The routine of classes looked the same, the schedules familiar, but it wasn't the same, had not been since he returned to campus last fall after his volunteering. He thought the Christmas break would let him get his head sorted out but he returned to campus feeling just as muddled as before. It was an odd feeling, not bad, nor good, but a feeling most of what he did wasn't important. There was also what happened that night, after they found that elderly woman, unconscious in her heavily damaged home and they had done everything they could think to do, tried to get her to wake up, helped the emergency crews get her back to the road and in the ambulance, and it was all for naught. It had torn at him when Justin got the phone call telling them she had not made it, as he knew it had for the others. They only briefly discussed what happened that night, the way Nicholas had meant only to give support to Justin but sometime that night they had gone a lot further.

Paul thought of that night often, amazed at how he wasn't ashamed or afraid to think of what he had done with Justin and Nicholas and it had seemed so different, so intimate in a way he had never felt before, this sex that wasn't about sex, an intimacy that occurred between Justin, Nicholas and himself, three guys, who found themselves exhausted, their sense of helping challenged, severely challenged and in a time of need of something humane, a desire for some intrinsic measure of their being they had reached out to each other.

That is what Nicholas had said and what had made sense to Paul, gave him the words to explain to himself what he felt, but there was more to it, something else he didn't think Nicholas would understand, something he doubted even Justin could understand. But on campus that spring, with this sense of a resurrection of life, of flowers blooming, trees budding out and everyone coming out of hibernation, to burst out dressed for the warmth of the sun, Paul had began to understand something else about himself. He could look around and realize he no longer just looked at the women with a sense of sexuality, but now he looked at the guys the same way, looked at each one's own beauty, the shape of their bodies, tall, short, lean, muscular, heavy set, light skinned and dark skinned, he began to see everyone differently. But it was guys similar to Justin in build, guys who were average in height, or even taller, with lean bodies, bodies that looked like all arms and legs, spidery in the way they moved, arms slinging back and forth, with their long legs carrying them in a undulating gait that captured his attention. Guys he looked at in a sexual way, sexual in a way that was different from the way he looked at women. Women had been this conquest, the male sweeping the woman off her feet, taking her in some ritual of sex, but he now realized it was missing something, some bond that would connect him to them.

Paul began to find himself sitting on a low wall or on a bench during his breaks between classes, just watching guys pass by, especially the ones that intrigued him, caught his eye and his imagination. In his dorm there were several guys that fit the bill, tall and lanky, and he tried hard not to stare, to look away when they came out of the showers. But there was one that just would not let him avoid seeing him half dressed, or more likely, completely naked.

Jorge was a junior majoring in some ecological studies that Paul wasn't sure of the details but he did know Jorge's father was Spanish, but had lived most of his life in the states and having married an American was now a citizen. He had named his oldest son a Spanish name, one that belonged to his own father so Jorge, who's skin was lighter than his fathers, but still had an olive tone to it with black hair like his father, so different from his mother's light brown color. He even had his father's angular nose, his soft cheeks and strong jaw. Paul had seen Jorge's parents several times when they came to visit and was surprised at how Jorge had features of both of his parents, this blending of skin tone, his hair like his father's and his eyes green like his mother's and Paul had thought his attraction was just his admiration of Jorge's features, of his tall lean body, his smooth skin, the way his underarm hair and his crotch was so thick, such a contrast to his fair skin and Paul was fascinated by Jorge's uncut cock, the long foreskin hanging long over the head. But in the last few weeks he knew his attraction to Jorge was more than fascination.

Paul now wondered what it would be like to take Jorge's cock in his hand, feel the skin move over the head, have the sensitive head come out of its hood. Paul lay on his bunk so many nights letting his mind picture some new image of Jorge, coming out of the shower, wet, not bothering to dry off right away, or him lying on his bed naked, his door wide open, or walking up and down the hall from the bathroom, his cock flopping back and forth, and he brazenly stopping at one door or another asking questions about classes or making plans for the evening. He seemed to sense which guys were put off by his nudity and he shamelessly put himself in front of them.

Paul had for the last year and half not made a big deal of Jorge's exhibitionism and had been neither friend or foe, but after he came back from the Gulf Coast, after that night, he began to look at Jorge differently, to see him sexually and he tried to suppress these feelings knowing the chances Jorge would understand how he felt were slim and none. But Jorge had noticed and began to talk to him more often, stopped by his room and as he would stand naked against the door frame Paul tried so hard not to let his eyes roam down Jorge's body. Everything else he could deal with from his mixed emotions to his obvious bisexuality but there was something about Jorge that made him anxious and the more he felt this way the more Jorge was at his door, stopping him in the hall, or when Paul was passing his room calling out to him to come back he wanted to talk.

Over the weeks Jorge's exhibitionism became routine, constantly around Paul in the evenings, and Paul's dreams began to be sexual in ways they had not been before. It wasn't anonymous bodies, female or male, that moved through his dreams, dreams fueled by his fantasies before he turned out the light, fantasies he masturbated to, of Jorge's uncut cock, running his fingers through the thick hair over it or his tongue moving over Jorge's torso, over his small round nipples down his flat stomach and over his navel, and those images floated through his dreams and morning after morning he woke with a painfully erect cock. Luckily his roommate had a late morning class allowing him to wake first.

It was a Friday when he came into the dorm and saw men from maintenance coming and going and when he got to his floor he saw water was on the floor at the end of the hall completely opposite from the bathrooms and he thought it odd for water damage to be down there, so he asked the first guy he saw what was going on.

"A storm leader from the roof started leaking during the night and flooded the rooms at the end of the hall."

Paul put his key into his door and was unlocking it when he saw an administrator for student housing coming toward him.



"Your roommate is out of town this weekend and..."

"Yeah?" Paul interrupted wondering what the administrator wanted.

"Well, we need to find a place for one of the guys for the weekend and your roommate said he could use his bed for he wouldn't be back till Monday morning, so we're going to let Jorge crash in your room this weekend while we repair the damage in his room."

Paul felt a moment of panic, a weird sensation he was being cornered but he looked up at the administrator and put on a stoic face.

"Okay. They'll have the repair done over the weekend?"

"The main repairs will be done by Sunday but it'll take a few days to do the finishes and we'll look to find another room to temporarily house Jorge while that work is being done."

Paul went into his room and to keep his mind occupied began to straighten up, to move some of his stuff out of the way, noticing his roommate had changed the sheets on his bed and had moved some of his things already. Paul wondered how he was going to sleep knowing Jorge was on the bunk just below him and he busied himself as much as he could. He started his laptop, plugged in his speakers and started up some music.

A knock on the door and then the squeak of it opening slowly, and Jorge's head moving around it looking in on Paul, smiling mischievously.

"Hey roommate...for the weekend."

"Hey Jorge, come on in. Tommy has already changed the sheets on his bed and I'm moving some stuff out of the way so you have some room, and I hope you don't mind the music, but if you have something you want to hear, just say the word..."

Jorge interrupted Paul, a broad smile on his face.

"Paul...Paul...Paul, everything is fine, relax for fuck's sake, sit down."

Paul sat and watched as Jorge set his belongings down telling him how he woke to the sound of water coming in and how the administration was keeping his main belongings in storage. Paul watched Jorge move around the room, his tall lanky frame moving gracefully, his long arms with their smooth skin, his long legs with the definition of a runner, the muscle lean, tight to the bone and he watched how Jorge would run his hand through his black hair pushing it out of his face revealing his green eyes.

"I do appreciate you letting me crash in your room" Jorge said to Paul breaking him out of his thoughts and when he really noticed Jorge looking at him, smiling, he knew he had been staring again.

"It''s okay, really."

"You have any plans for tonight?"

"Nah; thought I'd catch up with some of the guys down at End Zone's" Paul replied referring to the sports bar just across from campus. "What about you? Any plans?"

"I was going to ride over to some friends across town but having to deal with this shit I'm just not in the mood, so I'll probably just hang around here tonight."

"Why don't you come with me, grab a beer or something and relax?"

Jorge looked at Paul, realizing they barely knew each other, Paul having been so standoffish, at times acting like he was afraid of him, but now he saw something else, something intriguing and he nodded okay.

"Yeah, why not? I can at least have one to settle my nerves."

It was late when Paul and Jorge got back to Paul's room and both were still a little drunk but their walk back from the bar had helped sober them up. The bar had been crowded and they had spent most of the evening at the patio area wedge between the buildings, a space that got no breeze and therefore held the heat of the urban landscape. Paul and Jorge were both sweaty when they got back and both were heading to the showers before going to bed.

Paul pulled his toiletry case out and was getting clean boxers when he noticed Jorge stripping in the room, first his t-shirt, then he undid the button to his shorts and casually, without regard to Paul's staring eyes, let them drop to his ankles where he stepped clumsily out of them.

"Fuck, I still feel that last one" Jorge said as he pushed the tight briefs he wore down his legs till they too dropped to his ankles. His uncut cock dangled back and forth as he worked his feet out of his briefs kicking them off to the side of the room. Paul tried to look away, tried not to stare at Jorge's cock, the long foreskin hanging over the head, its plum shape obvious through the skin. Jorge opened up a gym bag and pulled out his toiletry case and a towel.

"See you in the showers" he said as he walked out of the door and headed down the corridor.

Paul stood still a moment looking at the door Jorge had just exited, worried about how he was feeling, this sense of being trapped, his desires getting the better of him, and he could feel his cock grow thick, even though he still felt inebriated from the beers he had at the bar. He grabbed up his towel and reluctantly headed to the showers.

Jorge was under the spray of a shower directly in the middle of one wall and Paul knew no matter where he stood he would be able to see Jorge and as he let the water run over him he watched Jorge soap up, run his hands over his body pushing the suds over his skin. The suds ran down in a thick white lather over his stomach, around his cock and down his legs and Paul watched how his cock held some of the suds over it where they dripped off the end. When Jorge leaned under the spray to get the soap out of his hair and off his face Paul turned his back to him knowing he'd be able to open his eyes soon.

"I'm surprised you don't play some sport, baseball maybe" Jorge stated, breaking the silence between them.

"What? Why do you say that?"

"You have such a nice build."

Paul blushed as he kept his eyes on the wall in front of him.

"Thanks" he replied in a meek voice.

Jorge finished and toweled off as Paul lathered up his body and Paul hadn't noticed how Jorge looked at him, his broad muscular shoulders, his pecs so well defined and his narrow flat stomach, or how he noticed the mat of hair across his chest and down his stomach down to his cock which was thick with a big plum shaped head. Jorge went to the lavatory and brushed his teeth listening to the shower in the other room.

When Paul emerged he saw the area of the lavatories was empty and knew Jorge was already gone. He stood at the mirror, his towel wrapped around his waist and stared at the image before him, this young guy, his reddish brown hair standing up in all manner of ways, his nice build, one he worked out to maintain and he noticed how his cock, half hard pushed against his towel. He wondered what it would be like to just pull it off and saunter back to the room completely naked, to let others see his body all the time or to let Jorge see him be as brazen and open as he was with his own body.

Paul came back into his room and found Jorge standing at the window looking upward toward the full moon shining just over the buildings. Jorge was still naked and as Paul set his things down on his desk he looked at Jorge's body, his long legs, his high round ass and he let his eyes roam upward, over his long lean back, his shoulder blades prominent in his lean build and he looked at how Jorge's hair stood out, all messed up and yet it still looked good, then he saw Jorge's reflection in the window with his eyes looking at him and a smile on his face.

"You like what you see" Jorge said in a low quiet voice.

Paul froze, realizing how Jorge had saw him staring at his body, as he contemplated what to say, whether to deny what he was thinking, to deny how he felt, to just brush aside his feelings and pretend it was nothing.

"Yeah...I do" he admitted.

Jorge turned around and smiled at him, moving slowly toward him, his cock beginning to stretch out, to thicken up.

"I do too" Jorge whispered when he was in front of Paul, so close Paul could see the emerald green of his eyes, see how smooth his skin was and how his beard was trying to come in along his jaw. Paul reached out and put his hand on Jorge's chest, felt the warmth of him and Jorge took his hand and moved it around in slow circles over his chest, down over his stomach and then he pushed down further.

"Will you touch me?" Jorge whispered.

Paul just nodded as he let Jorge move his hand down to the uncut cock that was beginning to grow erect. Paul took it in his hand and slowly stroked up and down its length, feeling the loose skin move over the shaft. Jorge reached out and ran his hand down Paul's chest, over his stomach and down till he was groping him, feeling his cock grow thick. Jorge pushed Paul's boxers down as far as he could and they eventually fell loosely to Paul's ankles. Jorge took his cock, stroked it slowly feeling the shaft swell up thick and hard.

Paul watched Jorge's hand on his cock, watched his own hand stroke Jorge, seeing how the foreskin moved over the head, then he looked up into Jorge's face and leaned to him. Jorge met him half way, lips touching softly. Paul's defensiveness fell away, and he let his desires guide him as he led Jorge to the lower bunk following him down on it, Jorge on his back and Paul on top of him. Paul's body covered Jorge, smothered him down into the bed and Jorge moaned at the feel of Paul on him.

For a long time they were all arms and legs, intertwined together on the bed, sucking each other's cock, tongues moving across skin, over nipples, nipping them, until Jorge was on his stomach with Paul on top. Paul pushed his legs apart and slipped down between them as he moved up over Jorge, and he rubbed his cock over Jorge's ass, probed in between the cheeks, touching him, pressing against him until he rose up and bore down with his weight driving his cock through the tight ring of Jorge's hole.

"OOHH, Fuck!" Jorge cried out as Paul penetrated him. Paul held still, let the tight ring of Jorge's hole loosen its grip on his cock then he pushed in slowly, inch by inch, his cock fatter in the middle, stretching Jorge open further with every inch. Jorge took the penetration, pushing his ass up, opening himself to Paul, taking every inch of him. Paul sank his cock all the way in till he was resting against Jorge's ass and he leaned down and bear hugged Jorge, wrapped his lean body up in his thick muscled arms. Jorge held his head up, leaned against Paul as he whispered, over and over, for Paul to fuck him, to fuck him hard.

Paul ground his cock into Jorge, pushed it as deeply as he could into Jorge, feeling the tight ring of Jorge's opening milk his cock as inch by inch moved through him. Paul held the slim body thinking of it neither as masculine or feminine, but something else, something sexually driven, enticing to his desires, and he felt how it moved beneath him, quivered as his cock plunged deep into it, moaned and undulated with his own movement, mirrored his own heat, the slick wet feel skin on skin, and he kissed Jorge on the back of the neck, his hair dripping with sweat as it brushed against his face.

"Feel you" Paul whispered into Jorge's left ear just before he rimmed it with his tongue, pulled the lobe with his lips and held tightly to his body while he continued to work his hips, up, then down, driving his cock into Jorge. It seemed an eternity, then only a moment, a brief interlude, this coupling, as Paul fucked Jorge, his original slow pace giving way to his urgent need, his hips working faster and faster, with Jorge urging him on, begging him, whorishly pleading for him to fuck.

Paul came.

He pumped his spurting cock into Jorge, thrust it through each wad of cum he pumped into him, feeling the slickness of his cum and he kept pumping his cock, it still hard, his desires unfulfilled and as he built up his pace once again. He felt Jorge struggle beneath him, felt Jorge push his ass up sinking Paul's cock all the way into his hole. Paul felt Jorge's hole milk his cock, each spasm tight on his shaft, as he pushed it deep into his hole as Jorge cried out. Jorge came with Paul's fuck, his body shook with his own release, pumping his cum onto the bed beneath him as Paul continued to fuck, to pump his cock into him until he felt his cock swell again, felt the head become so sensitive he could barely stand the push in, and he pumped out his second load into Jorge's hole.

The weekend was too short, passed by so quickly neither was aware it was Monday already until they could hear the other guys leave for class early that morning. On Tuesday after his last class Paul sat in his room, watching out the window for Jorge to ride back on his bicycle, his last class later in the day. He pulled up a social media site on his computer and saw a message from Nicholas and Justin. They were planning a trip down to New Orleans in the summer and wanted Paul to come down. Nicholas was bringing his girlfriend, someone he had known for a while and finally got up the courage to ask her out, having held back with the thought they were too different, only to find they were more alike than either realized. Justin joked of partying and hooking up with some of Big Easy boys. Both said they missed seeing everyone. Paul hesitated to reply and as he sat wondering whether to wait on his reply he saw Jorge riding across the common area between the dorms on his way back. Paul smiled and leaned up to his laptop.

"When are you meeting? I can't make it till the third week of June and will have someone with me. I think you will like him."



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