I was on the final week of my 10 day cruise of the caribbean when I conquer my life fantasy of all time, I was setting alone in the ships steam room when the door swung open and my favour pro wrestler of all time walk in wearing his tight black speedo tights. I have many fantasy about this man having many sexual encounters with him !

After a brief comment to one another the room became to shoot out more hot steam as our body's started to pure out buckets of sweat, I can see Marty rubbing his bulge a few times as he was laying back on the hot steamy tile bench with his hairy legs stretch out with his feet almost touching the side of my Nike short.    

I was a little nervous by now when I felt his feet press began to press against the side of me as my cock began to get hard as a rock, I was just a short man around 5'8,180 ,blue eyes, blonde goatee and a short buzz cut. The time was well after 4 pm as I look at my new Swiss Army watch as I notice Marty stroking his semi hard cock once again. This time I made a move and began to massage his hairy legs with both of my hands as the out line of his dick began to get huge. He then reach down to grab something out of his towel that was laying on the floor.

He took a snort of popper before he pass the bottle to me, I then took a little snort as he began to tell me to suck the honey out from his dick. I began slowly sucking his cock as I deep throat his shaft all the way down to his shave balls as I then felt his pre cum start to pour out of his cock. How does that feel Marty  I ask him ? He began to smile at me as he told me that I suck much better then any women who has suck him off in the past. I then place my hand and squeeze his tight shave balls and started to suck him in full throttle, Not to long after that I felt his balls vibrate as his load started to shot out a huge load of his sweet honey. " Fuck dude I scream " As I felt 2 loads at once shot off just seconds apart. 

I then watch him get up slowly from the bench as he put back on his trunks again before he headed out the door. It was a few minutes later I left the steam room myself to head over to my locker to grab a drink so I can wash down all of that load of sweat and salty honey. He gave me a smile as I was now watching him get changed into his track suit that he was wearing,  He first pull up his red Hanes briefs and then his tight blue Addidas track pants before the jacket that match it. He began to walk over to me and handed me a note to meet him on the pool deck at 11 o'clock that night.

It was around 10:50 pm now as I headed out the door to meet Marty on the pool deck, I was only there waiting for about 10 minutes before he show up a little drunks it seems. " Hey dude what is your name my friend " I told  him to call me Troy before we head over to the Pool Bar for a drink. We chat for a good hour plus before he ask me if I am my own room, I told him yes as a huge smile came from his face, He told me that he was here with his wife and they are not getting along at all and that their marriage is all over with. I ask him were she was now ? Lets put this way Troy she likes to gamble all night.

The elevator door started close as I push the button to deck 12 to where my stateroom is. It was a short distance from the elevator to my room as I can feel Marty eyes staring at my tight ass. I then walk over to the little fridge and grab some beers for us before we headed out to sit on the balcony to watch the stars. We had a nice long chat and the time was 12 30 am when I ask him if he could fuck my hole. I told him it was well over 3 years since the las guy fuck me. "Hey Troy why not dude I"LL love to fuck you good "

When then walk back into the cabin and started to undress each other. I watch him through the mirror as he put a huge load of his spit on his cock to make some lube for himself, He then bend me over the bed and spread my legs apart as he took a shot of poppers before he pass the bottle to me. " Fuck Troy take a good shot dude " Came from his deep raspy voice. I was will bend over as I felt his hard cock slowly going up my ass. It was a good about a good minutes until his tool was all the way up there.

They fuck felt great as his cock was going in and out of me very hard,  He was moaning of great sexual pleasure as both of our body began to sweat and smell of sex. His cock began to pull out of me now before we try a different position by now. I was now on my back with my legs and feet pull over his broad hairy shoulder.

I watch his eyes close tightly ass I felt his huge dick once again enter my tight hairy hole. He push very hard as he gasp of air as his dick was all the way to his balls by now. He was pumping my ass good as I felt his shave balls slaps so hard against my hole. " Fuck Troy I am close dude " He shouted as my hands were rap tight around his massive wrestler neck. 

My eyes were clue as I watch his face expression that he was going to shot. It was a few seconds later has his body started to vibrated and shake as he pull out of my hole very fast as his cock started to shot out a load of white cum all over my chest and face, He said fuck dude has another load spurt out more cum that hit me on my mouth. 

He then pull out of me real slow as he hand me a beer and told me to lick the rest of his white honey cum off his semi hard cock by now. We both shower and got dress to head out do the cruise night club for the rest of the evening. 




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