Ryan Wolfe clutches onto his warm mug of coffee as he sits outside in the cold winter morning at a local cafe, trying to keep a low profile from all the press. He has thick, dark sunglasses covering his eyes despite the early morning time and has the hood of his coat pulled over his head.

Glen Wolfe, Ryan's father, is the owner of Wolfe Enterprises, Australia's second largest electronics company. Ryan had been attracting a lot of attention from the celebrity reporters after he had been involved in a messy love triangle break up with a famous actress and her fiance.

'That's not the kind of publicity we want,' snapped Glen, 'you need to lay low and think about your responsibilities as a Wolfe'.

Ryan hesitantly looks around him and after daring to move, leaves a $50 tip on the table and ducks out of the cafe and into the backseat of his personal driver's BMW.

'Just drive anywhere,' said Ryan, 'don't stop until I tell you to. Just keep driving.'


'Tell me you want me,' said Madison Fox as he continues fucking his friend Scott, 'tell me you want this fucking dick.'

Madison has Scott on all fours behind Madison's flashy red Ferrari in the Fox Head Office's parking garage. Scott lets out several muffled moans softened by Madison's hand over his mouth.

He doesn't slow down his movement as Madison continues to fuck Scott's tight ass, the sound of his balls slapping against his ass nearly echoing around the empty parking garage.

'Fuck I'm gonna cum, take it all.' Madison shuts his eyes and with a loud cry, shoots his load up Scott's arse.

After a brief moment, Madison pulls himself out of Scott and pulls his slacks back up, not even bothering to help Scott finish.

'Thanks for the sex, I've called for a taxi to pick you up from here. Charge it to Fox Enterprises.' Madison throws Scott a tissue and hops into his Ferrari; he speeds off without even thinking about helping Scott back to his feet after the brutal pounding he just took.

Fox Enterprises is Australia's largest electronics company, only recently beating out Wolfe in total revenue. Matthew and Lily, Madison's parents and co-owners of Fox Enterprises, had a very strict plan set out for their son, one which Madison completely ignored and strayed from, his wild party antics gathering many negative publicity from the media.

Madison pulls up at a building and the seemingly inconspicuous man outside the front bows his head towards the spoiled heir and lets him into the building.

Meanwhile, Ryan and his driver drive passed and Ryan spots Madison's Ferrari. He looks over at the building and just sees Madison disappearing into it.

'Driver, stop.' Ryan quickly gets out of his car and approaches the man standing next to the door.

'Who are you?' said the large, intimidating guard.

'Ryan Wolfe. What is this place?'

'None of your concern, Mr. Wolfe.'

The guard was a big man at around 6'2 and 220lbs but that was nothing compared to Ryan's solid build; he stood tall at 6'4 and weighed a whopping 255lbs in thick, sculptured muscle.

'Why is Foxy going in there then?'

'That is none of your concern, Mr -'

The man is interrupted by Ryan's large fist connecting to his face. Ryan steps over him and walks up the winding staircase, wondering what his spoiled rival was up to. He reaches the door at the top of the staircase and opens it to reveal a beautiful rooftop garden which, in Ryan's mind, looked like the perfect Garden of Eden.

Up ahead, Madison, who had been admiring his secret garden's water lilies, turns around and spots Ryan behind him.

'What the fuck are you doing here, Dog?' spat Madison.

'I could ask you the same question, Foxy,' replied Ryan.

'This is my fucking garden, you half wit, get the fuck out.'

'Make me,' Ryan said with a wink.

Ryan knew Madison was no match against him in physical prowess. Madison was 5'9 and had muscle definition in him but that was nothing compared to Ryan's stunning physique.

'I'm calling security,' said Madison as he reached down for his cellphone.

'Good lot that'll do; your bouncer done a terrible job of keeping me out,' Ryan said with a chuckle.

Madison stopped punching in the number on his phone and glared at Ryan who found the situation amazing.

'What do you want, Dog?'

'I wanted to find out where your special hiding place was, and now I've found it.' Ryan walks passed a seething Madison and sits down on the bench as he looks around Madison's secret garden. 'Nice place.'

'My father will know about this and he will be putting your father out of business,' hissed Madison.

Madison goes to leave the premises but Ryan quickly grabs his wrist and spins him around to face him.

'What are you going to do about it, little ol' Madison Fox? Go out on a humiliating gay sex rampage through the city just to get your pathetic father's attention?'

Madison pulled his free hand back and attempted to punch Ryan but Ryan easily caught it and held it in his hand.

'You're one to talk, especially since you ruined Summer's marriage and her career.'

Ryan's playful expression disappeared and his grasp on Madison tightened. In one swift movement, Ryan pulled Madison closer to him and he planted a hard, aggressive kiss on his arch-nemesis.

Madison resists at first but soon isn't able to move in the strong man's grip. Ryan eventually lets go and drops Madison on his back.

'I'll see you around, Foxy.'

Ryan steps over Madison and shuts the door behind him as Madison lays on the floor unable to move in fear over what had just happened.



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