I was working on a very quiet Saturday night at the Holiday Inn close to the airport in Toronto.  The time was going very slowly again as the last customer left the bar. My cell phone rang once again and my ex girlfriend was on the other end being totally  drunk and high.  I have just broke off with here about 3 months ago and I am now enjoying the single life once again.

The clock was showing close to midnight when a customer came in and sat down at my bar, He look a little down before he order a drink from me. He told me that he wrestle on the pro circuit for the last 25 years and it has been hard on him and his home and personal life. He told me his name was Marcus as he begin to shake my hand, I smile and told him my name was Ernie and it was so nice to meet you. Mark was a brute of a man , He was in his early 50's around 5'11 dark slick back dark  hair my guess a solid 180 plus. His hand were like a grizzly bear paw and his dark hairy chest hair were showing through his un-button Levis shirt. 

I heard him told me one more Ernie before I told him it was last called. I watch him then open a little pill bottle of pain killers as he wash them down with his rum&coke. The chat when on for a good hour as I was closing and doing my paper work, He then gave me a sexy smile before he ask me if I was interested in coming back to his room for a beer ? I then told that it was against Hotel policy for me to join him as I saw his room number from his tab. He then got up and headed back up to his 17 floor room.

I was a little nervous as I decided to go up to see how he was doing. I was now at his room 1707 and started to lightly knock on his door, It took him a good minute before he open it up. The door was now open as he smile and said "Holy shit Ernie come on in my friend "  I then follow him over to the table and chair close to the window over looking the airport. I can see Marcus had a nice smile as he was pouring me a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey . I could now keep my eyes off of him as he was just sitting there in his white Jockey briefs and T-shirt. 

The time was now just after 1 am now as we were both feeling of know pain by now form all of the JD that we were drinking. I them ask him if he could show me some wrestling moves and holds ? I was now in a head leg lock as my head was wrap around his legs close to his crotch area, I can smell all the jock order coming from him as he was squeezing tighter. It only took a short time as I was now getting a hard on from that move he was giving me, I tap on the bed a few times before he let go of the hold. The next thing he pull me right on top of him and started to kiss me deeply as I felt him get a huge hard on through his underwear. 

I was now laying on my back as he started to go down on me and gave me a nice blow job , His wide mouth fitted real good around my nice 7 inch dick, This is my first time ever getting a blow job from a man before. He then roll onto his back as I then went down on his nice 6 plus cut cock before we started to 69 each other. I was feeling his hard cock in my mouth now as he was moaning with great pleasure. It was about a good 10 mins from sucking him as he shot off a huge salty load of cum all down my virgin throat. He was all tired out by now from the orgasm that he just had.

The both of us now got up as I went over to wash down all of his salty cum with a shot of pepsi he had on the table. He thank me for the great blow job that I have given him before I headed home. As I started to get dress he ask me for one last thing ? " Hey Ernie I want to fuck your ass dude " I smile as I told him yes that he would be the first man to ever fuck me. He then approach me and started to undress me again.

I was now on my back as he walk slowly over to me with a nice sexy smile coming from his face. He then pull my ass down close to his cock before he spitted some of his spit into his hand, I watch him slowly lubing his cock with it as he pulled my legs over his hairy shoulders and chest. I took a huge moan as I felt his cock go slowly up my tight hole now, I felt him stop for a few seconds before he was all the way inside of me now, I heard him gasp with sexual pleasure as he was now pounding my Virgin ass real good and hard. The fuck felt real great as he was now in full throttle with his cock go in and out of me. My body was all wet from all of his sweat from his body as I was hanging onto his waist real hard. I then heard him told me that he was close " My God Ernie he shouted real loud a few times " I watch his eyes roll back into his head as his sweaty body stared to shake when he was now argasming into my ass. I can now feel him all exhausted from the fuck before he slowly withdrew his cock from my tight hole, I watch his cock all full of my ass juice and his cum as he was now out of my hole. He then fell onto the bed as we rested for a good 20 minus before we got up to hit the shower room. The shower was great as I was soaping all of his hairy body down before I took the shower handle to wash him all off. I was now standing there as he got down on his knees in the shower and begin to suck my hard cock still hard from the fuck. He suck me for a good 10 minus before I had the best orgasm ever, I shot 2 loads off at once all over his hairy chest and mouth. He smile and stood up before we got out to dry off.

I was now getting dress before I gave him my phone number to call me when he comes back into the city. The time on the clock radio was showing well pass 3 am now as I watch go over to his travel bag and put on a nice pair of tight Black silky briefs. He gave me a huge hug at the door before he open it up me.

I was now walking down to the elevators as he was waving goodbye at me now. The doors open and their I saw my boss with another women in his arms. We look at each other before I headed out the door to my car.




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