Chapter One

     Every graduating class gets a Weekend Pass after Basic Training, this is story is about one of those Weekends.

     I am MSGT Richards  and am a Tactical Instructor at Lackland AFB, at San Antonio, Texas.  I am 6", 190 Lbs,  48" 38" chest,  brown eyes, brown curly hair, 18" biceps, 31" waist. I don't have any hair on my chest, but have a  small "Happy Trail" beginning at my belly button that runs  down to my bush. Very  lightly furred butt cheeks , and a fine line of hair on each side of my crack. I keep my self in good shape and am especially proud of my fine  8" cock w/foreskin, large veins  and a mushroom shaped cock head.

  Out of almost every class I have  a favorite, or two and in this one is was Airman Ed Richards. Here is  his description.  5' 11" tall,  165, lbs. He has reddish/blonde curly hair, dark blue eyes, very well defined, with 16" biceps, a 36" chest and  29" waist, and obviously he works out  ED also has a reddish/blond curly happy trail , bush, curly hair on his balls, but none on his  fine round muscled butt cheeks, and finally just line of hair each side of his crack. His cock is a good 7.5" w/foreskin, a helmet shaped cock head that always peeks out but pops out when he its fully hard, smooth and fat.

     I always get up 45 Minutes to and Hour before rousting out the troops. take a morning piss, shave and shower. Rousting out the Troops every morning is my favorite job.  Think about it, rousting  out 20 young men 18 to 25 year old Airmen, and damn near everyone of them has a "Morning Piss Hard", sticking out the fly of their boxers. Hard young man cocks of every size, and color,  cut and uncut, and all on display for my private pleasure.

     On the 5th day of training, imagine my surprise to have Ed walk up beside me at the urinal , both of us with a morning hard-on needing to take a piss.  We quickly glance  at each other and then were very obviously checking out each others  hard cocks. Then looking back at each other and grinning.

     Ed said, "Looks like we both have a problem".  I replied, "Too bad we can't do anything about it", as we both started pissing.. Noting that we both finished, yet still standing there cocks in hand , I said, "I'll' shake yours if you shake mine",  Ed replied, "Sounds like a deal".  For 5 minutes we not only shook each others cocks, but fondled balls and butts and grew very hard, really got to know each other, you might say. You can bet from that day on we took advantage of every clandestine opportunity that came along through out his Basic Training.

     The night before the 3 day pass, I gave Ed the address to a motel and told him it would be better if we didn't draw attention by leaving together. I was already nude, had a towel around my waist and an obvious half hard cock when I met  Ed at the door. saying, "Common" I said, "get out of those clothes and lest get cleaned up for action". I've got to tell you, we really had a good time showering, especially giving  each others cocks, balls, and butt cracks very special attention.*

        When we reached the bedroom we headed straight for the bed, laying down on our sides wrapped in each other arms, bodies against each, humping cocks almost before we hit the bed. For the next 5 minutes or so we were tongue fighting, rapt in the great exciting pleasure of fondling each others cocks and balls and butts. Rubbing the pre-cum into each others cock heads and fucking fists, when Ed suddenly  turned around on top of me into a 69 nine.

        You might say we hit the ground running, as both of us immediately sucked down on each other, tasting each others cocks for the first time. Exploring cock, by mouth and tongue, stroking, fondling and licking balls. Ed started giving my balls some special attention, and I went for his balls. Like him sucking on and licking the pouch followed by giving each ball a good sucking and licking each others cock root. Always returning and giving each others cock a good suck.

      It was time to give his obviously very sensitive cock head some special attention. Skinning him back, I put my tongue against the base of his cock head, pulled the foreskin back over my tongue and gave his cock head a fast tongue ticking lick, round and  round it again and again. Ed moaned, wiggled around, humped and tried to pull his cock out of my mouth, but with both hands on his ass I held on, never stopping. Finally he managed to push me off his cock saying, "Damn, Sarge I can't take that any more, your gonna make me cum"!**

           It was time to attack his his hot butt. I began by licking, kissing even nibbling on each butt cheek, and then working toward his crack . Ed quickly followed suit, but when I began licking up and down his crack, giving his wrinkled lips lots of attention, he said "I do 't know if I can do that". "Don't worry about it, just give everything else lots of tongue", I replied and went back to one of my favorite things, eating ass, and giving those little wrinkled lips some very special attention licking back and forth , spitting on them and licking.  

          Now for something I really enjoy and I know if he isn't turned on and ready, when I finish this he will be, everyone always is.  I spread him open until I can see that little round Butt Hole. Every time I do this to a Fuck Buddy, I always wonder how its going to stretch enough to handle my fat cock. After giving it several good licks, I push my face against his butt cheeks and start tongue fucking his ass. In and out, in and out, backing off every once in a while to give every thing a good licking, maybe even kissing his wrinkled ass lips.                 By this time I had almost given up any hope of him pleasuring my ass crack and butt hole like that, when I felt a very tentative lick up and down a couple of time, just the tip of his tongue with hardly any pressure. He slowly began to get into it and began really pressing down on my ass lips. This just made me even more avidly go after him with my tongue, even pushing it as deep as I could and wiggling it all around the inner edge of his hole, we spent a good ten minutes or more tongue fucking and eating ass. ****

                Rolling away, I sat up, reached over to the night stand and grabbed the tube of lube, and obviously  knowing what was next, Ed laid over on his back, reached for a couple of pillows and placed them under his ass.*** Then he pulled his knees apart and up toward his shoulders. I positioned myself, with a knee on each side of his butt, spread a big dollop of lube on my cock rubbing well in. Followed by  rubbing a good amount on his ass-lips. Then finished up with a good finger fucking, one finger at a time until I had 3 fingers up past the first knuckle. 

           Now it was time and I was very eager for this next stage. Grabbing my Cock, I leaned forward and rubbed my cock head up and down between his butt cheeks feeling my tip of my cock mushroom out kissing his crack. Up and Down, Up and Down, until I couldn't stand it any longer, pushing until my cock head penetrated just inside. Ed just grunted and then I felt his muscled ass ring squeeze down, for all practical purposes trapping me inside. I remained still, until he relaxed and I pulled out, then pushed back in really enjoying the pleasure this was giving my cock head.****  

      five or Six more times we did this and I grabbing Ed's cock jacking him and began to fuck slowly into his warm tight ass. Two inches in and one back, two in and one back, stroking him with each fuck. Ed started right away fucking my fist, squeezing and milking my fucking cock, tripling my pleasure many fold.

      I finally gave in completely to my need, letting go of his cock, and ramming my cock, deep and hard, bottoming out. For some time deep in his ass, just humping about an inch in an out, his hard pulsating cock pressing up against me, sliding back and forth against my gut, his ass milking my cock. The whole time we are moaning and groaning and tongue fighting.         While this was only the beginning, it was still one of the best parts of any good fuck. I slowly began to fuck in and out, in and out, and for some time. Pulling out some times and ramming home, or stroking our cocks together, pinching each others nipples, leaning down and kissing him.  

     Then that great tickling sensation began at the vary base of our cocks, causing us to both speed up. Really building up speed faster, harder, deeper, until I was really ram fucking him, and Ed is jacking his cock just as vigorously.  We needed desperately to cum.  

     Then four or five seconds later it happened and I felt that first fantastic wad as it exploded from my cock head into his pumping ass, and almost at the same second saw his first wad splatter against his chest and chin, and we totally lost it  in  great sexual mad pleasure, wad, after wad, after wad. All too soon our balls were drained but the fucking never stopped, it just slowly, slowly began to stop down and finally ended, much to our regret.

       I had collapsed on top of Ed, my cock still deep in his twitching ass, milking out the very last bit of cum, his leaking between us. We kissed, and cuddled for some time that included a small slow humping fuck.             I pulled out and we finished in a 69, me eating his ass , slicking his cock, as Ed nursed on my cock and gave my ass a good licking.

That finishes Chapter One, in Chapter Two Ed gets his, hope you enjoyed this--I must add that I had to Jack Off in memory a couple of times while writing this.

Take Care and Keep Your Peckers Up,

MSGTDICK         *( I need to explain that I only have "Clean Sex", and every thing has to be "Kissing Sweet, no cheesy heads or dirty holes". I had explained this to Ed and when we got to the bathroom I introduced him to my "Old Fashion Water Bottle" with 8" plastic tube attached to a 3' hose, and taught him how to use it).

**(Skinning him back, put my tongue against the base of his cock head, pulled it back over my tongue giving his cock head a  fast tongue ticking suck, round and and round. My cousin had taught me this and used to drive me up the wall it tickled so much. (Note: Its also a great thing to do to a guy right after he finishes cumming--don't let him push you away, it also really puts the Icing' on a great orgasm).

***(In addition to finger fucking this in and out with just the cock head will help loosen a guy up, especially his first time or two).

****( Some time I want to see if I can get a guy off, eating his ass and tongue fucking him).



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