Mom and Dad had taken their annual Cruise, this year to the Bahamas, they had been gone since Wednesday, and they would be gone for about three weeks, and Danny, my older brother came in Saturday afternoon and said, 'Hey little Brother, I'm going to throw a party, tonight, and if your good and help serve my friends and help me keep things clean, you'll probably get laid before the night is over,' I just stood there at the kitchen sink with my mouth standing open, 'Danny, Mom and Dad has told us, no wild parties,' I said, He looked up and said, 'Oh don't get all saintly on me, Tink, you could use a little happiness and partying yourself, you need to get your pipes cleaned out once in a while,'

Well I must tell you Mom and Dad are strict about their house, and I wasn't really happy about the party, but Danny was the eldest, and Dad had left him in charge.

Now I suppose your wondering about the name, 'Tink,' Well when I was a baby, I had kind of blondish, curly hair, My grandfather had this thing about giving us boys nicknames, and he thought I looked like a 'tinkerbell' sort of character. Well needless here I am at eighteen and I am still called 'Tink' short for tinkerbell.

Danny told me, he was bringing some Iced down coolers of wine coolers and plenty of Iced down beer, ordering Pizzas, and some Chinese food, and some different kinda of snack foods, I just looked a Danny and ask him, 'Hey Danny how many of your friends did you invite?'

'About twenty or so,' Danny said.

'I hope you got enough money for this, cause my money is put away for my new car.' I said.

'Not to worry, little bro. it's all taken care of.' Danny said.

Saturday quickly came around and I don't know why I was excited, but I was almost as excited as Danny was, and I didn't even know any of his friends except, Johnnie Klein, A really good looking, well built adonis looking dude, with enough ego to sink a 'oil tanker' He was so friggen conceited that the only picutre in his wallet was his own, thats a little humor to let you know just how self centered he is.

Johnnie would always make it his ploy to get under my skin, somehow, someway, and I would get frustrated at his remarks and his personality, But I will say I always was turned on by the huge bulge in his crotch, I would notice it almost first thing, every time he would come over. He would always wear tight blue denum jeans, and his crotch was so friggen packed, it bulged out and looked like he had a pair of gym socks stuffen on each side of the fly of his zipper, the bulge was gigantic.

Well Johnnie was the first to get there, and as usual, he walked in the kitchen door, and would grab me and give me this tight hug with one arm while he punched me with the other ,and say, 'Hey Kid, I'll bet your drooling after seeing me?' I just said, 'Yeah, I am, I'm about to throw up.' He just smiled, 'Hey Tink, Wheres that needle dick brother of yours? I said, 'Up in his room, getting ready,' Then Johnnie, just went up to Danny's bedroom, I went about my business of setting up the tables and getting ready to order the Pizza's, to have them delivered

About an hour later, the pizzas had been ordered the ice was on the drinks, I had even made a pot of coffee, and a pitcher of iced tea, just in case someone wanted that. Danny came down, and Johnnie followed him and aske me if everything was ready, I said, 'sure is,' he said, 'Great, well he set out some 'CD's' and some movies, just in case.

The door bell rang and about twenty people started filing in, the beer and wine cooler's started flowing, I just sat in the kitchen with a glass of tea, just listening and watching, man there was good looking chicks, but my mind was on the dudes, there were some really hot dudes. I knew that they were strait8 dudes but that didn't keep me from lusting and enjoying them, Now there was this one guy, I don't know who he was, I knew most of Dannys friends, but this one I didn't know, he looked about twenty seven and was sorta different looking he had longer hair than most there, he was Athletic built like most of Dannys buddies, He was Not thin but not heavy either, just a plain looking dude, not bad looking and he just wondered into the kitchen and started talking to me. He thought that my name was sorta cute 'Tink' and he smiled, He told me his name was Cody, He had moved here about three years ago, He worked for the electic company. I said, 'I will be going to the community college this next semester in the fall,' We talked about different things and I found out that Cody was a really nice guy, but his looks was deceiving, He had tatoos all over his body, I was mesmerized by his tatoos, we went into the kitchen and he took of his pullover shirt, I saw a large bald Eagle on his back, god it was awesome, and his arms were covered, they were quite impressive, then I saw he even had them on his toes, He was covered with tatoos, then he said come over here, and He opened his blue jeans and unzipped his pants and yanked down his underwear and his quite large cock was tatooed too, 'Fuck me,' I just looked up at Cody, and said, 'God man that had to really hurt, especially on your dick?' He said, 'not as bad as you'd think, I just got high on whiskey, and really didn't notice it, fuck while that guy was doing that one, I got a boner and came on his hand,' I said, 'Oh fuck, man, wow.'

Well I noticed after about four hours they gals and guys were starting to get it on, kissing and petting and getting into the sex thing, I was watching Johnnie and he had this girl on the couch and he had his hands in her pants, and was working it over, and his bulge was about to split his jeans, and there was a big wet spot in the front too, I was getting so turned on looking at the guys, I was sporting a big boner too, I needed something too. Johnnie had taken the girl into our guest bedroom and Danny had disappeared into his bedroom with a girl, most of the others had left in pairs to do their thing, and Cody and I were there by ourselves, Cody just said, Hey man, 'What happened? everyone disappeared, I said, 'Thats always my luck, no one for me to sleep with, I was still about half hard, Cody said, I'm in the same boat, too. I looked at Cody and had a brain storm, with underlying motives, I said, 'Hey wanna sleep over with me, I have a double bed and you don't have to go do you?' I have enjoyed your company this evening and we can continue our talk and our nice evening in my room,' he said, 'Hey man, sounds like a winner to me.'

Cody and I went up to my room, carried a couple beers with us, And Cody said, 'Man, I have a problem,' I said, 'yea! Whats that?' he said, 'I don't wear anything in bed, I sleep in the nude.' I just said, 'why's that a problem? I don't either, and we stripped naked and he went to the bathroom and came, back out

We opened the door to the bedroom and stood there in the dark naked as newborn babies, and he said, 'Listen, man, now they're really partying, I could hear Johnnie moaning, that girl was almost screaming, and the bed really rocking and squeaking, I could hear the girl in the bedroom with Danny moaning and groaning loudly too, and by then I was as hard as a brick, I looked down at Codys cock and it was sticking straight out like a diving board, and he was big too. God I was really getting turned on, Cody looked at me and said, 'Well I aint no girl, but I have enjoyed sex with other dudes before, would you like to get it on with me, I want to if you do. God man, I was astounded at the offer, I had never had sex with male or female, just my hand, and I looked down at his cock and then mine, and said, 'Why not?' Cody closed the door and said, 'lets just close our minds to all else around us and lets enjoy each other, shall we?' I let him take over, I was soon to find out what an awesome night this was going to be, Cody started gently kissing my body, my chest, and my mouth, he was doing the tongue thing inside my lips, gently nibbling my lips with his teeth, I was floating away, I had never felt this way, god I was in awe. Cody then sucked on my nipples and feeling were shooting all over my body, then he started tongueing my navel, and lower abdomen and then he slid his mouth down to the nutsack and started sucking it, god it was so wonderful feeling, so very erotic, and sexually stimulating and then he licked up and down my shaft, as he was doing this he slid a finger in between my ass cheeks and with a wet finger he started fingering my hole, God what a sensation. I was breathing so fucking heavy, and I as moaing and I felt like a little kid having his first birthday party, I was elated, my first time doing anything with anyone. Cody stopped long enough to ask me, if this was my first sex with another person, I said, 'Yea, and it feels so fucking awesome,'

Cody just smiled like he had won a prize and started sucking my cock like it was full of choclate shake or something, He could really do it great, I was floating around in the air, just floating from such awesome sensations, and I felt the cum shot comming on and I started pumping up into his mouth and he started sucking more fervently and I started squirting my man juice into his mouth like crazy, I was grunting and moaning like I was dying, it was amazing feeling, like nothing I had ever before done or felt, Cody just wiped his lips with the back of his hand and said, 'Hey Tink,' that was delicious.

I had never before thought of cum as delicious. but I guess he thought that. I layed back and just layed there for a few minutes, I reached over and grabbed Codys cock and said, 'hey man, I have never done anything with another dude before, so I'll do my best, I took his cock and rubbed it a little and and felt the awesome feeling of another big cock in my hand, It was about seven inches long, and quite thick, thicker than mine anyway, I just jerked off on his cock and felt him raise his hips and moan, he was enjoying it, wow. I then just thought, I might as well find out about a few things, and I leaned over and started sucking on his big nuts, I noticed his pubic hair tickled my lips but I was loving doing this and knowing that I was making him happy with my licking and sucking. Cody just layed there sort of motionless, that is, untill I took his cock into my mouth, He groaned really loudly, and raised up on his elbows and just moaned he was really likeing this, and His cock was getting harder with each suck, with each, movement of my mouth, I guess I had sucked his awesome tasting cock for about ten minutes and then I felt his cock head get thick and hard, and it felt like a steel rod in my mouth, then he said, 'Awe Fuck,' and his cock started that pumping feeling and loaded me up with is manjuice. God it was awesome. Cody collapsed on the bed and just almost gasped for breath, I as just about as exhausted as he was.

We cuddled and went to sleep and woke up about four A.M. and he introduced me to anal sex, I love fucking another guy, it was as awesome as the oral sex.

Cody and I enjoyed our night together. We were setting together at the table when Danny came down in his briefs looking like the 'last rose of summer,' Cody and I looked up and laughed and said,'God Danny what happened to you last night?'

He just looked like we had dumped cold water on him, and he said, 'Man, Dina like to fucked me to death, God she was wild, my cock is raw from it.'

I started laughing and Cody looked up at me and smiled, 'Danny looked around at us and said, 'Did you guys get laid last night?' Cody just smiled and said, 'not us, But we both got one hell of a good Blow job tho, man, we got our pipes cleaned out.' Danny looked at me and said, 'Way to go Tink, I'm proud of you.' I looked at Cody and just thought that if Danny only knew that the blowjobs we both had was from each other, he pobably would have shit in his briefs. He just got a drink of water moaned something else and went back to bed. Cody and I have been meeting at Cody's place, and he finally god his dick in my ass, God I really have gone almost crazy for sex with him, Just to think it was all because of a party we weren't suppose to have.

Oh yeah, I finally got to suck Johnnie off, but thats another story.



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