I was in a trance, slowly circling his navel with my thumb, my hand still where he placed it. I just stared at this beautiful Adonis in front of me, completely nude, as if he was the first man I ever saw naked. Slowly my hand traced his "V", from the top to just above his crotch, first on the one side, then the other. Roaming up towards his nipples, I stuck my tongue out and traced the same path my fingers just travelled with it. Tasting the last bits of soap mixed with a slight taste of fresh sweat from baking in the sun, I knew that this man that I have lusted after for years was going to have a huge impact on my life. Never before have I so badly wanted to give myself to anyone, completely, to have him take me, all of me, to take him, all of him, and make him mine. The electricity in the air was palpable, my imminent devouring of his dick coming closer. A small drop of pre-cum glistened on his cockhead, and I flicked it off with just the tip of my tongue. His taste was overwhelming. It wasn't my first taste of cock, but never before has it tasted so just right, so as if it was made specifically for me. Slowly I encircled his cockhead with my tongue, and blew soft kisses down the entire length of his shaft, inhaling his pubic smell deep, before making my way back to the tip. My whole body was tingling with anticipation as I sucked him in, all the way deep down in one swoop. Never mind that I've never been able to deep-throat anyone before, let alone a cock this size. I just wanted so badly for him to get pleasure from me, and I allowed him to place his hands on the back of my head and face-fuck me, something else I usually would've hated.

I could hear his contented sighs; I could hear my own contented sighing, building up to something akin to a hungry dog on a juicy bone. I wanted all of this man. I don't know how long it went on like this, me fully clothed sucking on his fuckpole like my life depended on it, him naked fucking my face like it was the only thing he was born to do, before he slowly pulled away, smiled down at me and raised me up from the chair I was still in. Reaching for the bottom of my T-shirt, he pulled it over my head and roamed his hands over my chest, my neck, my nipples, reaching up, he caressed my ears, traced my lips with his fingers, before leaning in and planting the most amazing kiss on my lips. Entering my mouth forcefully yet gently with his tongue, we were soon locked in an embrace with our tongues duelling for supremacy in each other's mouths. I swear it felt like I was floating away, safe in the arms of my lover. I have never felt so safe, so wanted, so loved before. And this was the first kiss!

"Let's see your cock" was all he said when he broke away, before going down on his knees and loosening my jeans. Letting them drop to my ankles, he kissed at my dick through the underwear, before hooking his thumbs in my waistband, and pulling my briefs down, letting my hard cock spring free. It hit him in the face, but he just sighed that contented sigh of his again, lifted my one leg then the other to get me free of the confines of the pants around my ankles, before he also kissed my cock up and down like I had done to him. "Magnificent." Was all he said, before gulping my cock down. Now I had been horny for quite some time, and have sported a hardon for so long that I knew I wouldn't last long. And the amazing suction he created on my cock meant that before I could try to warn him, the cum that had been boiling in my nuts were already on their way out. My entire body started shaking with one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, and as I screamed out, he sucked every last drop of me down, smacking his lips when he came up for another kiss. "I'm sorry" I started saying, but he shushed me with his mouth, and locked like that with our tongues and arms and legs around each other, he walked me to the daybed. Laying me down gently, he said: "Make yourself comfortable, I'll be back before you know it."

I lay there, the glorious sun baking down on my naked body, his spit still glistening on my spent prick, when he returned with two bottles of champagne, two glasses, a packet of condoms and a bottle of lube. "Do we really need all that?" I asked. "Well I thought you'd be thirsty after that orgasm" he answered. "I was referring to the condoms" I answered. Laughing, he shook the bottle a few times, held it next to his still hard dick, and popped the cork. A shower of ice cold champagne hit me in the face, spraying my chest, my cock, my balls, the bed that I was on. It was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me, my cock jumping to life again, and I revelled in the cool feeling of the champagne on my warm skin. Lying down next to me in a 69 position, he poured the remainder of the champagne over his own body, his own cock and balls, and started licking the champagne off of my body. Well the invitation was clear, and I did the same for him. What felt like an eternity passed while we slowly cleaned each other's bodies with our tongues, exploring each nook and cranny the other had to offer.

Slowly we made love - kissing, licking, caressing each other under the warm glow of the sun, on his very large, very comfortable, day bed. Minutes, hours, days could have passed and I would not have known it. I suspected him neither. He flipped me over, kissed my buttocks, flicked is tongue over my rosebud asshole, I did the same for him. I sucked his toes, his fingers, had another little taste of his cock, he did the same for me. Time stood still. But still, I wanted more. I wanted this man to take me, make me his. I came up for air, moved around to face him, twirled a lock of his hair around my finger. And kissed him. Man I loved kissing this hunk. "Fuck me", I demanded. "Just now", he answered.

"First", he said, "we're going to have ourselves a bit of champagne and a hearty breakfast." I followed him to the kitchen, where he tied an apron around his naked waist, and took eggs, cream, salmon, and spring onion out of the fridge. Bending down in front of the stove I'm convinced he did it on purpose to give me a view of his ass spread open, my salvation on display, with those low-hangers just behind it. I, meanwhile, poured us each a glass of champagne from the second bottle, while he cracked open the eggs, beat a bit of cream and chopped spring onion into them, lovingly salted them, and scrambled them in the pan from under the stove. Watching this man that I've been making love to, cooking me breakfast, I just couldn't believe that eventually, it seemed like I have met the man of my dreams. And he's been right under my nose all these years. I watched him toasting the slices of rye, lining small cups with the salmon, spooning the scrambled egg into the cups, folding the egg closed with the salmon, and turning it over on the rye. Transfixed, I watched him spooning a dollop of crème fraiche on each, and then a bit of caviar. With that, I was in love. Hopelessly so. I knew that my soulmate had been sent to me. And I was thankful of that. He placed the plate in front of me, ground fresh black pepper on it, and dropped the apron around his waist. Spooning a bit of crème fraiche on his still hard dick, he said: "It's yours if you want it". And I did want it. I licked it off, and then also licked and sucked the rest of his 12 inch fuckpole while I was at it.

He took both the plates of food and led the way to his lounge. I followed, two glasses of champagne and the rest of the second bottle in hand. As naked as the day I was born. He sat down on the soft carpet, I sat down with him, and he proceeded to stick his fingers into the plate that was mine. Breaking the salmon apart, scooping up a bit of egg, braking off a piece of rye, he fed me with his fingers, I did the same for him. We finished our plates, occasionally smearing a slither of salmon, a piece of egg, across each other's chest, nipples or thighs, and eating or licking it off. By the time we had finished, I have never been so dirty. Salmon, egg, champagne, spit, my own cum. Name it, I was covered in it. And yet, I did not mind.

Licking the last bit of champagne off his lips, I whispered into his ear: "Follow me", and stood up. When he was upright, I took his dick in my hand, and led him to his own shower by his dick, where I previously watched him.



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