So it was the first day school. I was a junior. I loved school but today I was completely nervous. I was going to a new high school in a completely different state.

About two months ago my parents had a huge fight. Apparently, my dad was smoking weed, and crystal meth. I could tell my dad did that stuff I think before anyone else in my family knew but I kept quiet. My mom was fed up with it because I guess my dad did this in the past. But my mom was pissed at my dad and they got a divorce. Now two months later I am living with my mom in New York City. I had a couple of weeks to settle in an learn the streets and stuff before summer break was over. 

I have to admit New York City was definitely a place I never saw myself to live in. I hated big cities. The loud people, the busy streets, the pollution, ughhhh it makes me sick just thinking about it. Anyways, the first week of moving to New York was completely shitty. I almost got hit by a car like 100 times, got cussed out by millions of people, and got my wallet stolen that had like $300 in it. 

Then the second week came and it was amazing! I went to Central Park and met this group of kids that were going to the same school as I was going to go. They were pretty nice people but this one guy, Leo, stood out the most. He had that surfer look. He had light brown, messy hair that looks perfect, and was definitely athletic. He had a baggy shirt on but by his biceps I could tell he had a six pack. He was drop dead gorgeous!

"So kid what your name?" One of the Girls said.

"Oh.... Uhh my names Joey" I said dazed

"We'll this is Leo, Alex, Jessica, Corbin, and I'm Ella" 

"Nice to meet you guys."

"You look lost, kid. You know where your at?" 

"We'll I did but I took a wrong turn in Central Park and now I ended up on the complete opposite end that I needed to end up on."

"We'll you met the right people. We know this town inside and out" they led me through the park and told me about themselves. That is everyone except Leo. He kept his distance from me and every time I glanced at him he was staring at the ground. I just wished he would talk to me. 

We walked through Central Park played pranks on tourists and sat and talked. We were in the middle of the park when I heard Leo's voice for the first time. "This kid seems pretty cool. When do you think he's fit to join the group?" I was caught off guard when he said this. He thought I was cool!! I couldn't believe it!! And he wanted me in his group! "Leo, come on. You know what he has to do!" Ella says 

"But come on, he seems like a good kid. There has to be something else."

"Ok, fine. He comes with us to the back to school party at my place for school, and if he can survive that, he is in. But if not then let's not think of what happens then." What does she plan to do to me if I can survive the party? I quickly stop thinking about it and start thinking about Leo. He actually likes me as a person! I couldn't stop thinking about that. We all chatted for a while and then I told everyone I had to go. "Hey everyone, I have to go. I still need to stop and get some stuff for my mom and head home." 

"You need help getting around town?" Alex asks

"Nah, I got it. Thanks though." I leave and once I am about to leave the park when Leo steps in front of me. "So you need to go to the store for some stuff for your mom asked you?" He asks 

"Yea, why?"

"Because there is no store near here." 

"Oh... Crap I'm lost again." He smirks and starts walking. "Come on, follow me." I walk behind him and can't help it but stare at his ass. If he turned around It would take awhile for me to snap out of my daze but luckily he never turned back. 

In about 20 minutes we were in front of a store. He walks in and I ask " what are you doing?" 

"Mind if I hang with you for the rest of the day?" He wants to hang with me? Why?

"Sure." I say with a smile. We talk and laugh the whole time in the store and on our walk to my house. "We'll this is my house, Leo." I say walking up the stairs to the door. "No!?" He says surprised.

"Yea, it is. Why you so surprised?"

"Because I live two houses down!"

"No way!"

"Yea! Wow what a small world. Mind if I come up with you and welcome your mom to the town?" Of course I didn't mind I said to myself.

"Sure come on! Maybe you could stay for my moms signature beef stroganoff" I say a little to eager 

"Sounds good to me." He says grabbing some grocery bags from my hands and walks inside. 

My mom was surprised to see me with a friend. "And who is this young fellow?" She says with a bright smile

"Hi ma'am, the names Leo." He says returning a smile. 

"Nice to meet you Leo. Now how did you guys meet?" 

"We'll Joey got lost in Central Park, and my pals and I showed him around and I walked him to the store and we found out we are two houses down from each other" 

"We'll isn't that funny."

"Yea I would probably be somewhere across town if it wasn't for him." I say "anyways, mom I invited him to dinner."

"Good thing I had you get extra supplies for it." I lead Leo up to my room and we just sit and chat for a while. He asked me about my life and I told him about my parents getting a divorce and everything and he just got quiet. "Dude, I'm sorry." He says 

"It's okay. I have gotten use to it." He stands up pats me on the shoulder and catches a glimpse of a picture of me. "You play soccer?" 

"Yea why?" 

"Because I'm captain of the soccer team at school!"

"No way!!"

"Yea! We're you going to tryout for the team?"

"Yea I was thinking about it." He got the widest smile on his face and sat down on my bed. "Dude I really hope you do! There is not a single dude on that team that is a good person. They all have crappy attitudes. You have to tryout for the team, promise me!" I am took back after he says this. Why would a guy that just met me only a couple of hours treat me like this? I fall back and lay down on my bed and he does the same. He scoots over leans up, grabs my shirt, pulls me up and kisses me. 

His lips were amazingly smooth. I closed me eyes and we probably made out for a good 10 minutes before we got interrupted. My mom knocks on my door and Leo stops and quickly stands up and opens the door. "Dinner is ready boys." She says

"Great, come on Joey. He stares at me, winks, and walks downstairs. There I am completely dazed after what just happened. He kissed me! Does that mean he likes me? I couldn't believe it! I walk downstairs and he wasn't there. "Where's Leo." I ask my mom.

"He said he had to go home. Said it was a family emergency" 

Now it's the first day of school and I haven't talked to Leo since the kiss. I really hope that if I do see him we can talk. Why he ditched me that night. I walk to the front of the school and there he is. Holding hands, making out with a girl.



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