jeans were black leather chaps and he wore the traditional black biker boots.

I walked to a picnic table and after sittong on the table and resting my feet on the bench, I lit a cigarette. After a minute or so he walked over to me and said, 'Can I get a lite?'

'Sure,' I said handing him my lighter. After lighting his, he said, 'Thanks. I'm Stan Cooper, but everyone just calls me Bear.'

'Oh?' I replied.

Smiling , he removed his vest and turned in a circle. His back was almost as hairy as his chest. 'I think you can guess why.'

'Yea, now I can. I'm Matt Davis. Where aare you headed?'

'San Deigo to visit my brother for a couple weeks.'

'Two weeks and that little bag is all you've got?' I said indicating the small duffle bag on his bike.

'Oh, I shipped a box of clothes by UPS for me to wear while there.'

'Smart thinking.' We talked a while and soon heard thunder in the distance.

I bid him a safe journey and headed out. Before long the rain started and was soon so heavy I could barely see the road. I decided that it was best if I stopped. I came upon a small motel attached to a truck stop by a large covered walkway. I pulled in and got a room for the night.

Later I walked to the restaurant in the truck stop and took a table next to the windows. As I looked over the menu, I heard a familiar sound. Looking up I saw Bear pulling in, totally soaked. He parked under the walkway and came in. I motioned him to jopin me. Smiling he walked to me and said, 'Fancy seeing you here.'

'Hell, I had to stop. I couldn't see the road to drive.'

'Yea, tell me about it.'

He sat down and whe the waitress came over I asked if they did room service. She said that they did and we ordered and had it sent to the room. I told Bear that he needed to get out of the wet clothes and into something dry.

Bear grabbed his bag off his bike and we went to the room. he took off the vest and leather chaps and lay them out to dry. As he began going through his bag, he laughed and said that everything there was also soaked.

'Get everything that is wet and I'll take them down to the guest laundry and dry them.'

'That sounds good but what the fuck do I wear in the mean time?'

'Wrap up in a towel or for all I care stay naked. It won't bother me any at all. Lots of guys in my barracks go naked, including me.'

'You military?'

'Yea, Marines.' I told him where I was stationed and I saw a slight smile on his face.

'They let you go naked in the barracks?'

'They don't really like it but they don't stop us.'

'Well, I personally enjoy going nude so if you have no objections I'll stay that way.'

'Fune,' I said as I gathered his wet clothes. After placing them in the dryer, I returned to the room moments before our dinner arrived. Bear headed for the bathroom while I answered the door. I tipped the busboy and he said to just leave everything outside the door and they would pick it up.

As I sat the tray on the small table, Bear asked, 'Are you going to join me?'

'Hell yea, since we are both nudist at heart. Just wanted to wait until we wouldn't be disturbed.'

I quickly stripped and as I did I noticed Bear checking me out. As we ate he said, 'Your pretty well built. Is that what the Marines do for you?'

'Some of it, but I usually work out two to three times a week.'

'Well, there is one aspect of your build that you didn't get from working out.'

Laughing, I said, 'I get that from my dad and grandfather.'

'Yea, same here. My brother and I inherited it also.'

Suddenly there was a weather bulliten on TV saying that the storms would comtinue through the night but should have moved out by sun up.

'Well, it looks like you're stuck here for the night. Any objections sharing that double bed?'

'None at all. It will bring back memories.'

'How's that?' I asked.

'My family was poor and my brother and I had to share a double bed up until I moved out. He was twenty three and I was twenty five. That was three years ago.'

'Damn, that sure didn't give you two any privacy growing up.'

'No, it didn't but we managed. Neither of us was bashful so we just lay in bed and did what we had to do at night.'

'Next to each other?'

'Hell yea. when we were younger we'd see who could finish first. And I'll admit, eventually we started stroking each other for some variety.'

'Damn, man. Sounds like you two had it all worked out.'

'We did.'

I changed the subject noticing that Bear was about half hard just as I was. After a while we turned off the TV and lights and tried to go to sleep, while listening to the thunder outside.

After a while, I felt Bear move and slowly sit up. I don't think he realized that I was still awake. He slowly sat up then lifted the covers off of us and lay them back. Turning almost into a sixty-nine position, he lowered his face and gently lifted my cock, sucking it into his mouth. I remained quiet and casually changed positions until my face was inches from his stiffening cock. As he sucked my own cock grew rock hard. Without wrning, I quickly sucked his cock into my mouth and began deepthroating it. I heard him moan softly. We both continued sucking and soon we climaxed, both hungrily devouring the cum fed to us.

When it was over we both sat up and kissed passionately.

'Did you do this with your brother?' I asked.

'Every fucking night if we didn't fuck each other.'

'Nice. When you recharge, I want that tool of your's up my ass.'

'You got it only if you promise to shove your's up my ass hard and deep.'

'I promise,' I said. 'Are you and your brother going to pick up where you left off when you moved out?'

'Oh, yea. Tim's lover wants to watch us get it on together.'

'Is Tim as hairy as you?'

'He's hairy but not like me. Dave, his lover is blond and has a nice coating of blond hair on his chest. I'm looking forward to meeting him.'

'What do they do for a living?'

'Tim is an Ensign in the Navy working in records and Dave is a county deputy sheriff.'

'Fucking hot. A gay cop.'

'Yea, I can't wait to let him fuck me while he is still in his uniform.'

'Hell, I'd love it also.'

By now Bear was hard and I quickly flopped down on my back and raised my legs. With just spit as lube, Bear entered me and fucked my brains out. I was in heaven. After he climaxed, I did the same to him as he begged for me to fuck harder and deeper.

The next morning the sun was out and before we left we exchanged cell phone numbers. I realized that I hadn't asked Bear what he did for a living.

Smiling, he said, 'If you promise to keep it to your self, I'm with NCIS at the same base you're at.'

'Holy shit! You're kidding?'

'Nope. And If you manage to get to San Diego call me. I know my brother would love to have you join us. We've always liked group sex.'

'I'll be there,' I promised.

'When you get ack on base, call me, please.'

'I definately will.' I promised.

We both headed out and I had to push it to make it to the Rainbow Lodge by Saturday night, but I managed. I checked in and was given a room poolside. While I was at the desk the clerk said that he noticed that it was my first time there and wondered how I had found them. I told him that I had done an internet search and was also recommended by another guest. He asked who it was and I gave him John's name.

Smiling, he said, 'He's due in later tonight.'

'Is there any way you can assing him to my room?' I asked as I slid a twenty across the counter.

'Yes, sir I can,' he said with a smile.

I went to my room and set my bag in the bedroom and ordered room service. After eating, I stepped out to the pool and joined the other naked guys there. A few minutes later I heard the air brakes of a semi and quickly returned to my room. A few minutes later the phone rang and the clerk said that John was on his way.

Going into the bedroom, I waited for John to come into the room. When he unlocked the door and stepped in he saw my dirty dishes.

'Hello? Anyone here?'

'Just me,' I said as I stepped into the sitting room.

TO BE CONTINUED..................



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