Hey to everyone who read my first story. Thank you so much and I'm sorry I'm like 6 months late but I lost all of my stories and just kind of gave up. But I came back on here and saw your comments and you guys inspired me to rewrite this story. So if you are reading this and haven't read my first chapter go and read it! Sorry but there won't be any sex for a while. So hope you enjoy :)


I felt betrayed. Why would he be making out with a girl after what he did to me a week ago!!! Ughhh I was pissed off. I walked right past them and he stared at me. He could tell how angry I was. I stopped, turned to look at him and gave him a glare saying,"I hate you!" I could tell in his eyes that he knew exactly what was happening. I turned and went to my first class.

I was the first one in class and my teacher welcomed me. I ignored him and just put my headphones on until the bell rang.

Students filed into the classroom until I saw the one person I didn't want to see ever again... Leo. There was only one desk available and it was in front of me. He walks to the desk an turns around. "Dude what the hell is your problem?" He asks I just gave him a silent stare and dug into my backpack for a pencil. "Dude really what did I do wrong?" He asks almost whining.

"Fine if your such a dumbass and can't remember then you tore my heart apart ok!! First you flirt and kiss me then you ditch me and ignore me. And the next time I see you, your all over a fucking girl!! What the hell is your problem!!" This shut him up. He gulped and turned back around. I was just about to cry when the teacher called on me. "Joey would you like to come to the front of the class and share what you an mr. Leo are talking about?" My eyes widen and responded "no sir. Sorry"

"Good. Now class welcome to AP English 3" I loved English. This was probably the only class I could express my feelings. "Class today we will have a 5 paragraph essay to write about anything you want. Your feelings or a narrative. I started writing as soon as possible. I expressed my feelings toward Leo and how my heart was shattered. I was the first one done and turned it into the teacher. "Woah, it's only been 30 minutes. Are you sure you want to turn this in?" Mr. Johnson, my teacher, says

"Yes, I am sure."

"Okay." I return to my seat when I find a note. I open it and read it:

"Joey, I have a lot to explain about when we first met. I know you really liked me, and to be honest I really liked you. And I know that now. And hey you will keep your promise right? About soccer? Meet me at the soccer fields after school today so we can talk.

Your pal, Leo."

I completely forgot about soccer. If I tryout then I have to deal with Leo. And what does he mean by, " I really like you. And I know that now" I wipe everything about Leo out of my head and lay my head down on the desk.

I fall asleep and dream about Leo. Apparently I can't get Leo out of my mind because my dream is just our first kiss. We are in my room and we hold hands and cuddle. The window slams open and snow comes in my room . The coldness crawls throughout my room and Leo cuddles closer. "Don't worry, as long as you're with my, you will be warm." He whispers in my ear. His warm body wrapped around me. He begin to kiss my neck and I turn towards him and we pull the covers over us and begin to make out. I hear a knock on the door and we just ignore it. It gets louder and louder and sooner or later I wake up. "Joey, wake up!!" I hear a voice. I look up and mr. Johnson is looking at me with a frustrated face, come here now" I get up and everyone laughs. I don't understand and then I see Leo stare at me then down to my pants.

The one day I decide to wear gym shorts, something has to happen. I quickly sit down and buried my face in my jacket. Why did I have to have the dream about Leo? All because of that stupid note he left on my desk. I peek my head up and still see everyone laughing. Then something happens that completely catches me off guard.

"If you all don't shut the fuck up I'm will individually pummel you all to a pulp! He only got a boner because, because I shoved ice down his pants while he was sleeping! And it happens to every guy so don't fucking judge!" Everyone shut up after that. He sat down and gave me a smile. His smile is amazing. I couldn't help but smile at him after that. The rest of the day went by really quick.

----------- The final bell rang and I started or the soccer field. The girl that I saw kissing Leo this morning comes running up to me crying, "we'll I hope your happy" and runs off. What did she mean. I ignored her and kept going to the field. I stepped on the field and no one was there. I walk to the middle and that's when all hell breaks loose. I am shot with paint balls and attacked. I am on the ground getting punched in my gut and face. I couldn't breathe when I felt body by body get pulled off of me and thrown. I am lying on the ground bruised and beat up when I see Leo punch every guy that hurt me. "Who's idea was this?" He screamed out in anger. All of them ran away and Leo comes rushing to my side. I try to sit up but I scream out in pain and lay back down. "Don't move, Joey. I'm so sorry it's all my fault." He is frantic. I put my hand on his face and he leans down and kisses me. We are there kissing for a good 5 mins when I am lifted off the ground. Leo is carrying me home. He is so sweet. Maybe he is the same. Maybe he was just confused about whether he was gay or not. He took me home and my mom wasn't happy. "Mrs. Lickle, this is my fault." Leo says

"No it's not" I manage to say. My mom gestures for Leo to take me up to my room. He takes me and sets me down on my bed. He tucks me in and I tell my mom to leave us alone for the night. Leo is sitting at the foot of my bed when I whisper lay next to me under the covers. He takes his shirt of and lays down next to me. He snuggles close and his body warms mine. I close my eyes and think to myself I couldn't wish for more than this.

--------- I wake up the next morning with Leo still next to me. I cuddle closer to him and he wakes up. "Morning" he says with a warm smile

"Morning" I try to sit up and get out of bed and I felt worse than yesterday. I felt every bruise yank my body down once I got up. I moaned out in pain and Leo tells me to lay back down. My mom walks in and sees us in the bed. "Joey you could have at least warned me before I walked in." She says with a smile. Leo turns red and gets out of my bed. "No no, don't mind me. I will leave you two alone." She sets down a plate of food on my desk and walks out an closes the door. "Your mom seems pretty cool about you being gay." Leo says

"Yea, she completely supports me." I say pulling Leo back in bed. We both go back under the covers and fall asleep.

I wake up to Leo stroking my hair. "I definitely lucked out on you, huh?" He says with a smirk.

"Yea! Now you better not lose it!" I say giving him a kiss. This time this kiss felt real. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and wrapped it around mine. We lay there on my bed making out for an hour before we start to get up and do stuff. He helped me out of bed and walked me downstairs. My mom left a note and it read:

"To Joey, So I called your school and you won't be going today or tomorrow. Food is in the over. And there is enough for Leo too. I have gone out looking for a job and left a 50 on top of the tv for Leo. Tell him thanks for helping me out with you. I appreciate it. See you in a little bit. -love mom"

I pulled out the food and to my surprise its two plate full of food. I grab one and hand it to Leo and grab the other and we sit at the table. Leo scarfs down his plate and I mange to finish it a good 20 minutes after him. He takes our plates to the kitchen and helps me to the couch. We lay on the couch and cuddle. We kiss here and there and Leo make me laugh to the point y bruised ribs hurt. "Stop, stop!" I say laughing

"What's wrong? You can't handle it?" My mom comes home an hour later with no luck of finding a job. She brought home dinner an gave Leo the clear to go home. I was sad to see him leave. My mom and I ate dinner and I went upstairs. I called Leo to come back over and sleep over and he did.

---------- The next day came to quick and the same thing happened as yesterday. Leo and I spent the day alone while my mom went and looked for jobs. She came home with no luck again. She made dinner for us and told Leo he had to go home. I went up stairs ad called Leo. "Hey babe" he answers


"You ready to school tomorrow?"

"Yea but are you? Your known as the straightest guy in school and now you have me? What are you gunna do?"

"Well I'm going to show you off to all my friends and show how great of a guy you are!" These words made me smile but I don't think i was ready. I don't think I wanted to see him get humiliated. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. I'm just not ready to see him go through the same thing I did. We hung up, and I go to bed with horrible scenes of Leo getting bullied an made fun of and couldn't go to sleep.



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