The bar was just outside the city, down a two lane highway that ran out into the rural countryside. It was a converted barn, the house long since torn down, and it served a wide range of clientele; farmers, truckers, some military and those who in the city who wanted to get out for a night, do a small road trip into the countryside and hang out in this unpretentious bar nestled in the trees back off the road, far enough to be private, out of sight of prying eyes. But this story doesn't involve this rustic little bar, instead it is the old tool shed out back nearly hidden in the undergrowth that is the focus of our story.

The old unpainted structure appears ready to fall down with its roof of tin rusted through in places and the wood plank siding rotted and gapped. The small building is two rooms, one with a pair of old doors wide enough for a small tractor but the doors hang precariously on their hinges in such a manner no one would ever attempt to try to open them now. They hang warped, gapped around their perimeter with their hinges rusted and loose. The other room was the old tool storage room with a wood floor still in surprising good shape considering the roof, and one window by the entry door which still has all its panes. The interior has a work bench running along one wall, its rough 2 x 8's worn smooth from years of use and a door way to the other side, with the hinges hanging empty, the door long since removed. There is no electricity to the building so it's only light is from the parking lot security light that filters through the window, the gaps in the walls and around the double doors, but it isn't enough to illuminate the interior for it is dark during the night, with only shafts of light cutting through the murky interior. It is in here our story will unfold.

Oliver moved to the city six months ago and was quickly learning his way around. He knew the best routes to his job, where the nearest grocery stores were, the farmer's market, the shopping districts, the bars and clubs. He was twenty eight and had moved to the city for a new job, one that let him gain additional experience and move up the pay scale far more than he could at his first job out of college. He soon found himself dating guys, making friends who liked to go out to bars, gallery openings or just see a movie or hang out in some coffee shop for half the night. He felt like his life was in a groove, one where he was succeeding at his life's goals, able to live in a nice apartment and drive a nice car, and his career seemed to be getting to where he felt in control.

Yet, through it all, he still felt restless, wanted something more, and he remembered how he had partied in college, two guys on his floor in the dorm that were always up for a good time, and there had been Ben, the artist, who he had met in a bar near campus, a guy who pushed him, made sex almost threatening, mixing pain and pleasure in ways that at times frightened Oliver. Then there were the times Oliver went out alone, to the club in the city where the basement was dark and anonymous, a place where sex was just sex, a place to get hard and thrust your cock into some hole and get off. It'd been years since he had graduated but the memories of those nights still excited him, made him lay in bed at night with a cock so hard it hurt. He began to surf the internet more often, looking for what he wasn't quite sure, and several times he visited one bar or club after the next that catered to a different crowd but each time he was disappointed for it was typically more theatrical than real, more costume, dress up, posing, and thus, not the real thing. Then one night, sometime in the early morning hours when he should have long since gone to bed for much needed sleep he began to surf some blogs and forums, sites where men talked about their adventures, the places they met and had sex; unbridled, anonymous, physical sex. Oliver followed one of the conversations, impatiently, pumping his right knee up and down in a fast nervous rhythm and his right hand on the mouse ready for his next command. The conversation he was following began to talk about the tool shed and the things that went on there and Oliver sat up and read with intensity every word as the guys in the forum page traded stories of the place, and then there it was. The piece of information Oliver was so desperately waiting for as the conversation progressed. One of them mentioned the bar the tool shed sat behind.

It took only a few minutes searching online for Oliver to find the address and with a quick check on a mapping site he had its exact location and how to get there. He saw it was twenty miles outside the city down a county road. He sat back in his chair and stared at the computer screen of the map. He had turned it to aerial imaging and all he saw was trees with a little of the parking lot and a section of the bar roof visible through them. The back of the property was dense foliage and the tool shed was not visible, hidden from sight, and Oliver smiled to himself. It was Thursday morning and he needed to get some sleep before going to work but tonight he was going to get a good night's sleep for tomorrow night he was going to drive out into the country and visit this little bar and when the time was right, he was going to amble out back and to the tool shed.

Oliver arrived a little after eleven and the parking lot was crowded with pickups, old and new cars, even two semis. As he strolled across the dirt parking lot where everyone parked however they could among the trees he could hear the music, the laughter and once someone yell out. There were no windows and the door was solid so Oliver couldn't see what he was walking into as he pulled open the door. The dimly lit interior was larger than he anticipated, with pool tables down the middle where the old barn was the most open and the bar was down one side. All the pool tables had five or six guys scattered around them and the few table and chairs scattered around the barn were taken. Oliver scanned the crowd and noticed several were looking at him, checking him out. He had pulled out a pair of old worn jeans, the denim faded, the hems frayed and with his narrow waist they hung from his hips provocatively, barely above his cock and without underwear he knew if he stretched up and his tight t-shirt lifted up you could see the fan of pubic hair over his cock. Oliver had a naturally lean build and it let his clothes hang on him in a way that suggested they could easily fall from his body.

Working his way through the tables he made his way to the bar and found a stool near the middle of the bar. Soon he had a drink in hand and was sitting with his back to the bar watching the crowd in the bar. The group of military boys at the back pool table, so obvious with their hair cuts and tags hanging from their necks, the older guys, probably farmers with their work boots, nice jeans and caps with some tractor company logo on them, and there were the guys who were dressed a little too nice, khakis or designer jeans with some expensive shirt and Oliver knew they, like him, had driven from the city. He watched one young guy with long blonde hair wearing a tank top and shorts going around collecting empties and talking and joking around with some of the guys in the bar. From all appearances it was just a bar, nothing special, and if it weren't for the rainbow flag hanging in the back of the main space and the type of posters hanging on the walls it wouldn't even be obvious to someone it was a gay bar.

Over the course of night Oliver sat at the bar and talked with the guys who came over, checking each other out, testing to see if there was any interest, any attraction, but Oliver refrained from letting his conversation get serious with anyone. He eventually broke away from a couple of guys and ambled his way around the bar to watch a few games of pool, declining offers to play, preferring this night to stay unattached to any one group, for he was here at the bar to watch, observe and when the time seemed right, he was going out back in search for that tool shed. It was around one in the morning when he noticed the crowd had thinned down and he saw a few guys go out a back door, most individually, making their trek alone. He made his way back to the bar, finished his drink and slid the glass across the bar for the bartender to put away.

Oliver felt that anticipation, his heart rate increasing with his expectations as he made his way out the rear door. There were a few cars parked behind the barn, probably those wishing for greater secrecy in their patronage of the bar, and Oliver made his way past a large truck, jacked up with large tires and across the dirt drive and through the trees making his way to the back of the property. There was one security light and its illumination was filtered by the trees. Oliver knew the shed had to be somewhere beyond the light pole for he knew it being the only light the shed had to be close if it relied on it for illumination and as he crossed under the light he saw it, the old tool shed, sitting among the undergrowth.

He wanted to speed up, to get to it as fast as possible, but he made himself maintain his pace, to approach as casually as possible. As he got near he could hear them, the grunts, the moans, the slap of a hand on flesh, the cries of pain, and pleasure. He saw some shirts hanging over a limb near the door and smiled at the way there was no playing around here, no ritual of flirting, and he tugged his t-shirt off and tossed it over a branch of a small tree. His skin felt warm, almost slick, for the bar had been warm and the summer night was hotter still, and humid. He eased the door open, went inside and eased the door closed as he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darker interior.

The noise of sex was louder inside, the moans, the grunts, the sound of sucking and fucking, with the occasional slap of a hand, and there were those that were vocal, those that begged to be fucked harder and those that demanded service. It was so dark he could see nothing except what the shafts of light allowed him to see. The band of ass cheek with someone behind it, pumping cock hard into the guy, the thin sliver of light cutting across a guy's crotch, his jeans spread open and his hard cock bobbing out in front of him, but only for a moment before a head was down in front of it and the sound of sucking and moans of pleasure came from them. The window cast the largest shaft of light into the room and Oliver saw it passed over five guys standing side by side stroking each other's cock, most with their jeans spread open but one appeared completely naked. Oliver watched how they worked each other's cock, looked at how different each were, shape and size, and how all were engrossed in their manipulations of each other. The naked guy moved in front of one guy, stood with his back to him and he bent over and Oliver saw his face pass through the light as he moved down opening himself up for the cock behind him. It was one of the military guys and Oliver watched the guy behind him move into place and shove forward making the military guy cry out. Soon he was begging for it, pleading with the guy to fuck him harder, to slam his cock into his hole, to fuck the shit out of him and Oliver saw one of the other guys move through the light and then he heard the military guy sucking a cock as he took the hard rough fuck in his ass.

A hand came in contact with Oliver's back, rubbed over his shoulders as someone moved up close to him. He felt the guy's breath just before he heard his whisper.

"What are you into?" the anonymous voice asked Oliver.

"Everything" Oliver replied.

The guy grabbed Oliver by the neck, turned his head and kissed him, tongue quickly buried in his mouth and Oliver felt the hand slide down his back, run over his jeans, fingers slipping down into them, then the hand went down into his loose jeans and felt his ass cheeks, fingers probing down into the crevice between them. Oliver put out his hand and touched the guy on the chest, felt his firm smooth skin and he moved downward, wasting no time, and felt his hand slide down exposed flesh, brush through pubic hair and bump into a hard cock. Oliver soon had it in hand, stroking the hard shaft. Oliver lost himself to the moment, eyes closed even in the darkness, his senses focused on what he was feeling. A finger pushed against his hole, rubbed over it, then sank into it stretching him open and his own hand continued stroking along the hard shaft and over the wet slick head. Oliver felt his jeans being undone, the loose worn denim opening up and falling down his legs to his ankles leaving him naked, the hot humid interior caressing his skin in its own way.

Oliver felt two fingers penetrate his hole and the guy's other hand stroking his hard cock. He'd been in the tool shed less than ten minutes and already felt his need rise, rise too quick, and he pulled away from the guy, kissing him quickly on the mouth and whispering to him.

"Not yet, I want tonight to last longer."

Oliver heard the guy laugh quietly as he said okay and moved away till Oliver couldn't hear his breathing or feel the heat of his body near his own. Oliver's eyes had adjusted as best they could and he could make out shadows, silhouettes and the shafts of lights cutting across the room gave meaning to the forms, provided Oliver with some sense of the space and he pulled up his jeans and moved cautiously across the room, bumping into a couple of guys feeling their naked skin hot against his own and he made it to the back wall and came into contact with the work bench, then the legs of someone sitting on it. Bare hairy legs, the skin hot to the touch and Oliver couldn't stop himself as he ran his hand up the leg to the guy's crotch feeling the cock that was standing up hard and wet. A hand came to Oliver's head and he let it guide him down to the cock and he took it, this anonymous cock, and sank his mouth down the shaft enjoying the way it filled his mouth and pushed against the back of his throat. He worked his mouth up and down this cock, felt the way the flared head moved over his tongue and the taste of pre-cum sweet on its tip. The guy ran his hands over Oliver's head but let Oliver set his own pace, one of determination to get the guy off, to get the cock to spew its load, and Oliver slid his lips tightly up and down the shaft, over and over.

Oliver could sense the other men sitting on the work bench, either stroking their own cocks, stroking the guy sitting next to them or sitting legs spread with a wet mouth working up and down their cocks. Oliver felt the guy hold his head tighter, heard him moan a little louder then encourage him to suck harder.

"Suck it... come on suck my cock, fucking whore, suck me" the guy commanded, his tone urgent. Oliver buried his face in the guy's crotch and held the guy's cock all the way in his mouth with the flared head pushed into his throat where he swallowed a couple of times letting the guy feel the sensation on his cock.

"Oh fuck...yeah...take it" the guy moaned.

Oliver moved up the shaft putting suction on it as he went and when he got to the flared head he sucked it hard, ran his tongue over it and then he moved back downward and the guy grabbed his head tightly and pushed up with his hips as he shoved Oliver down.

"Oh shit, take my cum...come my cum" he grunted through clinched teeth and Oliver felt the first blast hit him in the back of the throat, the second filled his mouth and he sucked on the shaft hard drawing each wad into his mouth until the guy was spent and pushed him off of his cock.

Oliver stood up and backed away, neither saying anything to the other, knowing it wasn't necessary, not here, in this darkness. He turned and looked across the room, the slivers of light illuminating bands of bare skin, jeans open, hard cocks being serviced, or so someone bent over getting fucked, the sound of their bodies coming together loud in the small space. He saw through the opening into the other side where the bands of light were long narrow bands falling across the walls and floor, and passing over the men in the room. The shafts of light crossed over a figure in the middle of the room that was down on their elbows and knees on the dirt floor and Oliver went into the room, hands touching him as he moved through the door opening.

The old double doors hung so loosely in their opening light came into this room better than the other room and Oliver quickly realized it was the busboy from the bar, his lean smooth body completely naked, his wrist tied together and the rope holding him disappearing into the darkness. The boy looked up at Oliver.

"You wanna fuck me?" he asked, his tone pleading. Oliver looked down and saw ribbons of light hitting his own body, one strip showing him groping his own cock, one across his chest and he knew another was hitting his face so the busboy knew it was the new guy who had come to party. "Come on man...dick me" the boy pleaded.

Oliver moved to the center of the room and bending over, ran his hand over the smooth firm skin of the boy and he felt the hot slick skin and the puddles of cum covering him. He ran his hand over the boy's neck and through his long blonde hair and again he felt the rope of cum lying over his head. 'Jesus' he thought' how long had this guy been out here before him?' He ran his hand over the boy's face feeling the slick cum trickling down and he spooned some of the cum on his fingers and fed it to the boy who sucked and licked his fingers cleaned. 'Goddamn' Oliver thought as he undid his jeans, let them drop to his ankles and eased down in front of the boy. He wanted the boy's ass, wanted to feel his cock sink into that small round ass but first he would get his cock fully hard, and lubed with the boy's spit; all he'd need to sink it into that ass. He rubbed his cock over the boy's face wiping up the cum that covered his face and he moved it down to the boy's mouth and soon felt it sink into the hot wet recess till he felt the head of his cock push at the boy's throat and he eased in further. The boy couldn't breathe, fought for air as he struggled against his bonds and Oliver moved back feeling the gasping boy suck in air around his cock. The boy immediately began to work his mouth on Oliver's cock, back and forth, the wet slick mouth feeling so good along his hard shaft. Suddenly he saw movement and the bands of light illuminated part of a man's torso, a thick stout body, a man's body, with a trail of hair up his stomach and a mat of hair on his chest and as the body eased down behind the boy he saw the short but very thick cock, wet and dripping, and he watched as the cock was pushed to the boy's ass where it disappeared in the dark shadows between the two bodies but Oliver felt the boy gasp for breath, suck in hard and he put his hand on the boy's back and felt the hot sweaty skin quivering. Oliver knew that fat cock was buried in the boy's ass and he watched as the man began to fuck, hips slapping against ass, rocking the boy's body roughly between the two of them making the boy swallow his cock over and over. The man fucked hard and roughly, wasted no time building up a brutal pace and he would slap the boy's ass as he grunted and moaned.

"Fuck...I'm cumming" the man cried out as he slammed his hips hard against the boy pushing his face all the way into Oliver's crotch. The man fucked in hard jabbing thrusts a few more times and then he slowed to a stop, his breathing ragged and Oliver watched him back up and his wet slimy cock pass through a band of light, cum dripping from the head and he suddenly wanted to feel his cock in that wet slick hole and he pulled back making the boy release his cock and he stood up, removed his jeans, laying them on the floor by the boy as he moved into place. He dropped down to his knees, his nakedness making him feel so alive, exposed in a menacing way in this darkness and he ran his fingers over the boy's ass feeling the cum trickle out of his hole and he put three fingers over it and pushed in feeling them sink easily into the stretch opened hole. The boy rose up as much as he could and cried out.

"Oh...yeah...stretch me open..." the boy cried out and he turned his head back toward the dark silhouette of Oliver, a shaft of light hitting half his face and Oliver saw the pleading look in his eye. "Come on, dick me" the boy begged.

Oliver felt his fingers slide easily through the boy's opening, it wet and slick, and Oliver pumped them into the boy's depth as far as he could slipping a fourth with them stretching the boy open further making his cry out again. Oliver removed his fingers and pushed his hard aching cock downward and lined it up with where he knew the opening to the boy was and when he felt his cock head touch the wet slick hole he bore down with his weight and sank his cock all the way inside the boy. It felt so good to Oliver's cock, the hot soft insides so slick with previous loads of cum and Oliver began to fuck, swinging his hips fully, slamming against the boy's ass then jerking back till only the head remained inside the boy. He held the boy's hips tightly, felt his knees sink into the soft dry dirt as he settled into the groove of his fuck. He fucked hard for a long time, his body turning hot, sweat pouring down in rivulets as he hammered his cock into the boy. He felt his cock surge up harder and he leaned over the boy's back, ran his hands around the flat lean stomach and up the smooth chest till he could grasp the boy by the shoulders holding him in place as he ground his cock into boy's hole. Lying over the boy he could feel his body undulate underneath him, felt the boy push back taking his cock and he could hear the uttering and moaning, begging him to fuck harder.

The darkness afforded no sense of where the others were in the room especially with the boy and him in the middle within the main shafts of light. He knew they were watching, watching him on top of the boy, their bodies working together as he thrust his cock into the boy, over and over and over. But Oliver was surprised to feel someone behind him, felt a hard cock nestle into his ass, hands slide down his sides and then he felt something land on his back, small warm metallic and he knew it was dog tags and then he felt the guy run his lips and tongue over his neck and around to his ear where he could feel the stubble of the hair on his head rub by ear and neck.

"Fuck that ass" the soldier whispered as he moved back and put his own cock to Oliver's hole and when Oliver moved his hips back the soldier shoved forward breaching Oliver and stretching his hole open as it took cock for the first time tonight. Oliver's hold on the boy tightened and he felt his own body shiver as the soldier cock sank into him but he kept fucking, sinking his cock into the boy then pulling back sinking soldier cock into his own ass. Oliver knew he was to do most of the work, was to move his ass the most, taking the soldier and giving to the boy and he worked his hips as hard as he could. He reached down and felt the boy's cock, long and slim, the shaft wet with pre-cum and he began to stroke the boy in time with his own fuck.

Oliver sensed the shadow fall over them and opened his eyes to see legs standing around them the bodies above lost in the darkness but he knew they were masturbating, could tell by the way they rocked on their legs and by the sounds of hands on cock and the hard breathing and grunts and Oliver was driven to fuck harder, to slam his ass back on the soldier and slam his cock into the boy. He was slick with sweat, his body sliding between the soldier and the boy as he built up his pace, fucked even harder. The soldier stood up on his knees and held Oliver's hips and began to fuck into him hard slamming their bodies together as he fucked the boy. Oliver felt his body tighten, his muscles become taut, even his toes curl as he felt his cum race through his cock and explode into the boy pumping one more load into him. Oliver felt the soldier's cock keep up its pace, just hammering through his hole as it would spasm with each ejaculation and the soldier gripped him tighter and grunted hard.

"OH...godDAMN...fuck" the soldier cried out as he slammed his hips into Oliver's ass pumping it full of his cum. Oliver felt the way the soldier slammed his cock inward with each ejaculation and then he felt warm spatters on his back and in his hair and he knew the men around them were getting off as well.

The soldier pulled out of Oliver and disappeared into the darkness and Oliver eased off the boy and over to the side of him, still on his hands and knees breathing hard feeling the cum trickle down and around his torso. He looked over and saw someone else on the boy making him rise up and cry out, guttural cries, nasty, begging for the anonymous cock to fuck him hard. Then Oliver felt hands on his own hips, a new cock at his ass and he held his head down, waiting for it, the initial penetration. The cock rubbed his ass, up and down, pressed against his hole, teased him, making him want it more and he looked around in the darkness at the silhouette behind him, the big broad shouldered man ready to fuck him.

"Come on...stop teasing me, asshole...fuck me...come on, fuck my ass" Oliver demanded and the cock sank into his hole stretching him open further. Oliver took the fuck, took every hard ass slamming stroke, felt that cock sink deep into his hole, shove its way into him that made him see stars in the darkness and yet he still begged for the cock to fuck him harder. Then someone dropped down in front of Oliver and ran a wet slimy cock over his face. Oliver parted his lips and took it, tasting cum and spit, and he felt the cock get fully hard in his mouth as the cock in his ass kept up its brutal pace.

The two cock used Oliver, the way they all used each other within the darkness, taking what they wanted and Oliver withstood their fuck, one in his ass and one in his mouth, both pumping at him hard. The cock in his mouth thicken, the head flared up large and Oliver was quickly swallowing as fast as he could taking the cum shooting from the cock. When the cock pulled from his mouth and disappeared the guy behind him rolled them over so Oliver was on top stretched out over the guy and Oliver realized the guy was much larger than he, taller and broader shouldered and he lay easily on top of him with the guy's cock still buried in his hole. The guy held him in a hug and pumped his hips upward slowly, grinding his cock into Oliver. Oliver felt his own erection flop over his stomach as he took the upward fuck. The man beneath him kept fucking, even in this awkward position, then Oliver felt hands touch his legs, lift them up and he opened his eyes to see within the bands of light it was the busboy with the ropes dangling from his wrists. The ropes tickled Oliver's skin as they brushed along his legs and over his body and the boy pushed his legs up till he could get up to his ass and Oliver felt it, the boy's hard cock, as it pressed against his stuffed hole, pushed for entry.

'Fuck' Oliver thought as he realized the boy was going to penetrate him alongside the cock already in his hole and he tensed up, felt his body go rigid but the guy beneath him tongued his ear, nipped at the skin on his neck and whispered in his ear.

"Relax...let it in...take that boy's cock."

Oliver relaxed and suddenly he felt the pain of his hole stretching more than ever before as the boy pushed into his hole, slowly, penetrating him making both of them cry out. The boy kept easing his cock into Oliver, worked it in by the other guy's cock till Oliver had both of them with his hole stretched open. Oliver was breathing hard, his body quivering, sweat forming all over his skin and trickling down. The room felt like an oven to Oliver, his body felt so alive, and he felt the boy begin to slow fuck him, push his cock in stroking Oliver's hole and the cock already in it.

Oliver had no sense of time nor place, the darkness all encompassing, the feel of two cocks fucking him all consuming and the boy built up his pace, began to fuck with a steady rhythm, his wet slick cock moving easily in Oliver's hole and soon he began to fuck harder, to hold Oliver's legs tighter to his chest as the ropes brushed against his skin.

"'re tight...take it...take my cock...fuck" the boy uttered through clinched teeth as he fucked Oliver harder and harder. The guy beneath Oliver seemed to come alive with the boy's trash talk and the harder thrusting he was doing and he began to push up harder as he bear hugged Oliver to his chest.

"'I'm cumming" the guy grunted as he unloaded his cum into Oliver. The boy began to slam into Oliver, shoved into him as far as he could and Oliver felt the boy bite his ankle suppressing his cry as he came, pumping his cum into Oliver mixing it with the man's cum. The boy collapsed on top of Oliver pinning the three of them down, all three breathing hard. When the boy got up he asked Oliver if he wanted to get off.

"Please...please" Oliver begged and the man held Oliver down as the boy sucked his cock, expertly, taking it all the way till Oliver couldn't hold back and he pumped his load into the suctioning mouth. Then the boy was gone.

Oliver eased up and felt the man's flaccid cock slip from his hole and he ran his hand over the dirt floor until he found his jeans kicked into a pile with wet spots where men had came on them and he stood up and slipped the dirty jeans on. He heard a few men still going, the fucking and sucking off in dark corners but he was spent, exhausted and he could feel the cum leak from his hole. Easing back through the first room he found the door and went out into the cooling night. He noticed only a few shirts were still hanging on limbs as he took his own and slipped it over his head. The parking lot was nearly empty and the bar was closed except for a back door where he saw the busboy washing glasses and cleaning up, and Oliver smiled at the sight of the boy for he was still naked, his body smeared with dirt and cum, his flaccid cock hanging down wet and slimy.

Oliver drove cautiously back into the city as he relived he night's events and he wondered if he would tell any of his friends about the place or go so far as to tell them what goes on out back in that dilapidated old tool shed. After driving a few miles he realized he wouldn't tell most of his friends, keeping it as his little secret, but there was Bobby who had a mischievous side, who had hinted at wild times. Maybe he'd invite Bobby to come out with him next time, introduce him to the bar and then surprise him with the tool shed. He always wanted to fuck Bobby, to see just how goddamn kinky the bastard really was and now he had the perfect place to find out.



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