"She left", he dropped the bombshell. "Where to", I asked, pretending not to understand the weight of his words. "Her parents, her sister, the mountains, who knows.." he answered, his voice trailing off.

"Who fucked up?" was all I managed. He just looked at me, seemingly not seeing me, as if he was focusing on something behind me, maybe nothing at all. Sighed. "Well I'm going to shower quickly, shout if there's anything, I'll leave the bathroom door open." And with that he turned around and left me in his study.

And there I stood. I barely knew this man, this neighbour of mine. Yes I've known him for years, but I didn't really know anything about him. I knew that he was married, that it was the second marriage for both of them, that they had no kids, that they were both fitness fanatics, that they ran a small sporting equipment manufacturing business from home, that they fought a lot... But that was that. I haven't been in their house too many times, we weren't friends, just friendly next door neighbours. And here he just told me that one, his wife left, no surprise there considering how they fought, and two, he was going to have a shower with the bathroom door open, while it was only me and him in the house. And that would be a problem for me as I've been lusting after him since the first time I saw him many years ago.

See, I decided to start an online course that would help me in my job, and it's been hectic. The course, which I thought would be a breeze, turned out to be way more difficult than I anticipated, my job was keeping me real busy during the week, and to make matters worse, my internet connection was down since last night. So I couldn't download any of the modules or notes I ordinarily would have, and was in a predicament as to what to do. Which is how I ended up in this man's house. I ventured into the street, knocked on his door and asked if I could spend a few hours in his study, knowing that he also had an internet connection. Only it didn't pan out as I anticipated. Of course he wasn't home when I went round, and just as I was leaving he came sauntering down the street fresh from a morning jog.

I stumbled over my words, explaining why I was there, suddenly feeling guilty for trespassing even though I did nothing of the sort, and not being able to keep my eyes off his perfect, glistening body. Those muscular legs in the trainers, the perfectly formed thighs in a very short pair of running shorts, the bulge between them that drew my eyes to it, the perfectly proportioned upper body in the sleeveless workout top, his shoulder length hair, normally well kept, now streaked across his forehead from the sweat, I nearly came in my pants. Of course I can help, he said, come in, and with that he opened the house and went in. I was thankful for the packet of documents I had in my hands, as I could lower them to hide the raging hardon that I was sporting, especially since his perfectly muscled ass in those short shorts seemed to wink at me with every step he took.

"This is the study, do what you need" he announced, before ripping off his top and taking off his trainers right there before me. And then dropping the bombshell of his departed wife. So I figured I'll just do what I need to do, and get out of his house before he notices my lust and decide to beat me up. Hell I didn't know what he was like. For all I know he was a raging homophobe who'd get mad beyond measure if he caught me checking him out! So I sat down at his computer and switched it on. And of course was met by a screen asking for the password. Now I could've sat there and guessed passwords until I was blue in the face or I could've waited for him to get out of the shower. But I didn't hear water running yet, so I figured I'll shout the help he had offered earlier. I stuck my head out the study's door, and called him in the general direction he went off in. And there was no answer. So I ventured further into his house, calling his name and stating the reason for my dwelling in his house as far as I went. No answer. Got to a room which I assumed must be his bedroom at the end of the hallway and knocked. Still no answer. So I went in. And there he was, sitting on his bed, as naked as the day he was born. "I. I'm sorry, I stammered" retreating my steps, but he looked up, only noticing me then, and smiled. "No worries man, how do I help?" By inviting me onto the bed with you, I thought, but instead I asked for the password to his computer. "Oh", he said, "It's bigdick12, named after the inches in my pants. When I'm hard, of course." I swear I must've blushed all shades of red after that admittance, but was out of that room faster than my legs could carry me.

Fuck, I thought, I'd love to see that supposedly big dick of his with the 12 inches, pity he was sitting sideways when I went in and I couldn't catch even a small glimpse of it. Well, at least the password worked and I was in, and soon after I heard the shower running. Now I'm no voyeur, but the fact that he didn't mind me seeing him naked, although sideways, the admittance that he had a large cock and the fact that he mentioned leaving the bathroom door open, made me really want to see him in the shower. So I devised a plan. And decided to log out of the computer again, and then go back to his room pretending that I didn't know if I should spell bigdick12 in smalls or capitals. Heart beating in my chest, I logged out and started on the now more familiar path down to his bedroom. Only this time I didn't call out or knock. I just walked in. And he wasn't in the bedroom, which meant he was in the bathroom. So I walked even further. And then saw that the mirror on the dressing table had an unobstructed view of the shower around the corner. And that the shower had a glass door, and that the object of my fantasy was slowly soaping up that amazing body of his.

My throat went dry instantly, as I checked out his sculpted back, his muscled ass, and his hands slowly roaming over his body. I couldn't help it; I rubbed my own hard dick through the fabric of my jeans. It was so erotic watching him, knowing he couldn't see me watching him, and I couldn't help it either, but I took out my dick, and started to rub one out. When he turned around, I had to stop touching myself lest I cum all over his bedroom floor, but still I couldn't turn away. I stared, transfixed, at how lovely his abs were, his small nipples, his beautiful uncut cock, his low-hanging balls, his hairless body, that small patch of brown hair around his pubes. There was no way I could go into that bathroom now in the state that I was in, so I stood still where I was, watching him showering, then rinsing off, and almost forgot to get out of the room when I saw and heard him shutting the water flow.

Wow, I thought, I would lie down for that man and make him do things to me I never would allow anyone else, when I was safely back behind the computer. I just logged in again and tried to get to the website I was supposed to be on, trying to get what I just saw out of my mind. "Did you come right?" he suddenly asked, right behind me. Startled, I swung round to see him standing there, still wet, with just a towel wrapped around his lower body. "Yes, yes, thanks", was all I could say. "Doesn't look like you've done much while I was in the shower, since you're still on the login page" he said, and I swear I could hear the smile in his voice. But with that he was out, shouting to follow him to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

So I followed. Like I said, I would do funny things for that man. "We both did." He said. "Did what?", I asked. "Fucked up." "How do you take your coffee?" "Milk. Two sugar. You want to talk about it?"

We were having two conversations at once, and even though it was only the two of us in his large house, I was getting confused. "Let's go out to the patio in the back yard and I'll tell you about it", he said, coffees in hand, still wrapped in the towel. Again I followed.

His patio was lovely. Open to the early morning sunshine, but blocked from the view of nosy neighbours by tasteful wooden screens and plants. Apart from the small table and chair combo, a very large, very inviting daybed was also on it. "Well this looks beautiful", I exclaimed, "especially that lovely bed." Fuck, I thought again, get your mind out of the gutter. Why couldn't you rather comment on the wooden screens! "Thanks", he answered, "I've had many an unbelievable fuck session on it before, out here in the open. You should try it out some day." And I blushed another couple of shades of red. "Me and my big dick", he murmured, as if to himself.

Sitting down I resolved to have my coffee, not talk about sex, and download the documents and then really get the hell out of his house. "She fucked her trainer at gym." He said. I didn't answer. "Of course I could immediately sense something had happened, I go to the same gym. I wasn't upset that she fucked someone else, we have, uhm, had, an open relationship, but I was upset that she fucked him. And I was upset with him for fucking her, since I've been fucking him as well." This bit, of course, I did not expect. "It was the first time we had had the same person and that made me think that maybe this open relationship thing wasn't such a good idea. So we talked it out, and decided to live monogamously. But that only lasted a couple of days, before we both had the trainer again, on separate occasions, and then we talked some more, and decided that since we were fucking the same guy, we should have a three-way. Which we started doing, and that's when the trouble started. See, I was comparing myself and my fucking of her with how he fucked her, and she was doing exactly the same thing. Also, I was apprehensive of having him fuck me in front of her, and he was apprehensive about the same thing, and the one time she actually did convince him to allow me to fuck him in front of her, she got so very, very, angry saying that it's obvious to see on my face that I enjoy fucking him more than I enjoy fucking her. And that, my friend, was the beginning of the end. Two weeks later she left both of us. And I haven't seen the trainer since, and really don't want to again either. He'll just remind me of what I lost, and I'm worried that I'll be so thankful for that, that I'll stick around believing he's what I wanted all along when I full well know that he was nothing but a bit of fun and she was the biggest mistake I ever made. I need to move on, find someone new."

"Wow", I eventually said. "That was quite the revelation." "Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable", he answered, "it's just that I haven't spoken to anyone about it and telling you just now makes it all feel very real for me, which is a very good thing since I've just come to realise how I feel about them both when I said that he was just fun and she was a mistake, and I eventually realised that I need to move on. There's a life out there that needs to be lived." "In that case, I'm glad I could help", I smiled.

"I love this sun!" he said, and got up to stretch out. Only his towel got hooked on the armrest of the chair, and stayed where it was while he was going elsewhere. Revealing all his naked glory,his beautiful dick and his perfect ass. I could see that he was self-aware, but was intent on not getting embarrassed. "Never mind my nakedness, you continue with what you're doing while I bake here. Besides, it's not like you haven't seen my goods before." "It's your house", I said, "and I couldn't see your penis when I came into the room." "Not the first time." he answered. And I blushed again. I realised he knew I was there a second time. Looking straight at me, he stated: "If a mirror reflects the bathroom into the bedroom, it probably reflects the bedroom into the bathroom as well, you know?" There was no use denying it. He knew I watched him in the shower. Walking towards me, taking my hand and placing it on his washboard stomach just above his now rapidly expanding dick, he said: "Now get that cock of yours out again and let's lie down on this daybed you admire so much."



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