I was eighteen, a senior, and I was considered one of the best in state at wrestling, actually a contender for Regional Tri State Championship.

I had grown up in a poorer side of town, but I had done really well in high school, was well as being liked, by girls and guys too. I was quite popular in school, and I was, for all intents and purposes, built like a bull dozer, I had worked on a farm most of my life, hard, hot, sweaty labour, and I had also gotten a set of weights and books on building my body, I was lean, mean, good looking and built.

Actually my gym coach was the one that prodded me to wrestle, so I got into it and never lost a match all thru the junior and senior years, I won by simply overpowering the opponents, I was that well built and strong.

But I had this one problem, when I was on the mat with my arms around the opponents, I wanted to not wrestle but I would get a boner a lot of times, and my mind would just wonder, I loved to feel their tight solid flesh, muscles and I knew just how close to their privates I was putting my hand in the beginning stance on our knees, I would get turned on sexually while in this position.

Many times I had this problem of having my arms raised by the referee and I would stand there with an eight inch boner pushing out in the front of my wrestling tights, and there was not a chance in hell of hiding my hardon. I almost got to the point of feeling like my boner after the match was a symbol of my winning prowess.

Several of my team mates would makes jokes and jest with me about enjoying winning so much it gave me a boner, I would just giggle with them in good humor.

It was getting close to the Regional Tri State Championships, which were held in another big city in the next state over from ours. That meant that we would be taking a chartered bus and staying several days at a motel.

Now no one knew that I was into guys and desired to have sex with guys and not gals.

I loved to watch the other wrestlers, checking out their packages between their legs in those tights at the meets.

I would even sometime get a boner and have to go to the restroom and take a seat on a commode and relieve the pressure if you get my drift.

I had only sucked one cock before, the previous summer at the city park, I was there jogging keeping myself in shape over the summer months, when I felt the need to piss.

I walked over to the mens restroom, I was only wearing my jogging sorts, tank top shirt, and seakers, I had to piss like a race horse, I walked up to the urinals hanging on the walls, no privacy dividers, there was a young man about twenty two or so, standing there with a nice gray suit, tie, very nice looking young man, and I got up to the urinals and he looked over and said, 'Hey man, whats Up?' I stood there as he watched me pull down the front of my shorts and take out my cock, I looked down at his package,(something I loved to do anywhere I am) and I noticed this young mans cock was like a steel pipe, sticking straight out, flared head, beautiful peice of uncut meat about seven or so inches, his nuts were hanging out of his pants too, he just smiled as I looked.

'Would you like to touch it, It loves being touched.' he asked.

I smiled, 'Yeah man, that looks awesome,' was all I could think to say.

I reached over and took his throbbing hardon in my hand and squeezed gently, feeling that hardness of his shaft, yet feeling that soft velvety foreskin, and feeling it swell out slightly as he wimpered softly, 'Awe shit man, that feels awesome.' he softly mumbled, I stood beside him gently stroking it as he layed his head back slightly, and closed his eyes, making little vocal sounds of pleasure. I was in heaven, I had always wanted to touch another guys cock and now here I was fulfilling my dream.

He opened his eyes and reached over and took my now quite hard cock in his hand and said, 'Damn kid, this is great, your fairly well hung.'

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

Finally he asked me to follow him into the end stall where he ask me to suck his cock, I had never done that before but I had thought about it, well now here's my chance.

We undid his trousers and let them fall, his beautiful body was slightly hairy, and his balls and cock were surrounded by and lovely patch of very thick black hair, I loved it.

I leaned toward his body and let his cock enter my mouth, it was like little jolts of electricity shooting thru my body, as I took his manhood to the back of my throat, making sure not to scrape his cock with my teeth, I guess I did it pretty good, cause he soon started saying 'Oh Yeah man, thats it, just like that, Oh fuck dude, your good, very good.' I felt like a prize winner, and soon, I got the prize, he never warned me, I was just enjoying his sounds of pleasure and I felt his body go rigid, he pulled my head deep onto his cock, he started grunting and I felt his cock doing something funny in my mouth and I almost gagged as he flooded my mouth with his cum, when I realized what as happening I started swallowing it as fast as I could, I had read in a book that cum wouldn't hurt you if you swallowed, and for some strange reason I was enjoying it.

Well I finished him up licking his sweet thick cock clean for him, and he stood my up, traded places with me and he took my hard cock and sucked my cock for the first time in my life, all I can say is that when I shot my load in his mouth, I felt like the top of my head would come off, it was the most phenomenal feeling I had ever experienced, and I was up for more any chance I got.

That was last summer, and now here I was listening to the call roster of those chosen to go to the Regionals next month.

I was on the top of the list in the heavy weight class, I don't think I was excited about the championships as I was in getting to see my old rival from Mason City Central High, Boe Collier.

Now Bo was a God in a Human Body, We were about the same size in weight, but he was not only a very good wrestler, but he ws the only one that had ever beaten me, but he had a huge cock, which for some reason like me after he won a match would get a boner, I saw it several times almost laying over to the edge of his body, bone hard and very thick, just guessing I would say Bo had a good nine inches of very thick cock, cut or uncut I wasn't sure, but that didn't matter to me, I wanted the chance at it.

Last year I got the pleasure of wrestling Bo at State, and when I reached around his body to get in starting stance, I felt his cock head against my hand, he was already hard. Damn it felt thick and wanting. He just turned his head and smiled when it touched it, accidentally of course?

Well we got to the motel 6 there in town and got our rooms, I bunked with the coach, but the coach had gone to college in that town and had an old girl friend that he wanted to be spending a couple nights with, I guess he was planning on 'Polishing up the ole torpedo' if you know what I mean. So I planned to sleep in our room by myself.

The day of my match with Bo was finally here, I walked into the area and sat down on the seat with the rest of our team, I looked across the mat and Bo was looking straight at me, I winked at him and smiled back, he smiled at me, then turned his face to chat with a fellow wrestler.

Now at this point I will say there are ploy's that intimidate an opponent, some times they work some times they don't. A really frustrating ploy to fluster your opponent is the 'gay one' when you get in tight and close during the match just whisper that you think they have a cute ass or a nice bulge in their jockeys, and that you really turned on by their looks, just ouright blatent, gay statements that tend to remove their self esteem and questions about their manhood, basically just messing with their mental capacity.

Our names were called and they told everyone that this was the Heavy weight division regional championship match.

We took our stance and the match started, as much as I would have liked to throw my strength around and win this thing, I knew from past experience that Bo was no pushover, we were matched pound for pound and maneuver for maneuver,, it was a match for the Regional Tri State Championship, but be that as it may, I loved being next to Bo, touching his hard tight muscular body, I was down on the mat and we were all tangled up when I looked up and noticed his big bulge pressing against my face. Bo had evedently been told about the gay ploy to intimidate me, and he looked down, 'Hey Ken, while your face is that close why don't you suck me off while your there?'

he said.

'I would if you promise I can fuck that sweet little asshole of yours first! we both smiled.

I broke free and almost Pinned Bo, He looked up at me and said, 'Damn man, your giving me a boner touching me like that,' he said.

'I wouldn't expect any less from any other gay dude.' I responded.

I slid my hand and arm down between his legs to flip him over and thats when I noticed his very hard cock against my arm, I realized he was likeing my touch. I felt my own cock responding and swelling.

Well I finished the match a while after that and I got the pin and the win.

And Damned if we both didn't stand there on either side of the referee as he lifted my arm and our tights about to split open with boners, that must have been a sight to behold.

I went to the locker room to shower down and dress The coach had noticed both our hardons at he winners stance and said, 'If I didn't know better the two of you were in a boner competition out there today,' then he just laughed about it.

As I was coming out Bo, pulled me aside and handed me a peice of paper and congradulated me on the win.

Truthfully I think he lost it on purpose, he had held it three years already, it was no biggie to him.

I went on out and got a breath of evening fresh air, Coach told me he wouldn't be back untill the next morning about noon, he was going to his lady friends house and play hide the salami with her I guess. Anyway I was left alone at the motel room.

I was Drinking a Coke and eating a snack about six thirty that evening, feeling good about myself and winning the trophy, and also being turned on thinking about Bo's hot sexy body.

I remembered the peice of paper that Bo slipped me in the gym.

I found it and opened it and it said. 'Hey Ken, I don't know about you but I was serious about the things we said to each other during the match, I find you very hot and sexually attractive, if you were feeling the same way, give me a call, Im at the same motel you are at in room 113, and it had the room phone number and extension attached.

I picked up the phone, and just told Bo, I was in room 68 and I was alone for the night, why don't he come over and we'll see what happens, and Yes I was also serious, and would love to feel that awesome cock of his in me.

'Fucking awesome man, I'll be over in a few,' he said, and hung up.

It took Bo about three minutes and he was knocking at my door.

I opened it and this hot, sexy, gorgeous guy in a tee shirt and sweats and shower thongs was leaning against the frame of the door, so sexy and provocative looking.

When he saw me he smiled, 'hey stud, would you mind if we tried a wrestling match of a different kind.' He said with a huge smile, 'Sure and what kind might that be?' I responded. He smiled a big white pearly smile.

As soon as we got in the motel room and shut the door, I was tearing at Bo's clothes trying to rip them off his body, and he was doing the same with mine.

As we slathered each other with full tongue in mouth kisses, and got each other hotter that a six dollar pistol rapidly fired a hundred times, Bo says, Man, you gave me the most painful boner this afternoon while we were wresteling.

My response to that was,'Well lets see if we can do that again,' and I reached down and slid his sweat pants down, and out flopped the thickest, longest cock I had ever had the privilege of seeing.

I knelt down and said, 'Well here's what you ask for', I leaned into his body and his cock slid into my hot, longing, wet mouth and Bo almost went weak in the knees.

I began to work on Bo's cock and he was in love with it, I found out later as hot and sexy as Bo was he had never gotten his big cock sucked.

I worked his hot sexy cock over big time, I was taking that monster to the hilt, something I never dreamed I could do.

I had his big nut sack in one hand and was massaging them as I was swirling my other hand around his cock as I sucked him to a ball shattering cum, and hell man, Bo was packing a huge load.

I drank his seed dry that evening.

He flopped back on my bed, 'Wanna spend the night?' I said.

'Fuck yeah, on one condition Ken, if you'll let me fuck that sweet looking ass of yours.' he said.

'Thats what I had in mind too.' I said.

Bo Smiled and we stripped naked, and He began to suck my cock for me, I unloaded after about three minutes I was so turned on.

We ordered a pizza and some sodas and watched some T.V. then at about eleven it was bed time.

I got some analease lube and climed into bed,excited and anxious about what was about to happen, It was my dream, I was smiling at Bo all the time. and I found myself with a tight thick boner it was awesome.

Bo and I began to make out and kiss like lovers, I loved rubbing around on his tight, very defined thick muscles, his chests muscles were fantastic, thick, with thich areolas, about the size of half dollars, with a nice suckable nipple, his treasure trail of Dark, hot sexy looking traveling down the center of his muscular manly stomach was gorgeous, I was licking and sucking on his body all the way to his cock which was by now standing like a lamp post. I began to slick up his cock with lube, and I noticed he got down between my legs and lifted them up and began to rim my asshole, 'I have always wanted to try this,' he said. Damn was it on awesome feeling, his tongue was working magic on my asshole.

then it happened, he got up between my legs with me on my back, hooked his arms at the elbows at my knees folded me over and I reached around with my free hand and found his cock a guided it to my man hole.

And I looked up into his face, his hair was gently hanging down over his gorgeous face and brow, I stared straight into his gorgeous eyes and he began to sink that huge, thick cock about halfway to the hilt, I gasp for air and felt the initial pain of entry, but I was determined, I had never had anything that big up my ass before and I wasnt' goin to be cheated out of Bo' love.

I was determined to enjoy his love making

I began to shove my tight ass up against Bo, and I felt his cock almost take my breath away as It sunk to his balls in my body, I felt like King of the HIll, I had taken all of Bo, and althought I felt stretched out of shape, I loved it.

Looking into his sweet loving eyes as he began to pump his awesome cock in and out of my intestines, I began to feel that feeling of total security, love, sensousness, that only comes with being with someone you really love or at least have wanted for a long time.

Bo was my final fantasy and here I was enjoying it to the epitome of fantasy.

Bo held me down altho, bowed over in a tight u curve, I felt awesome, He began to breathe heavy and I knew he was getting close,'YOu want me to cum in your ass?' he said as he fucked me like a piledriver.

'Oh Fuck yeah man, I want all of you I can get.' Bo Smiled and just started ramming it to the bone with each thrust, I knew what it felt like now to be totally FUCKED, and I was feeling that feeling like I was going to cum from his thick cock rubbing my prostate.

I Heard one Giant Grunt from Bo's throat and I felt his body tense up and I realized he had raised up on his toes and driven his cock as deep as It would go into me and I felt his body jerking as his cock blasted Hot cum deep into my body, It was fucking awesome.

I reached down and with his final shot, I began to unload my load of pearly white, thick, ropy, cum all over my chest.

Bo just looked down at me and all but collapsed upon my cum covered body, I began to kiss his sweet face, sweat was dripping from his exhausted body as he layed there and got his breath.

After he started to revive, I could feel the after climax jerks of his thick cock still embedded deep into my asshole.

I knew I would be shitting his cum for a week, we both just looked at each other and started laughting.

'I Smiled at Bo, 'I may have won the wrestling

Championship match, but your champion lover any day of the week.' I said.

Bo and I spent the night that night and woke up and showered and then sucked each other off again, just to start the morning off with a good experience.

Bo and I were sad to have to seperate, but we exchanged phone numbers and cell no's so we could text each other.

That was three years ago, and Bo and I are attending the same college together, no need to tell you that we are Dorm room mates, and believe me, we both enjoy college wrestling both on the mat and in the dorm room.



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