Brody walked his vegetable gardens checking to see what would be ready to pick and haul to the farmer's market up in Montgomery the next weekend. Everything was still young and it'd be at least the middle of next week before harvesting could begin, but once it did he knew he'd be busy for weeks to come. As he made his way around the field with all the garden plots and headed out he closed the old wood gate and secured the padlock in the chain. He climbed up in his old truck, a twenty year old Chevy that his dad had bought new, one that was still reliable and with its four wheel drive and all-terrain tires, one that could get him to the back of his fields no matter the conditions.

He drove along the narrow two lane highway cutting over the undulating rural countryside, heading back to his house. It was getting near sunset and Brody was thinking he take advantage of his last free weekend he would have for some time to come and head up to Addison, the county seat and grab supper, maybe even go over to Jack's, the old watering hole that was on the edge of town down by Pine Bluff Creek. He had been driving up to Montgomery to go out, going to a little country bar that catered to just men, men who were looking for men, and he always had a good time whether he hooked up or not. The guys in town always like the fantasy of some country boy and Brody knew he fit the bill. He was twenty six and had come back home after getting his dual degrees in Agronomy and Horticulture where he set up his farm operations, growing vegetables, raising chickens for eggs and meat, and even keeping a few bee hives. He loved working on the land and liked the feel of this more than the current traditional farming, but he had also found himself growing lonely. The men he met in Montgomery, or Mobile or whichever city he decided to drive to for a weekend allowed him the fun of meeting men, of hanging out with other guys who were gay, but the distance always made those connections tentative, most becoming just friends he could meet up with for dinner, movies or just hanging out. What made it worse was how so many of his neighbors in the community, friends and family, constantly tried to hook him up, tried to get him marrying material, not realizing how their gestures were futile. When he got to his house he pulled around to the back and parked the old truck by the carport since he kept the old Grand Wagoneer under it, a vehicle he had always wanted and was the first splurge he had made when his finances allowed it, finding it on-line having to drive all the way to Macon, Georgia to get it, but it was in good shape and had only needed some maintenance.

He ambled into the screen porch and kicked off his boots, went inside and made his way to the bedroom. The hot shower felt good, washing the grim off and easing the tension and tightness in his muscles. He showered leisurely and when he got out he had to wipe the mirror off to see himself. He stood for a moment, looking at the face staring back at him. His mother's side of the family had Native American blood in it and he could see this in his high cheek bones, the smooth naturally dark skin and his dark hair. He looked at the scruffy beard that tried to come in and decided to shave it off for it made him look younger than his twenty six the way it wouldn't come in except just a little around his mouth and chin. After his shave he was quickly dressed in clean jeans, black shirt and his black boots. He grabbed his wallet, keys, mobile and was out the door and soon driving down the road in the Grand Wagoneer.

Brody arrived in Addison around eight thirty, late for most people in town to eat, but he knew the small diner in downtown would still be busy with it being Friday night. The restaurant was busy but the bar seating had several empty stools and Brody made his way to them, greeting those whom he knew along the way. As he approached he saw the back of a guy who was well built, his t-shirt stretched tight over his back. Brody looked at how the guy's shoulders and back tapered down to a narrow waist, he noticed how the guy's hair was cut close, military close and as he got close he saw the tattoo on the right arm as the guy raised a fork full of food to him mouth. An arm with good definition, the muscles clearly defined under the smooth looking skin. As Brody went to the other end of the bar a waitress met him with a menu asking him for his drink order.

"Just sweet tea" he replied as he sat down and opened the menu to see the day's specials.

"Well goddamn, if it ain't Brody Mitchell" a voice from the other end of the bar said, a voice he recognized immediately.

"Mike! I thought you were still in the Navy?" Brody replied as he turned to Mike, who was the guy at the end of the bar, the one he had been eyeing, someone he hadn't recognized from the way he had filled out, muscled up and now sporting a military cut, such a difference from the lean, long haired guy who was four years his junior. But that was before the tours in the Navy.

"Just got out, and not a moment too soon, I might add. So what are you up to nowadays? I figured you'd finish college and move off to some place far away" Mike said as he turned on the stool to face Brody.

"Nah, I came back and started a small farm."

"No shit" Mike replied, then after a moment's hesitation he asked; "So you settled down yet?"

"Oh hell no" and Brody laughed making Mike do the same.

"Shit man, we should catch up sometime. It looks like I have a job over at the plant in Jameson so I'll be around to stir up trouble" Mike said, smiling.

Brody smiled nodding his head, "Sure, sounds great, give me a call when you get settled in."

Mike came down and got Brody's cell number and then excused himself for he was heading over to his sister's house to see her new kid, telling Brody he'd call. Brody watched Mike walk out of the restaurant, watched the way his broad back moved beneath the tight t-shirt and the way his jeans hugged his ass and moved as he walked. "Goddamn Mike is a hot son of a bitch now" he thought as he turned back to the menu.

By the time he finished his meal, chatting with the waitress and a few others during the night, it was nearly ten o'clock and the restaurant was nearly empty of customers. Brody paid his bill at the register by the door and made his way out to the sidewalk. As he walked toward his Jeep he couldn't help think how the town became very quiet late at night, there being nothing to do late; no movie theater, no bar or clubs, nothing to keep people downtown. He pulled out of the parking space and headed out of town, heading toward Jack's knowing it would be in full swing by the time he got there.

The gravel lot around the bar was crowded and Brody could hear the juke box playing some country song as he made his way to the door. He passed Tim and Jessica, whom were classmates in high school, coming out, both already slightly drunk. Inside the dark interior Brody made his way to the bar, cutting around the first pool table where some guys he recognized but didn't really know were playing. He got a beer and went over to the back wall, a place he could grab a stool and watch what was happening on this Friday night. For over an hour different old friends came over to catch up with Brody, a couple of the women flirted with him, one so forcibly he had to practically tell her to shove off, and he watched the games of pool, the shifting of the crowd from the bar and out to the courtyard area behind the bar that faced the creek. Brody finished his second beer, and wanting one more, headed to the bar. As he leaned on the bar waiting for Jack to slide the beer to him someone came in beside him and he immediately recognized the t-shirt and jeans. Brody looked over at Mike who was smiling at him.

"Funny running into you again, but I guess this is the only decent watering hole in the whole county" Mike said.

"Decent? I'm not sure about that, but I guess it is the place to go" Brody replied as he looked around to make his point. The laughed at their derogatory attitude and Brody called Jack back over and nodded to Mike to order, telling him it was on him.

When Mike got his beer he stood up straight and bumped Brody on the shoulder, "Come on, let's go outside. Can't be any hotter out there than it is in here."

"Lead the way" Brody replied standing up and motioning for Mike to lead. He followed Mike, realizing for the first time how close in height he was to Mike, but Mike was a lot bigger, his shoulder's broad, his arms thick with muscle. Brody walked over to a picnic table to the side, just out of the lights hanging overhead and climbed up on the table to sit down. Brody hopped up next to him and the two of them sat quiet for a moment, watching the small group that was outside laughing and joking around, occasionally yelling out, and Brody looked over at Mike and saw him smile at the antics. Then they talked; talked about Mike's two tours of duty, serving in the Navy on board a ship that stayed in the south Pacific, the places he had visited, and how he loved it but after this last tour he just had to get out, feeling like his life was in some manner on hold until he did. Brody told him about college and getting the dual degrees and how he had set up his small farm, the various vegetables, the chickens, and even his own bees, and how he wanted to expand, to take on other things but he'd have to wait on that. Then the conservation turned to women.

"So none of these fine women have gotten you down the aisle" Mike stated.

"Nah, just haven't found the right person" Brody replied, his voice trailing off.

"My sister tells me you typically go to one of the cities to have your weekend fun."

"What?! I mean, yeah, I go out of town on weekends a lot, but..." Brody replied, hesitating at how Mike's sister would know what he does with his free time.

"Oh hell, Brody, you know these small communities have nothing better to do than gossip, besides my sister goes to the same church as your Aunt and Uncle.'

"Oh, Aunt Ellen; I guess she told your sister I was going to the city to worship the devil and sin."

Mike laughed and slapped Brody on the shoulder, "No but if ya are, can I go next time?" and Brody busted out laughing. They eventually went back inside and after another beer realized it was after one o'clock and the bar was thinning out. Even a pool table became open and Mike got Brody to play. They played casually, talking more than they shot, ignoring all the happenings around them. Mike was winning yet again knocking the eight ball into a corner pocket when they heard Jack yell out to hurry up and finish it was time to close. Brody and Mike carried the tray of balls and their empty bottles to the bar as the last of the other customers went out the door. Jack took the balls and placed them below the bar and then stopped Mike and Brody.

"Hey guys, before you go, can I get you to help me with something?"

"Sure" Mike replied as he grabbed Brody by the arm pulling him back.

"I've got a new drink cooler in the back and want to bring it out; can you help me with it? I'll give each of ya a twenty dollar tab if you help me."

Mike and Brody helped Jack drag the old cooler from behind the bar and then bring in the newer one from the back stockroom. They helped Jack get it hooked up and loaded up.

"Hey Jack can we get a six pack to go? Brody you're not ready to call it a night are ya?"

Brody looked at Mike and smiled, shaking his head, "No, I can go a while longer."

Jack handed them a six pack and told them they could hang out in the courtyard if they wanted, but he was locking up the bar and heading home.

"Thanks Jack" Mike said as he picked the beer and told Brody to follow. They heard Jack lock the door behind them when they went out into the courtyard and soon after heard Jack's truck start up and leave. The only light was one security light, but the moon was nearly full and its light filtered through the trees breaking up the darkness. Mike handed Brody another beer and sat back, looking up at the moon.

"You know, the moon was incredible out on the open water. It just looked huge" Mike said his voice trailing off. They sat quiet for a moment then Mike leaned forward and looked down at the ground.

"When I left here I have to tell you, I didn't know shit. I didn't even know what I wanted. But once I got in the Navy, out on the ship...well...things began to become clear. I was so lonely at first" and he weakly laughed, "a ship with hundreds of people all crammed in a small space, having to share quarters and I was lonely, but after a while I found I wasn't the only one."

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean" Brody stated when Mike fell silent.

"Do you?" Mike stated his voice so low Brody could barely hear him. Brody sensed Mike shifting next to him, he seemed to get closer. "We'd been at sea over a month and early one morning, I mean before the sun was up, I had this shit patrol, and doing my rounds, down in some part of the ship most of the crew didn't know existed, and I ran into a couple of guys. I just watched them...doing things. So for the next couple of weeks, ever couple of days or so, I'd find them down there, hidden away, doing things with each other...things I wanted to do" and Mike reached out and touched Brody on the arm, lightly at first, his fingers tentatively moving over Brody's skin. "It was incredible. I mean...for the rest of our tour those guys became my closest friends, guys I could relax and be myself, guys who knew how to make each other feel good...ya know?"

Brody looked around at Mike's hand, looked at the way his fingers were rubbing his skin, the contact electric and he looked up at Mike, into the shadow of his face and he nodded. Mike moved up, sat up next to Brody and leaned over, taking Brody by the chin he pressed his lips to Brody's, lightly at first, nervously bringing their lips together. Brody didn't hesitate as he leaned into Mike, wrapping an arm around his broad shoulders, pulling them together.

They became more passionate, more forceful with each other and soon Mike had Brody pushed on his back, his fingers working frantically to undo the buttons of Brody's shirt. Brody tugged Mike's t-shirt loose from his jeans, pulled it up till he could get his hands underneath able to feel the firm smooth flesh as he roamed them over Mike's sides, up his back, feeling the hard muscle, and down to the waist band of his jeans. Mike had Brody's shirt open and leaned down putting his lips to one then the other nipple, kissing them, tonguing them, even taking the second one between his teeth and nipping it causing Brody to arc up, his moan breaking the silence. Mike kept at Brody, undoing his belt, the button of his jeans, jerking the zipper down as he buried his face into the briefs now visible, his lips pressed down over the expanding cock shaft, snaked along its length as it grew. Mike eased down onto the bench on his knees and he grabbed Brody's jeans and boxers, tugged them down his legs freeing his cock. Brody liked the way Mike handled him, took charge, stripping his clothes till he could feel the warm night air blow over his exposed body. Mike tugged each boot off, each sock, then completed getting his jeans and briefs off while Brody stroked his cock, slowly, his hand moving up and down as he watched Mike get his clothes off. Mike tossed Brody's clothes on the table and knocked his hand away, taking his cock, holding it up, the head, wet and glistening in the dim light, flared up thick and round as Mike leaned over and licked it, slowly dragging his tongue over the spongy head and down the exposed shaft above his tight gripping fist. Mike let go of the shaft as he sank his mouth down over it. Brody gasped as his cock sank into Mike's mouth, and he pushed up with his hips. Mike ran a hand up Brody's stomach, over his chest, rubbing the skin, warming it, exciting Brody more. Brody leaned up and grabbed Mike's t-shirt and tugged it upward till Mike had to let go of his cock, allowing him to pull the shirt free. Mike quickly took Brody's cock back in his mouth as he worked to undo his own jeans and got his own cock in his hand, stroking the inflating shaft, feeling it harden as he sucked Brody.

Brody lay back, lost to the sensation of Mike's mouth on his cock, the feel of the night air on his naked body, thinking how moments earlier this was a busy bar and now it was their own private sanctuary, a place where they were naked, exposed to each other, feeling each other's body, and Mike down on his cock, the hot slick mouth making him ache his cock was so hard. Mike released him, stood up and moved to the end of the table.

"Shift around...I want to fuck you" Mike commanded and Brody shifted around holding his legs up, his ass scooted up to the table's edge, spread open for Mike, ready for him to penetrate him, to plunge his cock into his hole and fuck him. Mike pushed his jeans down to his ankles and moved in quickly, rubbing his cock up and down Brody's ass, the head of his cock leaving a wet slick trial along its path as Brody held his legs behind each knee. Mike centered on Brody's hole, pushed against it, teased it till Brody was pushing back, wanting Mike to do it, to put it to him, breach his hole.

"Come on man, do it, do it...fucking stick me" Brody demanded and Mike pressed against his hole, letting his whole body lean into it and his cock breached Brody, penetrated through the tight opening, sank into his depths. Brody threw his head back as he spread his legs as much as he could, his mouth open letting his moans escape. Mike pressed forward, kept pushing till his cock was all the way in Brody, till his hips were against Brody's ass, their hot bodies tight together, locked together with Mike's hard cock. Mike eased back a little and pressed back in, over and over and over, till he was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming his hips back forward, shoving his cock deep into Brody. Mike leaned over the table, folding Brody over, his ass raised up slightly higher, his hole in perfect alignment with Mike's fuck, his thrusting cock, pumping back and forth through Brody's hot velvet insides, stretching the tight ring of his hole till he could take it easily, each hard thrust, the strength of Mike's body slamming through this cock.

"Fuck....harder, fuck me harder" Brody whispered as Mike stood back up, held Brody's legs out as he began to swing his hips as hard and as fast as he could, their bodies slapping together.

"Stroke your cock, come on, stroke it" Mike demanded as he pummeled Brody's ass, "I want you to come with my cock in your ass...come on mother fucker, stroke it...yeah man like that" Mike voice trailing off as he watched Brody stroke his cock, this hand working the precum over the head and shaft, slicking it up. Mike pulled up tighter to Brody, held his thighs tight to his body, feeling the heat of Brody's legs against his skin as he felt his cock swell up, the shaft stone hard and he knew he was close.

"Come...come...let me see that cock shoot, mother fucker, shoot goddamn it" Mike ranted, his voice hoarse and broken by this exertions. Brody stroked his slick cock, felt it get rigid in his hand, felt the way Mike's cock was working through his hole, pushing deep inside him and he felt the need to cum rise up in him. His body tightened up and he arced his torso upward, pushed down with his hips, taking Mike's cock as he felt his own jerk in his hand. His load was thick, as wad after wad shot out over his neck and upper chest, then a line up his stomach and finally cum just dribbled out of the head for him to smear down the shaft as he kept stroking his cock.

Mike felt Brody's hole milk his cock as he watched the cum spatter Brody's neck, chest and stomach, as Brody's hand was noisily stroking his slimy cock and Mike rose up, shoved in hard and blasted his cum deep in Brody, short hard jerks of his hips kept his ejaculating cock pumping its load into Brody's hot insides, till Mike was spent, his body suddenly exhausted and he fell over on top of Brody, bringing his lips to Brody's lips, their bodies coming together, smearing Brody's load between them. They lay still for a few minutes, eyes closed, their breathing slowly returning to normal, the sound of the insects suddenly noticeable.

Mike got up and pulled his jeans back up as Brody turned on the table, picked up his own clothes and began to get dressed. They dressed completely before either one said anything, before either broke the silence.

"So Mike, you want to come over tonight for dinner. We can watch a movie or something" Brody said, then looked to see how Mike would act after they had fucked around, watched to see if he was one to freak out afterwards. Mike looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah I can come over but only on one condition" Mike replied.

"What's that?"

"You do me next time."



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