To tell you the truth, I have always been a unusual guy, Oh, I'm good looking enough, but I have always been a little different.

I looked the part of the regular Joe, and I was, for the most part just like most other guys.

I played sports in school, I was very good at it, lettered in baseball, track, played tennis, swam, I was quite athletic, but I had this one difference, I wasn't into girls like most of my buddies in high school.

I have tried to check back in life and see what I might have done to make that come about, but as of yet at the age of twenty five, I haven't come up with an answer.

I guess it might have been that I was raised with four brothers, the eldest was Wayne, he was sixteen when I was born and he was what you would call a hunk, then there was Seth, the second oldest he was thirteen, he was also a swimmer on the school swim team, and then Mark,, he was closest in age to me, I was seven and he was nine. there five boys living in a three bedroom farm house out in the country, several miles from St. Louis, Missouri.

I loved living on a farm, it was hard work, doing all the things that hard working farm families do.

I knew there was something about the brothers that I admired, I would see the older brothers strutting around in their white cotton briefs in the bedroom at night and seeing their cocks flopping back and forth in those briefs, noticing the outlines of their thick cocks, even seeing their boners standing out in the morning, it was just the way it was when you share a large bedroom with brothers.

I noticed my brothers beating their meat at a very early age, and even watched my oldest brother at sixteen shoot cum all over his stomach one night, I was sleeping in the large bed next to him, he let me feel his hard cock, and even touch his cum before he wiped it up off his belly, it was awesome to me.

I even got to stroke his cock for him a few times and make him cum, and I loved that thick pubic hair and his heavy nuts, which I thought was fantastic.

I was about eight I guess, when Mom was away visiting her sister for a few days, and My Dad, who by the way was a wonderful guy,whom I loved very much, he was so loving and kind to us boys. He had worked really hard that day, came in, took a shower and stretched out on the couch with a beer, and the brothers and sisters were gone for some reason, I don't even remember why, but I was alone with my Dad that evening.

Dad was really tired and just flopped down on the couch in his white briefs, us boys and Dad didn't have a problem with walking around the house in our underwear, it was just the way it was in our house.

Dad was leaning back with his empty beer bottle in laying by his leg, and his white briefs were full and awesome looking, I walked over and listened to my Dad breathing heavy and just sleeping and I noticed his thick cock inside his briefs, I just knelt in front of the couch, reached over and started feeling my fathers cock, it was thick, thicker than Wayne's, and it felt longer inside his briefs.

I wanted to see it, to touch it, so I gently opened the fly of his briefs and fished the thickest cock I had ever seen.

Up to this time I had never seen my Dad's thick cock but it was awesome, but different, I didn't have a skin covering on the head of mine, Dad did, I was young and just thought that it would grow as I got older.

I pulled his cock out and then his balls, My Dads nuts were huge, or at least to me they were.

Wow! as I played with his thick cock, it began to harden, wow, it was fantastic, it looked like my wrist it was so thick and I noticed the tip of his cocks head starting to slip out of its sheath covering and I leaned over and licked on the tip of it, and felt it flex up harder on the tip of my tongue, it was fantastic, I had not as yet tasted a cock before, I felt like I was in heaven.

I loved what I was doing, I sat there leaning over and just slowly stroked my Dads thick uncut meat, loving every minutes of it, I noticed as I continued doing this that he began to leak this thick clear very slick liquid, it wasn't pee, or cum it was like a lubricant, I learned later it was pre-cum, it tasted salty, and sorta sweet, I loved the taste of it.

I began to suck my Dads cock while he slept, and then I noticed his balls tightening up against his body, seperateing and going to each side of his hard-on.

I had not seen anything like this before, his stomach was sorta jerking and he began moaning, and then his cock got harder than a rock, and I began jerking in my mouth, now I only had about three inches of his fairly large cock in my mouth, but as his body jerked I felt his hand touch my head and I felt his hand push my head, and his cock went down my throat causing me to gag as he shot his cum down my throat, his body was jerking and I heard his voice say OH FUCK! I took his whole load and swallowed every drop, it was phenomenal to me.

I looked up after wiping my mouth off and my Dad was looking straight into my eyes, 'Well did you enjoy that?' he said.

I couldn't lie, I was expecting to feel his hand upside my head and get the beating of my life.

All I could say in all honesty was 'Yes sir, I loved it.'

All Dad did was hug me and tell me how wonderful it felt, but not to do it again, O.k.?

Every time I got close to my Dad after that and saw him in his underwear I would pop a boner, and he would just wink at me and smile, I guess it was our little secret.

I never did it again with my Dad, but I began to suck my older brother.s cock after that, and he loved it.

By the time I was in High School, I was and expert at sucking cock and swallowing cum, I lived for it.

One of the things that was a problem was I couldn't get dressed out in the locker room for gym class without sprouting wood, there were so many guys with hot, sexy bodies and I never realized there were so many different types, colors, and sizes of cocks, like a cock buffet.

That's when I met the love of my life, although at the time He didn't know it.

His name was Parker Covington, He was a god on campus, he was the star Quarterback of the football team, he was student body president, one of the premier athletes at school, problem was he was the consumate ladies man.

I would see him in the hallways and always say hi, but he was always surrounded by females, so I just figured he was straight as an arrow.

He was the fantasy of so many jerkoff sessions it was unreal.

Just being close to him in school, would cause a hard-on.

It was at the Class picnic on a Saturday afternoon at the city park, we were playing a game of touch foot-ball and Parker and I was on the same team.

We had played a full game and were exhausted, and It was all I could do to keep from going bonkers over Parker, he was so well built, washboard abs, thick chest muscles, muscular legs, and thick deltoid muscles, and biceps that belongs on a body builder, he was just downright gorgeous, but he was so friggen sexy too, he was handsome faced, perfect teeth and smile, he was wearing a pair of faded grey sweat pants, sneakers and a tee shirt that had been cut off just under his pecs, showing his gorgeous abs, I would almost melt when I saw his abs, they were smooth, hairless except for a tuft of dark hair at the navel button leading down into his sweat pants, and I could tell he was cut but he shape of the outline of his cock head showing thru the sweats, he was just downright gorgeous, hot, and sexy.

Parker was wearing his cap turned around backward and his hair was unkempt and sticking out from under the cap, he was unbelievable looking.

I had to take a dump so I went over to the men's room there in the park.

I went in and saw the urinals hanging out from the wall of the bathroom, then the crapper stalls down at the end.

I sat down at the end stall, to do my business, thinking about Parker and I was reading the graffetti on the walls when In walked another person into the restroom, they came and sat in the next stall.

That was not so unusual, happens a lot in public restrooms, but what made it so unusual for me was that there was what they called a 'Glory hole' in the stall wall between the crappers.

I leaned over and looked thru the glory hole, the guy in the next stall was gently setting there with his hand down between his legs stroking his cock, which looked to be a good eight or more inches, very thick, beautifully cut and delicious looking, I was turned on watching what he was doing, he was showing it off too.

I leaned back and began stroking my hard-on, which is about seven inches by then.

Next thing I knew he was putting his finger thru the hole asking me to put my dick thru.

I just thought, wow, what the hell, might be fun.

I stood up and slipped my cock thru the hole, and gripped the top of the stall wall.

Holy mother of God, the feeling was sensational, His hot, wet mouth engulfed my cock and I was slowly floating away with the sensations, and pleasures I was feeling, If there was anything better God must have kept it for himself, I had never had my cock sucked before, just sucked cocks.

I couldn't seem to shove my cock thru the wall far enough, this guy was awesome, and now I knew why my brother and Dad enjoyed it so much.

I was enjoying what I had been doing for several years.

AS my climax built up I felt like I was going to die of a heart attack, I had never felt anything so awesome, I wanted this feeling to go on forever.

My cock felt like it was on fire as this dude sucked and swirled his tongue around the rim of my cock head, nothing, I repeat nothing had ever felt this awesome.

I knew now why my Dad's balls had tightened up beside his cock that day, mine were tight too, against my body and I was in heaven.

I felt the point of no return and the guy in the next stall began to pour on the heat at I began to moan, and whimper, 'Oh Fuck, Oh Shit Man, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhh! and my body began to convulse and jerk and I filled his hot wet mouth with my load, I didn't know if I would ever stop shooting my cum into this guys throat.

I was totally exhausted by the time he had drained every little drip of my cum from my cock.

'Thanks man, your cum tastes awesome man,' he said through the hole.

I just sat there, and finally decided it was fair to return the favor, I put my finger through the hole.

He stood up and slid the biggest cock I had ever seen, it was standing upward, thick, cut, veiny, harder than flint rock, and as I looked at the tip which was covered with a light covering of that same pre-cum that my Dads was covered with, I leaned over and began to gently lick the tip of his cock with my hungry tongue, I wanted this Dude's cum.

I took about four inches of what looked to be at least nine inch, by six inch cock into my mouth and began to work it over with all the expertise I could muster up.

I heard his voice as he said, 'Oh yeah man, that's it, you can do it, take it all, suck that big cock.'

I finally took his cock to his balls and played with this guy's big nutsack full of balls, they were thick and like chicken eggs, Damn this dude was hung.

I worked on his cock, savoring every second of sucking his cock, it's taste was delicious and I couldn't get enough pre-cum flavor, but I knew I wanted the prize for the labors I was performing.

I felt his body began to jerk as he said, 'Oh Fuck man, I'm gonna blow it, here it comes,' I set myself for a delicious mouth full and I was rewarded for my labor.

His moans were undeniable, he was totally enjoying it.

His cock felt like it was swelling up tighter and bigger and began to flood my mouth with his manjuice. I was in love, god I was in love.

I had to meet this dude and maybe get something going on a regular basis, His age didn't matter, I wanted to be his official cocksucker.

AS we sat there and wiped ourselves off, with toilet paper, he leaned over and said he would like to meet me.

I said, sure man, I want to meet you too.

We got out of the cubicles and I stood face to face with Parker Covington.

I was totally shocked to see it was him that had just sucked me off and I him. But I think he was as shocked as I was.

'Parker' I said. 'Ken' he said.

'Wow, I had no Idea you liked to do this sort of thing, we would have been doing it for some time now.' he said.

I smiled and said. 'Wow, me either.'

'we went out and got into his Mustang and went to the local eatery and got a burger and sat in the car and chatted.

'Man, Parker, do you know how many times I would be so jealous of you as you stood there in the halls talking to girls, desiring to be one of them just to have a chance, or how many times I would see you changing in the locker room, and see that gorgeous cock and watch your ass as you bent over putting on your jock strap, seeing how beautiful your gorgeous ass was, and how many time I had to go to the men's room and stroke off after seeing your naked body in the showers.

how many times I wondered why I was cursed to be gay, and not be able to have the opportunity to at least be close friends with you'

'Well Ken, you don't have to be jealous anymore, I have noticed you too, many times, but because of society I was never able to express myself or give my self the space to take a chance on being seen with another guy instead of a girl.' he said.

'Well those days are over.Fuck what people think.'

'Would you like to go out with me Friday night?' he asked.

'I would love to go out with you Parker.' I said in response.

Parker smiled at me and reached over and took my hand, 'Man it's so good to finally be free to do what I really want to do.' he said as we held hands, 'lets get out of here and go somewhere private.' he said.

We drove the car down by Miller old rock quarry on the deserted road behind the old abandond quarry.

Parker leaned over and began to kiss me, I was in hog heaven with his kisses, he knew how to kiss and we exchanged saliva with our tongues, when he said, 'I want to make love with you, O.K.?'

I felt his hand began to undress me, and I was already hard as a steel pipe.

We got out and went over behind some bushes and both got naked and enjoyed each others bodies.

We lay down on this soft ground and began to make out, Parker's thick cock was like a diving board.

I was playing with his thick balls as we kissed.

Parker smiled this mischievious smile and he lay me on my back.

Parker got between my legs and raised me up and began to lick and suck on my nuts then he raised my ass up and began to tongue my asshole and lick me I was about to croak as he ate me out like a virgin on her wedding night.

It was feeling phenomenal, I enjoyed this for about twenty minutes until I could stand it no more and Parker got up on his knees and his cock was slick and wet with pre-cum, and he swiped some on my asshole as he began to push his cock head against my saliva wet manhole.

I was loving it, that is until I felt his cock head penetrate my asshole, it burned and hurt like hell I just lay there with my eyes bugged out and almost swallowed my tongue, but I wanted Parker so bad I was going to endure what ever pain I had to to have him.

Parker took his time as I gasped for breath, saying 'Hang on you'll loosen up and begin to enjoy it in a few minutes and he was right, after about ten minutes of the most aweful pain I had ever felt, I began to feel a pleasure I had never known, and by the time Parker busted his nut in my asshole I was totally into it, my asshole relaxed and I was in heaven, watching with intense pleasure as Parker's cock took me to the mountain top with a pleasure that only makeing love with another man can give.

Parker began to pound me like a breading horse and I was enjoying the full extent of Parker's love, when His face turned bright red, he began to shove his cock as deep as it would go and he began to breath really heavy.

I watched as Parker's face showed the sign of pure exstacy as his body began to thrash and jerk and his cock did this dance inside my asshole, filling my body with his seed. I grabbed Parker around his neck pulled him over on top of me and held his body tight as his cock filled me and I began to shoot my load with out the aid of his hand touching it.

The was the first time I made love to a man, but It was not certainly the last time Parker and I did that, we were what you would call an item at school.

It was so awesome at school, Parker would walk by and hand me a note, or drop a note on my desk during class, 'Man I need you, how about after school, meet me behind the gym.' which always meant a hot time in his car or somewhere, we kept each other satisfied, our nuts never stayed full for long.

That was about ten years ago, I was eighteen then, Parker and I went to college together, and now we live together, I have never loved another guy since I found Parker, but we do occasionally bring a friend or co-worker home and enjoy a threesome with them together. Parker is now the love of my life and I guess it will always be that way. To me there is nothing more exciting or rewarding than making the man I love satisfied and fulfilled in every way.

But whatever made me what I am, I have no regrets and I live life to the fullest. Ciao.



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