Hey there! my name is Ned Timermeyer, I am twenty five now, but this is the story of something that happened back when I was just seventeen, almost eighteen.

I was a rebel, a nobody that wanted to be a somebody.

Problem was that I had no one to be my mentor, or guide thru those years of life.

My old man ran off with another bitch when I was a kid, never saw him again, and my mother was doing her best working two jobs to make ends meet My sister and I just sorta grew up on the poorer side of town, just growing up, instead of someone taking the time to raise us properly.

During these years things were tough, I had to learn to fight for survival, especially in the area of town were we lived.

I was a young man, leaning on my own wits, and self, learning everything I learned from the streets.

When I was just fifteen I learned the art of getting paid to have sex with these old geezers in the mens rooms at malls and Parks. Hell it was a way to make a few bucks, $20. bucks for giving some fart a good head job.

I wasn't in love with what I was doing, just in need mostly, but then I met this one dude that was a business man, married truthfully I went to high school with his son, I knew him but he didn't know me.

Well I was taken into a mens room at a park and there I was taught the pleasures of someone else sucking my cock, I loved it, hell, he paid me $50 bucks.

Well time went on and I got into this sort of gang, we weren't bad, just not good.

But I was in the car when they pulled over into a service station and told me to wait in the car that Friday night.

I waited for them to come out with the coke they had promised me, and I watched as they came running out in a fast pace and hopped in the car and we took off like a bat out of hell.

I was wondering what was going on, when Tommy, the owner of the car turned around and said, 'Sorry I forgot your coke but I got something a lot better, with this we can buy a lot of coke.'

Then he showed me a bag full of money and his gun, he had robbed the Service Station at gunpoint, 'HOLY SHIT' armed robbery, now we were in for it.

Well the cops caught up with us in about twenty minutes and had us in custody, and of course I was guilty by association.

I did get a public Defender and he made a plea for my part, and for some reason the Judge believed me, that I was just with them and not part of what the older guys did.

But I was still with them in the car so I was sentenced to two years and had to work out my time on a state work farm.

We arrived at the Farm about four thirty that Friday afternoon, were stripped and of course ogled as we bent over and spread our asses and felt groping fingers of the intake guards checking for contraband that might be shoved up our assholes. Hell we even had to pull our foreskins back to show we had nothing hidden under our foreskins.

I felt so intimadated by all this.

I was sent to boys house #4 there on the Farm, and had to report to the head boy.

The head boy was a good looking guy of about twenty, his name was Danny, he was very handsome, powerfully built from years of work on the farm, and he was sort of quiet, meek, and I was drawn to him, he took me under his wing so to speak, and told me to be careful that I was fresh meat and a couple of the older boys there would try to have their way with me sexually.

Now I was not a dummy, I was street smart, but these guys were strong, from hard farm work, and horny all the time, I had not until this time been anally penetrated and wasn't looking forward to having my asshole assulted against my will.

In time I might give it up to someone that I might choose, I Knew I could handle sucking just about anyone off, but I wanted to give my asshole to someone of my choosing.

I had been there about five days and was feeling the eye of several of the older guys, I felt they were planning to take action upon me soon.

I tried to stay close to Danny but it was almost impossible for me, he was always busy with some project.

It was late one afternoon, when I was standing next to a box of wood, we were chopping for the wood stove in the cafeteria, when I felt a hand go over my mouth and about four or five hands grabbed me put a blindfold on my face and gagged me.

I was pulled into a shed out of sight and I felt my clothes being taken from my body.

I was being bent over a box of something, I couldn't see, and I felt this wet slimy stuff being put on my asshole and then I felt a couple fingers shove it into my ass, as I heard several voices saying who would be first.

I was still gagged and I felt someone grab the hair on the back of my head and I felt a horrible pain in my asshole as one of the guys who must have had a cock the size of a horse, without mercy, or care, shoved it full length to the balls into my asshole, I thought my asshole would split open as I tried to scream from the pain, but it was impossible with the gag.

I just layed over bit my lip, and hardened myself to the fact that I was getting fucked whether I wanted it or not.

I felt at least six different cocks that afternoon, all fucking me and blasting cum deep inside my body, I knew I would shit cum for a month, but as aweful as it was there was something that was happeing to me, by the time they were finished I found myself trutly enjoying getting fucked and I even shot my load as they took their pleasure out on my asshole.

Danny was extremely mad about it when he found out, and vowed revenge.

That night Danny had me come over to his bunk and I crawled into his bunk with him. Danny was just cuddling and petting me and trying to console me but I was alright.

I found myself enjoying feeling Dannys body next to mine, and I was getting turned on as we lay there together.

I rolled over next to Danny and began to rub around on his naked upper body, I was so turned on, I felt that tingling down deep inside, and my mind went back to that day, being fucked, and I wanted a cock in my asshole again.

Before long I let my hand slide down to Danny's crotch and felt a thick cock, Fuck, Danny was not only hung, but bone hard.

I wanted it, I told Danny I wanted to show my thanks for all he had done, so I slid his briefs down and leaned over and began by licking his thick egg sized nuts, I loved that thick pubic bush and his hairy legs, and his moans told the story of whether he as enjoying it or not.

I then slid my tongue upward to his cock head and felt it flex out tight against my tongue, I began to lick on the rim of its head like an ice cream cone, making Danny writhe with pleasure and moan, it was so sexy sounding.

I had sucked guys for money before, but this time is was for appreciation and gratitude to Danny, and because I wanted to.

I sucked his thick cock, feeling his hands on my shoulders squeezing and rubbing the back of my head, as I deep throated his awesome cock. Danny was totally enjoying my cock sucking skills.

But before it was over that night I wanted to feel that feeling I had felt when I got fucked.

I made sure Danny's cock was wet with saliva and Pre-cum as I climbed up on top of Danny's body, and I took his cock to the balls into my asshole and began to hump his cock like a sex maniac.

I felt like I was in heaven with Dannys cock buried deep in my asshole, and I was not going to be happy untill I felt that warmness of his seed being deposited into my intestines. Hearing his sounds of pleasure as he unloaded, feeling his body convulse and shake with the shear pleasure of his awesome manly climax.

I worked his cock like a fine tuned instrument, with my anal muscles, and his cock felt like it was getting harder and thicker and I felt his body pull me down to his as he started slathering me with kisses and I felt that feeling of his cock spasming deep inside my body, filling me with shot after shot of his cum, it was awesome.

Danny lay there like a dead man, getting his strength back and getting his wind.

I lay to the side reveling in the joy of having brought Danny some pleasure.

I guess Danny knew the art of pleasureing a guy too, after having been in that place for almost eight years, but he leaned over took my still hard cock and began to lick and suck like it was the most natural thing to do, he was good, very good at it, and I came in about three minutes and Danny swallowed every drop, it was fabulous.

Nothing was said between Danny and I that night.

We just cuddled and went to sleep, I woke Danny up to a blowjob the next morning, needless to say he loved it.

It was about a week later that Danny came dragging one of the boys that had fucked me that day back into a tool shed, he made him get down on his hands and knees, and I got to fuck his ass untill I pulled out and came in his face, in retaliation for what he had done.

I loved it, and so it went untill I had gotten back at everyone of the guys that had done the deed with me.

But in truth I really wanted to thank them, because they brought me into something I have enjoyed since that first day.

I love a good hard cock deep inside of my body, whether it is in my throat or up my ass. As long as we both enjoy ourself who's business is it anyway.

As for me and Danny we are still what you call intimate but Buddies



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