In Chapter 1, I ,MSGT Dick*, tell the story of a weekend I spent with one of my basic trainees, Airman Ed Richardson*. During training we discovered that we both liked guys and found several occasions when we could get to know each other better. In the early mornings before I rousted  out the rest of the troops, in my room, just passing in the hallway,

ETC. We took ever chance we got to hug, kiss, fondle each other, even finger a bit. Ed spent that Week End Pass with me at my apartment, and Chapters 1 describes our first hot fuck, I topped. This story is about Ed topping me, enjoy. 

      Once we had recovered from out fist fuck, we cleaned up and had a late lunch. I micro-waved some hot dogs, we had some potato chips and a potato salad I'd picked up and the local deli and a couple of beers. Yes we were still nude, hanging loose most of the time, except after a little "Grab Ass" from time to time while I was getting things ready.

      In the living room after lunch, we reviewed my latest collection of gay Videos. The one we settled on was about Four Beautiful Muscled studs, great Butts, and Big Dicks, all uncut (what else). We sat together on the couch, each with another beer, and a tube of a new 'hot' lube** handy,  to watch the movie. These guys did it all and took turns giving each other a "Sandwich"***, we only saw the first one get his--but finished it later.


      Setting next to each other on the couch, I had my left arm on Ed's shoulder, fondling and playing with his left peck and nipple, while Ed's right hand started out rubbing my thigh, which didn't last too long before he turned his attention to my raising cock. A second or so later, I turned, leaned down and started giving him a big french kiss. while sliding my right hand slowly up his thigh and and grabbed hold his junk.

      This all of course led to more kissing and tongue fighting which graduated to slow stroking each other by now fully hard and pre-cum dripping cocks. I was the first to push his legs apart, and started rubbing his cock root. Right away Ed slid down, spread his legs giving me access to his cock root, butt crack and ass-lipsl, I spread my legs, slid down as well, and Ed got the message, raising my excitement as he began returning the favor and rubbing my cock root, crack and finally finally my ass-lips.  After only about five minutes of this, I stood up, pulled him up to his feet and beat a retreat to the bed. 

      I laid over on the bed and Ed crawled on top in a 69, and we began tasting each others by cum leading cocks. I grabbed his cock pushing his foreskin down,  then pulling it back up over my tongue that I had pressed against the edge of his cock head giving his that very sensitive part of his cock a good tongue tickling, running it round and round. Knowing how this had turned him on before and all most right away he had tried to push me off his cock I got a good grip on his waist, and was prepared to keep it up until I had gotten him off and balls drained.

      While he was giving my cock a good sucking when I had started, he fought back until he managed to brake free and roll off, me. Setting up he said. "DAMN IT SARGE!!"," I don't want no fuck'n blow job!! Its my turn to fuck that fine ass of yours and you know it"!!  Laughing I said, "I know just wanted to see what you would do". 

      Ed, reached over saying "is this the hot lube you were telling me about"? "Yes," I answered, "Remember what I want you to do"? Laughing he said, "Just get up on all fours, before I loose all control and just rape your hot ass"! 

    I assumed the position and Ed moved up behind me, told me to spread my cheeks and he squirted a worm of lube along down my crack.  At first I didn't feel much and then he started rubbing it up and down and my ass-lips really came alive not only to the rubbing, which I always enjoy, but to the heat I was feeling. (about like the feel of 'Ben Gay" on an aching joint). 

     Next he began finger fucking it in to me and reaching down rubbing it all over my balls, and jacking my cock with it. The next thing I knew. he had puled back my foreskin and was rubbing it roughly into my sensitive cock head. Man in just three or four strokes, I backed up abruptly, catching him off guard, and freeing my cock. If I hadn't done so, I know damn well I'd have shot my lode, right then. 

      "Like that did you"? Laughing at my surprise, and his too, he told me later when I used it on him.

      Setting back on his haunches, he squirted a large amount of that hot lube into both hands. Then grabbing his balls in one hand and his cock in the other he began rubbing it into his balls and and into his cock. "DAMN SARGE, this has got to be one of the most erotic things ever, no wonder you almost shot your wad"!!

         Moving up to me, he rubbed his cock up and down my crack, down against my balls and up and down again. Then I felt the pressure of his cock head against my ass-lips for just a second and when it popped just inside my hole, barely tweaking me. I was ready and immediately squeezed down hard a couple of times, capturing him with my ass ring muscle. 

     He then proceed to do like I did him, shoving in,  pausing for a second or so, and pulling out, several times. That helmet cock head giving my hole a good workout, as I  humped a bit, milking it, and he said, "Sarg this has got to be the best way to start a fuck". I just grunted and kept on squeezing.  Right about then he lay down on my back, grabbed my cock so I could fuck his fist and began, fucking his cock in two inches or so and backing out one. In two more and back out one The whole time I'm milking his cock up and down every inch or so as I fucked his fist. This is a great long slow part of a fuck.

     Then he reached bottom, I felt his bush rubbing against my butt cheeks when he began to speed up. "STOP!", "STOP!", I yelled, "Damn it, I want to feel your fucking cock deep in my ass, for a while just humping in and out an inch or so like I did you, that really turns me on"! Ed replied, " Sarge,  I'm real sorry, I forgot, just how good that was for me, and the way your milking my cock, made me just wanted to suddenly long stroke". 

     We both enjoyed this for a while, not as long as I would have liked, when he did slowly begin to long stroke. I didn't say any thing, I guess because I was ready too.  Both of us began to feel the slow beginning of that fantastic tickling at the base of our cocks. Each stroke after that was just a little bit faster than the last..  

      It wasn't very long before he was really banging my ass again and I loved it fucking his fist just as fast. Like every good fuck, we reached that stage where you bloody well knew with the very next thrust of your cock, you were going to start busting your nut. Frustrating as usual it just would not happen. 

     Things really became frantic then, but it still took about four more strokes before it began. That super fantastic, indescribable tickling gushing along the full length of our cocks to suddenly burst out of our cock heads. Ed's deep in my well fucked ass, and mine all over the sheets underneath me. Not that we even thought about stopping but just kept on enjoying the final pleasure of a great fuck.

         Some time later, Ed slowed down and soon stop, his still very hard cock deep in my ass. We lay telling each other how great it was, Ed saying things like he might just leave it there all night and me answering its OK with me, ETC, ETC. While this is going on Ed's still just slightly humping deep inside me and I'm squeezing back with each hump.

 In Chapter 3 we did a bit of experimenting and at about noon I called one of my regular Fuck Buddies, Howard and we had a great 3-way.  I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I and yes had to get it off a couple of times.

Take Care, and Keep Your Peckers Up!!


*(  I am MSGT Richards  and am a Tactical Instructor at Lackland AFB, at San Antonio, Texas.  I am 6", 190 Lbs,  48" 38" chest,  brown eyes, brown curly hair, 18" biceps, 31" waist. I don't have any hair on my chest, but have a  small "Happy Trail" beginning at my belly button that runs  down to my bush. Very  lightly furred butt cheeks , and a fine line of hair on each side of my crack. I keep my self in good shape and am especially proud of my fine  8" cock w/foreskin, large veins  and a mushroom shaped cock head).

    *(Out of almost every class I have  a favorite, or two and in this one is was Airman Ed Richards. Here is  his description.  5' 11" tall,  165, lbs. He has reddish/blonde curly hair, dark blue eyes, very well defined, with 16" biceps, a 36" chest and  29" waist, and obviously he works out  ED also has a reddish/blond curly happy trail , bush, curly hair on his balls, but none on his  fine round muscled butt cheeks, and finally just line of hair each side of his crack. His cock is a good 7.5" w/foreskin, a helmet shaped cock head that always peeks out but pops out when he its fully hard, smooth and fat).

     **(Hot Lube is something new that I had picked up a few days before at the Book Store and its good for a number of things besides lubing up your cock and his ass--I describe this in this chapter).

*** (Sandwich. The 1st guy is on all fours, a second guy mounts him and jacks him off, a 3rd guy mounts the 2nd, and the 4th guy feeds the 2nd his cock. That 2nd guy has it best, jacking a guys cock and fucking his hot ass, with a guy fucking him, and nursing on the last guys big cock).



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