The vampire, Nicholas Perry, gazed into my practically dull eyes. My lips tingled from the kiss that was just planted. He was cold as ice. His pale skin felt as cold as it looked. His heartbeat was slow. That's probably why vampires are immortal. Their bodies are immune to disease, their blood is colder than the Antarctic, and they have as close to no pulse as possible. I'm not going to pretend to know what keeps their species alive, but I know I have no desire to become one or to be taken advantage of by one.

"Let me fuck you," he begged. "I saw you once before and something about your scent is different from normal witches."

"Possessive much?" I asked with my blood boiling in anger. "Do you really think I'm that easy to get into bed with?"

"Well," he started, "you let the demon do you; why not try something more... feral and raw."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did he really think I would do that? I had no problem with him pounding me. I'd let him do it right here in the middle of the day in the parking lot on campus if I knew that I'd get away with it, which I wouldn't. He was perfect. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect-if not terrifying- teeth, perfect clothes... you get the picture. Truthfully, I wanted him inside me. But, I wanted it on my terms.

"If you think vampires are the only ones who know how to have raw, animalistic sex, think again. The demon was just as good if not better than you would be." I only exaggerated. Nix wasn't too harsh, but he knew how to be just the right amount of rough when I needed him to be. I started walking to the library.

"There isn't one creature on this planet that is like a vampire. Or one that can pleasure you the same way I can... and will," he smirked at my back.

I turned around to look him in the eye. "Don't get cocky. It won't get you far." That was a very bad pun. Tell me I didn't say cocky. That would only ensure that he'd stalk me for the rest of my life. Mother fucker...

I clocked in at 8 in the morning and left the building at 4. I put in my 8 hours and was ready for dinner and a chance to calm down from my hectic day. It's a good thing I wasn't close to being calm, because as I was fumbling with my keys and not looking at my car I walked straight into a solid wall of ice. I looked up and there was Dr. Perry, still as intimidatingly gorgeous as this morning.

"You, again," I said, pretending to be displeased with his appearance.

"Yep, me again," he wasn't fooled. He smiled at me and grabbed my waist, and pulled me towards him. I leaned back and avoided the kiss.

"I'll ask one more time, then we are going to have issues; what do you want?"

"I've already told you, I want to fuck you." My gaze hardened and I glared with all my strength. Unfortunately, he was amused by my pointless threat.

"Look, I'm working out stuff with Nix and I like him; a lot. So, why don't you just go away?"

"I want you, and you want me. I don't see what the big deal is."

"It is a very big deal. I have to try and hide my witch life, work life, and love life from each other. For reasons unknown, they keep finding each other and I don't like my co-workers knowing every little detail about me and my relationships."

"Who's going to know? I won't tell," he was coaxing me; trying to bend me to his will.

"Let's just say I have trust issues."

"What do I have to do to get you into bed?" He was desperate, I could tell. He wanted me, badly.

Can this guy not take a hint? I'm currently letting another guy fuck me crazy. Does letting him make me a bad person or just adventurous? If we did have sex, what are the chances that Nix would know? He was a Succubus and sex is their line of work. He might be able to sense the changes in my body like a vampire could.

But desire won out over reason. I sighed, "Fine. Once, that's it, and we never speak of this, again." I couldn't believe what I just said. It violated every moral belief I had. My parents divorced because of affairs one or both of them had (I don't know and have no desire to know, nor do I care anymore). Then, both of them remarried and the result was pretty much the same thing. I was doing the exact thing I said I would never do if I got into a serious relationship.

"We'll go to my place," Perry said. He steered me to his car, which was a Zenvo St 1 sports car, and opened my door and carefully slid me in. It was my first time sitting in a sports car of this caliber. I slid on my seatbelt and the vamp was driving me down the streets of Kokomo in this amazing car. No one had this kind of money in Kokomo, maybe not even in Indiana... legally. We drove for what seemed forever. We ended up passing a street I knew was in the Noblesville area. I looked at his clock and we had been driving for over 30 minutes.

"Where the hell are we going?" I asked.

"Don't worry; if I wanted to kill you I would have done it the second I closed my car door. Money isn't a concern of vampires."

"Clearly," I mumbled. After watching several shows on vampires and none of them representing a romantic vampire, I made the decision that they are creatures best left to their own devices. Vampires are not creatures that are simple and harmless; they can be mindless killing machines, and have little to no control over their actions after they've smelled blood. I'm all for a good time, but when things start to get reckless I head in the other direction.

"What makes you think that I'm such a horrible monster?" He asked.

"Really?" I retorted, "You want to know why I think being alone with a blood-sucking vampire is a bad idea?"

"Your sarcasm wasn't needed but yes, why?"

I paused out of amazement. "For starters, I have blood and you drink it. Secondly, I don't really like the fact that you think that just because you're absolutely gorgeous you can get anyone to do what you want. And, while I'm at it-."

"So, you think I'm gorgeous? Like cute gorgeous, or sexy gorgeous?" He was baiting me.

"Well, duh, you're a vampire. One of the characteristics of a vamp is their god-like appearance to make the victim feel lucky enough to have you and then you kill them and drain their blood without any remorse."

"We aren't all cold-hearted killers," he said softly, "Some of us don't like to kill unless we have to." His gaze went from alert to pensive. "I drink animal blood most of the time, but other times if I have to I prey on thieves and killers that can't be caught. It makes the guilt that much easier to bear." I could tell he has guilt from his past, but I didn't press it. "Witches on the other hand, are wretched, vile, manipulative worms that steal from the world to thrive."

"Well, don't sugar coat it, Nick." I replied, "If not all vampires are the way I think they are, what makes you think all of us witches are the same way you think we are? I don't even know what my powers are or if I am a real witch, but since the answer seems to continually point to my being one I'll be damned if I let you insult like that."

He smiled. "You are a witch, Troy; a sorcerer. You smell differently from humans and demons. Humans smell more like iron and what they eat for breakfast. Demons are like smoke, sulfur, and burning flesh. Witches are more along the lines of warm honey, chamomile, and fresh air. It's why witches fear us and hate us all the more. We prefer your sweet taste as opposed to metallic flavors."

He turned the engine off and I realized he had pulled into the drive of a two story Victorian home. Although appearing older, it was clear that it has had modifications and renovations throughout the years. His inside was immaculate. He had red velvet chairs and a matching couch that all faced a black granite fireplace with an antique walnut coffee table. I looked over and saw at the other end a set of stairs climbing up a coffee-with-cream-colored wall and leading to an upper floor housing several additional rooms.

"Would you like to see the bedroom?" he breathed into my ear. I felt one hand at my waist and the other I could see guiding me to the stairs. His touch was electrifying. I felt absolutely aroused by the static that was building. I could feel his cool gaze observing my ass. Halfway up the stairs I realized I was starting to get hard by the feeling of desired freedom of the confining pants I currently was wearing. Nick must have noticed the change in blood flow because he was starting to make a small groaning sound that made me shudder with excitement.

He held me back as I approached the double door at the end of the upstairs hallway. He stood holding the door handles behind his back and his face smiling possessively at me. Then he twisted the door handles and pushed the doors away, revealing a high ceilinged green-painted room, housing a bed large enough to comfortably fit about seven or eight people on it. Nick was standing in front of the bed with his arms folded across his broad chest and was leaning on one leg with all of his weight. I felt my breath shorten at the incredible contrast of pale and milky skin against the deep shade of green behind him.

"Come here," Nick growled. I obeyed, and slowly approached him, taunting him. As I was about two feet away I looked down his body and noticed that his crotch had a slight bulge to it and was getting larger. I sized him up like I did Nix and came to the conclusion that they were both about the same length and possibly the same girth, but how were the body temperature differences? Nix was flaming hot and made me crazy. Would Nick being icy cold, but soothing and pleasurable?

I let all of those thoughts leave my mind and doubts die when I felt his cool lips press to mine. I held back a moan of relief. He was colder than human for sure, but it was relaxing and I could tell that wherever he was on my body, I would always be able to feel him. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my eyes, and finally grazed past my lips and buried his face in my neck next to my jugular. I tensed, realizing that he could finish me here and now, but he didn't. His mouth and tongue caressed my neck and tickled my ear lobes. I felt little nips every now and then, but they were erotic and felt absolutely thrilling.

"Take off your shirt," I moaned. He lifted his head slowly and withdrew his hands from my body and slowly pulled up his shirt. His body revealed a six-pack and the sexy V-shape that that is right at the waist line. His chest had well-shaped pecs and not a trace of hair on his body. He leaned back in to steal another kiss and got close enough that I could feel his breath on my skin. He reached at the bottom of my own shirt and started to work it over my head.

"Your turn," he said. His breath was so intoxicating I didn't want to breathe out. I felt my shirt slide over my head and drop to the floor. Nick leaned in and planted a deep passionate kiss on my lips. He picked me up like a rag doll and carried me to the bed and lay me on my back. I let his mouth explore my face, taking in every detail and every mark, marking me with kisses and touches that gave me everlasting goose bumps. He moved his cool body down to my hardened nipples and began sucking, kissing, biting, and twisting them. He was definitely skilled at this and knew what he was doing.

"You like it?" Nick was breathing out the words, tickling my flesh. My chest was heaving in ecstasy.

"Yes," I whispered in reply. Then it hit me, no I don't, but I still wanted it.

"Don't lie to me," he dropped his voice to a warning and serious tone that kind of scared me. "I may have to punish you."

"Touchy, touchy," I teased, now smiling, "Be careful. I'm no angel, I'm a witch."

"That's why I wanted you." It seems that out of nowhere, he had pulled out two soft, silk bands and bound my hands to the headboard of his bed. I don't like being kept hostage, but I was okay with it this one time. I didn't have to do much of anything, but get fucked. I was okay with this so far.

"Kinky," I said, playfully.

"I told you, vampires are possessive." I unbuttoned my pants slowly while simultaneously tracing the outline of my cock through my pants. He leaned up and began kissing my torso, then my abdomen, and then finally he unzipped my pants with his perfect, white teeth. My boxer briefs seemed to explode when he yanked off the jeans and threw them in the corner. His cool mouth traced around my crotch, isolating the feeling I had in my very core. I was suddenly aware of every touch and intention around me. He tongued my ball sack over my briefs and gently massaged them with his hand. I squirmed as he touched me, kissed me, and caressed me. I wanted to touch his dark hair and feel him move on top of me.

He moved his hands to my ass and began massaging me everywhere. His hands were colder than his lips but the touch was still invigorating. His mouth was now salivating over my briefs and they were nearly soaked with saliva, making my dick wetter and arousing me exceptionally. I squirmed some more, trying to get every inch of him on me.

"Just relax," he cooed. I didn't do what he said; I was too aroused. After massaging and making out with my dick, he removed the briefs and tossed them somewhere else in the room. He gazed at my wet, stiffening cock and had a look of greed on his face. I smiled inwardly and prepared for another gasping sensation I had yet to be aware of. Pre cum was oozing out of my cock head and I could feel it pulsing with need for attention. I gasped in anticipation, waiting and waiting. What Nick did next was not what I wanted. He came back up to meet my eyes and kissed me once more. His tongue fluttered around mine, massaging mine and taking in details of my mouth. There must be something I didn't know about the supernatural world and sex because so far every creature has been able to bring me close to the brink of orgasm with just making out.

He moved away and left a sweet but spicy taste in my mouth, and plunged tongue first onto my balls. I moaned in agonized pleasure. I felt like a kid at a museum; able to look but not touch. My moans were becoming louder and louder. I nearly screamed when he stopped sucking on my sack, but realized it was unnecessary because he was moving his left hand to hold my throbbing dick. He massaged it a few times, and after four or five slow, but harsh, cool, strokes I was cumming. I screamed in pleasure and felt my hot semen cover my chest and abdomen. I gasped, again, but in disappointment that it was over.

"Don't think you're done," he smirked, "we're just getting started." I let a smile escape to my face, then felt my cheeks flush. He moved his tongue over the tip of my dick and grasped my cock in a firm, almost bruising, grasp. The pressure combined with the cool, slick, feel of tongue got me hard instantly.

"That's better," he said. He removed his hand and placed his whole mouth around my dick. He had me gasping and writhing in the sheets. His tongue flitted over, across, up, and down my head and shaft. This was almost better than being with Nix; almost. He was getting ready to make me cum, again.

"Nick, I'm getting close." He ignored me and moved even faster than before. His head was moving so fast I thought I might spear him through the throat. He stopped and licked the tip again for about five seconds, making me moan so I was almost hoarse. Then, he did what I dreaded (or extremely desired, I guess), and slowly kissed the tip of my dick, slowly opened his mouth and descended on me, meanwhile adding vast amounts of sucking pressure and going down farther and farther at a constant rate. My body was tightening, but he kept going. His nose was now touching my skin and he was deep-throating me. I could feel my cock being sucked into oblivion as I touched the back of his throat. He did something with his tongue and he had me wrenching and thrashing for his head and body as I felt another torrent of cum splashing his throat and falling back down on top of me. I was cumming so hard that soon his mouth overflowed and he withdrew. He stood up and I was forced to look through almost blurry vision. I hadn't even noticed that he hadn't removed his pants.

He didn't say anything, but I did know he hadn't swallowed my cum, yet. He was just as glorious as Nix was, but paler. He held out one hand in front of him and spat all of the cum and spit in his mouth into it. Then, he took his hand and turned around to reveal a beautiful, piece of ass that I would have killed for if I needed to. He moved his hand between his cheeks and began rubbing it over his crack and all the way through to his dark hole.

"I want you in me," Nick said. He was back in front of me and had straddled my hips. This was something I didn't know how to do, but Nick had no intention for me to have any power over him right now. He grabbed my dick in a firm grasp and guided it to his asshole. I felt the sticky and slimy combination of semen and saliva and let my breathing become shallower. He let himself down on me slowly at first, then once my cock head was inside he just fell onto it. I felt shockwaves of pleasure running in me and through me. Nick was tight, cool but warm at the same time, and very energetic. Nick began slowly bouncing on top of me. I was close to going cross-eyed from cumming so many times so quickly.

I realized why he got me off first several times so quickly. It was because Nick didn't know how to pace and pleasure himself when he was fucking himself on someone's dick. He let out a low moan and bounced even more.

"You're so tight," I gasped. My hands were still bound and all I had in the way of feeling him was my dick buried in his ass, his legs on either side of mine, and his own cock occasionally bouncing on top of me. All I wanted to do was to grab his dick and jack him off right there. But he wouldn't hear of it. He said something to himself and seconds later I was being doused with tons of cum. When I felt the third splash hit my face and chest, I let loose yet again and filled Nick with cum so much that it was spilling mercilessly out of him and onto the bed. My whole chest was white with cum and sweat and my face and some splashes on it as well.

"That was nice," Nick said, licking the cum off my chest and face, and kissing me.

"Can you untie me now?" I asked. I enjoyed it, but I liked being able to touch things when I wanted instead of just watching.

"Why? Then you leave and go back to the demon," Nick's eyes were pure black, not a shred of white in them, and his voice was... scary. "You get to stay here." I felt my heart stop and my stomach turn. Surely he was joking.

"Okay, enough games, let me go!" I begged.

"No," he growled, "you WILL stay here, and you WILL be my slave."

It was at this moment that I can never forgive Nick for what he did...

To Be Continued...



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