I'm Mike Davis, a thirty-nine year old account executive for a major accounting firm. I have been gay since my early teens but for appearances, I dated and fucked girls, and one such happening when I was eighteen produced a beautiful son. I married the girl but after a year she took off and was out of our life. I raised Greg on my own with the help of my parents.

Greg and I are close and have a great time together but I have not been able to bring myself to tell him that I am gay. I don't know what his reaction would be and I do not want to ruin the relationship we have.

Anyway, it was a Wednesday and in mid-afternoon my phone rang.

'Mike Davis,' I said as I brought the receiver to my ear.

'Hey, Mike, it's Steve. You got any plans for the weekend?'

'Nope, what's up?'

'I'm ready for a small orgy and I thought I'd have you, Ted, Jim and Duke join me at the deer lease for some weekend fun.'

'Man that sounds great. I'm horny as hell and would love some hot fucking and sucking. I'll be there. What time?'

'We're all planning on getting there about three. Do you think you could get off about noon?'

'Fuck yea. I'll bring a change of close and change after I leave the office. See you Friday.'

Greg had just graduated high school three week ago. He usually worked odd jobs during the summers for his spending money but as a gift I told him to take this summer off. He was enjoying just laying around or running the roads with his two best buddys from the football team, Cody and Brad. It was very enjoyable when he'd have them over for a swim and I got to see those three hunks at the pool in their speedos.

That evening as Greg and I ate dinner I asked, 'Did you have anything special planned for us to do this weekend?'

'No, why?'

'Well, Steve is having a few guys up at his property for some fishing and pokler this weekend and he's invited me to join.'

'Fuck, dad. Go. You need a break and it will do you good to get out and relax.'

He didn't know just how relaxed I'd get.

'Would it be okay if I asked Brad and Cody over for the weekend?' There are a couple of movies on pay per view that we've been wanting to watch. I promise no wild parties.'

'I trust you. Go ahead and call them, but if there are any girls involved, there are condoms in my night stand.'

Greg and I were fairly open with each other and he always thought I used the condoms on females when I'd say I had a 'date'. Little did he know the 'date' was with another guy.

'Cool. Thanks, Dad. You're the greatest,' he said as he got up and hugged me before heading for the phone.

'Hey kid, remember, you got the dished tonight.'

'Yea, I know.'

Friday came and I had my fishing gear and clothes in the car as I headed for work. The fishing gear would probably not get used, nor would the clothes until I was ready to return home.

At noon I left the office and headed out, stopping at a truck stop to change clothes. I went into a stall and began changing and noticed a glory hole in the partition.

I stripped down and began changing when I heard the door open and the guy headed straight for the next stall. I decided to check him out and I'm glad I did.

After I put my slacks and shirt into my bag along with my dress shoes, I sat down and took a casual glance through the hole. The guy had his pants down, legs spread and shirt unbuttoned. His right hand was gripped tightly around a nine inch hard cock and he was stroking slowly. I had to have it.

I motioned for him to put it through and he quickly did. I slipped the head into my mouth and as I did, I heard him moan and say, 'Oh yea. Fuck man, that's what I need.'

I slowly swallowed the hard cock and when it was completely down my throat, I began my tongue action, caressing the hard cock. He moaned again. I went to work and before long I heard him breathing heavily and say, 'Get ready, bud. I'm about to blow.'

His cock jerked and huge ropes of hot thick sweet cum began filling my mouth and sliding down my throat. I swallowed hungrily and when I had every drop, I slowly pulled off.

He pulled back and leaned toward the hole and said, 'Man that was fantastic. Best I've ever had, but I'm sorry I can't return the favor. I just can't do it.'

'Hey, don't worry about it. The pleasure was all mine. I loved it.'

I stood and walked out and waited to see what he looked like. When he walked out I gasped. He was about six-six and was built like the proverbial brick shit house. Muscles everywhere anf not an ounce of fat. He was in his late twenties and georgeous. I noticed a wedding band on his left hand. As he passed by me he just smiled and winked. I watched as he walked out and climbed into a big red Kenworth.

I climbed into my car and headed out to meet the other guys. All of the guys Steve invited to his property had a key to the gate. Everyone knew that they could use the property for their own use but had to clear it with Steve first. I unlocked the gate, drove through and relocked it. As I approached the clearing in the center of the property next to the spring fed lake, my cock began to stiffen. I knew that the others were probably already there, naked, and fucking or sucking.

I was right. I parked and stepped out of the car and quickly stripped and threw my clothes into the car. I looked over the group. There was Steve, a lawyer, and Ted, a local fireman, just beginning a sixty-nine. A few feet away was Jim, a construction worker on his hands and knees being entered from the rear by Duke, a state police officer.

As Duke entered Jim, I walked up behind Duke and said 'Get ready to get fucked while you plow Jim.'

Duke smiled and said, 'Go for it, Bud. Good seeing you again.'

Duke slid his cock deep into Jim's ass and bent over him, offering his ass to me. I quickly entered Dukes ass balls deep. I stayed still and let Duke do the work. He began pumping in and out of Jim's ass thereby fucking himself on my hard cock. Duke and I climaxed at nearly the same time and when we were through I quickly began sucking Jim's hard throbbing cock. As Jim climaxed feeding me his huge load, Steve and Ted fed each other.

We all relaxed and brought out the beer. All the guys were in their mid thirties. I was the oldest. After a while partners changes and sucking and fucking began again. While Steve fucked me, Ted and Duke double fucked Jim.

The night went on in this manner for hours. Finally we brought out the bedrolls and slept nude under the stars. Saturday morning the sex started again and was almost non-stop during the day between someone. Saturday night as we slept a storm moved in and we were forced to run for our cars.

The storm was continuous with no let up in sight as daybreak approached. We decided to give up and try again on another weekend.

Slipping on my shorts, shirt and shoes, I pulled out first and knowing the others would soon be following, I left the gate unlocked. On the trip back I stopped at the truck stop again and after two cups of coffee, i headed for the rest room.

I went to the stall I was in before and waited, but not for long. A driver came in and before long we had sucked each other off. Then, a while later, another driver came in and I sucked him off. Before I left, I had given relief and pleasure to five drivers.

I returned to the house and parked in the drive. I entered and as I headed upstairs to my room, I heard strange sounds coming from the game room. I climbed the stairs and heard the voices clearer, not believing what I was hearing. When I peeked into the game room I was shocked and stunned by what I saw.




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