This is a true story of a friend of mine, actually a young man that lives in the Apartment complex where I live, he was a young man of about twenty eight or nine, whom I have gotten to know, and hes a few years younger than I am, and I have had the great honor of sucking his cock and letting him fuck me on several occasions, which were always turned out to be fantastic for us both.

Well He related this story to me, and I told him I would work it up and write it, Personally I thought It was Pen-Worthy myself.

Daryl is a rather handsome young man, about six feet tall, very nicely built, very well blessed in the cock department too I might add a good eight inches at least, lighly hairy, and facially gorgeous, who had graduated High School, gotten a full time job at a factory trying to save enough money in the next few years to attend the state University and get a good education.

It was Daryl's desire to become a high School teacher and sports coach. Daryl had been very good in the area of sports during his own High school years excelling in track, baseball and swimming and he was at the top of his field in whatever field of sports he was playing at, at the time.

Daryl had worked for about five years and was now twenty three years and had saved up seveal thousand dollars and that, with the help of a student loan, made it possible to get accepted into NW State University.

Daryl didn't want to live on campus so he had this friend of his sublet an apartment to him off campus at an apartment complex. Actually it was a one bedroom Condo that his friend was buying. The reason that his friend sublet the condo, was that he had joined the Marines and was leaving, and would probably be gone for several years, but he didn't really want to give the condominium up, so Daryl took it over and just made the payments.

Daryl had moved into this condo about a month before the semester started in the fall.

He had gotten everything in working an living order and was quite happy with the arrangements.

Now I must tell you that Daryl was a bit on the masculine side of gay, he loved a man, a real man, he couldn't stand a guy that was femish and swishy, he said, 'If Im gonna have sex with a guy, I has got to be a real guy, if I wanted to have sex with a female I go get one.' I used to laugh at his reactions to this, but to each his own.

Well it turned out that he was setting in the kitchen of the condo, eating a bowel of cereal one morning and he heard this noise outside the patio door.

He got up to see what it was and he looked out and saw this young guy that looked about twenty four or twenty five, setting up a ladder and getting things ready to paint the outside of the Condo, which had a twentyfour/seven maintenance man available to do whatever needed to be done, the complex took care of all this for them I guess.

Well Daryl noticed this young guys looks obviously, and was quite impressed.

The young guy looked like he was in his early to mid twenties, had a pair of cut/off jeans, a dark blue tee shirt with the sleeves cut out and a baseball cap turned around backwards, and an earring in his right ear, beautiful dark eye brows very sexy dark eyes and he was very well tanned and muscular, Daryl felt his heart beating faster and his cock rising in his shorts, but he had no way of knowing anything about his young man, altho he would definitely like to get to know him.

He smiled and said 'Hi' to the young maintenance man, and he introduced himself to this good looking guy, just trying to be friendly, the young man smiled and said, 'Hello there,' and introduced himself to Daryl as Eric.

Well Eric was to paint the outside of the condo for the owners and he set himself up and started at the end of the building, which was a little way a way from Daryl's patio.

It was really getting hot outside and It was about two hours later that Daryl walked out and offered Eric something cool to drink, I guess it was about lunch time anyway so the Eric accepted and came into the condo and sat at the table with Daryl, well to Daryl this was a good start.

Daryl Made Eric a nice glass of Sweet Iced Tea, and then a sandwich and set some chips out and Eric was very appreciative, since he hadn't brought any thing to eat.

They began to chatting and sharing each other's lives Daryl found out that Eric was fresh out of the Navy, and was working with his father here on the complex Helping him with his job of Maintenance on the Condominiums.

He wasn't married, which made Daryl very happy, he didn't have a girl friend. Loved sports and loved motorcylces, fishing, and hunting, which Daryl also loved both, they just hit it off really nice.

Well, Eric had to get back to work so off he went, about an hour later Daryl heard something that sounded like a guy letting out a yell for help, and ran out the patio door, and there laying on the ground was Eric, the ladder had slipped and he fell off the ladder, and was totally covered with paint. it was all over his legs, down inside his shirt, his hat was off his handsome head and his hair was full of paint, he was an absoulte mess.

Daryl ran out to see if he was alright, and ask him ifhe was hurt,'Fuck no, nothings hurt,are but my fucking pride, God damned fucking, son-of-a-bitchin Ladder, I told my Father to get a new one, the fucking legs are not stable, the cheap assed peice of shit.' Eric said.

'My Damned Dad is so friggen cheap when it comes to having good equiptment.' he said.

Daryl had grabbed a couple towels and was wiping the paint of his face and head and trying to get it out of his eyes.

'Hey man, you need to get that paint off you before it dries, It's exterior Latex and as long as its still wet and new it will wash off with water' Daryl said.

'Why don't you come into my place and shower off, well get you cleaned off, O.k?' Daryl said, just trying to be a good samaritan, not realizing where this was going to take them.

'Yeah the shower would be great, but I don't have a change of clothes with me, I'ts not every day that you plan to cover yourself with paint, How fucking stupid is this,' He said.

Daryl could tell that Eric was pissed at his own situation.

Well Daryl layed some old blankets on the floor for Eric to walk on, and put down some old towels in he bathroom and as it worked out, gave Daryl a big black plastic bag to put his paint covered clothes into.

Eric stripped and jumped into the shower, and began washing his body off, at least what he could reach, Eric took his clothes to washer and put them into the rinse cycle in warm water and rinsed them out and amazingly enough, got out almost all of the paint.

The he heard Eric, yelling at him to come to the bathroom, Daryl, realying wanting to see Eric Naked just tried to be gentlemenly and said, 'are you presentable?'

'Eric started laughing, 'Fucking Aye man, Im, stark naked but what has that got to do with anything, I need you to see if I got all the paint off my back.'

Holy shit, was all Daryl could think, then he went on into the bathroom and there was Eric, standing in the running water with his arms propped up against the far shower wall with paint still in his hair and running down his back into the most gorgeous looking asscrack Daryl had ever seen, god it was beautiful, well that is what Daryl's mind was saying.

Well the only way this would work since he had one of those deep large garden sized tubs and showers, was to get naked and get in there with Eric, which Daryl evidently asked Eric, if he had a problem with, 'Are you fucking kidding me?' Eric started laughing, 'I just finished four years in a Navy barracks with naked men around all the time and your worried about that?' he said.

The Eric said something actually trying to be cute, 'Well except, If you got a cute ass I might get a fucking hard on, and want to but fuck you, nothing turnes me on faster than a guy with a cute ass,' then he just laughed.

Daryl thought, 'I you only fucking knew that your cute ass is giving me a boner.'

Well Daryl stripped, already about half hard from looking at Eric's gorgeous muscular naked body.

Eric looked up at the ceiling as Daryl started washing the white latex paint out of Eric's hair, and watching it flow down the drain, he slowly and almost sensously gently rubbed his naked back, and felt his taught muscles under his fingers as they worked the paint off his tight muscular body, god it was getting to him, but when he reached down and began to wipe the paint off his beautiful ass and gently spread his ass cheeks apart and as he rubbed, everything went into slow motion, He cold feel the throbbing in he head of his extremely hard cock, he knew pre-cum was already leaking from the anticipation of something that probably wouldn't come.

But he came to his senses when he slid his fingers into the crack of Eric's ass and gently touched his love hole, beautifull surrounded by a little circular tuft of dark hair and worked the paint out of that love spot.

Daryl wanted to drop to his knees and clean it out with his tongue, his heart was hammering like a bass drum in a parade, in his chest, even in the silence with nothing sounding but the running water in that shower he could hear his heart pounding, he was about to faint, when he heard Eric's voice, gently almost exasperateingly mouth the words, 'Awh Fuck man, that feels fantastic,'

Daryl realized that Eric was enjoying it as much as he was.'

'Do you want me to stop doing this?' Daryl said.

'Not unless you just think you have too,' Said Eric.

That was the que that Daryl needed, He felt Eric's body go tight as he spread his asscheeks nice and clean now, and he worked his lips and tongue against his love button, and he heard the most awesome groan and moan come from Eric's mouth, Daryl felt Eric's body go limp and he grabbed for the support rods mounted on the walls of the shower. 'OH Shit, man, Oh holy shit.'

It was then that Daryl reached around the front of Eric, and felt one hell of a thick, long cock standing almost straight upward, thick, with a nice loose foreskin, and he began to stroke it back and forth and as he ate Eric's ass out he stroked his awesome feeling cock, taking time to massage his thick ball sized nuts as he had the most awesome time of his life in that shower. He could feel Eric's body pushing back against his mouth and face as he ate this awesome asshole out.

Finally Eric stopped him, and said, 'Hey man, God only knows how good this feels and I want to continue this but man, I got to get back to work.

Daryl, aching inside to finish this, gave in and Eric turned around, and started kissing Daryl's hot wanting mouth, Finally Daryl tore himself apart from Eric, and went and got Eric a set of his old clothes for him to wear, they were about the same size so they fit him like they were his own.

Truthfully Daryl started thinking that Eric would split and he would never see him again after that day.

Eric went back to painting and finished up for the day, and Daryl heard a knock on the patio door and it was Eric, he almost looked embarassed, 'Thanks man for the use of the clothes I'll bring them back to you tomorrow, I have to finish up this side of the house, I'm going tonight and buy my own ladder so that won't happen again. All Daryl could think to say, 'Hay man, I wouldn't mind it happening again.' Eric just smiled as he looked into Daryl's eyes.

'Well man, gotta run, I'll talk with you later,' Eric said.

Daryl watched as Eric drove away in this old pickup, felling almost emypty and rejected. Thinking what a great love he would be yet feeling so sad, thinking he would probably never have this chance again.

Daryl went and sat on the chair on the patio, feeling really sad, it was about the saddest he had felt in a very long time, He couldn't get That afternoon and Eric off his mind.

He had sat there trying to read, then he tried to watch t.v, there was nothing anywhere that held his interest that evening.

Daryl noticed it was starting to get dark, the sun had gone down and he was still setting on the patio, in deep thought, realizing he had not made any plans for supper yet, he couldn't think of anything he really wanted or that he was even hungry for.

It was about eight when he finally turned on a light in his living room, when the door bell rang, His first thought was 'Who the hell could that be, I'm in no mood for company tonight, I just want to be left alone,' really feeling lonly, dejected, almost angry.

Daryl walked to the living room front door and he opened it, he was shocked to see Eric, nicely dressed in a pair of nice slacks and a beautiful pullover shirt, with his hair combed, in his arm was a twelve pack of Budweiser, two long stemmed red roses, and a Large pepperoni Pizza. 'I didn't know what sort of pizza you liked and just thought every body likes pepperoni, I hope you like pepperoni?'

Daryl stood there with his mouth open in a state of shock, 'Well aren't you going to invite a buddy in?' He said.

'UHH!.....Yeah!.....Sure!...Come on in,' Daryl said, still in shock.

This was certainly unexpected. When they got in the condo living room, Eric, turned around, set the beer on the table and the pizza.

Eric turned around and said, 'Well Daryl, I got home and I had left so quickly I realized that I had forgotten to give you a proper 'thank you' so here I am, I hope you didn't have plans for this eveing, because I have got a great plan for this evening.

Daryl and Eric sat down at the table and had Pizza and beer, all the while Eric kept staring into Daryl's eyes, smiling.

After they had eaten the final peice of pizza and had both drank several Bud's, Eric, just came out to Daryl and said, What happened between Us this afternoon in the shower, well lets just say it was shocking and lets just say I don't want it to be over with just that, I want to make complete love with you Daryl, would it be all right if I spent the night tonight?'

Tears filled Daryl's eyes, he had thought of nothing else all afternoon, Daryl leaned over to Eric and pulled his beautiful sensous lips to his and began kissing Eric like he had never kissed another human being, and Eric began to kissing Daryl's mouth like they were made for each other,

The next thing they knew they were naked again and on Daryl's bed and it was no time that they were both sucking each others cocks in a sixty nine position, actually making love with each others cocks with their mouths.

They were both writhing and moaning, no holds barred with each other litting the love and sensuality flow like a fountain.

Finally they broke hold and Daryl went for Eric's ass again, and before they knew Eric was almost yelling as Eric stuck his tongue deep inside Erics manhole, making Eric almost cry out in pleasure, then the most unusul thing happened, Eric got up and set down on Daryls cock, and began to ride him like a bucking bronco, Daryl was in seventh heaven as Eric hot ass fucked his cock with his asshole and in about ten minutes Eric, began this 'OH YES, OH YES, OH FUCKING AYE MAN, OH SHIT!!!!' and he shot a load of cum onto Daryl's chest like the Gueyser 'Old Faithful' It looked like an erupting fountain, and no one had touched his cock that was standing straight up when it happened,

Eric finished Daryl with his fucking and Daryl felt like his climax was so strong he was going to have a heart attack.

They both Collapsed onto each other. That was the most intense sex Daryl had ever had.

They stayed together almost all week sleeping and screwing and sucking each other, it was one wonderful time together, but as things do they went back to normal but Eric, was there at Daryl's condo almost everynight for a romp in the bedroom and one night Eric was being bold and he took Daryl out on the pation and in the open night air he sucked him off, and When Daryl shot his load down Eric's throat, he let out a passionate yelling grunt that the whole neighborhood could have heard. And there stood as he filled Erics mouth with cum, both naked as a newborn baby, It turned out to be a whole new life there for Daryl and. Eric What can I say about them both, the are beautiful together.



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