Mike peeked into the room where the boys were. There before him was his son Greg on his hands and knees sucking his buddy Cody, while Brad fucked his ass.

Mike drew back out of sight, trying to digest what he had just seen. When he peeked back in, Cody and gotten under him and Greg and Cody were now in a sixty-nine and Brad was now fucking Cody. Greg continued to watch as they changed positions again and Brad was now getting fucked by Greg while Brad sucked Cody.

Mike drew back again and realized that his cock was rock hard. He eased down the stairs and back into the garage where he took it out and jerked it off like a mad man. As he did, he wondered how long Greg had been into sex with guys. And Mike wondered what might have happened if he had told Greg that he too was gay?

After blowing his load on the floor and smearing it around with his foot, he eased back out to his car and left. After driving about a mile and a half away, he picked up his cell phone and called Greg.

When Greg answered, Mike said, 'Hey son, I'm about a mile or so from the house. I should be there in a few minutes.'

Greg asked why he was home so early and Mike told him that it got rained out. They hung up and Mike could just picture the three of them running around naked, getting things back in order and getting dressed.

Mike pulled into the drive for the secxond time and when he went in, he found the three boys in gym shorts at the table eating cereal. The appeared nervous but Mike shrugged it off, not mentioning it to them.

Cody and Brad left and Mike pretended that nothing was wrong, but every time he thought about what he'd seen he popped a boner.

Then on Tuesday night, Mike looked at Greg and said, 'Son, since you're of legal age now and I couldn't be arrested for contributing, would you have any objections if I went around nude?'

'No, but why?'

'It's just a hell of a lot more comfortable to be nude. You can do it also if you want to. I just like being nude.'

'Hell, dad, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked before. If that's what you want then go for it. It won't bother me any.'

Mike smiled and as he stood he said 'Thanks.' He removed his briefs and tossed them aside. 'Damn, this feels so much better. You just don't know.'

Greg smiled and returned to watching TV. However Wednesday evening when Mike got home from work, Greg was Starting dinner and was nude.

'Damn, look at you,' Mike said.

'well, this morning I got to thinking about what you said and decided to give it a whirl. You were fucking right. It feels great. I've been like this all day. Go get comfortable and join me.'

'I think I'll do just that son.'

Mike returned from his bedroom naked and helped his son finish dinner. They sat and ate nude and laughed about what others might say if they saw them.

'I really don't give a fuck what they think,' MIke said. 'This is our fucking house.'

'Right on, Dad.'

Then beginning to test the waters, as the saying goes, Mike said, 'However with Brad and Cody coming over so often, we better keep something close by to put on, unless you think they might like to join us?'

'Damn, I don't know. I hadn't thought about that.' Greg lied. 'I'll casually bring up the subject and see what they say.'

'That's up to you son. If you'd rather no, then don't risk a friendship.'

'I won't dad. They're cool.'

Then on Thursday night Greg told Mike that he had talked to Brad and Cody and they thought it was cool that Brad and his dad lived in the nude. 'They said that when they come over we don't have to put anything on and that they just might join us.'

'Sounds good to me.'

'In fact, I invited them over Saturday night to watch the wrestling match on pay-per-view.'

'Perfect, we can watch it in here on the big screen, if I wouldn't be imposing on you three.'

'Gee, thanks dad, and no you won't be imposing. We'd love to have you join us. They both think you're cool.'

Saturday arrived and Mike went out and bought frozen pizza and sodas and snacks for the evening get together. About four he stopped Greg in the kitchen and said, 'Son, let's go sit down. I need to have a talk with you.'

They went into the family room and when they were seatred on the sofa, Mike looked at Greg and asked, 'Son, how long have you been gay?'

'Where did that come from? What makes you think I'm gay?'

'Son, it's okay if you are. I couldn't care less. I still love you the same if not more.'

'But, Dad, what makes you think I'm gay?'

Mike told Greg about getting home early Sunday and what he had heard and seen.

'Oh, shit! You saw all that?'

'Yes, I did.'

'Dad, I'm sorry you had to see that and not telling you, but I was scared and didn't know what your reaction would be.'

'Son, that is the exact reason I never told you about me. I'm gay also and have been since my teens.'

'You're gay?'

'Yes, that is what last weekend was about. Me and five others met for a weekend of gay sex but we got rained out.'

'Damn, I never dreamed you were gay. Can I tell Cody and Brad?'

'I don't mind but that's up to you. If you don't mind them knowing your old man is a cock sucker, then tell them.'

'We'll see,' Greg said. Greg finally told Mike that he, Brad and Cody had started messing around when they were fourteen. They found that they prefered male sex to female sex and continued to experiment more and more together.

'So you've tried pussy?'

'Yea, we all three have but we didn't care for it. The females are too fucking demanding.'

Mike laughed as he agreed with Greg.

When the talk ended, they hugged each other more passionately than they ever had. Greg surprised Mike by kissing him on the lips, not a sexual kiss but a kiss all the same. Mike loved it.

Cody and Brad arrived and Greg answered the door naked and invited them in. Mike had always had the boys refer to him by his first name, so when they saw him in the family room naked they said, 'Hi, Mike.'

'Hey, boys. Make yourselves at home.'

They all headed for Greg's room and Mike soon followed. He heard them talking.

'Damn, your dad's fucking hot,' said Brad.

'He sure is,' agreed Cody.

'Hey l;ook guys. There is something you need to know.'

'What's that?' asked Brad.

'Dad knows that the three of us are gay. He saw us last Sunday.' He told them about what all Mike had told him. 'Guys, he's gay also, or so he says. He told me he was.'

'Holy fucking shit! He saw us sucking and fucking?' asked Cody.


'Damn. What do we do now?'

'Just act like you always have. Get naked if you want to. Let's just play it by ear.'

As the two boys stripped, Mike hurried back to the family room. The three nude boys soon followed.

'I see you two decided to join Greg and I.'

'Yes, sir. You're both right. It is more comfortable. But it could get embarrassing.'

'Why? If you pop a boner?'

'Uh, yea.'

'Hey, don't worry about it. We'll all probably do it sooner or later. and I'll probably be the first. It's no big deal, at least not when you're here. Guys, anytime you're here feel free to go nude.'

Mike got up and put the pizzas in the oven and when ready called the boys in. Brad and Cody took their pizza and sodas and returned to the family room. Greg held back a minute and said to his dad, 'I told them about you and you seein everything we did. They know it all.'

The wrestling matches began and to break the ice, Mike pointed out one built wrestler and said, 'He's really built but I bet his got a littke cock.'

The boys nearly choaked then began laughing.

'He probably does,' said Cody.

Then Brad laughed and said, 'There was one a few weeks ago that was showing a nice package, but I bet he had a sock stuffed in his tights to make it look that way.'

They all laughed.

Mike decided to get brave. He knew that all three were eighteen so he said. 'Guys, I know Greg told you about me. Yes, I'm gay. I suck cock, get sucked, fuck and get fucked, rim and kiss and make out. So if you three decided you want to do anything, you can do it either here or in the play room. It won't bother me at all. Well, that's a lie. I'd probably have to take matters in hand.'

They looked at each other.

'What I'm saying guys is that when you're here, just be yourselves. Do what you want, when you want.'

'Thanks, Dad,' Greg said.

A few minutes later Mike saw Greg reach over and begin playing with Cody's cock. Cody turned and kissed him. AS Mike watched, his cock quickly stiffened. Greg took notice.

'Greg, have you and your dad done anything since you found out about each other?'

'No, we haven't, not that I wouldn't like to.'

'Then, before anything else gets started, I think you and your dad should get to know each other more personally.'

Greg looked at his dad and said, 'Dad?'

'I'm game.'

Mike got onto the floor with Greg and it began. They kissed, exchanging tongues, then had a sixty-nine. Mike was in heaven having his own son's cock in his mouth and watching his son suck his cock. They soom both climaxed and each swallowed. There was a break as they watched Cody and Brad have a sixty-nine. Then Mike and Greg fucked each other.

After that, it was every man for himself. Mike had sex with both Cody and Brad. Everyone had sucked the others fucked and been fucked.

The boys later left and Mike asked Greg,'Would you like to start sharing my bed with me?'

'I'd love it,' Greg replied.

Sex was an almost daily occurance. Mike took Greg on the weekend campouts and they all had a great time. Cody and Brad were regular visitors. MIke and Greg grew closer than anyone could imagine. They had the perfect life together.

The End?



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