Jason led Susan through the crowd of the night club going from one demonstration booth to the next. He knew the night's event was more theatrical than any hardcore fetish display, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. He wasn't so sure about Susan, who had let him do some mild bondage and blindfolding but seemed uninterested in anything else. She didn't seem able to watch the play with the electro-stimulation or the flogging and refused to even go into the area where needle play was going on. Jason felt frustrated with her after a couple of hours and was about ready to call it a night and take her home.

He had played when he was younger and missed the way he had been forced to submit. It had been Ashley, a friend of his older sister and she had found his submissive nature quickly and was soon taking him to places where they could be alone, places she could tie him up and manipulate him, spank his ass till it burned red, pinch his nipples till they were sore and after she fingered his ass, dildo fucked him she would ride his achingly hard cock to eruption. He had tried to find a woman who'd use him like that, to take him completely in their control and do things he was afraid to admit to his friends. There were many nights he found himself fingering his hole as he masturbated feeling the way he could stretch himself open, one finger, then two and usually ending with three working in his hole before he came.

Susan wanted to dance so they moved to the dance floor and danced to one song after the next till he felt the sweat run down his torso and soak his shirt. He flipped his damp hair out of his eyes and reached for Susan but she shook her head no indicating she didn't like the song playing. 'Fuck' Jason thought, for he loved the song but he followed Susan off the dance floor working through the crowd till they were at the main bar.

"I have to go to the bathroom" Susan said and without waiting for any kind of reply from him walking off toward the bathrooms.

Jason watched her go thinking how he liked her alright, but he definitely wasn't in love with her and at the moment she was boring him, not allowing herself to at least play along with the fetish atmosphere of the club. He worked his way to the bar and ordered beer then at the last second added a shot of tequila. 'What the fuck' he thought as the bartender sat the drinks down in front of him. He knocked back the shot and picked up his beer turning back toward the events going on inside the club. The crowded dance floor, the gatherings at each demonstration booth and over at the opposite wall the lines at the two bathrooms where he saw Susan in line still a ways from the door.

He headed back to one of the booths Susan had refused to go and found a group of people standing around the table sitting in the middle. Lying on top was a guy who looked really young with his smooth face that appeared never to have been shaved and his bare upper torso so lean, so smooth, not a hair on him, not even under his arms and Jason realized he was probably shaved smooth. The guy wore a pair of jean shorts with legs so short that with his legs spread apart Jason noticed the edge of his sac was visible. Jason couldn't take his eyes off of it for a long time. He just stood there staring at the way the guy just spread his legs letting whatever fell into view be on display. Jason let his eyes scan down the guy's legs noticing how smooth they were, with an olive tone and only on the lower calves did he notice there was any hair evident and it was so sparse as to hardly be noticeable. Jason found himself comparing the guy's legs to Susan's and realizing there was something more enticing about the guy than Susan at the moment.

The guy had his arms pulled over his head and secured on the end of the table which stretched him out till his stomach was so concave it made the bottom of his ribs prominently displayed. Jason felt a desire to go up and touch the guy, to feel the smooth skin along his arms, down over the bare armpit and along the chest and stomach. Jason found himself standing at the front of the crowd and his eyes came to rest on the bars piercing the guy's nipples, thick surgical steel inserted through each one and Jason wondered what it would be like to have his own pierced, to feel the needle punch through each one and have the bar or a ring pushed through, then he wondered what it'd be like during sex play, to be submissive to someone, to be tied up and have the piercing pulled and twisted. His cock felt confined in his jeans as he considered the possibility.

Jason wondered which one of the women in the back of the booth would be the one to work over the guy and he looked at each one wondering what they would be like if he submitted to them. He saw one of them pick up a long thin cane with a flat head and casually smack it into her palm and Jason thought of Ashley, they way she used a flat ruler making it create as much noise as possible with every smack as it did pain and he couldn't wait till the demonstration began just knowing it would be the woman with the cane. He looked down at the guy tied to the table envying him, wishing it was him about to be toyed with for everyone's enjoyment. The guy laid there, his eyes unfocused, just staring at the ceiling. Jason fought the urge to touch the guy for he wanted to reach out and feel his skin, feel the heat of him, to know he was lying there really alive and ready for what was about to happen. Suddenly the guy looked over at Jason and just the hint of a smile appeared on his lips and Jason looked away, feeling weird about being caught staring at him. He looked back to the rear of the booth and saw a man, older, mid-forties or so move through those standing around and come toward the demonstration table.

The man picked up a roll of duct tape and came to the table and without a word wrapped it around the guy's head blindfolding him. The man roughly tore the tape and went back to the table in back. When he came back he held three large candles, each one already burning, and between two fingers the cane Jason had seen earlier. For the next fifteen to twenty minutes everyone watched the man drip hot wax on the guy tied to the table. He dripped it over each nipple, let a trail of wax run down the middle of his chest all the way to his navel and when the man poured, literally poured hot wax down between the guy's legs Jason knew the sac partially exposed was being heated up with the wax and he watched the guy struggle in his bondage, his legs and arms quiver with the pain and his stomach rise and fall faster and faster.

But the guy did not cry out.

Then the man began to use the cane, the flat end of it smacking the guy on the stomach, on the chest and on each nipple till he cried out pulling against his bonds.

"Jason...Jason, come on, I don't want to watch this. It's too painful to watch" Susan said suddenly appearing at Jason's side.

Jason knew the look he gave Susan told her everything she needed to know and she started to walk off alone but Jason knew he was being unfair and followed her to the bar. Before she could get to the bar Jason came up to her side getting her attention.

"Why don't we leave; you don't like any of this" Jason said leaning over close to her ear.

"Really, we can go?"

"Yeah, come on, I'll take you home" Jason replied and without realizing what he had said he had told Susan the night was over.

"Jason..." Susan started as she gave him the saddest look he had ever seen, "don't bother" she finished then turned and walked away.

For a moment Jason was stunned but when Susan got to the exit she turned back to him, smiled, waved then pushed open the door and disappeared into night. He needed a drink in the worst way and soon found himself at the bar. The club was at its peak for the night, jammed with people and the music seemed to reflect the mood, wailing, the beats hard, loud, the air vibrating with it. Jason turned and moved away from the bar till he was in one of the few open areas left. People passed heading in all directions, the dominant leading the submissive. Jason scanned the crowd not sure what he was looking for when his eyes saw them, right in the middle of the dance floor. It was the young guy who had been tied down for a demonstration dancing with the older man who worked him over. The young guy was still wearing only the short jeans, his upper body showing the evidence of their play. His skin was red, hot looking and there were spots of wax still stuck to it. His shorts were caked in wax which solidified within the fabric. He danced submissively with his partner and Jason found himself watching them unable to turn his eyes away.

There is that odd effect, the one where someone being looked at suddenly realizes it and catches you staring. It is unnerving at times and at times it is such an in tuned way to get someone's attention. For Jason on this night it felt taboo.

He stared at them until the young guy saw him and soon they were making eye contact so often Jason wasn't aware of anyone else, not even the young guy's partner. Jason raised his beer to them before turning it up for a long thirst quenching swallow. When he lowered the bottle they were standing in front of him.

"I'm Allen" the young guy said, then nodding back to his partner, "and this is Grant."


"So, are you alone Jason?" Allen asked.

"It seems that way" Jason replied suddenly feeling devious, a sense of daring. No one he knew was around, no one to see him step out of character. "You guys have an interesting performance."

"Oh that is nothing. We're so restricted here on what we can do. Isn't that right?" Allen said turning to Grant for confirmation.

"I'm afraid that is right. You see Jason" Grant moved up beside Allen suddenly making Jason aware how much taller he was than Allen and himself, easily six foot four or five, "there are some things you just can't do in public."

"I bet, and I bet that is the best part" Jason replied boldly.


Jason followed the big sedan through town as it led him to his destination. He couldn't believe he was actually going to Grant's house, go there and submit to him. He knew where this was going to lead but he couldn't resist; he had to know what it was like and in a way relive his experiences with Ashley. The big black sedan turned onto a residential boulevard that led to one of the nicer neighborhoods and Jason followed in his SUV. He kept trying to figure out what kind of car Grant was driving. Something from the mid-sixties or early seventies he thought, maybe a big Chrysler or was it a Buick. Or maybe a Mercury; no he was sure it was a Chrysler. Had to be for he didn't recognize anything about it.

The big sedan turned on to a side street then after a short distance it turned into a drive and pulled around to the back of the property. It entered one of four garage bays. As Jason parked and shut off his SUV he watched the garage door come back down closing away the big sedan. A few moments later a side door opened and Allen gestured him to come inside.


Jason was naked and tied down. He was lying on a hard wooden bench of some kind that had a cross section where his arms were outstretched and secured. His head hung over the side of this t-shaped bench making his view of the room upside down. It was the basement with exposed concrete floors, masonry piers rising up to support the floor structure above and the walls beyond concrete. There were no windows and the only light that was on hung directly over him.

As he lay there waiting he felt his nakedness, the way the cool air touched his skin, the way he felt the hard wood bench beneath him and the way he was spread out and he felt himself spreading his legs, opening himself up more, submissively giving himself to Grant, and to Allen. In the recent past it was he who was in control, he who was dominating one woman or another but now he was the submissive one. He let the memories of his times with Ashley come back to him in a vivid way. The way she used him for her pleasure boldly playing with his body and these thoughts made his cock began to respond, to flex with his arousal.

He heard the footfalls of Grant and Allen coming down stairs somewhere on the other side of the room and he rose up, straining his neck to see them approach. They were naked, Grant's muscular body on full display with his cock half hard and the glint of shiny steel flashing in the light from the heavy cock ring at the base of his cock and sac. Coming along side of him was Allen, his lean boyish body red across the chest and stomach and his cock elongated with arousal. Grant had used him upstairs and Jason saw the device he had used in his hand; a flat length of wood about two feet long.

Grant moved to the side and began to light the numerous candles sitting on a shelf unit while Allen came to Jason. He stood over Jason's head smiling wickedly as he held up a roll of duct tape. He didn't say anything as he pulled the end loose, leaned down to Jason and began to wrap it around his head blindfolding him.

Total blackness and Jason suddenly listened for every sound, each footfall, the sense of someone moving nearby, and the whispering between Grant and Allen. It seemed like a long time passed before he sensed anyone close by then he felt a hand touch him, lightly, fingers barely grazing the surface of his skin just above his navel and he inhaled deeply. The fingers moved over his stomach in a slow circular motion fanning out more and more till they combed through his pubic hair, moved over his cock and sac then trailed down one leg, the touch almost ticklish the way the fingers barely touched his skin making contact with each hair on his legs much more sensitive.

The touch of fingers stopped.

The touch of the flat wood against his left nipple was just firm enough to make it respond. Jason felt the way the soft hit of the wood, over and over, the pace slow, methodical until it became a warm sensation, each hit awakening those old feelings, the giving up of one's self. He felt his cock stir, roll up on his abdomen as it became erect. The hits began to speed up, the tempo increasing along with the force, harder and harder, faster and faster, and soon he heard as well as felt each blow against his skin. The wood would strike one nipple then the other or make a line down his chest and over his stomach where the pain of each blow increased to where he was pulling up his legs and twisting his body.

Soon the room was echoing with his cries.

When the hits stopped Jason realized how hard he was breathing, his stomach heaving up and down for every lung full of air and his skin felt hot where the wood strip had been used. A hand came down on his chest and rubbed the heated skin, moved firmly over each nipple and the heat subsided as if the hand absorbed it. Another hand fondled his cock, stroked it slowly and Jason fought the urge to push up with his hips. He felt fingers circle his sac and tug on it, painfully pulling on it and Jason moaned.

Jason heard a chair being positioned at his feet then his legs pushed apart as someone sat down between them. He knew he was fully exposed to them, open to their ministrations and he felt a mixture of fear and excitement. He felt the brush of legs against his own sensing the hair that covered them and knew this was Grant. Grant took his cock and stroked it, rubbed fingers over the head till Jason shivered and pushed up with his hips then Grant moved down to his sac kneading his fingers around each nut. He pushed the sac up and ran a finger along Jason's ass, firmly along the skin till he was probing Jason's opening, rubbing it with circular motions and when Jason spread his legs a little further apart Grant laughed. Grant's finger pushed against his hole till it penetrated him and he felt it sink deeply into him, probing around inside, twisting and turning around.

Jason was taking short quick breaths as he felt Grant probe his hole, felt him add another finger, felt the stretch of his hole as it accommodated the additional width. There was movement at his head and he felt something touch his lips, rub over them. It was soft and smooth and he knew it was a cock. Allen's cock and he felt it push against his lips. This was a first, a man's cock touching his lips and he didn't hesitate to hold his head back and let it slide through them. Allen eased inward, slowly, sinking inch after inch into his mouth till he felt it push at the back of his throat gagging him.

Allen sniggered as he pulled back and pushed back inward.

Jason held his head in place as Allen used his mouth, working cock back and forth through the slick warmth of it till he felt drool run down his face as Allen's pace increased. He was so lost in this moment he hadn't realized Grant was no longer fingering his hole but when he felt something bigger push against it he tensed up. It felt solid as it firmly pushed against his hole and he knew it was a dildo. It was so familiar this push at his hole, the way it stretched him open, painfully at first, then the feel of it sinking into him, inch after inch. It kept entering him, slowly, sinking deeper, impossibly long and he wondered how big this one was for it seemed bigger than any Ashley had ever used on him.

He felt Grant's hand that was holding the dildo push against his ass and the insertion stopped. It filled him, deeply, pushed so deeply inside of his hole and Grant left it inside of him when he let go. Allen kept at his mouth and his suck was noisy, sloppy with drool trickling down his face. When Allen slowed then stopped the head of his cock rested on Jason's tongue and he moved his tongue over it.

"Yeah, that's it, work that tongue on my cock...whore" Allen uttered.

The heat of it burned his skin as drop after drop of hot wax landed on his chest and he tried to cry out only to have it stifled by Allen's cock. He gasped for air as the hot wax landed on one nipple then the other heating them till he knew they were burned and he tried to arc his back up, to push his body in some way that gave relief only to feel the hot wax land on his stomach, along one thigh and then on his cock.

Grant poured wax on his cock till the heat of the next pour was dulled by the thickening mass of wax. Then hot drops landed on his sac and he struggled in his bonds, his whole body quivering with the pain. For a brief moment he had relief and he felt Allen's fingers rub over his chin and long his neck only to be followed by a hot splash of wax. The hot wax dripped down along his shoulder and down his left arm till it was dripping over his fingers and he balled his hand into a fist. Wax landed on his right shoulder and down that arm till he knew it covered both of them.

Jason worked on Allen's cock, nursed it, sucked on the head for it diverted his attention away from the burning sensation. Grant moved between his legs and the dildo slipped from his hole and it felt like he was gaped open, his hole exposed to Grant for his pleasure. Grant lifted his legs, brought them up to his own shoulders and Jason knew he was about to take a man's cock. He was about to get fucked.

Grant was rough with him as he moved over his bound body, folding him in half till his ass was angled upward, open, ready to be fucked. Jason felt the hardened wax crack and break away as Grant moved into position. He felt Grant at his hole, cock pressed to it and when Grant drove his hips forward Jason felt it slide into him in one slow push, every inch of it. Grant wasted little time before he was fucking him, driving his hips up and down and Jason felt every inch move through his opening, felt the way it slide back and forth pumping his hole.

Allen soon began to swing his hips again, to fuck with renewed urgency driving his cock into Jason's mouth as Grant fucked Jason's ass. The wood bench squeaked with their exertions and each one moaned and groaned with their efforts, none more so than Jason, who now found himself settled into this fuck, this taking cock in his mouth and in his ass.

Allen came first, suddenly flooding Jason's mouth with cum and he tried to swallow all of it, gulping down what he could between gasps for air but some pushed back out of his mouth and ran down his face. Allen pushed inward all the way pushing his cock down Jason's throat as he ejaculated the last of his load forcing Jason to take it. Jason struggled for breath as Allen pumped out the last of his load.

Finally spent, Allen pulled out of Jason's mouth and wiped his slimy cock over Jason's face as Grant continued to fuck. Grant stood up holding Jason's legs tight to his chest as he drove his hips faster, harder, smacking his abdomen up against Jason's ass. Grant cried out and slammed his cock all the way into Jason.

"Fuck...I'm coming" Grant uttered as he jabbed his cock into Jason in short deep thrusts.

Then it was over and Jason was lying on the bench still breathing hard, his own cock flexing with his need to come. He felt the wetness on his face and the cracked broken up wax over his body and the looseness of his hole, the way it still tingled from his fuck. A chair was put at his head and he felt someone sitting at his head, felt their legs brush his face then hands hold his head up and rest it in their lap. The tape around his head was slowly gently removed and he blinked his eyes as he got use to the light again.

Grant held his head and stroked his face gently.

"Now you should get your reward" Grant whispered as he nodded toward the side and Jason looked over and saw it was Allen and he was stroking his cock. It glistened wetly in the light and rose up erect as Jason watched. Allen then moved to the bench and stepped over with one leg straddling Jason. He lifted Jason's cock and let his body drop down to it and when he got it aligned with his hole he kept moving downward letting it penetrate his hole till he was sitting on top of Jason.

Allen rose up and dropped back down, over and over till he was fucking his ass on Jason's cock. He moved rhythmically, steadily up and down and Jason pushed upward with each downward move.

Jason began to breathe hard, and he tried desperately to shove more cock up into Allen, to push his whole body into the guy's hole if he could and Allen increased his pace as stroked his own cock. Allen grunted and rocked his hips roughly on Jason's cock and Jason felt the spatter of cum on his chest and stomach. He could smell it, the warm cum that pooled on his torso and he shoved upward and cried out as he pumped his own cum into Allen's ass.


It had only been four days since Jason had been at Grant and Allen's place but it was all he could think about his every waking moment and even in some of his dreams. The women in the office he normally flirted with now were distractions and he avoided them. Instead he found himself looking at certain guys in his office, the ones that looked like they could be another Grant and the ones that looked like they could be another Allen. He checked his phone constantly looking for a message but for the last four days nothing.

He tried to finish the report he was working on but he kept looking at the time. Every few minutes he checked it. Three twelve it read last time and he turned to the report and renewed his determination to finish his edits. No one was around and the office was quiet for a change and unbelievably he was able to focus long enough to finish. He saved the file, created a PDF and emailed it to his boss. He sat back feeling satisfied to have it finally completed swiveling in his chair to look out the window. The sky was a deep vivid blue with a few white clouds floating slowly across.

Ryan came by heading back to his cubicle and Jason watched him wondering if he was willing, if he was someone who would push the boundaries and explore his sexuality. Suddenly Jason's phone buzzed with a message and he spun around to face his desk, grabbing up his phone. It was Allen.

Wait out front of your office after work. Sending car for you.

Jason couldn't help but smile as he leaned back savoring the anticipation of what was ahead. Ryan came back by his desk and saw his expression.

"You got a hot date tonight?"

"Something like that" Jason replied and he turned to watch Ryan move toward the door, his ass moving seductively in his khakis. 'Maybe...just maybe' Jason thought.

At five o'clock Jason was standing out in front of his building still wondering like he had for the last hour how Grant and Allen knew where he worked. It was a little disturbing the way they seem to know more about him than he had revealed. He watched all the other people heading for home or to some engagement. The street became busy with traffic. A few minutes later he saw it approaching. The big black sedan and it seemed to find its own path in traffic and was soon pulling up next to the curb.

'A Chrysler...definitely some old model of Chrysler' Jason thought as he reached for the front door. But before he took the handle the back door opened and Allen leaned out.

"Back here."

Jason realized the dark tinted rear windows hid anyone in the back from view as he climbed in next to Allen. He was surprised Grant wasn't with Allen as he settled in the seat.

"Hey Jason" Allen said in a low voice and he turned in the seat and leaned toward Jason, "Grant told me to get you ready for tonight. To warm you up a little" he added with a small grin on his face. He moved to Jason and kissed him as his fingers began to undo the buttons on his shirt. "The driver is to take the long way home. Give us time to have some fun" Allen whispered in Jason's ear just before he began to rim it with his tongue.



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